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#270 Michael Klim on battling CIDP, Hall of Fame induction, & 100 Free World Record

Inside with Brett Hawke

Michael Klim is back! In this episode he discusses his journey being diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) and how it has affected his life.    He also talks about David Popovici, Ian Thorpe, Pieter van den Hoogenband, and being inducted into the 2022 International Swimming Hall of Fame. 00:00 Bratter PA Immigration Law 00:15 Diagnosed with CIDP 03:15 Coming forward 05:35 Not superhuman 07:50 Swimming community support 09:20 First signs 12:20 Hereditary? 13:30 Therapies for CIPD 14:30 Fearful 15:40 Personalized Nutrition 16:30 Adaptive Swim Lessons 17:05 Grieving process 17:50 Still swimming 18:19 Experts 19:20 Daily & weekly schedule 21:20 Business changes & stresses 23:45 100 Free World Record 27:00 Popovici’s Back End Speed 29:40 World Records are just mental barriers 31:05 200 Freestyle 34:15 Raw talent & mental strength 35:54 Destro Swim Towers 36:12 Vasa Trainer 36:40 Thorpey 42:00 Hoogie 44:24 ISHOF Induction Our Sponsors: BRATTER PA IMMIGRATION LAW: Exclusive immigration representation of athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, and entertainers. SWIM ANGELFISH: Receive the tools and skills needed to teach swimmers with autism, physical disabilities, anxiety, sensory and motor conditions with Swim Angelfish, the global leader in adaptive swim. Get certified online today! BEINE WELLNESS BUILDING: Individualize your nutrition with genetic testing and personalized plans. Eat, supplement, and recover based on your genetics. VASA: Essential dryland for stronger, better, faster swimmers. Save 10% using the code "brett" at checkout! DESTRO SWIM TOWERS: Save $150 per double swim tower by using the code "brett" at checkout! SWIMNERD: Big and small digital pace clocks, virtual scoreboards, and live results. Subscribe to the Swimnerd Newsletter at swimspam.com Subscribe & Listen: Apple Podcasts Google Spotify YouTube Produced by: SWIMNERD


12 Sep 2022

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Ep 85- Michael Klim

Life's A Beach

Olympic Swimmer Michael Klim joins Hoppo in the beach shack this week to chat about his development and journey towards earning his Olympic and Commonwealth Gold medals. Bearing several world records, he discusses his love for the sport, the struggles he faced and continue to face. Will Bigelow joins us for beach banter this week. For all things Life's a Beach, visit our site at https://www.lifesabeach.co/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifesabeachau/?hl=enSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


11 Sep 2022

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Michael Klim - Olympic Gold medalist. World Champion. Australian Swimmer

The Greg Bennett Show

An icon of Australian sport. Michael Klim is a three-time Olympian, multiple world champion and 21-time world record holder. He was the greatest relay team swimmer the world has ever seen. His resume is remarkable:Six Olympic medals, Two gold, 25 World champ medals, 12 gold, 54 medals at major competitions, 25 gold, 19 silver, 10 bronzeMichael transitioned from sport to business in 2008, and his pursuit of excellence did not stop. His businesses have all been extraordinary.Timestamps0:00 - Introduction to show.2:08 - Interview starts 5:41 - Breaking a World record in a short course pool swimming 100Fly without a crowd at the AIS.9:02 - Where are you and what are you up to currently?12:49 - Why did you turn to open water swimming after retiring?16:13 - Michael Klim was part of the true golden era when Australian swimming was going through a really special. Did you know it at the time?20:53 - Kieran Perkins won a gold medal from lane 8 in 1996 just scraping into the final, you were his room mate at the Olympic Village, tell us how you saw that time?23:30 - Don't forget to download the AnyQuestion app and ask Michael any question you have.23:57 - The 4 x 100m relay at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney where the American team had never been beaten in this event. The Americans were the favourite. Talk us through the race, the win, that special moment.32:03 - Was there a time in your career where you had some pretty significant struggles?35:56 - 1996 was the catalyst for your career. You changed your stroke to straight arm, you were one of the first to use the underwater dolphin kick, that decade of swimming that you did has left a mark. Talk us though the records and that time?43:34 - What was the transition out of swimming for you? 57:34 - You beat your body up at such an intense level, for such a long time ... how is your body now?01:05:06 - If you could sit with any 3 people for dinner, who would they be, and why?01:14:56 - What's one piece of advice that you could give to people now to help them optimize their lives?01:18:15 - What's next for Michael Klim?01:20:42 - Interview ends.

