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#5: Stressed Out Mums on Vacation - Alison Smith from muMEcations

Surf Coast Creatives

Are you a stressed-out Mumma who needs a break? If you are, then make sure you tune into Ep.4 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Thanks to Ali from muMEcations for taking the time to share her story. We sat down for a big chat with Ali last week and we're pumped to announce her recorded interview is now live. Ali began her business two years ago with a big vision after a personal tragedy. She has a passion for taking care of other mums and her undeniable love for travel made the muMEcations business a natural fit for her. Our favourite quote from Ali when we asked her for her number one piece of advice for mumpreneurs, "Just Do it!"  We can't wait to share this fun and inspiring story with you. Tune in to hear how Ali manages part-time work, two kids and a growing travel business all at once. She has some really practical advice for marketing and securing government grant funding as well. Tune in and don't forget to leave us a rating at the end. We'd love to hear your feedback! Ben & Jess


3 Jun 2020

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EPISODE 2 : Alison Smith from muMEcation

The boring sh!t in business Podcast with Amy Bajada

In this episode Alison Smith joins me from muMEcation a business woman on a mission to provide the ultimate weekend getaway package to promote self care for women, encouraging rest, relaxation and an overall momentary escape. Today, however, we are once again exploring the impact of Covid-19, and this time on her business which sits smack bang in the travel space, which has been heavily impacted through growing restrictions.  But with determination to continue her mission, Alison sheds some light on the steps she is taking to combat against the virus strong hold and ensure that her getaway escape packages will be there, ready and waiting, at the end of all this.


4 May 2020

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AF 007: A Neuroscientist, Health Coach & Sugar Free Alpha Female with Alison Smith

The Alpha Female Podcast

Alison Smith is a neuroscientist and health coach who teaches women how to discover a way to empower their health through sugar-free & gluten-free living. Alison is the creator of Sweet Liberation, 30-Days to Kick Sugar to the Curb: a one-on-one coaching program that teaches women how to live a sweet sugar-free life without feeling deprived. Alison also coaches women on how to create an award-winning blog & business. Alison lives and breathes by the motto: Live healthy. Live happy. Live now. Learn more about Alison on her website or follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


8 Mar 2020

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Alison Smith Talks About Being a Woman in Business, Starting Her Own Company and the Importance of Collaboration

