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Psychedelics - reasons for caution: Stacy Fischer, Brian Anderson, Theora Cimino


Psychedelics are having a moment.  Enthusiasm is brimming.  Legalization is moving forward in several states, following the lead of Oregon and Colorado.  FDA is considering approval, shifting away from Schedule I restrictions, paving the way for use in clinical practice.  Potential use in palliative care, chronic pain, and for mood disorders is tantalizing. Early data on efficacy in patients with anxiety and demoralization are promising.  Research is exploding.  Two of our guests today, Stacy Fischer and Brian Anderson, are involved in large multicenter trials of psychedelics for patients with advanced cancer (Fischer) or life-limiting illness (Anderson).  Theora Cimino conducted an observational study (publication in the works) of marginally housed/homeless persons many of whom had experience with psychedelics. And yet there are reasons for caution.  In our prior podcast with Ira Byock on psychedelics in 2019 we talked primarily about the potential of psychedelics.  Today we largely focus on reasons for caution, including: We know almost nothing about psychedelics in older adults - only about 1% of patients in published trials were older adults, much less older adults with multiple chronic conditions, multiple medications, and frailty.  Bree Johnston and Brian Anderson wrote a terrific summary of the evidence (or lack thereof) in older adults. There is a marked lack of diversity in published trials.  Most participants are White and well-resourced.  Psilocybin, the most commonly used psychedelic, increases heart rate and blood pressure, which may potentially lead to cardiovascular events. The efficacy of psychedelics without therapy, and the impact of variations in therapy type, training, duration, is unknown. Ethical issues, including colonization of psychedelics by big pharma. Psychedelics have been used by communities around the globe for hundreds of years (or more).  We cover these issues and more in today’s podcast. Note, I butchered the chorus on the YouTube version - please listen to the podcast for my souped up version with drums and bass! -@AlexSmithMD


9 Mar 2023

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Brian Anderson - Stop And Chat #92

The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

Brian Anderson discusses skating during the winter in NY, 20 years of Nike SB, when he first got on Anti-Hero, not drinking and living healthy, his worst slams, his recent Miami trip & skating a boat, filming a new video part this year, his traveling on planes with skateboards hack, his art and much more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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27 Feb 2023

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Jawad Ashraf Of Virtua, A Gamified Metaverse Delivering Immersive NFT Gaming Experiences, Plus: Brian Anderson Of Raze Fintech

Edge of NFT Podcast

Virtua is a gamified metaverse that provides immersive social Web3 gaming, digital collectibles, and interactive experiences. In Virtua, you can explore, hang out, and own land and properties where you can showcase your personal NFT collections. Co-founder and CEO Jawad Ashraf joins the show to tell us more. Jawad is an entrepreneurial industry leader in blockchain technology and the metaverse. As a pioneer in emerging technology and innovation, he has built a career-launching and leading successful businesses. In this episode, he tells us about the inception of Virtua and what it entails. Also in this episode, learn how Raze Fintech is bringing fundraising into the next century with crowdfunding-style crypto integrations. Tune in and get the latest scoop from the Edge of NFT!


1 Feb 2023

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Episode 11: New Year’s special episode: The foundations of a healthy life—Interview w/ Brian Anderson Part 2

Fueled + Fit

In this special, 60 minute New Year’s episode, Brian Anderson, an ultra-runner & racer & all-round health maverick shares the foundations for a healthy life. As an endurance athlete, Brian, dad of five, a lawyer, entrepreneur & a master experimenter of all things health, nutrition & sports performance, has learned a thing or two in the two dozen+ races he’s competed in over the last 16 years.  In this week’s show, part 2 of our interview, Brian & I discuss the philosophy of fitness, the foundations of a healthy life (it may surprise you what his first tip is!), as well as nutrition, including Brian’s best tips for finding what will work for your goals & lifestyle. Part 2 of 2. (Listen to part 1, here.)NOTES!Connect with Brian on social media: SHOES FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE// PCT shoes on Instagram @pctshoes BE PREPARED, GET OUTDOORS// Life Pack on YouTube @lifeinapackLife In A Pack—7-day survival kit in a backpackPCT shoes—shoes built for adventureResources mentioned by Brian:Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, by Matthew Walker, PhDSleep Toolkit by Hueberman Lab4 HR Workweek by Timothy Ferris“Sleep is Your Superpower” TED talk by Matt Walkerorganic sourdough bagel recipe //SAVE $$ Learn more about my 8 week training program, Accelerate. Program kicks off January 9, 2023. Use coupon code FUELED40 to get $40 off. I am keeping doors to registration open UNTIL JANUARY 4! DM or email me with any questions. Register at janaewise.com/accelerate.LET’S BE FRIENDS! Follow me on Instagram @thefitmomcoach —send me a DM & say hello :)JOIN MY EMAIL LIST & stay in the know! FREE 15 MINUTE WORKOUTS—check out my YouTube channel EMAIL ME! Have any questions or anything you’d love to see covered in an upcoming episode?! Send me an email at janae.thefitmomcoach@gmail.com! I’d love to hear from you!FREEBIE! Download my FREE Fueled + Fit Cheatsheet (+ some extra bonuses, including my best Green Smoothie tips) Leave a review on Apple Podcasts & I’ll send you a FREE copy of my Fueled + Fit Insiders guide. Each week (through 2/2023), I will pick a review of the week & send that reviewer an exclusive Fueled + Fit mug. Make sure to sign up at janaewise.com/bonus. WORK WITH ME—let’s get strong together! 1:1 nutritional & fitness coaching

