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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dawn Myers. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dawn Myers, often where they are interviewed.

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15 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Dawn Myers. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Dawn Myers, often where they are interviewed.

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Tackling the Hair Market w/ Dawn Myers, Founder of The Most

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This week, we speak with Dawn Myers, CEO and Founder of The Most; which is a startup providing solutions to women with textured hair.

Key Topics: Hardware Roadmapping, Building an eCommerce solution, Joining an Accelerator, and so much more!

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Hosted by @de_havia and @imessien

Recorded: May 2020

Oct 07 2020 · 52mins
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Dawn Myers - The $87B Business of Black Beauty

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From Big Law to Sephora, Dawn Meyers career has run the gamut. And while she didn't start out seeking to start a beauty brand, when she saw a real pain point, both in the market and in the lives of Black women, she found a solution by founding The Most, a company that makes tech enabled hardware for hairstyling for naturally curly, coily and kinky hair. Throughout her career she has worked as an advocate for women and People of Color. Dawn sits down with Khuram Zaman to discuss aspects of the startup world, especially as related to women and Black and Brown people. In addition to being CEO of a successful startup in DC, as well as Executive Director of the Vinetta Project, Dawn is originally from DC. She speaks to many of the challenges to achieving true diversity in the entrepreneurial world, but also why it’s more important than ever to ensure innovation brought by women and People of Color is allowed to shine. Dawn talks about the critical importance of pitch competitions, especially by founders who might otherwise be overlooked. She discusses how she is currently using pitch competitions and accelerator programs (specifically Sephora's) to help grow her company.

0:37 Host, Khuram Zaman welcomes Dawn Meyers, CEO of the Most and Executive Director of the Vinetta Project in DC.

1:06 Dawn describes the evolution of her company, The Most, a start-up that makes tech-enabled appliances for women with naturally curly, coily and kinky hair

2:45 Dawn talks about how she was moved to become involved with the Vinetta Project

3:20 Dawn talks about what it’s like entering the startup world coming from Washington D. C. and what are some challenges for Black entrepreneurs.

7:25 Dawn talks about how vital Black entrepreneurship is to innovation and problem solving

9:20 Dawn talks about going from a Big Law Firm to Startup founder

9:42 The good and bad of going to law school at Howard University

11:37 How Dawn began her career as an advocate

11:56 Dawn started in law firms in government affairs on the business side

12:30 Dawn discusses some of the initial barriers to entering business world while in school

13:25 From real estate to a startup

14:10 Family’s reaction to switching from law to starting her own company

16:15 What the Vinetta Project is and some of the projects it does

17:49 The Vinetta Project Pitch Competition

19:20 The kind of founder that the pitch competition looks for

22:22 Dawn discusses increasing diversity in applicants for the pitch competition

23:05 Funders taking responsibility for diversity

25:34 Talking HBCUs

27:20 Dawn talks about what diversity really means

28:55 Programs in the DC-area specifically for Black founders

30:26  Why pitch competitions are important, especially for Black founders

34:05 Dawn talks about her own recent win of the Women’s Fast Pitch through the Women’s Venture Summit

35:07 How to Vote for The Most in the pitch contest

35:45 The need for a Women’s Venture Summit

38:40 How it’s important for women investors as well as founders

40:15 What are some of the challenges that a female funder faces

41:48 Who is Arlan Hamilton

42:58 The venture model

45:00 The advantages that diversity brings to business and innovation

46:11 How COVID-19 has affected the Black and Brown communities, including businesses, disproportionately

49:49 Dawn’s advice to entrepreneurs in this time: how she focuses on the mission of her company

52:08  Products on the market currently for Black hair

54:30 How length of time to style hair is a major pain point

55:10 The history of Black women’s hair and how that has prevented development of hardware

57:14 How The Most is different from everything else on the market

59:20 The prospects for the company are bright

59:38 Sephora’s accelerator program

60:30 Launch of The Most’s e-commerce operation

61:28 The Most’s website: www.TheMostCurls.com also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @TheMostCurls

61:45 To find out more about the Vinetta Project: www.VinettaProject.com and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @VinettaProject

62:05 How to follow along with Dawn’s career, sign up for her newsletter at www.DawnDoestheMost.com

62:30 Advice for Black founders starting out
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Sep 11 2020 · 1hr 3mins

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Dawn Myers founder THE MOST and DC Director, The Vinetta Project

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On this episode, George speaks with Dawn Myers, founder of THE MOST and of The Vinetta Project. THE MOST is a beauty-tech company looking to disrupt an $87 Billion dollar Industry featuring natural hair products for women of color, to help address the invisible pain points in textured hair styling. 

Dawn lives to inspire entrepreneurs to walk in their purpose and build out their visions through her legal background and work as an entrepreneur. Dawn is a start-up ecosystem architect, having launched and managed educational programming for entrepreneurs throughout the Washington metropolitan area. As Ambassador to Black Girl Ventures and Director at The Vinetta Project, Dawn develops seminars, bootcamps, and accelerator programming for up and coming founders of color. 

