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Black Gold 5/8/2021 - Mother's Day 2021 and Oleta Adams

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8 May 2021

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LOTL Radio Welcomes Oleta Adams , Releases latest single " Place of Peace '


Since the runaway success of her 1990 debut album Circle of One (which went Platinum), and the impassioned hit single "Get Here" (which became an unofficial anthem of the 1991 Gulf War) Oleta Adams has inspired a growing legion of fans around the world with journeys of the heart via songs that draw deeply from her roots in gospel, while crossing effortlessly into the realms of soul, R&B, urban, and popular music. Her success was first nurtured by worldwide tours with Tears for Fears, Phil Collins, Michael Bolton and Luther Vandross and was solidified by four Grammy nominations and more than two and a half million records sold.  A long-time resident of Kansas City, Kansas, where she has found sanctuary from the turmoil of the entertainment industry, Oleta Adams also remains anchored by her upbringing in the Pacific Northwest where she spent her formative years in Seattle and Yakima, Washington.  This is also where she first demonstrated her budding vocal gifts in the church where her father was minister.   After high school, Oleta eventually landed in Kansas City where she became a local institution with a regular gig at the Hyatt Regency where many national and international touring artists came to hear Oleta sing.In 1989, serendipity came in the form of the British band Tears for Fears, whose front men Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith asked her to appear on the "The Seeds of Love' album, video and European tour. Proving that good things come to those who wait, upon her return to the U.S. Oleta signed a record deal for her first solo album in which Roland Orzabel produced.


24 Apr 2020

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S02E05 Oleta Adams 'Circle Of One'

Pop, Collaborate & Listen

Remember Oleta Adams, from back in 1991? Of course not. Remember her song though, the big hit? No? It was called 'Get Here'? There you go, now you're on board. Well it turns out she has an album that got to number one for one week in February 1991 so we had to listen to the whole thing. But as well as chatting about smooth soul jazz we managed to fit in some stuff about Tears For Fears, The Clash and the wonder of saxophone solos. You can hear all of the songs we talk about on our companion Spotify playlist here - https://tinyurl.com/PCLs02e05playlist And as always head over to www.pclpodcast.com for links to our various social media sites and other playlists to keep you entertained.

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3 Sep 2019

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Oleta Adams Joins Patty Peterson to talk about her upcoming Dakota Club appearance


Oleta Adams joins Patty Peterson to talk about her career, the group Tears For Fears, her time spent recording in the Twin Cities, and her upcoming performance at the Dakota Club July 23, 2019.


18 Jul 2019

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Get Here (If You Can)- Oleta Adams Decomposition

Decomposition Podcast

This is the longest song ever. It's only four and a half minutes long, and yet it goes on forever. We discuss deserts, Wind-surfing, mental teleportation, and terrible cabaret performances featuring death and 'Oh Holy Night." Does this song need a bass solo? Does it need a saxophone solo ON TOP of that? Katie is offended by this song both as an Arab woman and an English Literature teacher. How did this song reach the charts twice and yet we have never heard of it. Snarfle your snuffles and get ready for a goofball episode.


28 Nov 2018

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Reliving My Youth - Oleta Adams

Reliving My Youth

I catch with singer Oleta Adams, who collaborated with Tears for Fears on the Seeds of Love album and toured with them. She did vocals on “Woman in Chains” and Badman’s Song.” Some say it was Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith who discovered Oleta in a Kansas City hotel bar, but that’s not the case. They were just the ones who kept promises. We talk about her time with the band. She was there when the band broke up and her latest release, Third Set, that came out in 2017. The Grammy nominated Oleta had a top-five hit with “Get Here” in 1991.


28 Dec 2017

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Episode 122 - Oleta Adams

The Hustle

The story on Oleta Adams is that she was discovered playing piano in a Kansas City hotel bar by the guys from Tears For Fears, who then brought her in to sing on their 1989 album The Seeds of Love, thus launching her stellar solo career. As you'll find from our conversation, it wasn't exactly that simple. Oleta had been toiling away for over a decade on the hotel entertainment circuit before Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith followed through on the promises many before them had made and broken. She did break big duetting on their hit "Woman in Chains" before nailing her own solo hit "Get Here" in 1991. Since then Oleta has had a steady solo career, but despite her success she's never ventured far from her roots. At the end of the day, success has really just given her the freedom to be herself. She also put out a new album this year called Third Set which harkens back to her roots. She still sounds amazing! http://oletaadams.com/

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5 Sep 2017

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LOTL Radio Welcomes Oleta Adams. Debuts new Album " Third Set "


STILL SINGING HER SONGOleta Adams releases “Third Set” Her first new album in eight years“At this point in my life it’s kind of cool that I don’t have to ask anybody’s permission anymore about what I want to sing.” – Oleta AdamsKansas City, KS, January 27, 2017– Iconic, Grammy-award nominated vocalist Oleta Adams celebrates her 45th year in the music industry with a new collection of classic songs entitled Third Set. Inspired by the early days of her career, when she played multiple shows nightly in lounges and piano bars across the globe, Third Set highlights the music that Adams and her band always loved to play during that halcyon hour when the evening’s final set arrived.“Before my break, I was playing in the clubs for 17 years,” Adams recalls. “I played a lot of hotel gigs where we would have to cater to all kinds of people. In the first two sets of the night, we didn’t know who we were catering to, so we had to do the songs that were the most familiar. But then, after a while, the third set became the one I designated as my set or the musician’s set. It was when we played what we wanted to play. I grew very fond of that set because it was in that third set that the greatest amount of creativity happened – when the crowds were smaller and we were under less pressure to do what the crowd wanted.”Though Third Set may be comprised of the music that Adams and her band revel in playing for themselves, it is likewise filled with stunning arrangements of all-time favorite songs that music lovers will also no doubt stand up and applaud in much the same way that audiences have done as the velvety-voiced songstress has worked out the songs on the road over the last year.


16 Feb 2017

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Oleta Adams - Get Here (if You Can)*

SunsetCast - Music Videos

Oleta Adams - Get Here (if You Can)

3 Jul 2016

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Singer, Songwriter & Pianist Oleta Adams Speaks About her Storied Career

Culture Agent Podcast

Singer, songwriter, and pianist Oleta Adams is performing this Saturday night, February 20, with celebrated Jazz pianist David Benoit, who will be conducting the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra Pops. Adams has performed on stages around the world, thrilling audiences as a solo performer, with her band, and with large ensembles and orchestras. Her career, which spans 4 decades and a variety of styles, is centered on her beautifully versatile voice. Steeped in Gospel, Jazz, and popular idioms, her artistry has inspired collaborations with Tears For Fears, Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, Al Jarreau and Luther Vandross, and earned her multiple Grammy nominations. In this interview with Culture Agent columnist Sander Roscoe Wolff, Adams shares insights into her childhood, working in Kansas City, and the strange trajectory of her storied career.For tickets and additional information about Saturday's performance:http://longbeachsymphony.org/concerts-events/an-evening-with-oleta-adams-and-david-benoit/To learn more about Adams' touring schedule and album releases, visit:http://oletaadams.com/


17 Feb 2016