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Inside the mind of Pravin Agarwala, building BetterPlace, the operating system for blue collar workforce management

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In this episode, we chat with Pravin Agarwala, founder BetterPlace. Blue-collar workforce management is one of the biggest industries in the Indian economy.Urbanization and deeper penetration of the internet have helped players like QuikrJobs, LinkedIn, Just Jobs, Aasaan Jobs, and Google to make inroads into this segment.BetterPlace is India's largest technology platform delivering digital solutions for blue-collar workforce management, throughout the entire value chain. Pravin started Betterplace in January 2015 as a background verification company. However, they eventually realized the need for an enabler to bridge existing demand and supply gaps in the ecosystem, thus moving to a B2B2C business model and creating a digital platform to enable the ecosystem.During the podcast, Pravin talks about defining and solving the challenges for the blue-collar workforce in India and also shares the company's vision to go global soon.Notes - 01:26 - Coming from Dibrugarh (North-east India), working with SAP India03:15 - Backstory behind starting BetterPlace05:20 - Defining Workforce Management Solution for blue-collar employees07:04 - Solving for improving productivity, attrition, time & attendance among other challengesFt3 - First step in the product - Onboarding solution with background verification14:39 - Current key customers, metrics & milestones16:09 - Challenges while raising funding for a SaaS startup impacting blue-collar workers19:58 - Global expansion plans for BetterPlace23:28 - Approach behind the valuation of early-stage SaaS startups26:35 - Focus on: Customer value, Step-by-step approach, Team building among other elements30:18 - Bringing an Angel Investor within the company full-time to build on core principles30:31 - Value addition from investors34:01 - Things he’ll do differently if he got another shot at building BetterPlace37:25 - Starting early in your startup journey as a founder39:40 - Why a founder shouldn’t have a Plan B while starting up?


25 Apr 2021

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BusinessClass with Shantanu Prakash | Pravin Agarwala, Betterplace | Pranav Pai, 3one4 Capital

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Betterplace was started in 2015 by Pravin Agarwala (former SAP senior executive) and Saurabh Tandon (former Nu Sigma) is working with more than 700 companies in India to meet the aspirations and needs of the blue collar workforce employed in the companies with an eye to generate more jobs and bring down the attrition in this category.   Pranav Pai is the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at 3one4 Capital - an early stage venture capital fund based in Bangalore, India. Pranav leads investments and portfolio construction at 3one4 Capital. As CIO at 3one4, he has made over 70 seed and venture capital investments across several investment categories in India and the US.  About BusinessClass:  It is a chat show in which host, Shantanu Prakash in conversation with startup founders and subject matter experts, will give viewers an unscripted peep into the culture of startups, discuss the biggest challenges faced by them, and offer advice from his extensive experience along with some of India’s most renowned investors.


3 Mar 2021

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