The Perfect Pitch Show

Do You Need a muMEcation? Alison Smith Talks About Being a Woman in Business, Starting Her Own Company and the Importance of CollaborationWelcome to our “Perfect Pitch Show” where Brandon Burns, Head of Community – Runway Virtual, interviews small business founders / entrepreneurs about the secret sauce to their successful start-up journey.Today we are proud to introduce Alison Smith, Founder of muMEcations, a passionate mother of two daughters she understands the importance of taking the necessary time to relax and get a break from daily mum-duties. Alison and her company are based in Geelong, Vic, Australia and has been taking part in our Start-up Incubator program. She has over 12 years of retail and corporate travel and has carried these skills over to further her own goals and aspirations.During her interview Alison was very open with us and discussed her motivations and experience in managing growth and expanding her own business. She is dedicated to working with women for women and creating an accessible revenue for mothers and carers to rest and rejuvenate with like minded individuals.Her VisionAs mentioned, Alison has over 12 years’ experience with retail and commercial travel having previously worked with not for profit organisations where she would organise weekend getaways for young adults living with disabilities. Through this work she connected with the families of these young people and she found that often times the primary carers and mothers of these young persons would need or want a vacation of their own. Coupled with her own experiences as a mother and getting the chance to take some time for herself the idea for muMEcations was born. Alison began to dedicate her time and resources into building a support network and a chance for mothers like her to get that break that they need.muMEcations was established as an opportunity for mothers and primary carers to get away for a weekend or extended holiday within Australia. Her business is set apart from the usual health retreats by tailoring the trip to mothers who just need a break, some Me time. Her vision was to create an experience that encourages downtime and social connection for groups of mothers and individuals, allowing them to participate in activities of their choosing. Alison believes it is important for Mums to remember that it is okay to take time out to focus on your own health and well-being and is determined to create a safe space for them to do so. muMEcations has various packages including accommodation, spa and dining experiences in a calm and soothing environment, encouraging her guests to focus on themselves with an ‘all about me’ mentality.Alison can also offer customised getaways and itineraries for members of a group who want to travel together. She is passionate about getting as many mothers as she can to come on her trips or to at least be inspired to book their own well-deserved vacation.Women in BusinessAlison is passionate about working together with other aspiring businesswomen and Mums in business and providing an avenue of support for them. She has recently become a coordinator for the Mums in Business Association, which was founded in the UK but now expands across nine countries. Alison coordinates events and monthly catchup sessions in and around the Surf Coast Shire, Vic, Australia for the local women. Through this organisation, Alison loves to organise networking events for mothers wanting to meet like-minded people and receive or provide some mentoring assistance to those in need. She has met and collaborated with some amazing people through this avenue and would love to incorporate more women in business.When organising her muMEcation trips, Alison loves to use this opportunity to reach out to other businesswomen and combine their efforts. On her recent trip to Airlie Beach, QLD, Australia, she was able to contact and collaborate with another women who owns her own day spa to provide the treatments for the women on that trip. She encourages any women wanting to collaborate with her to get in contact and to join the Mums in Business Association group on Facebook to meet and team up with more local women in business in the area. The group is MIBA Surf Coast Shire or contact Alison directly and she will be able to point you in the right direction.Future Goals and How We Can HelpWe asked Alison how our community may able to help her and muMEcations reach the goals she has set in place for the future. She outlined her desire to be able to provide subsidised costs for mothers who have additional barriers and difficulty accessing these programs, such as those who are primary carers for children living with a disability, families effected by cancer, and other hardships that they may be facing. In order to achieve this, Alison emphasised the importance of sponsorship from larger corporations in order to be able to provide this extra support to the mothers who need it. She hopes to continue to expand her business to include those mothers who need an extra helping hand to grasp that opportunity.Continuing on from Alison’s earlier enthusiasm to work with and unite women and Mums in business, she is open to collaborating with other businesses and invites any like-minded individuals and women to reach out to her and open up that conversation. Alison also loves to provide her Mums with personal gifts after her trips, giving them a chance to take some “Mum only” gifts with them when they return home. She is keen to talk to any individuals or companies who may be interested in donating gifts for this purpose. Alison is eager to partner with those who share a similar drive and desire to extend this service and make it even more accessible for those who need it.If you identify with Alison and want to get in touch with her you can reach her on these avenues:muMEcationsalison@mumecations.com.auFacebook - muMEcationsFacebook - MIBA Surf Coast Shire GroupRunway Virtual


19 Feb 2020

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What's it like to be a Broker in Charge? With Alison Smith

Carolinas Luxury Real Estate

In today's episode, we talk about what it's like to be a broker in charge for a luxury real estate company, day to day duties, what makes a great real estate agent, and more! We are hosted by Sayma Waleh and joined by our special guest Alison Smith Director of Agent Development & Charlotte Broker In Charge. You can find more Information at https://www.ivesterjackson.com.  Alison Smith Instagram page @alisonsmithagnt email alisons@ivesterjackson.com.


3 Jan 2020

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Landscaping Your Life with Alison Smith

Moments with Marianne

Alison Smith is a speaker, coach, facilitator and trainer who has developed the process of Landscaping Your Life as a method to help people get unstuck and back into their flow. She works with teams as well as individuals in business contexts and outside. Since her own personal transformation 20 years ago Alison has founded unconventional tools that allow us to become more effective and powerful at bypassing the blocks and resistance. Alison’s methods create transformational changes that allow us to move forward in our lives in a empowered and enlightened way.http://alisonsmithlandscapingyourlife.blogspot.com/p/about.html


29 Jul 2019

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Alison Smith - Umai Marketing

Looking Backward

What makes you select an item off the shelf in your local grocery store? Pretty packaging, the name, or just a feeling? Social media companies like Facebook have become behemoths because they can sell ads on a very granular level to marketers. Alison Smith at Umai Marketing does just that for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Having bounced around from the family pump business, to LA fashion, and drop shipping in Vietnam; she now helps you make the decision on which eggs or coffee to pull off the shelf long before you step into the store.

1hr 4mins

29 Jul 2019

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The Wine Makers – Alison Smith

The Wine Makers on Radio Misfits

Eric Story & Alison Smith Story started their small wine brand Smith Story Wine Cellars in 2014, funded by Kickstarter, sourcing small lots from family-owned vineyards. They met while working for K&L Wine Merchants and used their combined talents to create one of the most unique brands in wine country. Their dog, Lord Sandwich, has become an inspiration for some fun projects and is an Instagram celebrity. smithstorywinecellars.com Twitter Instagram Facebook 707-494-5575 The post The Wine Makers – Alison Smith appeared first on Radio Misfits.

