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BONUS MARKET UPDATE: Chris Hopper and Ben Duncombe on Salesforce recruiting in 2021

Talent Hub Talk

In today's episode, we catch up with USA-based Salesforce Recruiter, Christopher Hopper, for a chat about Salesforce recruiting in the current market. We delve into topics such as how many interviews people should ideally be attending, the dreaded counter offer, and what companies need to do if they're not finding talent for their roles.  We regularly catch up with Chris on the podcast, as he's a popular voice with our listeners. There are several previous episodes that we have recorded at past Dreamforce events and throughout the year with him, including candid chats, predictions and observations. If you've missed any of these, then head back through the show to catch up on what you missed. Chris comes from a technical background himself which gives him a unique insight, and he's a valuable voice and content creator to follow on social media. You can find him on LinkedIn, or visit his website for articles, videos, and information.Additionally, we'd like to thank our episode sponsors, Form Assembly for their support in bringing you this episode. Form building can be a tedious and complex process when collecting loads of data for enterprises. Solve this issue with ease through FormAssembly, an all-in-one secure web form builder with a robust Salesforce integration. This seamless web to lead form building connection boasts features including sophisticated data collection, the option to pre-fill forms, create and update records, and more! Their advanced compliance standards offer prime solutions for companies in the government, finserv, healthcare, nonprofit, and higher education spaces. Visit www.formassembly.com/talenthub to find out why FormAssembly is the #1 Enterprise form building platform for Salesforce and how it can be customized to fit the needs of your company!Enjoy the insights!


31 Aug 2021

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Ep 039: How to stand out at interview with Ben Duncombe

Mums On Cloud Nine

I'm super excited to speak to Ben Duncombe, Director of Talent Hub.  We're talking about how to stand out, to recruiters and to successfully land your job. Ben founded a Salesforce recruitment agency in Australia and also runs his own podcast show Talent Hub Talk, which I've had the pleasure of being a guest on.  Here are the highlights from this episode: {2:00} Where to start searching for jobs {5:34} How to make your profile stand out to recruiters {8:10} How to make the best use of a recruiter to make sure you're front of mind for them when a job comes up {11:05} How to use Linkedin effectively when looking for a job {16:21} Top tips to prepare your CV and get prepared for an interview {21:23} Questions to ask as a candidate at interview {28:23} Getting a job with little paid experience Connect with Ben at: https://talent-hub.com.au/ Find out more about how Supermums empowers women around the globe with training and recruitment services. Join us to train, volunteer, sponsor or hire our amazing women in tech. Visit www.supermums.org Find out about our free short courses here to start or progress your career in tech https://supermums.org/accelerate-your-salesforce-career/ Download our positive affirmation screensavers here to remind yourself how to be a Mum on Cloud Nine https://supermums.org/screensavers/ This podcast is sponsored by Enfamil  https://www.enfamil.com/


10 May 2021

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PART 2: Ben Duncombe on the ANZ Salesforce Talent Survey 2021: Insights

Talent Hub Talk

In this week’s episode, we cover the results of Talent Hub’s annual ANZ Salesforce Survey, of which Part 2 focuses on the results from Salesforce professionals. You can download your copy of the ANZ Salesforce Market Survey here. In this podcast, listen to Ben’s response to the data, what he believes that it means and why, and how it compares to what he’s seeing on the ground day-to-day. We look at what Salesforce professionals look for in a new role, where their ambitions lie, and where they most want to work, amongst other data points.You can also take a peek back at our 2020 survey to see how the market has evolved over the last 12 months. We hope that you enjoy the episode!


4 May 2021

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Chris Hopper: Market Update 2021 with Ben Duncombe across the USA and ANZ

Talent Hub Talk

In today's episode, we reconnect with USA based Salesforce Recruiter, Christopher Hopper, one year on from our last catch up on the Salesforce job market. Unbeknown back then, this follows an unprecedented year impacted by COVID, lockdowns and economic shock. Are we seeing the same patterns on both continents? We discuss the COVID job market recovery, and the changes it's left in its wake, and current and emerging trends in the Salesforce market, both in the ANZ, and the USA. We talk about how clients are approaching 2021, and how candidates are best placed going forward.We regularly catch up with Chris on the podcast, as he's a popular voice with our listeners on the job market. There are two previous episodes that we recorded at past Dreamforce events, including insightful conversations with others in the ecosystem, for candid chats, predictions and observations. If you've missed any of these, then head back to episodes 6 and 14 to catch up on what you missed. Christopher comes from a technical background himself which gives him a unique insight, and he's a valuable voice and content creator to follow on social media.  You can find him on LinkedIn, or visit his website for articles, videos, and information.We hope you enjoy the episode!


9 Feb 2021

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BONUS Q&A: Do I need to work for a Consulting Partner to be a CTA? Plus other questions from listeners, answered by Ben Duncombe

Talent Hub Talk

Did you know that you can send your Salesforce career questions directly to us, and Ben will answer a selection from listeners on the podcast. You can leave us a voice note via the Talent Hub website, or just send Ben a message on LinkedIn and let him know it's for the podcast. Make sure we answer yours next time. Here are a selection that Ben answers on this week's show: 1) How difficult is it going to be to secure my first Salesforce role? 2) I am a Web Developer and looking to transition into Salesforce. Do I need to go down the Admin path first? 3) Someone said I should go for a Functional Consulting role rather than Admin as I am from a Sales background. Would you also advise this? 4) I am applying for roles but not getting much response. What am I doing wrong? 5) What is the best way for me to get sponsorship for Australia? 6) Is 'not having local experience' really a factor? 7) Do I need to work for a Consulting Partner to be a CTA? 8) Why aren't there more remote roles in Australia?


21 Feb 2020

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34. Career Tips From Salesforce Recruiters | Ben Duncombe


Ben DuncombeBen Duncombe is the director of Talent Hub – The Salesforce recruitment experts. Talent Hub is the host of Trailhead Tuesday in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the sponsors of the Brisbane event. Main PointsWe start with Ben’s self-introduction and how we connected in LinkedInWe talk about why it is a good idea that Salesforce developers have a good relationship with Salesforce recruiters? Ben considers it is important for Salesforce developers to talk to a trustful Salesforce recruiter about the salary requirement based on skills, and there are many other factors in addition to the salary.Ben shares the typical recruiting business model by using the UK and Australia as examples. By understanding the business model, we are more clear on the recruiters’ incentives.Ben shares his major frustration on his recruiting activities. When should a Salesforce developer switch from employee to a contractor?Why is it difficult for Ben to find a Salesforce developer with a good software engineering background?Ben thinks it might not be a good idea for all developers to go after the CTA role.What does Ben think about the importance of soft skills?In Ben’s opinion, developers should have opinions and be open for communicationThe fact that tech lead who can manage teams are demanded in the marketWhat Salesforce developer should do prior to talking to Salesforce recruiters? LinksBen’s LinkedInBen’s TwitterTalent hub homepageTalent hub talkTalent hub TVXi’s career solo talk (episode 20) Video Teaser on Salesforce RecruitersThe YouTube Video URLContact Me If you enjoy this podcast, please reach me out to let me know your thoughts or simply say Hello. My (Xi’s) contact info: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Emai: info(ä)salesforceway.com Take care, until next time :)!The post 34. Career Tips From Salesforce Recruiters | Ben Duncombe appeared first on SalesforceWay.


5 Dec 2019