The Vinetta Project is a capital platform and deal flow pipeline that supports high growth female tech founders. It helps source high potential female founders with proven business models, offering them unprecedented access to proprietary events, resources, exclusive networks and capital from vetted investors. Vinetta has one of the largest databases of Seed to Series A female founders in North America, and has helped women access over $180 million in early stage investment.

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Aug 21 2020 · 35mins
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Advocacy in the Beauty Industry with Dawn Myers

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Black women have to work harder to earn less, and as if that wasn’t enough, have to spend anywhere from 5-8 hours to get their hair done in ways society deems “professional.” Dawn Myers is the founder of The Most, a tool to make hair care easier for Black women. She is our guest this week on The Founder’s Mind and talks about her experience as a founder from an underrepresented, marginalized group.

Dawn shares how advocacy is at the core of her passions through her work with The Vinetta Project, and how she translates that work into a successful beauty company. Listen in for her insights on equity, inclusion, and justice.

This interview was recorded live. To watch the interview, click here.

  • [00:41] – Introducing Dawn Myers
  • [01:55] – Dawn’s working on her company The Most and the DC Chapter of The Vinetta Project
  • [03:38] – Passion for the work
  • [06:57] – The unique challenge of Black women’s hair
  • [12:00] – The prototype process
  • [21:46] – Why lawyers make better founders
  • [28:16] – The Vinetta Project
  • [30:59] – Marrying advocacy and beauty
  • [36:21] – Following your gut to forge your path
  • [42:10] – Systemic racism and founders
  • [47:03] – Dawn shares her pride at the work being done by young people

Dawn Myers is a startup eco-system architect, having launched and managed educational programming for entrepreneurs throughout the Washington metropolitan area. As Ambassador to Black Girl Ventures and Director at The Vinetta Project, a national 501(c)(3), Dawn develops seminars, bootcamps, and accelerator programming for up and coming founders of color. 

Dawn teaches founders how to lay a sound foundation for their business, build the relationships they need to thrive, and access capital using non-traditional strategies.

The Founder's Mind is a podcast for entrepreneurs wanting to gain insights and tactics from founders of all kinds to learn, grow, and be better equipped to navigate the inherent challenges of entrepreneurship. The podcast is hosted by Adam Mutschler, a Leadership Coach and COO at The Kedar Group.

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This podcast episode was produced by Dante32.

Jun 10 2020 · 51mins

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Founder Talk: Dawn Myers (The MOST)

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I am unbelievably excited to bring Dawn onto the podcast. I will be doing more Founder Talks like this in the immediate future. We can learn so much from the experience of others.

Dawn fills us in on the progress and growth since graduating the RBC Mindhive incubator (now called Innovate) last year. She has won pitch events, built a team, developed a product, received investment, and planned a go-to-market strategy. Seeing the tactics and strategies put into action is so gratifying.

Listen in because this episode is filled with absolute gold.

May 01 2020 · 1hr 33mins
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04.29.2020. Dawn Myers. Janet Means

Apr 30 2020 · 25mins
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Dawn Myers

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Dawn Myers comes on Small Town Conversations to tell us how losing her brother in a tragic drowning accident and becoming a teenage mother didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Dec 03 2019 · 33mins
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Following Your Intuition (W/ Dawn Myers)

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This week I talk with Dawn Myers of the beauty brand The Most.| You Betta Know: Osbourn Dorsey (00:30) | Dawn Myers Interview (03:44) | Motivational Message “Who is More Youer Than You?” (45:00) | This is a Weathers One Media production with production/editing/engineering by @jazthelegend with Weathers One Media Social - Media: IG / Twitter: @joihasquestions Facebook: www.facebook.com/joihasquestions Email: joihasquestions@gmail.com |

Guest: Dawn Myers

IG: @dawndoesthemost @themostcurls @blackgirlventures 

Oct 30 2019 · 48mins
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THE MOST with C.E.O- Dawn Myers

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As moms we tend to put ourselves last on the list when it comes to selfceare... So imagine when it comes to our hair? Messy pony, protective styles and so much more to make it easier to go about our everyday lives.
Dawn kept moms in mind with THE MOST. Her innovation , and creativity lead to the perfect solution when it comes to curly and textured hair.
Tune in and to learn more and pre-order THE MOST mint head over to Dawn's Instagram @themostcurls

Oct 11 2019 · 21mins
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Build Your Own Table w/ Dawn Myers - Part 4

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Dawn Myers, Black Equity Insider & CEO of The Most continues our extradinary conversation about the education system, girls in stem, and the full outlook of Black Culture. Love what you are hearing? Sign up to become a Black Equity Insider here: https://bit.ly/2WZFSoh . THE MOST's IG: @themostcurls
Dawn's IG: @dawndoesthemost
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/dawndoesthemost
THE MOST web: www.themostcurls.com
Dawn's Web: www.dawndoesthemost.com


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