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[Full episode] Paul Mescal, Cassils, Josh Qaumariaq, David Suzuki

Q with Tom Power

Actor Paul Mescal talks about his starring role in Aftersun, why he's intrigued by characters with complicated inner lives, and the success of his breakout role in the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney's Normal People. Performance artist Cassils shares how the very physical way they approach their art is informed by their experience as a transgender person and their desire to make a difference in a world where their rights are under threat. The Trade-Offs frontman Josh Qaumariaq introduces us to the title track off the band's new album, Let Go, Give In, Fall Down. Canadian geneticist and broadcaster David Suzuki talks about bringing science into our living rooms for more than 40 years, and how he's helped open our eyes to issues like climate change.

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27 Oct 2022

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David Suzuki reflects on retirement and why you haven’t heard the last of him yet

The Current

The upcoming season of CBC’s The Nature of Things will be David Suzuki’s last as host, as the veteran and sometimes controversial environmentalist prepares to retire. He tells Matt Galloway about a lifetime of advocacy — and how he plans to keep using his voice in the fight against climate change.


24 Oct 2022

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David Suzuki Foundation: Quebec bans all fossil fuel developments, setting a standard for the world

Climate Conversations

The David Suzuki Foundation tells us that Quebec has set the standard for the world by banning all future fossil fuel developments - "Quebec climate wins". Australia's Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance has set out to help the country's journalists better report on climate change through the webinar: "Climate reporting - every journos round". Other climate links are: "City of Sydney to consider ban on fossil fuel advertising to fight climate change, pollution"; "The coming California mega-storm"; "How a top US business lobby promised climate action – but worked to block efforts"; "'Living in chronic uncertainty': How a third straight La Niña could impact Australians' mental health"; "Climate Change — It’s Socialism or Extinction"; "How to deal with fossil fuel lobbying and its growing influence in Australian politics"; "Horn of Africa drought places 22 million people at risk of starvation, says UN"; "Too Hot to Work, Too Hot to Play"; "Solar briefly overtakes coal in Australia as number one source of power nationally"; "Bumblebees Increasingly Stressed by Climate Change Over Past 100 Years, Study Finds"; "Where now with climate?"; "Billions in CBA mortgages exposed to extreme weather risks, climate analysis finds". Enjoy "Music for a Warming World". --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/robert-mclean/message


22 Aug 2022

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Dr. Vandana Shiva & David Suzuki - The Virus is a Wake-up Call


https://youtu.be/EABBDs2TFd0 #2022 #getready #monkeys #shecomin

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20 Jul 2022

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Skinfluenced by Image Skincare

Microcurrent is an effective and non-invasive technology used in age management facials. Utilizing a low level of electricity, microcurrent facials stimulate the face to firm, contour and hydrate the skin. In this episode, Janna and Jacquelyn connect with leading expert David Suzuki to discuss the benefits of microcurrent technology and the importance of pairing this advanced technology with professional skincare products for transformative results.


1 Jul 2022

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David Suzuki Comments

First Principles Podcast

David Suzuki is a prominent Canadian environmentalist. He recently got himself in some hot water after his comments about oil pipelines and their link to climate change. Critics stated he was advocating for eco-terrorism by casually implying pipelines might start blowing up.  Was the criticism justified? +++ Support this show at: www.FirstPrinciplesPodcast.com/ Donate at: paypal.me/f1rstprinciples Connect on social media: https://www.instagram.com/f1rstprinciplespod https://www.twitter.com/f1rstprinciples

1hr 32mins

15 Mar 2022

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The Darriel Roy Show - David Suzuki & Severn Cullis Suzuki Interview

The Darriel Roy Show

Our host Darriel Roy interviews Canadian environmentalists, David Suzuki & Severn Cullis Suzuki.


28 Jan 2022

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210: Microcurrent for Age Management with David Suzuki, President of Bio Therapeutic


Chances are you’re already familiar with the BT brands. You’ve probably used one of their tools in your treatment room like the BT analyse to test your clients hydration levels before and after a treatment, the BT micro to provide ultrasonic delivery of skincare or the bio-hydroderm trinity as your exfoliation step in an advanced facial and thats because they’re sold in over 35 countries worldwide. Known as pioneers in microcurrent technology, Bio-Therapeutic’s professional skin care technology offerings include comprehensive microcurrent facial toning systems, wet/dry microdermabrasion, microexfoliation, and a handheld line that includes microsonic cleansing and ultrasonic exfoliation, with models both for the professional and your clients. Today David and I explore the science of technology and skin, specifically the recharging of the mitochondria for better adenosine triphosphate levels, we talk through facial muscle reeducation and sculpting, explore the difference between collagen and elastin and even compare technology to more invasive services like injectables. If you’ve ever been in a treatment using a device and thought ‘but why and how does this actually work for my client?’ and if you want to brush up on your skin science, then you’ll absolutely love todays conversation. Making todays episode possible is Professional Beauty Solutions. From award-wining aesthetic devices, advanced cosmeceutical skincare and mineral makeup, to internal skincare products, tanning and spa body treatments – PBS pride themselves on providing their salon & clinic partners with amazing products that achieve real results, along with a level of convenience & business support that no other company can. Visit www.probeautysolutions.com.au to find out more. Remember to join our online Facebook community where thousands of like-minded business owners you like keep each other supported and connected with the latest in the professional beauty industry. If you would like to stay up to date with the latest from Beaute Industrie you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter here. Beaute Industrie Podcast is an independent podcast that operates with the support of our listeners (that's you!) So if you would like to support the show, we would very much appreciate that. Hit 'subscribe' on Apple Podcasts or 'follow' on Spotify, and leave a review if you're feeling especially generous.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beaute-industrie/message


16 Jan 2022

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Bonus episode! With David Suzuki and Severn Cullis-Suzuki

Race Against Climate Change

With help this week from Rheanna Toy and Aftertouch Audio. Communications by Suzanne Dhaliwal. 


3 Nov 2021

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SUFB 1182: Top 10 things you can do to fight climate change according to the David Suzuki Foundation

Speak Up For The Ocean Blue

The last episode on Climate Change might have been a bit pessimistic so I decided to share a great resource on how you can fight climate change.  The David Suzuki Foundation has been working within Canada for decades to help Canadians understand and take action on Climate Change. I read out their tips on how you can fight climate change and added some of my comments.  Link to article: https://davidsuzuki.org/what-you-can-do/top-10-ways-can-stop-climate-change/ Check out all of our episodes on www.speakupforblue.com Want To Talk Oceans? Join the Speak Up For Blue Facebook Group: http://www.speakupforblue.com/group. Speak Up For Blue Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speakupforblue/ Speak Up For Blue Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpeakUpforBlue


12 Jul 2021