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2 Jan 2023

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Fathering Together With Special Guest Brian Anderson

The Show UP Dad

Todays Guest is Brian Anderson. He is a Husband, father, and co-founder & executive director for Fathering Together, a non-profit empowering dads to be agents for positive change. He has  8 years under his belt with fatherhood and over fifteen years with servant leadership. Today Brian wants to share his message with people and encourage them on their journey of growth. IN this Episode we discus; 🔺What it is to be a connected dad. 🔺Generational Trauma, Mindset, looking at people as the competition. 🔺Showing our kids to Process their emotions. 🔺Work Life Harmony-🚫Balance 🔺How to navigate the seasons in life we find ourselves in. 🔺Dads it ok to have a bad moment. To connect or ask questions, Brian can be found on the web  fatheringTogether.org  Facebook Group  at Fathering Together. IG Dads with Daughters Community. This Podcast was made possible from donations from our viewers and our  #1 Sponsor @tallmaneqipment. At Tallman Equipment, they pride themselves on equipping their customers with the tools they need to get the job done right. They are dedicated to set the standard for quality, convenience and reliability and they are excited to now be able to offer cleaning and testing of all your rubber goods and cover-up in their new testing lab. Reach out to them on the web at tallmanequipment.com or call us at 877-860-5666 to see how Tallman can help you. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/david-mendonca/support


17 Oct 2022

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Hour 2-Keys to Mariners victory over Houston, Brian Anderson (TBS), 'Blue 88'

Mike Salk

We revisit the times the Astros broadcasters called the Mariners dirty and how it starts "at the top," but we all know the truth - the Astros are evil, Mariners are good. TBS broadcaster Brian Anderson joins Brock & Salk to share their biggest storylines for this series and Mariners key to victory. Brock's 'Blue 88' covers the play of the Seahawks rookie tackles through 5 weeks, what Pete Carroll said yesterday that he liked and names a player from around the league he would like the Seahawks to add.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Oct 2022

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Billy Hayes, Brian Anderson - From Midnight Express to Spinal Tap!

Party Like A Rockstar Podcast

Billy Hayes is a writer, actor, & film director. He is best known as the author of Midnight Express. Since that book was published, he has written Riding the Midnight Express, the Midnight Express Letters, & Midnight Return. He currently performs a one man show about his life. A little background: The film Midnight Express was written by Oliver Stone. It won a ton of awards including 2 Oscars. A bit of fun… after the initial success of the movie Billy drove band equipment. He’s worked for Heart, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Sum41, Bare Naked Ladies, Train, & Good Charlotte. My second guest is Brian Anderson. He is a front of house engineer and tour manager. He has worked for KISS, Julio Iglesias Jr., Blues Traveler, Hoobastank, Harry Shearer, Natasha Bedingfield, & the Heavy. He is also the CEO of Band Production Services. Not so much fun in my experience Brian has quite simply moved more band crap than anyone I’ve ever met.

1hr 10mins

3 Oct 2022

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The Vulnerable Man Ep053 - Brian Anderson

The Vulnerable Man

Brian is a husband and father, the founder of a non-profit organization which focuses on creating communities for dads to be better dads. He is also the author of Fathering Together: Living a Connected Dad Life. Our laughter-filled conversation covers creating community, Brian’s book writing journey, building trust with his wife, how his father modeled vulnerability, and the power of saying ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Website: https://fatheringtogether.org/ Fathering Together Book:  https://fatheringtogether.org/ftbook/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/briananderson80/


19 Sep 2022

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Hour 3: Romano's Emergence w/ Brian Anderson + Wake and Rake!

The FAN Morning Show

Brian Anderson, former MLB pitcher and current Rays TV analyst for Bally Sports Florida, joins the show to weigh in on Bo Bichette’s recent hot streak, Tampa’s wealth of organizational pitching depth, and Jordan Romano’s emergence as one of the best closers in baseball. Afterwards, Ailish and Hailey dive into the Wake and Rake, presented by Unibet! They kick off our week-long NHL divisional preview series by teeing up the Pacific Division. They also preview the lines for today’s Blue Jays-Rays doubleheader at Rogers Centre (25:56). The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Sports & Media or any affiliate


13 Sep 2022

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The Race for the AL East with Brian Anderson

Blair & Barker

Jeff Blair and Kevin Barker kick off today's show by previewing the Blue Jays' upcoming series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. They discuss how the rotation will shake out as they prepare for the Orioles, the O's continued success following their series against Cleveland, and how the Jays' farm system compares to other contenders. Later on, Tampa Bay Rays analyst Brian Anderson joins the show to preview a pivotal series between the Yankees and Rays, before discussing the team's strong stretch of play after the All-Star break and the tightening race for the AL East (29:00). The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rogers Sports & Media or any affiliates.


2 Sep 2022