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WS1123: Race to a Multimillion-Dollar Investment with Farrah Ali

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Farrah Ali is a single mom who was looking for means to provide for her two sons. Her income working for an insurance company was not enough for all their needs so she did research on how to make more money. Interestingly, everything she saw online has something to do with real estate. She decided to try it out even though she knew she didn’t have $100,000 for a downpayment. Then, she learned you don’t really need to have much money at all to invest in real estate!Her journey is nothing but short of inspirational from battling an uncertain future to becoming a real estate investor. In this episode, we are going to hear about how she went from scratch to a multimillion-dollar portfolio. Farrah is also the co-founder of We Win LLC where she uses her knowledge and experience to help other women live their own success stories. Listen now!


17 Nov 2021

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Episode 32: Buy Real Estate with No Money Down with Farrah Ali

Thinking Like a Bank

Farrah Ali is a successful author, real estate professional, and entrepreneur with more than 18 years of professional experience in the business. After overcoming a difficult divorce, Farrah was forced to start over. Raising two kids, she was a single, working mother in the insurance industry. After beginning her career in 2001, she continued to dedicate every waking moment to her career and her two children. She experienced massive success in real estate, and in 2019 co-founded WE WIN LLC, an organization that inspires, educates, and motivates women to invest in real estate. Today, Farrah still remains committed to her career as an underwriting executive, while also keeping an eye on her real estate investing firm. In addition, she maintains an active role with the We Win Foundation, a foundation she helped to co-found in 2019 in order to give back to the community. This episode talks about: The benefits of working with real estate mentors and coaches Indicators to determine if a property is a good investment What is a private money lender and how can they be helpful? Private money lenders as an alternative option for financing real estate, including 100% financing The significance of knowing different real estate strategies The importance of your support system and network Recommended books to learn more about investing in real estate How Farrah’s insurance underwriting skills and experience help in analyzing and evaluating properties? To connect with Farrah Ali, please visit: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farrah.ali.1213 Website: https://www.farrahali.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farrahali Email: rei@farrahali.org Foundation: https://www.mywewinfoundation.org To learn more about Infinite Banking, please reach out to us at https://finassetprotection.com/ You can also schedule a free call with us here: https://calendly.com/financialservicesins


20 Oct 2021

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From $80k in Debt to Multi-Million Dollar Rental Portfolio with Farrah Ali #276

REI Mastermind Network | Real Estate Investing Strategies & Mindset

While most people can't handle one job, Farrah Ali has three. During the day she is a full-time insurance professional, at night she is a full time investor and she is the author of Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor. To top it all off the most important job for her is being a single mother to her two kids. Farrah has been a crucial piece to the growth of Chicago REIA since the beginning. Her journey with investing started in June of 2014, now just 4 short years later she is at 25 rental properties, 1 flip, and 8 wholesales.We chat about:Where to find the money to investHow to position yourself for successThere is a solution for everyone to become an investorConnect with Farrah Ali:Website: https://www.farrahali.org/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farrah.ali.1213/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farrahali/As you can already tell we have made some changes and a few more are on the way. If you are interested in what we have planned, head over to Patreon.com/REImastermind, and support the show today. Financial contributions are always appreciated along with a LIKE, SHARE, and REVIEW.  It really helps us grow and reach more people with this valuable information.  See you next time and tell a friend!LIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsitePatreonApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcherDeezerFacebookTwitterInstagramSUPPORT THE SHOW!Self Managing Your Rentals? Get $54 OFF RentRedi’s annual plan by using this link!Get Exclusive Content on Patreon! • https://www.patreon.com/reimastermindGet $10 and Reduce Your Business Costs by Shopping at AppSumo • https://bit.ly/reiappsumoGet $10 Towards Your First Purchase at Drop • https://drop.com/?referer=3DC729"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an expert or learn from those who have already made that investment." - JD


10 Oct 2021

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Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor: How Farrah Ali is Driving Deals in a Crazy Market

Real Estate Money School

The beauty of real estate is that we can create anything we want out of it. We can build wealth, provide a better future for our families, and change the trajectory of our lives. Our guest took a leap into investing as a divorced single mom, and today she’s doing the kind of deals most people can only dream of.  The biggest false belief when it comes to real estate is that you have to have a bunch of resources and access to money. We’ve only ever seen the traditional path of 20% down payments, so getting started without our own money feels impossible.   How do you break out of this limiting belief and make the first deals happen? What strategies can rookie investors employ in this crazy market?  In this episode, entrepreneur, real-estate investor and co-founder of WE WIN LLC, Farrah Ali shares her investing journey and her advice for busy moms who also want to take the leap.  Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  Why new investors need to be pickyNew investors have to do things very differently to avoid financial ruin. How did Farrah Ali make sure she picked deals that fit into her tight budget?  How to get deals faster than other investorsIn a hot market, there’s no time to waste when a listing goes up. At what point should you get your proof of funds ready so you don't miss out on deals?  The power of branding yourself as an investorHow did Farrah Ali clinch a 7-property deal without any marketing?  Guest Bio-  Farrah Ali is an entrepreneur and real-estate investor and her journey is nothing short of inspirational. From battling an uncertain future to becoming a real-estate investor, she Co-Founded WE WIN LLC, an organization founded on the principle that no woman should feel left alone on her entrepreneurship and investment journeys. Farrah has successfully used her real-estate investment knowledge and experience to equip other women to find success. She has also authored a best selling book - Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor. She has been featured in Inman, Realty Today, Digital Journal, REI Mastermind amongst other publications. For more information, to sign up for investing courses, and to get Farrah’s FREE  investing checklists, visit https://www.farrahali.org.  To get in touch, send an email to rei@farrahali.org.  To join the virtual WE WIN call, visit https://www.facebook.com/1wewin. Follow Farrah on Instagram and connect with her on LinkedIn. 