1hr 32mins

31 May 2019

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Ep 84 Alison Smith Kings Park Botanical Gardens and the Eden Project

All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food

Deryn and Steve chat with Alison Smith about Kings Park Botanical Gardens and her role in the spectacular Eden Project.


13 Apr 2019

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12 - Alison Smith; Empathetic Polymathematical Parenting

Nooks and Crannies

Welcome to Episode 12 of Nooks and Crannies! Alison Smith; Empathetic-Polymathematical Parenting   So one day, Matt met Alison on Facebook; next thing they know they are recording a 1hr+ long podcast all about parenting. I will try my best to sum up this fascinatingly rangy conversation… Alison Smith is a Canadian parenting coach who got her start in Elementary education after completing degrees in psychology and education. When pregnant with her first child she embarked on an ongoing journey of discovery and self-education about parenting in a “different” way. After searching in vain for a guru who encapsulated her own approach and doing buckets of research she decided to host a workshop as a way of passing on what she learned to her new network of parents that she had developed. One of the many jump out points for me is Alison’s commitment to running these findings past people who have parented longer than herself as a way of confirming or dispelling her findings.   Since then, Alison has developed her own “gentle parenting” model based upon three pillars: “Connection” “Empathy” *Matty’s Super Nerdy Anthro Topic, don’t worry, I held back, somewhat… and “Teaching Life Skills” in addition to a substantial weight placed upon Respect, Understanding, Collaboration, and Reciprocity. This totally flies in the face of conventional wisdom (psychological and pedagogical); among other topics, we discuss how this impacts parenting, schooling, children’s mental and social health as well as some of the wider politics involved in the education system: STEM v the Creative Arts, Critical v Linear Thought and the value of Emotional Intellegence. Okay, so this is about the midway point, and I have not even scratched the surface yet… Additional Topics Covered: spanking and discipline/punishment (yes, I talked Foucault!), how much screen time is too much, fatigue and self-care, parenting relationships, tips for single parents, how to find sneaky child care, the value of getting a children’s climbing wall and that Ol’ Capt Concussion should avoid the adult-sized versions, communication and emotional care, being an entrepreneur, the parent-child relationships and value of valuing children for their perspectives and personalities-believe it or not, sadly, that’s rather revolutionary… To say I learned a few things would be the greatest understatement in Nooks and Crannies’ history! What a wealth of information Alison Smith is and you know what is even better??? She is one of those wonderful people who see the value of passing knowledge on and has the confidence to admit that she does not know “Everything there is to know about Parenting”…for the sake of all of Humanity, Alison-Polymathematical parenting empathy coach-Smith, keep up the Great Works! Maybe someone should fashion some sorta Manifesto out of all this, hey wait a tick, is that a hand-written scroll? Oh, it's from Alison, her gift to all of ya’all :) Special non-monetary thank you goes out once again to Nooks and Crannies very own, very much appreciated, researcher-extraordinaire, Juhli. She has been involved with the NGO CanUgan for years and serves on the board as well as throwing Ottawa-based events, a super worthy cause if you are looking to chuck some loonies around. Thanks in advance for supporting this amazing organization. Oh, why not, March is TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Awareness Month. Your valiant co-host (Matt) suffers from this inexplicable condition and if you do have a few toonies left over, I would love if I saw them go to the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley. They are a resource center that also holds peer-support and caregiver support events, and sadly, this was the only such place available to Melly and I when we lived there. Thanks in advance, I seriously appreciate the heck out of them. Talk to ya‘all soon; after a nap but not before staring blankly at that wall for a quick second, and that I have learned is A-OK! Love You Be-Bee Violet!    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Alison Smith’s Gentle Parenting Manifesto Alison’s Website Alison’s Parent Blog Alison’s Youtube Page with so…so, many resources Linkedin with Alison Alison might be the only reason to stay subscribed to Facebook Tweet at Alison, she will likely reply, she is really cool like that… Perhaps the only Insta account better than ours… “The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” (2010) by Gay Hedricks :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: N&C Links Archive of Episodes Topics and Lighthearted Complaints Watch Matty Fight on Social Ponder Evan’s Blurry Pictures Graphics by Donna Hume :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Our Condolences Linds Keep being the Strong Person we all know you to be. Congrats, Grandma Lindsay :)

1hr 8mins

6 Mar 2019