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Matt Chandler

Stetzer Leadership Podcast


28 Apr 2021

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The Kingdom of God Week 1 with Matt Chandler

She Reads Truth Podcast

Raechel and Amanda kick off The Kingdom of God series with Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in Texas and president of the church planting network, Acts 29. As they discuss King Jesus and His reign, Matt helps us understand the already-and-not-yet nature of the kingdom and why eschatology isn’t such a scary word. Join the conversation as we deepen our understanding of what life on earth looks like for citizens of this not-of-this world kingdom.Read with Us: This episode corresponds to Week 1 of the She Reads Truth The Kingdom of God reading plan found on the She Reads Truth app and SheReadsTruth.com. Shop The Kingdom of God Reading Plan collection at ShopSheReadsTruth.com. Show notes can be found at shereadstruth.com/podcast/the-kingdom-of-god-week-1-with-matt-chandler

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26 Apr 2021

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Matt Chandler Doesn't Care About White People

Wokest Woke You Ever Smoked

It's a Golden Boy Mega Episode! I know the title is over the top and I am obviously quoting from Kanye West and his comment on George W. Bush. But I think after listening to this episode you'll realize how much the Golden Boy doesn't like his white congregation too much and he is supposed to be the Shepard of his flock. A pastor is supposed to love his congregation and if there is a problem he is to address them directly, not go to a conference and bash them from a distance. 

2hr 9mins

18 Apr 2021

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R| Matt Chandler’s Jesus wants the Rose

Society of Reformed Podcasters

We watch the Matt Chandler clip that was a viral sensation and introduced him to the New Calvinist world. We finish this Restless Valentine’s day bonus content season with “Jesus wants the Rose” And its a double bonus as Pastor Michael takes over the reaction … Continue readingR| Matt Chandler’s Jesus wants the Rose The post R| Matt Chandler’s Jesus wants the Rose appeared first on Society of Reformed Podcasters.


14 Apr 2021

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Restless Reaction: Matt Chandler's Jesus wants the Rose

Restless: A Postmortem on the Young, Restless and Reformed

We watch the Matt Chandler clip that was a viral sensation and introduced him to the New Calvinist world.  We finish this Restless Valentine's day bonus content season with "Jesus wants the Rose"  And its a double bonus as Pastor Michael takes over the reaction to share a tweet thread he wrote later discussing this kind of preaching. Find the original thread here.  Follow us on facebook and instagram. Share this show. Rate and review this show and win. Contact us at restlesspodcasting@gmail.com


13 Apr 2021

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Matt Chandler Mailbag

The Acts 29 Podcast

Church Planting Sunday on April 18, 2021. Email Acts 29's Church Partnerships Team: partnerships@acts29.com------Psalm 145 by Shane and ShaneRun to Win the Prize: Perseverance in the New Testament by Thomas SchreinerCourt: Mark Dever’s Capitol Hill Baptist Can Resume DC WorshipRevelation sermon series at The Village ChurchBoys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown------You’ve been the President of Acts 29 for a while, our membership is poised to double or triple in the next year or so—what excites you about Acts 29?PERSONALWhat are your weekly rhythms?What advice would you give your 18 year old self?When, or how, do you correct bad theology of teenagers, kids?How did you discern God’s calling on your life to be a pastor?THEOLOGYCan you lose salvation?How do I interact with people (friends and family) that are a part of a local prosperity gospel church?When is it okay to disobey authorities?Do you have a sense of what the Lord might be doing in the Church in this season of life?MINISTRYWhat are your aims as a pastor for 2021? What made you want to preach Revelation?How can we encourage women to use their gifts to serve in the local church?Should you plant a church in an area with many churches there already?How do you think the way we do church will change?What steps do you take to improve your preaching?What would you tell a young planter who is considering joining Acts 29?What’s the best advice you give to a young pastor?------On social media:Follow Matt ChandlerTwitter: @MattChandler74Instagram:  @MattChandler74Follow JeffTwitter: @mrmeddersInstagram: @jeffmeddersFollow Acts 29Twitter: @Acts29Instagram: @acts29familyActs29.com

