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Christian Legalism - Audio

Lakeside Presbyterian Church

Teachings from Lakeside Presbyterian Church EPC, Brandon, MS


12 Nov 2019

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44: Rebekah Hargraves | Christian Legalism

Grace Enough Podcast

Rebekah and I chat about what her Christian life was like when it was legalistic driven vs. Bible and grace driven.  We chat about reading Scripture in context and allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. We also chat about some red flags of Christian legalism.5:10 Legalism is heavily weaved through Rebekah's story.  She shares how she came to know Jesus and what her faith journey was like in its early years?Titus 2: 4-5 Situational ethics can be easy to fall into as a child or new believer. Deut. 22:5 "I took it personally that my parents were not on board...It was almost a security issue for me. I was basing my identity, my security, and who I was in these beliefs that I thought were thoroughly Biblical."11:54 Rebekah defines legalism as lived out in her early Christian journey"I was a Pharisee...I would take something that may have been a principle...and I would add to it all sorts of additional requirements."14:47 Rebekah discusses what took place in her life that led her to begin addressing the legalistic Christian life she had been living?It was the light of Christ in another girl whose clothes did not measure up to her idea of Biblical dress.17:41 Rebekah shares a few of the beliefs she held that were legalistic driven vs. Bible driven"I would ignore the passage about Deborah." "I got to the point where I would rather know what the whole cannon of Scripture says and be willing to embrace all of it and allow Scripture to interpret Scripture and be open to whatever it said and allow me then to have to be changed (which is painful, but it's worth it)." Examples like Huldah the prophetess21:31 Rebekah shares how fear can often motivate legalism"You have, maybe, a good intention, but you have become so afraid of doing something wrong, that you add all these extra parameters, all these extra barriers to keep you from that. Boundaries are good, but if you make those into law and force them on everybody else, act as if they're what the Bible says, then you have trouble. It was a thing of fear, because I wanted to honor God, but I couldn't just rest in what the Bible actually said believing that if God has not laid down a command in this area, apparently it's okay for there to not be a command....I couldn't rest in that. I had to add to it in order to feel okay, to feel better, to feel safe, and it became a thing where looking back on it, I thought I knew better than God." SHOW NOTES continued ------------------------------------------- Follow Rebekah Hargraves on IG. Subscribe to Spirit-filled Woman Magazine. Listen to Home and Hearth Podcast ------------------------------------------- Follow Grace Enough Podcast on IG and FB ---------------------------------------------------------


12 Nov 2019

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Christian Legalism: People-Pleasing and Performance Traps

Rick Thomas | Your Daily Drive

Legalism is the bane of religion. It’s the persistent nemesis in all of our hearts. Though we usually discuss legalism as it pertains to our salvation, I’m speaking more here of how it affects our sanctification.Read Here: https://rickthomas.net/what-kind-of-unworthy-are-you-the-good-kind-or-the-bad-kind/Will you help us so we can continue to provide free content to the world? You can become a supporting member here rickthomas.net/recurring-membership/ Or you can make a one-time or recurring donation(s) here rickthomas.net/donations/


16 Oct 2018

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Galatians 3:1-5 - Introduction to Christian Legalism

Legacy Baptist Church Sermons

Weekly PM Sermon at Legacy Baptist Church


26 Oct 2015

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