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Brandie Peltz Part 6

Cold Case Chronicles

This isn't over.  Brandie's case is being worked currently by the Indiana State Police.  We can only continue to seek updates and hope for a solution.  The Crew will continue to follow the leads in the murder of Brandie Peltz.  While they wait, they didn't have to go far for the next case.  Just a few miles from Brandie's house in Argos, Indiana there was a brutal murder 2 years prior.  While at home caring for her children Darlene Hulse was murdered and dragged from her home.  Stick around, because there is also an informational update on the Crew's first case, Linda Weldy.


6 Sep 2019

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Brandie Peltz Part 5

Cold Case Chronicles

Lacking credible evidence of the passerby committing the crime, this week the crew looks at the array of other suspects.  When Brandie Peltz was murdered in 1986, this cold case is likely because of the "WHY?"  Who would?  Who could? And what would the motive be?


30 Aug 2019

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Brandie Peltz Part 4

Cold Case Chronicles

The Crew continues with the interpretation of the book, The Passerby and including more inserts from the author's interview.  In the murder of Brandie Peltz, the preponderance of hearsay evidence has struck the gavel for a few people.  However, the lack of physical evidence must be noted. This True Crime puzzle of who killed Brandie Peltz has everyone confused.


23 Aug 2019

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Brandie Peltz Part 3

Cold Case Chronicles

Since Brandie's cold case murder in 1986 has gone unsolved, urban legends have replaced facts.  In 2011 Thomas Crowel wrote a fictionalized account of Brandie's assault and murder.  Though fiction, Crowel says the book is true.  This may have swayed the jury of public opinion.  An interview with the author may clear things up.  


16 Aug 2019

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Brandie Peltz Part 2

Cold Case Chronicles

In part two of the Brandie Peltz murder, Rumors run rampant.  This week the case takes a look at Brandie's family and identifies the rumors surrounding her unsolved murder.  In the town of Argos, IN everyone has a theory, and they all differ.


9 Aug 2019

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Brandie Peltz Part 1 Introduction

Cold Case Chronicles

On December 11th, 1986 Brandie Peltz was found murdered in a bathtub, while her house was set on fire.  Since then, the small town she was from has been divided by conjecture over who is responsible for her death.  Welcome to Argos, IN.  Follow along as the Cold Case Crew opens the case.


2 Aug 2019