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8 Apr 2021

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My Unedited Matt Chandler Sermon Review

The Honest Youth Pastor Podcast

The sermon in this review is called "Ethnic Harmony" and was published on YouTube on January  19, 2021.  All rights belong to The Village Church.  This video is for teaching and review purposes only and is protected under fair use.   Fair use is a doctrine in the United States copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without requiring permission from the rights holders, such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, or scholarship.  Orignal Sermon Link: https://youtu.be/AvfYiS7IjeM

1hr 27mins

6 Feb 2021

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#101 Today's Boondoggle- with Matt Chandler of Fucked and Bound.

Todays Boondoggle on Domain Cleveland Radio

In this episode Bill talks with Matt Chandler of the band Fucked and Bound about growing up in the Seattle Grunge Scene, dealing with all the craziness that was 2020, the meaning behind their band name, as well as being proud band of Feminists, plus share some really cool Nirvana stories, and our mutual love of all things Dave Grohl. Matt is also very transparent about his recovery and struggles with Mental Health, which we both discuss in depth, how his band mates are his support system during these uncertain times,  as well as so much more. This one get's really deep and hopefully can be used as a source of inspiration for everyone struggling with addiction and mental health during these trying times. So kick back with your headphones and cold one for this latest episode. Enjoy our additional segments featuring music from the Flo White Show and Stories from the VFW Hall. Remember Boondoggle Listeners Matter, so e-mail us at todaysboondoggle@gmail.com and let us know your thoughts so we can read them on air. Tweet us @2daysBoondoggle and Follow us on Instagram @todaysboondoggle as well as on Facebook. Please subscribe and give 5 stars and review. Every review we receive on either Apple Podcast or Google Music we will mention you on a future episode and our Social Media pages. Follow Today's Boondoggle  also on our Social Media as well as  DomainCle.com and on Anchor.fm Today's Boondoggle logo designed by Stacy Candow. Also please consider financially supporting us at Todays Boondoggle using Venmo, our GoFundMe, or sponsoring us on our Anchor.fm page, so we can continue to provide you with quality entertainment.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/todaysboondoggle/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/todaysboondoggle/support


27 Jan 2021

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The AlcHempist - Matt Chandler: All Things Cannabis! How To Use Hemp, CBD, and THC for Sleep, Inflammation, Anxiety, and more

The Clovis Culture Podcast

Justin talks all things Cannabis with Matt Chandler, Founder of The AlcHempist and creator of Keep Calm, Carry On CBD Gummies! Click here for 40% Off CBD Gummies! (Promo Code: IAMCLOVIS) Click here for a Clovis Custom Nutrition Plan!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theclovisculture/support

1hr 28mins

8 Dec 2020

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Unseen Leadership Episode 47: Matt Chandler on Being Diagnosed with Brain Cancer as a Young Leader

Unseen Leadership

In this episode of the Unseen Leadership podcast, Chandler Vannoy and Josh Hunter are joined by Matt Chandler who is the lead pastor of teaching at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas, and the president of Acts 29. He has authored several books, including To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain, Creature of the Word, and The Explicit Gospel.During their conversation, they discuss how Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer as a young leader, how to understand yourself as a leader, and how to create an ideal week and schedule your days.QUOTES FROM EPISODE 47:“I’m all gas and no brakes. So I needed some brakes around me. Or we were going to do 6,000 things and none of them well.”“As leaders, we need to flank our weakness and bolster our strengths with the people around us.”“The biggest pivotal moment that changed my life was when I got brain cancer, and honestly, it was both the scariest and coolest season of my life.”“My heart when coming to the Village Church was that I didn’t want to make it my church.”“What’s going on inside of me is a question leaders don’t pay attention to often enough.”“Without repetition, there is no formation.” - Jon Tyson“As a young leader, I had the misconception that people would just do what I said.”“There is a game we play of winning over people and learning to take an idea from our head and to its inception and not destroy people along the way.”RESOURCES MENTIONEDEssentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeownThe Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger


23 Sep 2020