30 Sep 2021

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Farrah Ali Created a Real Estate Empire and Built a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

Action and Ambition

Welcome to another episode of Action and Ambition. Today, we have invited Farrah Ali, an author, real estate professional and entrepreneur with more than 18 years of professional experience. Farrah continued increasing her property portfolio after taking further real estate investing courses. She currently oversees 28 rental homes, works full-time as an insurance expert, and is a real estate investor. She is also an active member of the Chicago Real Estate Investment Association (REIA). She co-founded We Win, a non-profit committed to teaching women how to invest in real estate to help other women learn how to take control of their time and finances. She has published a book, "Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor," and has recently established an online real estate investing class as part of her commitment to empowering women financially.Listen to this episode! You are going to love it!


27 Sep 2021

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing with Farrah Ali

Let's Talk Real Estate Investing with Sharon Vornholt

Getting started in real estate investing can be tough at times. If you're feeling a little stuck; if you’re not moving forward at the pace that you would like to; then this show is for you.   Listen in today as my guest Farrah Ali tells you how she built an impressive portfolio of 38 rentals, completed six flips, and did 21 wholesale deals in just six short years.  However, it took 9 months from her first deal to get her second deal, and she’s going to tell you why that was a blessing in disguise. Farrah is also an author, and she has a brand-new course that she will tell you about. If you’re looking for inspiration, you will find it in this show. Show Notes Here is some of what we talked about in this show: How this single mom of two with a full-time job got started in real estate investing The light bulb moment when she realized that in spite of having an advanced degree and a good paycheck, she could never attain the lifestyle she wanted just with her job Why she chose real estate investing as her “side gig” Getting really focused on how she spent her free time when not working is one of the secrets to her success Mindset: Why deciding real estate is a top priority for you will allow you to grow much more quickly Why answering the questions, she was asked and her desire to support other female investors led to writing her book How your real estate education levels the playing field and helps prevent you from making mistakes or being taken advantage Getting ready to invest in real estate: the steps you need to take Why you must find a coach or a mentor early on to grow fast Keeping your job to pay your bills so that you can invest your real estate income What is your freedom number? Figuring out how many paid-off houses you need to live the lifestyle you want to live Quote: “I got my first property pretty quickly, but my second property took me about nine months to get.” Reach Out to Farrah You can reach out to Farrah at Farrahali777@gmail.com if you have questions.  Be sure to check out her freebies on her website, Farrahali.org.  She has a Partnership Agreement and a Transaction Checklist that you can put in your real estate investing toolbox. Resources mentioned in the show: Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor Getting Primed for Real Estate Course Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog Stop by the Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog for more great content and some awesome freebies. .


15 Sep 2021

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#249 with Farrah Ali: Building a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio & Empowering Others to Do the Same

Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast

Resources: Book by Farrah Ali: Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor Social Links: farrahali.org facebook.com/Farrah-Ali facebook.com/1wewin Connect With Our Sponsor, Infinite Road Destinations: Contact Claire Rosenberg & Alex Breshears at: info@shorttermmadeeasy.com Website: shorttermmadeeasy.com Connect With The host, Claire Rosenberg Here! Email: claire@jjfhomes.co LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-rosenberg-291642111/ Instagram: @clairybeary18 Short Term Rental Management: https://www.shorttermmadeeasy.com Facebook Group: Real Estate Mentorship Mastermind https://www.facebook.com/groups/860025821084224/ Schedule a time to talk: https://calendly.com/claire-rosenberg/30min Check out our Podcast Systems University Course here for anyone looking to create a podcast: https://jonjfarber.clickfunnels.com/opt-inui0a7v2u MMTR Gainers Book Club: https://gumroad.com/l/qZAEE


7 Jul 2021

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Building a Rental Portfolio of 28 Houses in 6 Years with Farrah Ali

Let's Talk Real Estate Investing with Sharon Vornholt

My guest today is Chicago investor, Farrah Ali. Farrah is a single mom with a full-time job that requires a long daily commute to downtown Chicago.  At the same time, she has been successful in building an impressive portfolio of 28 rentals, she is completing her second flip, and she has done 16 wholesales. What’s her secret?  You’re going to find out in this show. Show Notes – Building a Rental Portfolio Here is some of what we covered in this show: How she first learned about real estate investing Buying her first house with only a few hundred dollars in the bank Why having a strong “why” is so important to your success Choosing her first investing strategy out of necessity Her first deal Why having a mentor is crucial to your success How losing her job caused her to pivot and change investing strategies temporarily How Farrah scaled up the over the last 6 years Building a rental portfolio of 28 buy and hold properties, 1 flip and 15 wholesales in just 6 years The importance of aligning yourself with private money lenders if you want to scale your business Her plan to pay off all her rentals in about 7 years Co-founding We Win, a REIA group specifically for female investors and a non-profit that will help other investors Final advice for anyone wanting to model her success Be sure to stop by the Louisville Gal’s Real Estate Blog and pick up your freebies! .


15 Apr 2020