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Entrevista Enrique Rubio - Vertiente impulsará ingreso a todo el Estado por concurso o sorteo

En Perspectiva

El Frente Amplio viene impulsando una agenda para aumentar la transparencia en la gestión del Estado y en los partidos políticos.Hoy en el Palacio Legislativo tendrá lugar una reunión entre líderes de todos los partidos con representación parlamentaria para dialogar sobre “convivencia democrática y transparencia''. En el cónclave, el presidente del Frente Amplio, Fernando Pereira, responsable de la convocatoria, va a proponer que se actualice la ley de financiamiento de los partidos políticos y que se vote el “fortalecimiento de la Junta de Transparencia y Ética Pública”.A estas medidas, se sumaron otras el fin de semana. Luego de su Congreso Nacional, la Vertiente Artiguista anunció que planteará que se incorpore en la Rendición de Cuentas de un artículo que establece que el ingreso y los ascensos de los funcionarios públicos deben hacerse obligatoriamente por concurso en todo el Estado, incluídos los gobiernos departamentales.“El Uruguay necesita reconfigurar sus pactos políticos, para lo que trabajaremos en amplios acuerdos suprapartidarios para fortalecer la democracia política, económica, social y cultural, enfrentar el autoritarismo político, institucionalizar la transparencia y combatir la corrupción”, dice la Vertiente Artiguista en una declaración para fundamentar estar esta propuesta.Conversamos En Perspectiva con Senador de la Vertiente Artiguista Enrique Rubio, a propósito de estas y otras iniciativas de su sector.


13 Sep 2022

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Hacking HR: Doing the Bare Minimum is Over with Enrique Rubio

Geeks Geezers Googlization

Doing the bare minimum is over, says Hacking HR founder Enrique Rubio. It could even make you unemployable in the near future. Enrique believes that HR can do better and is on a mission to create the best HR that ever existed. When we first spoke with Enrique over 3 years and 200 episodes ago, his “baby,” Hacking HR, was in its infancy. That was then. This is now. Hacking HR is now a global learning community including over 200,000 LinkedIn followers representing HR and business leaders, HR practitioners, vendors, and consultants focused on building better workplaces and leveraging the intersection of work, technology, and people. What does HR need to do differently to hack HR? What are HR’s biggest challenges? Is outsourcing HR a solution? What role should algorithms play in hiring? Join us for this robust, candid, and insightful conversation about HR’s role in shaping the future of work.


17 Jul 2022

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EPISODE 85 [guest] Disrupting an Industry with Enrique Rubio

Insights To Live By

CONVERSATION TIME CODES: 1:00 Enrique Introduction 1:50 Hacking HR - Moving the Industry Forward 4:20 The Typewriter in the Age of Quantum Computing07:15 Where SHRM Falls Short09:16 Shift from Engineering to HR 11:22 Matt’s Observations of HR12:45  Impetus for Hacking HR 17:35 5 Years as a Global Learning Community19:40 The Risks and Courage to Effect Change20:22 Removing Barriers to Learning Conferences23:16  Powerful Pillars: Community, Collaboration and Learning26:40 Insights About Enrique27:55 Future Predictions33:32 Enrique’s Insights to Live By39:39 Final Thoughts  SOURCES:https://www.hackinghr.io/enrique@hackinghr.iohttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rubioenrique/


22 Jun 2022

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Is the modern workplace anti-human? Enrique Rubio started Hacking HR when he was fired.

