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Isaac Williams- Head Men's Basketball Coach, CSUMB


[00:00:58] I was lucky enough and blessed enough to, become really good friends with the kid whose parents took me under their wing and he played basketball.[00:01:44] I was lucky enough to play for a person who completely changed the trajectory of my entire life.[00:02:08] He gave us just a lot of great life lessons…my confidence was like completely changed and he gave me something to look forward to.[00:02:51] I was just trying to learn as much as I could through playing.[00:03:52] The people that I knew in coaching said, Hey, you'll get to be a teacher. [00:04:28] He asked me to leave my $32,000 a year job, for $2,000 a year job, and somehow convinced me to do it…he was given another job at Seattle Pacific. I was given a promotion to be the head coach…Leon Rice called me out of the blue and basically offered me an opportunity.[00:05:38] I was really comfortable in LeGrand and, being working for somebody else, didn't really appeal to me that much, to be honest. [00:05:57] Just wanted to get back to having my own program where you can create your own culture. [00:07:12] And then the Monterey Bay, job opened and it's in Monterey. [00:09:23] Then also the big thing with him was team.[00:11:20] The spirit of the coaching versus the letter[00:12:13] Coaching is just like an ever-evolving situation…you have to be willing to adapt and adjust. [00:12:54] I've had to realize along the way that, I just don't know everything.[00:13:45] You just have to be willing to, admit to yourself that you don't know everything and be hungry for knowledge and all the different areas.[00:14:07] This kid might need my help, but because of their relationship with social media and how they interact with people. They may not know how to ask for it. So how do I look for the signs?[00:15:19] I was really hard on them, I never gave praise of any kind, it was really just like about toughness and teamwork and this and that, but you have to be mentally and physically strong… And then my communication, like back then, it was just like, do it this way; it's my way or the highway. And now it's more like trying to explain why it's important to do these things…Back then it was really more just, they did what you asked them to do because you do it with a coach and being the coach doesn't qualify you anymore. You have to do a lot more to earn their trust.[00:18:00] I have a hard time getting excited about doing the things that you're supposed to do.[00:18:15] Putting them on the court, that's me saying, I trust you.[00:20:05] The conversations that I'm having with our kids over the years are about real life.  Making them think in bigger terms.[00:20:24] Why do you think basketball is your only way out of your situation?[00:20:38] I'm just always real, if you're messing up, I'm just going to tell you're messing up and if you're doing well, I'll tell you, but I'm just not going to, get excited about either end of that.[00:21:58] And in college, the biggest difference is you have a chance to choose who you work with.[00:22:18] The first part of culture is who you allow to be in it.[00:22:39] Just like an employer of a company, you hire good people that fit your culture and, and maybe you hire good people that don't fit your culture.[00:23:16] I feel like your first obligation should always be to the team.[00:24:36] You don't hit a home, run on all of those relationships, but it has to be a constant effort on your part…But like I said, you got to be who you are, right? You can't fake it.[00:26:29] Everybody has done laundry. Everybody has had to walk their kids to class.[00:26:44] The other thing that you learn is what not to do[00:27:08] When I was at Boise, what they did was really great was they learned how to quantify things that I didn't really realize were quantifiable at the time.[00:29:38] There's a book, Gridiron Genius[00:30:59] A lot of those low points in my life, having, given me perspective on being able to help kids who are going through their low points…My team is 20 plus years in the making, Thanksgiving morning when I'm texting, Hey, happy Thanksgiving. I got to sit down and go through about 20 years’ worth of rosters to get to all of these people.[00:32:21] I fully understand that life is hard, because life was never easy for me… Being depressed is normal. Being sad is a normal. Sometimes if you're angry, that's normal, it's like really all about how you deal with it.[00:33:44] I'm living in a great place. And I feel like my journey has allowed me to do what I always envisioned myself being able to do, which is hopefully be able to touch people in a positive way. [00:34:29] Everybody has to have a goal for what they want out of whatever it is they're doing.[00:35:45] Be good at the job you have versus worrying about what the next one is.[00:36:03] If you're looking forward to the next job, I think it takes some of the focus away from the job that you're doing.


