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SPOS #835 - Kim Scott On Radical Candor And Ultimate Culture

Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

Welcome to episode #835 of Six Pixels of Separation. Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #835 - Host: Mitch Joel. I have been hard at work trying to find a way to meet Kim Scott since she first published the book, Radical Candor. A special thanks to Dorie Clark and Alisa Cohn for inviting Kim to a dinner that we hosted during the last TED event in Vancouver. Along with Radical Candor, Kim is also the author of Just Work - How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-ass Culture of Inclusivity and co-founder of the companies, Just Work and Radical Candor. Kim was a CEO coach at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and other tech companies. She was a member of the faculty at Apple University and before that led AdSense, YouTube, and DoubleClick teams at Google. Prior to that Kim managed a pediatric clinic in Kosovo and started a diamond-cutting factory in Moscow. She lives with her family in Silicon Valley, and loves to write fiction novels almost as much (maybe more) than business books. Enjoy the conversation... Running time: 59:01. Hello from beautiful Montreal. Subscribe over at Apple Podcasts. Please visit and leave comments on the blog - Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to connect to me directly on Facebook here: Mitch Joel on Facebook. or you can connect on LinkedIn. ...or on Twitter. Here is my conversation with Kim Scott. Just Work - How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-ass Culture of Inclusivity. Radical Candor. Follow Kim on LinkedIn. Follow Kim on Instagram. Follow Kim on Twitter. This week's music: David Usher 'St. Lawrence River'.


10 Jul 2022

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Radical Candor S4, Ep 7: Radically Candid Conversations — Kim Scott & Russ Laraway

Radical Candor

On this episode of the Radical Candor Podcast, we're taking a break from our GSD Wheel series and welcoming back to the podcast Russ Laraway, author of the book When They Win, You Win: Being a Great Manager is Simpler Than You Think, coming out on June 7, 2022. You can pre-order it now! You likely know Russ best as the OG co-host with Kim of season one of the Radical Candor Podcast. Russ is currently chief people officer at Goodwater Capital; and also is the creator of Career Conversations; which is covered in Radical Candor, and to which Russ dedicates nearly 100 pages of his new book. Kim and Russ discuss how to make every manager (measurably) great and to rid the world of assclown managers everywhere. Radical Candor Podcast Episode At a Glance The world has conspired to confuse the average manager. Despite near-limitless resources — books, blogs, podcasts — that purport to teach us how to be great managers, the reality is that managers globally aren’t really any better than they were 30 years ago. (The evidence is this: as more evidence emerges that the manager is most responsible for employee engagement, global engagement is still at just 15% and 33% in the U.S.) Managers are struggling due to a lack of regular formal check-ins on how they are doing as a manager. Their bosses have almost no context on how they are leading their people and therefore can struggle to coach them. Kim and Russ discuss: Why managers are failing, and no one is helping. What we need is to learn to lead in a way that measurably and predictably leads to more engaged employees and better business results. We need a simpler and more coherent leadership standard, something with quantitative backing that shows it works. People just want to do great work and be totally psyched while doing it. People deserve to be led well. The art of Continue Coaching.    Pre-Order the New Book from Career Conversations Expert Russ Laraway In When They Win, You Win, Russ Laraway, the chief people officer at Goodwater Capital who also developed Career Conversations, provides a simple, coherent, and complete leadership standard that teaches managers how to lead in a way that measurably and predictably delivers more engaged employees and better business results and show organizational planners how to make their managers great! The book identifies The Big 3, or three key elements: clear direction-setting, frequent coaching and active engagement with employees on their long-term career goals. Russ also dedicates around 100 pages of the book to Career Conversations! Pre-order now >>


19 May 2022

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Kim Scott on Candor and Justice in the Workplace

Elevate with Robert Glazer

Kim Scott is one of Silicon Valley’s most respected leadership experts. She has previously worked as an executive at Google, and as a CEO coach with Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter and several other leading organizations. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of two top books on leadership, Radical Candor and Just Work. In her second appearance on the show, Kim joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to discuss the importance of Radical Candor, effective management techniques, and how to create a more inclusive workplace. 


17 May 2022

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E220 | Kim Scott: Just Work

The Art Of Coaching

What would we be able to accomplish if our teams, cultures and companies encouraged people to give each other feedback with radical candor, speak up when wronged and challenge colleagues and supervisors to think differently? What would happen if we were able to recognize, attack and eliminate workplace injustice and “just work”?  On today’s episode we talk to Kim Scott, author of Just Work: Get *t Done Fast and Fair as well as Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. Kim co-founded two companies that help organizations put the ideas in her books into practice. She’s also been a CEO coach at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and other tech companies and held leadership roles at Apple and Google. Earlier in her career she managed a pediatric clinic in Kosovo and started a diamond-cutting factory in Moscow. We discuss:  How to give and receive difficult feedback  Best hiring practices (how to set checks and balances) Using improv as a way to scenario plan for hard conversations When and why it’s okay to get communication wrong Connect with Kim: Via her books: Radical Candor & Just Work  Via Instagram: @kimmalonescott Via Twitter: @kimballscott Via her website: https://kimmalonescott.com/just-work Despite her international acclaim for work in these areas, Kim agrees these skills can’t be learned by just reading her books. Like any leadership or interpersonal skills, they must be practiced in real time in the presence of others.  That’s why we created The Apprenticeship communication workshop- so coaches and leaders could be around people from different backgrounds and professions, step outside of their own environment and get reps giving and getting feedback and having hard conversations. Check out our upcoming events at artofcoaching.com/apprenticeship.  Support for today’s episode comes from Dynamic Fitness & Strength. Dynamic offers the highest quality strength and conditioning equipment designed just for you, your space and your budget. Whether you’re looking to outfit your college, high school or professional gym or even just your garage, check out our friends at Dynamic and tell them Team AoC sent you! If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to provide more value to others, share your story and sharpen your ability to connect with a crowd, the Art of Coaching Speaker School kicks off May 28th in Atlanta, GA. Just a few spots remain! Check out all the details at artofcoaching.com/speaker.