AI to Uplift Humanity

“Hacking” is to gain unauthorized access to something, so why did Enrique Rubio decide HR needed “hacking?” The founder of Hacking HR explains it all started when he was fired wrongly fired from a job and the one entity that was supposed to help did nothing. Rubio noticed the workplace was a broken system, and instead of complaining like everyone else he decided to do something. Today, his Hacking HR community boasts an incredible speaker lineup, and a global community all focused on hacking the core code behind bad workplaces.  Rubio mentions topics such as why recruiters use state of the art technology only to lure employees to broken work cultures, and discusses AI technologies can eliminate bias, prevent harassment, and even alerting white hat HR people of mental health challenges early. Check out the show notes at https://podcast.soar.com/uplift-humanity-podcast/enrique-rubio/ Learn more about Soar.com's AI Video Search tech at https://soar.com/deepsearch


3 May 2022

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54: Enrique Rubio on the workplace’s contribution to human experience

The Workplace Leader

Enrique Rubio is the founder of Hacking HR and host of the Hacking HR podcast. He explained how workplace experience nestles under employee experience and how to  use proxies in data and metrics to measure workplace performance.


25 Mar 2022

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WORK. with Enrique Rubio, Founder of Hacking HR


This Work Podcast, brought to you by Open Assembly, features Enrique Rubio.  Enrique is the  Founder of Hacking HR, a global learning community of HR leaders, practitioners, vendors, consultants, and everyone else interested in advancing the HR profession.


4 Mar 2022

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Helping Others Find Their Place in the Future with You with Everyday Innovator Enrique Rubio

With Tamara Ghandour

When you are trying to lead change, you hit a lot of resistance. That resistance comes from people fearing being left behind, people afraid of what change might mean for how they do their job, or just confusion around what change means for them. My guest today, Enrique Rubio, as the founder of HackingHR, has a lot of experience dealing with the resistors of change, and pushing through them. In our conversation Enrique shares how he had this vision for what's possible in the human resources field, and how that gap in where they are today versus where they need to be tomorrow drove him to "hack HR." He also talks about how he recognizes people's fear of change and instead of leaving people behind, works to help people see what's possible and the role they have in the future. He also dives into how he handles rejection, what he learn from it, and why he thinks all the nos he's received have made him and his ideas stronger. Enrique also talk about the power of building community and momentum to ignite lasting change.  Enrique's Everyday Innovator style: Risk Taker Instinctual Connect with Enrique on LinkedIn Check out HackingHR Check out our sponsor, Howdy Puppy Use code ‘Tamara’ at checkout for discount Discover your Everyday Innovator Style Everyday Innovators Digital Magazine Everyday Innovators Online Facebook Group Innovation is Everybody’s Business Book


9 Feb 2022

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Building Successful Communities with Enrique Rubio

Forever Employable Stories

Enrique Rubio is the founder of Hacking HR, a global community of HR leaders and practitioners, and cofounder of Cotopaxi, an artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform for Latin America. He is passionate about HR, technology and innovation, and people operations.Enrique joins Jeff Gothelf to talk about the process behind building the network and audience that is Hacking HR, and how he intends to monetize that audience. He shares insights about turning a passion into a platform for other people, creating communities, and scaling your services to become forever employable.You’ll hear Enrique and Jeff Gothelf discuss: Enrique’s original dream and how that evolved. Finding your unique factor that attracts people to you. Why authenticity matters. Bridging the gap between HR and technology. How Enrique is monetizing his services to scale up and make a bigger impact. Community management and content. Tips for building your own community. ResourcesJeff Gothelf on LinkedIn | TwitterJeffGothelf.comEnrique Rubio on LinkedIn | Twitter


1 Feb 2022

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How to Build a Personal Brand and Become a Global Thought Leader in the HR Field, Fuelled by Passion, with Enrique Rubio, founder of Hacking HR

UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership from A to Z for Leaders & Experienced Professionals

