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Chris Hammer and Fiona Palmer

Published...Or Not

Once again, Chris Hammer’s protagonist, Martin Scarsden, confronts murder and corruption but this time Sydney is where the action takes place. Martin doesn’t know if he can trust anyone – not even his paramour Mandalay Blonde. Appropriately, the book is entitled, 'Trust'.The 'Tiny White Lies' are told to protect the ones we love or perhaps they are to cover the secrets we are embarrassed to have exposed. Fiona Palmer has written another family drama with beleivable characters and issues.

19 Nov 2020

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Fiona Palmer: on Speedway driving and rural living

Stories Behind the Story with Better Reading

Fiona Palmer talks to Cheryl Akle about her Speedway driving career, small town living, and the process of writing her novel, Tiny White Lies. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 Nov 2020

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Fiona Palmer – Beloved Storyteller

The Best in Mystery, Romance and Historicals

Fiona Palmer is a natural born storyteller who chanced into writing because she wanted to create something that she’d like to read – never thinking it might be published. Nearly twenty books later, she’s one of Australia’s most popular - and beloved - rural fiction authors.Hi there, I’m your host Jenny Wheeler, and in today’s Binge Reading episode Fiona talks about her typical year – combining writing with farming – and a family heritage that taught her there’s no such thing as failure, just more practice.Six things you’ll learn from this Joys of Binge Reading episode:Fiona's remarkable story of publicationThe most 'rural' of Australia's rural authorsRelatable stories about real life issuesCombining writing with a farming lifeBeing a third generation Speedway driverAustralia's remarkable beautyWhere to find Fiona Palmer: Website: www.fionapalmer.comFacebook: @FionaPalmerAuthorTwitter: @fiona_palmerInstagram: @fipalmerGoodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3179597.What follows is a "near as" transcript of our conversation, not word for word but pretty close to it, with links to important mentions.Jenny Wheeler: But now, here's Fiona. Hello there, Fiona, and welcome to the show. It's great to have you with us. Tell us, how did you get into writing and was there some moment when you thought, I’ve just got to do this?Introducing author Fiona Palmer Fiona Palmer: I can honestly say that being an author that never, ever entered my mind. I was terrible at school. English was probably one of my worst subjects. I remember being in Year 11. I loved the creativity side of English, I can remember for a test, we had to write a story of a picture and I loved that and I remember writing this story and my friends said, it's amazing, but when it came time for marking I nearly failed because of my spelling and grammar and everything like that. I was never marked on the storytelling ability side of English. Fiona Palmer - Australian storiesFor that reason alone, storytelling, writing books, was never on my radar. I happened into writing by chance.Jenny Wheeler: How did that happen? We mentioned before you came on air that the little town you live in is tiny. Tell us a bit about where you're speaking from so people can get a picture of what your childhood might have been like.Fiona Palmer: I was born and raised in Pingaring. It's a tiny, tiny little town about three and a half hours southeast from Perth. There are four houses in the town, and one belongs to my parents and the other is ours, so you can almost say we own half the town. I have a big history here. My nana used to run the shop once, my granddad had the mechanic shop once. Born and raised here.Authentic Aussie farming lifeI did primary school here and then went away to boarding school for Year 8. Our primary school shut down in 1998 so our town shrank from then on. We might be lucky to say there are 30 in the district. Our little one street has our four houses and a shop. We do have a hall, it gets used once a year, and there’s a tiny CWA (Country Womens Association) that doesn't get used anymore, but the surrounding area is all farmland. If I step out my back door, there's a paddock and we have these great big wheat bins across the road so at harvest, all the grain goes there.Pingaring scene - Western AustraliaIt’s predominantly sheep and cropping, mainly wheat and barley, some canola and some lupins and bits and pieces. So I grew up in a small country town and my uncle had a farm out the road and I spent every weekend there, so I'm very much born and raised a country farm kid, I suppose you could say. I went away to boarding school, got to Year 11 and I knew school wasn't for me. I wanted to come home and be hands on. I’m very much an outside person. I left school after Year 11, came back and I did all sorts of jobs – rousing, working on the crutching cradle,


10 Sep 2020

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WRITER 347: Meet Fiona Palmer, author of 'Tiny White Lies'.