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21 Feb 2022

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Michael Klim

All That Glitters

Welcome back to the first episode of 2022! When I was a young swimmer growing up, I had posters of Michael Klim, Geoff Huegill and Scott Miller. So my inner 13 year old, fangirled to the max speaking to this weeks guest. Michael Klim famously lead the team - in a WORLD RECORD btw - in the 4 x 100 freestyle relay at the Sydney Olympic Games. It has to be one of the most iconic races in Australian history. It was so wonderful to sit and chat with Klimmy about his career and how not everything went according to plan. We spoke about how he has navigated life from elite athlete, to business founder and owner, to living a slightly more quiet life in Bali with his swim school. This chat made me realise that you can continually reinvent yourself, and find more meaning and more depth through your experiences! I loved this chat and I know you will too! Enjoy xx Instagram: @michaelklim1 Klim Swim: https://www.klimswim.com Milk and Co Skincare: https://milkandco.com.au Contact hello@strozkiymedia.com for sponsorship opportunities.  Host: Libby Trickett Instagram: @allthatglitterspod Produced by: Strozkiy Media (@strozkiymedia) www.strozkiymedia.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Feb 2022

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Off The Blocks with Michael Klim (Tokyo Olympics Review) Ep 14

Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Season 4 Ep 14, One of Australia's greatest ever Olympians Michael Klim and I go through all the action from the pool over in Tokyo last week at the Olympic Games We discuss is Caeleb Dressell the new Michael Phelps, Emma McKeons dominance, What other sports from these games has caught Klimmy's eye, Brisbane 2032 and what that means for swimming in Australia, and some of his favourite head to head races over what was an historic week of swimming in Tokyo. All that and a whole lot more.


6 Aug 2021

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3.21: Sink or Swim... ft. Michael Klim [ Celebrity Fan Episode ]


A hugely disappointing loss has the St Kilda Football Club on the back foot in the race for the 2021 AFL Finals once again.With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally upon us, we chat with 6-time Olympic medallist (2x Olympic Gold medallist), Michael Klim, about his Saints fandom and St Kilda FC journey and Olympic swimming experiences.Catch all our video interviews on the Unpluggered YouTube page: don't forget to subscribe, rate and review Unpluggered wherever you listen or watch, and make sure to follow the lads on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with the podcast.Guest and sponsorship opportunities: unpluggered@gmail.com.

1hr 15mins

23 Jul 2021

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Baldspiration | Michael Klim

Funny Business

Michael Klim is a Polish-born Australian swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, world champion and entrepreneur. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


9 May 2021

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Michael Klim | Positive Mindset in the Pool

Raising Your Game

In this episode, I speak with the awesome Michael Klim. Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 3 Olympian and multiple World Champion.We talk about his journey into swimming, how he then made his way into the Australian swim team, one of the worlds most dominating sporting teams at the time, what it was like managing the build-up for the Olympics, managing expectations, how to manage yourself under pressure, breaking world records, plus things such as his experience with yoga and meditation and how all his skills in the world of sport have helped him in his business life now with Milk & Co.Follow Michael on InstagramThis episode is sponsored by Sport YogiFor Athletes that want to Breathe, Think and Move Better...The Sport Yogi app is now available.Download atiOSAndroidVisit sportyogi.com for moreConnect with Lewis at:Instagram: @lewishatchettFor more on the podcast visit www.lewishatchett.com/podcast


4 May 2021

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15. Michael Klim

Game, Set, Wrap!

Michael Klim is an Australian sporting icon. He has competed at the highest level and claimed  two incredible gold medals in the pool at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. So dive in the deep end as Klimy details how mental toughness was paramount to his success and relive that infamous 4x100m freestyle relay. Join Mac & JA as we smash guitars with one of the best!Thank you for listening to the show. Please don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review!


22 Apr 2021

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Finding Purpose beyond your passions with Michael Klim

Catalyst Conversations

When radical change lies ahead, how do you draw upon Purpose to help you answer the question; ‘What’s next?’ When Olympic gold medalist Michael Klim hung up his speedos in 2007 and retired from professional swimming, he did exactly that, channelling his passions into a purpose-led entrepreneurial career. This week, Michael joins Ben Bars to discuss the lessons he took from the pool to the boardroom, the changes in store for the next generation of athletes and innovators and ‘what’s next?’ for his career. Conversation highlights (Show notes)The impacts of the last year on Michael, his family and his home in BaliThe logistics (and the importance) of the impending OlympicsResponding to change and uncertainty as an athleteTransitioning from sportsman to managing a businessThe unseen teamwork behind sports and businessFinding your purpose beyond retirement from sport Marketing: From face of the product to brains behind the productMichael’s biggest learning from the business worldInnovation through product vs innovation through processMichael’s leadership style (through his team’s eyes)‘Mastering’ Sleep, nutrition, exercise and mindfulnessThe societal impacts on the next generation of athletesThe impact of globalisation on competitiveness and personal growthThe future of Health and WellnessWhat advice would Michael give his 1990 self?What’s one thing Michael would like to learn in 2021? Keen for more?More and more organisations are recognising the importance of a consciously designed purpose. But simply having a purpose is not enough. For organisations looking to form a meaningful connection with their people and their audience, living your Purpose is key.Find out more about the We Are Unity approach to purpose on our blog, or start a conversation with us at hello@weareunity.com Join The Community - our email monthly update on the world of People & Culture including our thought leadership, case studies, research reports and the latest episode of Catalyst Conversations. Please rate review and subscribe to the podcast so we can continue to reach as many people as possible with our inspiring guests. Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/weareunity


16 Mar 2021