18 Nov 2020

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Interview with Isaac Williams about Mausritter 2.0

Loco Ludus

On the eve of its release by Games Omnivorous, game designer Isaac Williams speaks to Barney about the new edition of his game, Mausritter. https://losing.games/mausritter/ https://gamesomnivorous.com


7 Nov 2020

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A Sermon by Isaac Williams

Sermons at The Good Shepherd Anglican Church


13 Sep 2020

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The Realities of Being a Full Time Musician with Isaac Williams of isicle


Isaac Williams is a DJ, musician and creator who's projects all go by the name isicle. We talk about how to diversify your revenue streams as an artist, the realities of being a full time musician, collaborating with other creatives and more. Sponsor Thank you to our season sponsor Manuel Creative Arts Academy. Manuel Creative Arts Academy is Dayton’s premiere music academy offering lessons for all ages in fifteen different instruments. Hear&See listeners can take advantage of a free introductory lesson by going to manuelarts.com/hearandsee. Be sure to use the code HSFREE during check out. Credits Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by McKinney Botts at Winter’s End Audio Productions. Benji Riches is our marketing producer. Special thanks to our friends in Champion Electric for the use of their song Apej in Season 1 of Hear&See. Be sure to listen to Champion Electric on Spotify or Apple Music. Thank you for listening. Go be an inspiration to others. I’ll see you next time!


4 Nov 2018

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8.10.18 | "What Is He Worth To You" | Brother Isaac Williams

The Rock Church of Fort Myers

8.10.18 | "What Is He Worth To You" | Brother Isaac Williams by The Rock Church of Fort Myers


13 Aug 2018

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LOOK OUT, HERE COMES THE SHAMBLING HORROR KNOWN AS CINEPUNXXXXXXXXXX!!! Hey friends, welcome back to another awesome episode of CINEPUNX! On this amazing installment, we were honored to host film maker, music aficionado, and charming neer-do-well Isaac Williams! You may know Isaac from the horror film scene in Philadelphia, or perhaps you read our feature on him written by the man Nick Spacek! Regardless, Isaac is great, and he brought us a topic we had not yet gotten to, MICRO BUDGET INSANITY! So we jumped into SCIENCE CRAZED and TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE! I should probably add some more links here, but basically just go check out Isaac’s soundcloud page. Otherwise, everything we discuss in WACK AND ON TRACK is easily google ready. So google! Huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting our SHAW BROTHERS screenings at Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema. The CRIPPLED AVENGERS shirts are up now for pre-order, so get on that.  As always we really appreciate the support. We may not be the biggest podcast or family of podcasts, but the folks who support us have been really amazing and we cannot wait to get y’all some of the new stuff we have been working on. Rate Review Subscribe DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Check out our Patreon, and if we owe you Patreon swag hit us up asap. Thanks The post CINEPUNX Episode 84: SCIENCE CRAZED & TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE featuring Isaac Williams appeared first on Cinepunx.

1hr 59mins

8 Aug 2018

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Episode 008: Make Running as Fun as Possible - Interview with Isaac Williams, Men's Running Magazine


Episode Notes Isaac Williams has, in his time as editor of Men's Running magazine, run round a 400m track for 24 hours, scaled a volcano, run a 63-mile ultra marathon and interviewed the heavyweight champion of the world. It's an impressive list of achievements for a bloke who could barely run 5K when he first joined the magazine as an intern. It means he has a sound understanding of the challenges facing men getting into running and also those pushing on towards the longer, gnarly end of the ultra running spectrum. We talk about getting started, running technique, the ethos behind Men's Running magazine, and his desire to "make running as fun as possible". Links Isaac's own site: http://www.isaacwilliamswriter.com/ Men's Running Magazine Isaac on Twitter @IsaacWilliamsHQ Men's Running Magazine on Twitter: @mensrunninguk Podcast Promotion I'd love it if you could please share Blokeology with your Twitter followers. You can do that by clicking here.  If you got something out of this episode then please mosey on over to Apple Podcasts and kindly leave a rating, a review and you can subscribe there too! Other ways to subscribe to Blokeology Click here to subscribe via Apple Podcasts Click here to subscribe via RSS Click here to subscribe on Android You can also subscribe via Stitcher Sign up for the Journal of Blokeology newsletter It's my regular newsletter that shares some cool evidence-based health, fitness, and lifestyle advice. And get your free Healthy Bloke Action Plan. Head over to www.blokeology.io/journal to do that. Feedback I would love to hear from you and your own experiences. Best bet is to email: euan AT blokeology.io. Or there are numerous options via social media as well. You don't need me to point them out. Try these links: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


18 May 2018

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Isaac Williams and the Market Ramblers

Peter Rukavina's Podcast

Saturday morning at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market.

20 Aug 2016

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34 - Escaping in a Chest; Isaac Williams, Henry Banks, and Kit Nickless; Arrival of Five from the Eastern Now of Maryland

Underground Railroad, Part 2, The by William Still (1821 - 1902)


29 May 2013