So you want to be a writer

Learn how to edit your own manuscript and meet Fiona Palmer, author of 'Tiny White Lies'. In a shocking plot twist, Allison shares her Word of the Week. Discover when to tune into a special Facebook live Creative Conversations with Allison Tait. Plus we have 3 copies of 'The Fire Star: A Maven & Reeve Mystery' by A.L. Tait to give away.  Read the show notes Connect with Valerie, Allison and listeners in the podcast community on Facebook Visit WritersCentre.com.au | AllisonTait.com | ValerieKhoo.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Sep 2020

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Episode 154: GAMSTOP with Fiona Palmer

Mental Health Monday

On this week's Mental Health Monday, Mick Coyle is joined by the CEO of GAMSTOP Fiona Palmer. GAMSTOP aims to help those struggling with gambling issues by allowing them to request a blanket block of their ability to place online bets. Follow @MrMickCoyle & @GamStopUK1 Produced by @John_Fogarty


6 Apr 2020

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Episode 35: Talking Aussie Books With Fiona Palmer

Talking Aussie Books

Fiona Palmer is a best-selling rural fiction author, farmer and speedway racer who's brand new novel 'Matters of the Heart' (published by Hachette) reimagines Jane Austen's classic novel, 'Pride and Prejudice' - transporting us from rural 19th century England to a remote farming property in 21st century Australia. 'Matters of the Heart' is a rich, heart-warming tale about family, finding love and female empowerment in an era when first impressions can be skewed by social media and getting to know someone means letting your guard down. If you loved 'Pride and Prejudice' as much as I did, I know you're going to enjoy Fiona's modern adaption. Listen in to this week's Episode of Talking Aussie Books as Fiona and I chat about her inspiration for reviving this classic tale, the parallels between Jane Austen's world and ours, Fiona's life on the farm and much, much more.


11 Oct 2019

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Fiona Palmer: "You create your own family."

The Booktopia Podcast

They say one thing that’s great about writing is that you can do it anywhere. Fiona Palmer proves that this is true, since she literally lives in the middle of nowhere. When she’s not writing bestselling books, Fiona runs her farm, drives massive farming machinery and enjoys stunning sunsets. Somehow she manages to juggle these incredibly contrasting lives to still bring us amazing novels like her latest Sisters and Brothers.Books mentioned in this podcast:Sisters and Brothers by Fiona Palmer —> https://bit.ly/2MRhGuUHosts: Sarah McDuling and John PurcellGuest: Fiona Palmer


17 Aug 2018

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Ep: 33 Fiona Palmer – Secrets between Friends

The Book Podcast

Life was about living, experiencing and emotions. The good and the bad. You had to laugh to cry. You had to love to hurt. You had to jump to fall or fly.Continue reading

16 Oct 2017

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Time to Write: a Day in the Life of an Australian Author, with Fiona Palmer

Writer On The Road

If you think a rural lifestyle, an inspiring landscape and salt-of-the-earth people are the things of romance novels then you’ll learn a lot from today’s guest, Fiona Palmer. Fiona not only lives the romantic dream but she turns it on its head in fine style. Let’s try again. Picture stock car races, fishing at places you only get to see in hardcore 4×4 magazines and wheat harvesters with wheels taller than most of us, and you start to get a mere glimpse of this woman’s life. Watch the The Day in the Life of an Australian Author Youtube clip here and you start to see that eight books didn’t happen because of the romantic dream but more by damned hard work and fitting writing in with a life that can only be described as a tad busy and fulfilling. If there’s one person that can share a few tips on knuckling down and getting the writing done it’s Fiona. But be warned, after listening to this you’ll never be able to use the excuse, ‘I haven’t got time’, again. You can find out more about Fiona, her romantic lifestyle and view her beautiful pics here.


22 Mar 2017

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37 Lake Grace The Charm of Pingaring - Fiona Palmer

Pathways to Wave Rock Audio Tour

37 Lake Grace The Charm of Pingaring - Fiona Palmer by Roe Tourism Association


23 Mar 2016