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Organizational Culture : Amalgamation of behavior, ft. Dawn Metcalfe

peopleHum's Podcast

PeopleHum talks to Dawn Metcalfe about the organizational culture and how it portrays the amalgamation of behaviour. Listen to the entire episode to know more. If you like the podcast, please follow the channel, so we could keep producing more content like this!


13 Jul 2020

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Dawn Metcalfe - Hard Talk Your Way to Success


Dawn Metcalfe - Hard Talk Your Way to Success Dawn is a leading workplace culture advisor, author and speaker. She is the founder of PDSi, which helps individuals and teams drive organisational and behavioral change. Dawn’s first book was Managing the Matrix; The HardTalk Handbook is her second. Dawn speaks regularly at events and in the media on any topic where people and business intersect.  During our talk we discussed matters such as:- -How to handle difficult conversations -The neuroscience behind facing or avoiding conflict -Culture dynamics how do these work in favour or against organisational changes -How to get what you want by improving your emotional intelligence -The role of leadership in the post-covid era -Aligning values in times of compelling intergenerational dynamics in the workplace -Change management: Obstacles and how to get it right -More! For more on Dawn: - https://www.dawnmetcalfe.com/ - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnmetca...

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13 Jul 2020

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Getting Teenagers into the Workplace with Dawn Metcalfe (29.07.2019)

Life Beats

How do you get teenagers ready for work? With last year's decree allows UAE's school students to work part time during holidays, PDSi has created a workplace readiness program for students that allows both them and the companies they work with to get the most out of the experience. Dawn Metcalfe, MD of PDSi shares the details with Sally Mousa. Listen to #Pulse95Radio in the UAE by tuning in on your radio (95.00 FM) or online on our website: www.pulse95radio.com Follow us on Social. www.facebook.com/pulse95radio www.twitter.com/pulse95radio www.instagram.com/pulse95radio


29 Jul 2019

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PDSi: Dawn Metcalfe

Tales of the Trade

Guest Dawn Metcalfe Founder, PDSi Author, Managing the Matrix and The HardTalk Handbook Dawn Metcalfe - Dawn Metcalfe A few weeks ago we held our first episode in front of a live audience. Dawn Metcalfe is the founder of PDSi, and the author of Managing the Matrix & The HardTalk Handbook, which now forms the basis of their extremely popular HardTalk Programme. Dawn’s tale is one of the power of networking with a healthy side-serving of humour and straight talk. Credits Special thanks to Dana Al-Sadek & In5 for their support. Hosted & Edited by Chirag Desai. Produced by Gaya. Original music by Reiner Erlings. Links Support the podcast PSDi Dawn Metcalfe Amazon: The HardTalk Handbook


18 Jun 2019

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How To Have Difficult Conversations | Dawn Metcalfe  

Screw the Naysayers

Have you ever lost someone or something you really cared about because of miscommunication? The truth is everyone loses when difficult conversations go wrong. And even if things are eventually resolved, we can’t erase the impact stress and conflict have on our bodies, or get back time that was wasted talking about things that didn’t matter. Dawn Metcalfe is an author, public speaker, Managing Director of  a Successful Training Organization, and the creator of Hard Talk. Dawn says that the reason so many people struggle with difficult conversations, is that they let the Homer Simpson in them come out. I bet you didn’t realise that we all have our own version of Homer Simpson hanging out inside out mind! Homer does what feels good in the moment. So if someone says something that makes us feel threatened (in any way), our gut instinct is to defend our position and in many cases go on the attack. Dawn says the person we should let control difficult conversations is Mr. Spock. The voice of reason that focuses on getting the outcome we want. Look for more truth bombs in this episode including: Her assertion that very few people are psychopaths What we need to know about fundamental attribution bias (and why) The importance of defining your purpose before starting a hard talk How to recognize when your at risk of falling into the Spiral of Doom The only 2 reasons people don’t change their behaviour You can reach Dawn at: Website: www.hardtalk.info LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnmetcalfe/ Please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and stories, or just make a connection. Email tim@screwthenaysayers.com Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/stnwithtimalison/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/screwthenaysayers/ LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-alison/ Screw The Naysayers- www.screwthenaysayers.com


6 Feb 2019

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Making Yourself Heard with Dawn Metcalfe (9.12.18)

Life Beats

One incredible story where a woman had a bug living in her ear for months and was dismissed by her doctor as anxiety got a great discussion going on how to make yourself heard. Dawn Metcalfe, Founder of PSDi and author of the Hard Talk book joins Sally to talk about why this happens and how to drive the conversation so that your needs and wants are met, whether it be in the doctor’s office or in the workplace. Listen to #Pulse95Radio in the UAE by tuning in on your radio (95.00 FM) or online on our website: www.pulse95radio.com Follow us on Social. www.facebook.com/pulse95radio www.twitter.com/pulse95radio www.instagram.com/pulse95radio


9 Dec 2018

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The IABC EMENA Podcast with Dawn Metcalfe and HardTalk

The IABC EMENA Podcast

Communicators often talk about speaking truth to power; the reality is that we find it difficult to address sensitive issues directly and openly. We sat down with Dawn Metcalfe, the managing director of consultancy PDSi and the author of the book and training course HardTalk, on how we can encourage and promote environments where people feel comfortable talking about the challenges they and the organization are facing. Enjoy the podcast, and subscribe to ensure you never miss an episode.


4 Oct 2018

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How to Have Difficult Conversations in the Workplace - Dawn Metcalfe

When Women Win

Since leaving her native Ireland, Dawn Metcalfe has worked in seven countries including China and Japan, and now calls Dubai her home. Known for her straight-talking truth-telling and powerful insights, Dawn has worked with leaders around the world to change their perspective, their behavior and their impact on others. Dawn’s inspiration behind the book was being hired on eight different occasions to tell an employee that they smelt bad! We discussed how to approach difficult conversations in every day circumstances, such as a corporate employee wanting to give a peer feedback, or an entrepreneur disagreeing with your business partner. This episode is essential listening for CEOs who want to create a culture of “speaking up” (spoiler alert: this is linked to a culture of “being heard”). Dawn draws from extensive research and neuroscience techniques to explain human communication behavior and how to combat instincts that hold us back. We talked about how to resolve conflict and affect change no matter what your culture, background or experience. We also discussed Dawn’s journey and the challenges she has overcome to get to this point – from threats of physical violence by her teenage students to managing a chronic disease. My favorite quote was: “Being nice is not the same as being kind”. You can find @TeamHardTalk on all social media platforms, follow Dawn Metcalfe on LinkedIn or Twitter @PDSiDXB, or email Dawn at dawn@hardtalk.info. You can order the HardTalk Handbook online at noon.com and jamalon.com.


15 May 2018