Our today's guest is Enrique Rubio,  the Founder Hacking HR , a global community of HR leaders and practitioners| Top 100 HR Global HR Influencer, Speaker on the topics of  HR & Tech and the Future of Work, Vegan and Ultra runner Hacking HR is The Largest HR Conference EVER, with 24000 attendees in 2021 and over 30000 registered for 2022 with 600 speakers confirmed. Here are our key takes away: ✅ Start with a genuine vision - people feel and know that it's true, and they will follow and support you ✅ To be efficient and creative, remove yourself from the routine and have a "me time" on a daily basis, even if it is 10 minutes a day. Do what works for you. ✅ To build a strong PersonalBrand, you need to go out there. Therefore, you become a public persona and you will have supporters and those, who will critisise you. FIlter those insights from the lenses of what you want to learn out of it and improve. ✅ Believe in yourself. Separate who you are your value as a person, from work you are doing. You are evolving and becoming better in your work, don't let it prevent from trying. 📍To make a successful transition from corporate to entrepreneur, make sure that: ✅ You've saved enough money for 1 year ✅ You've already tested your business concept that supposes to work ✅ You need to embrace an idea it's not gonna work and have a plan B Thank you, Enrique, for sharing those great insights! ________________ COMING SOON! Apply for an interview for the next cohort of the TopExpertBrand Mastermind Program It's a 10-weeks step by step hands-on online program for leaders, professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants who want to become visible, stand out in their niche, grow powerfully their personal brand and work towards becoming Thought Leaders in their field. ☑️ Connect with Marina Vishnyakova on LinkedIn ☑️ Connect with Elena Ivanushkina on LinkedIn ☑️ Connect with Enrique Rubio on LinkedIn ☑️ Follow TopExpertBrand Accelerator page on LinkedIn ☑️ Subscribe to TopExpertBrand Accelerator channel on YouTube ☑️ Join our Telegram Chanel UPLIFT: Personal Branding and Thought Leadership ☑️ Follow TopExpertBrand Accelerator page on Facebook ☑️ Follow Marina Vishnyakova on Instagram ☑️ Follow Elena Ivanushkina on Instagram ☑️ Learn more at www.topexpertbrand.com


12 Sep 2021

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077: Enrique Rubio Inspires the Human Resource Profession

Unlabeled Leadership

I invite guests to share personal stories about acts of leadership that help shape their lives. In Episode 77, Enrique Rubio talks about something a previous manager says something that helps him reflect upon his work and direction. Then, Enrique explains his vision for how Human Resources can lead in organizations. Lastly, he advises us on how we can challenge our own thinking. Prologue Observing Enrique’s journey, I see that discipline, vision, and inspiration are part of his foundation. Enrique excelled from earning an electronic engineer degree, executive master’s in public administration degree, and being a Fulbright Scholar to being certified in Design Thinking, Scrum Master, and Project Management Professional (PMP). Enrique has dedicated more than 20 years in the Human Resources field and technology world. As the Founder of Hacking HR and podcast host, he continues to excel. 02:02 Part 1: Misfit or Entrepreneur? Enrique shares a story in which a previous manager commented on his work pace, which helped him reflect. 10:45 Part 2: The Potential of Human Resources In Enrique’s vision, human resources could become the trailblazer and guide supporting organizational growth and improving the bottom line. Enrique shares his vision. 23:18 Part 3: Beyond Open-Mindedness Enrique advises us to challenge our own thinking in three powerful ways. _________________________________ How You Can Support the Show Unlabeled Leadership is a free service for people to learn about leadership. If you want to support the show, you can make a $0.99 donation. Your support reduces production expenses. https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/support No transcript available (future enhancement) Episode links Enrique’s LinkedIn Profile, Twitter The Hacking HR Podcast samples: Episode 233 with Harrison Kim Episode 228 with Manisha Gupta Episode 219 with Mary Glowacka Coming soon! Hacking HR Lab (podcast with each theme being a series) Hacking HR website Gary DePaul’s website  Background Music You can find all the musical tracks at Envato Elements. 00:00 Theme music: Uplift Corporate Inspire by OlexandrIgnatov 01:45 Make It Happy by DmytroIgnatov 10:27 Spanish Bullring by simonleng 23:00 This is Spanish by TexasBrother 29:20 Fun and Flirty by BrownHouseMedia Lead on! Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/unlabeled-leadership/message


20 Jul 2021