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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jan Ochoa. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jan Ochoa, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jan Ochoa. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jan Ochoa, often where they are interviewed.

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Gaming Fyx – Episode 134! (Ejecto Seato!! ft. Jan Ochoa)

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This week we are joined by the always affable Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb! He graces us with tales of the Peloton bike, and joins us for talks about the new Fast & Furious game, JRPGs, Puzzle Games, Board Games, Walking Sims, and Dragon Ball Z! After that, we go deep on a lot of news which is leaving large swaths of the industry feeling a little shaky; but also no less than 10 minutes talking about burritos. Throw your socks directly in the toilet and stay single and clean for this one, gamers!
00:03:26 - Show Start
00:04:29 - Fast & Furious: Crossroads
00:18:01 - Cold Steel 3
00:26:26 - Peloton
00:39:19 - Twinfold
00:46:07 - Mixolumia
00:52:04 - Into A Dream
01:01:19 - Unmatched
01:20:00 - Persona 5 Royal
01:31:11 - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
01:38:45 - Bye Jan!!!
01:46:24 - Halo Infinite Delayed
02:06:32 - Xbox controller box leaks Series S?
02:15:51 - Tony Hawk Burrito & THPS 1+2 Remake
02:28:06 - Fortnite, Epic, Apple & Google huh? Oofa doofa
02:48:53 - Mozilla laying off 25% of their staff & its impact on games
02:54:51 - Blaseball is taking an extended siesta
03:01:41 - Control & their upgrade paths to next gen
03:10:08 - Oh No, Ono is leaving Capcom
Aug 15 2020 ·
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Wave Race: Final Lap ft. Jan Ochoa

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In this episode of The New Entertainment System Podcast, Kam, Nathan, and special guest Jan Ochoa discuss gods and putties.

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May 04 2020 · 29mins
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99Q - Jan Ochoa

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Jan Ochoa (Giant Bomb,  formerly Mythbusters) is welcomed aboard the good ship 99 Questions. In it, Jan and I discuss his fascinating career path, a haunted cupcake shop, his five star pick up lines and the best blind-date TV show you've never seen.

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And for more details on the haunted cupcake shop...

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Apr 26 2020 · 1hr 15mins
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#17 - I Choose You, Jan Ochoa

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It's Thanksgiving this week in the US, but that doesn't stop us from recording an episode of GameSpot After Dark! These week Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb joins Jake, Michael, and Jean-Luc to talk about Pokemon, Disco Elysium, Control, and Half Life: Alyx.

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Nov 29 2019 · 1hr 24mins
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344 Pokémon Platinum Woes [Featuring Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb]

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Featuring Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb (interview starts at 36 mins into the episode). Jan talks about his time with Pokémon GO and his thoughts and feelings on Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee. We also touch on Jan's history with the Pokémon series. After putting 40+ hours into Pokémon Platinum, SBJ expresses how the game doesn't feel unique compared to Pokémon Black & White or Pokémon X/Y. Pokémon GO news is upon us, with more Sinnoh Pokémon being added. Finally, if we had to erase one Pokémon forever, who would we pick?

00:00:20 - Introduction
00:03:55 - News
00:04:00 - Pokémon Platinum Thoughts
00:14:50 - Pokémon GO [News]
00:35:40 - Break Music
00:36:40 - Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb
01:18:40 - Break Music
01:19:30 - James Tuner Q&A [Tweet]
01:24:30 - Question of the Week
01:38:20 - Pokémon of the Week
01:45:15 - Post Credits

Feb 04 2019 · 1hr 45mins
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KF My Wrestling Story, Ep 5 - Jan Ochoa from - 07/20/18

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I'm back from a long break and this week I'm joined by Video Producer Jan Jerome Ochoa. Listen as Jan talks about becoming a fan during the "Attitude Era", how Triple H made him irrationally hate sledgehammers, and what it was like when NJPW invaded the legendary Cow Palace earlier this month. There is so much good content in this episode, why are you still reading this?

Jul 20 2018 · 1hr 5mins