2 May 2022

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A Radical Conversation With Kim Scott

Who Dares Wins: Life, Leadership, and Finance with Anthony Noto

Kim Scott, CEO coach and author of New York Times best seller Radical Candor, sits down with Anthony to talk about how walking past a strip club as a kid sparked her ambition, her experience working in diamond-cutting in Russia, and how to have truly effective conversations both in and out of the boardroom. Josh Fagen, a longtime trusted advisor, also joins Anthony to ask what happens when a company outgrows their founder and how to give feedback in a way that builds culture.For more from Anthony, follow him on Twitter @AnthonyNoto *Note: Podcast contains explicit language*


13 Apr 2022

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Ep. 196: Trier Bryant and Kim Scott | A Conversation About Bias: How Leaders Can Help Employees Become Bias Disruptors

The Net Promoter System Podcast – Customer Experience Insights from Loyalty Leaders

In the workplace, biased language and treatment can often slip by without consequence, leaving those discriminated against feeling powerless or unheard. But Just Work cofounders Trier Bryant and Kim Scott believe integrating bias disruptors in the workplace can help all who experience or observe bias speak up and address it in the moment. In this episode, Kim, Trier, and I discuss how bias disruptors can contribute to a just work environment and what leadership can do to root out and recognize bias.


7 Apr 2022

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263 Kim Scott & Trier Bryant: The Invisible Tax of Workplace Bias

Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

We've covered bias in previous episodes, but this week we tackle it head-on — specifically, how our language choices affect people, and the difference between bias, prejudice, and bullying. Kim Scott is a coach to some of Silicon Valley's most influential CEOs, and known for her groundbreaking book Radical Candor, about the complexity of giving critical feedback, even when it's hard. Trier Bryant is the CEO of Just Work, a consultancy specializing in identifying harmful bias and injustice in the workplace, and providing the tools to overcome it. Together, they help employees and managers develop a shared vocabulary so everyone feels safe to say, "that word/phrase is not OK." It's a crucial, but often missing step on the path toward true diversity, equity, and inclusion. It's harder than it seems, but making the effort to own your language — even during this very interview — is a great first step. Kim, Trier, and Whitney go deep on how caring for others can go hand-in-hand with challenging them directly, and why casual word choices take a heavy toll on marginalized people over time.

1hr 6mins

5 Apr 2022

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Ep - 305 Kim Scott

My Wakeup Call with Dr. Mark Goulston

In this episode I speak with Kim Scott, author of "Just Work" and "Radical Candor" whose wakeup call was realizing the power and true DEI that can be freed up in an organization when people learn to be candid with each other. https://www.justworktogether.com/the-book


1 Mar 2022

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Reload: Caring Radically with Kim Scott

What's Next! with Tiffani Bova

Welcome to the What's Next! podcast with Tiffani Bova.  Throwback to our conversation with the ever-candid yet always sincere Kim Scott. Kim is the author of three novels, and the New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestseller “Radical Candor: Be A Kickass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity.” Previously, Kim was the Co-founder and CEO of Juice Software, a collaboration startup. She led ad sense, YouTube, and double-click online sales and operations at Google, before she joined Apple to develop and teach a leadership seminar. She also has been a CEO coach at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and several other tech companies. She received her MBA from Harvard and her B.A. from Princeton University.   THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT FOR… anyone who is open to becoming more self-aware, interested in learning how to give and receive candid and effective feedback.    TODAY’S MAIN MESSAGE… Be able to show you that you care for those around you while also challenging them to be better. Candid, effective feedback is important, indispensable, and harder to come by than you might think. When you do get it, it’s in your best interest to embrace it, apply it, and continue to encourage it. Kim shares her best advice on how you can be a better giver of this valuable feedback (both positive and negative), as well as a better receiver of it.   WHAT  I  LOVE  MOST… Kim believes, as do I, that giving feedback is not mean, if it’s clear. Her personal anecdotes were illustrative, especially her own career re-focus with Sheryl Sandberg. I also love that she makes a point to remind us how important it is to make sure you take a moment in the day to thank somebody and recognize what they do and all that they bring to work, your business, or your life, every day.  Running time: 40:42  Subscribe on iTunes Find Tiffani on social:  Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Find Kim on social:  Twitter  LinkedIn Facebook Kim’s Book:  Radical Candor 


17 Feb 2022

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E41: Kim Scott - Radical Candor

Unleashed - Elevate Your Leadership Impact

How often do unpopular opinions, information and perspectives go unvoiced and later come back to bite us? Kim Scott took her experiences of working at leading companies like Apple, Google, and others, and unearthed what makes some teams thrive while others struggle. In a phrase, radical candor. Three reasons to tune in: Hear how great teams interact differently than those who struggle, and how they communicate with facts, directness, and care. Learn the two dimensions of radical candor and how with both we can communicate powerfully, directly, and still maintain engagement and buy in. See how, as a leader, you can model the way to radical candor within your organization. Join the Live Shows!

1hr 2mins

12 Feb 2022