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The Leadership in Insurance Podcast - S1, E21, Ron Glozman, Chisel AI

The Leadership in Insurance Podcast (The LIIP)

In this episode of the Leadership in Insurance Podcast we were joined by Ron Glozman Ron is the CEO and founder of Chisel AI a purpose-built AI-led solution for the Insurance market In today's episode we talked about:   How creating an app for students to study more efficiently led him to the insurance market  How the evolution of NLP created the opportunities in insurance  How AI and machine learning can create better jobs for people in the insurance  The talent gap in the insurance market – more people retiring than joining.  We discuss how the cost-saving of Ai will be utilized? Better products? Cheaper products or shareholder value? Is there a moral imperative?  Does insurance do a poor job of attracting new entrants to the insurance market?  Should we focus on the change and innovation of insurance to get more people interested in joining the insurance industry?  Not all AI is created equal? How so – Ron explains to the layman….. me!  Off the shelf vs bespoke – both have uses but we need to understand the limitations.  Where is insurance on the automation spectrum? And where will we be in 5 years!  How machine learning can aid knowledge transfer Insurance stage of evolution vs banking  The macro challenge of education for new businesses   Is the speed of change hindered by human resistance – could you let go of the wheel in an autonomous vehicle?    Thanks to Ron for being a great guest   This podcast was brought to you by FinPro​​​​​​ an executive recruitment business that works in the Insurance and Instech space    Our host is FinPro Director, Alex Bond Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this podcast


22 Mar 2021

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Ron Glozman, Founder & CEO of Chisel

The Future of Insurance: Industry Leaders

Ron Glozman, Founder & CEO of Chisel joins Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer at Majesco to discuss the role of AI and machine learning in insurance and how insurers can leverage these new technologies to innovate and provide value back to customers.


9 Feb 2021

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AI in Insurance, Use-Cases for Brokers and Carriers - with Ron Glozman of Chisel AI

AI in Business

Today's guest is the great and brilliant Ron Glozman, CEO & Founder of Chisel.ai, an award-winning insurance firm AI solution that reads unstructured insurance data and automatically recognizes insurance-specific data points. Today Ron and I will discuss AI use-cases in insurance for both Brokers and Carriers. We will also discuss and understand the workflows impacted and where AI fits into those workflows. Are you interested in more Insurance Use-Cases? Get Emerj's PDF guide: https://emerj.com/ins1


26 Jan 2021

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008: Faster, More Efficient Insurance with Ron Glozman

Insurance Requirements

Ron Glozman stops by to chat about Chisel.ai, Artificial Intelligence, and Venture Capital.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/insurance-requirements/message


14 Jan 2021

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The InsureTech Geek 42: AI Solutions for Commercial Insurance with Ron Glozman from Chisel AI

InsureTech Geek Podcast

Host James Benham is joined by Ron Glozman from Chisel AI. James & Ron discuss how Chisel AI is focused on automation for policy checks, quote comparisonsand more. Ron wants to enable those in insurance to get more work done sooner so they can have more time to spend with family and friends. The InsureTech Geek Podcast is brought to you by JBKnowledge. Find us on social media! We're on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or follow James on Twitter! Subscribe, rate, and comment. As always - Enjoy the Ride & Geek Out!


25 Nov 2020

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Making the Business Case for AI in Insurance - with Ron Glozman

AI in Financial Services Podcast

Today's guest is the great and brilliant Ron Glozman, CEO of Chisel AI. Chisel is an AI-driven platform for commercial insurance, which won Gold at the 2019 Zurich Innovation World Championship and the ACORD InsurTech Innovation Challenge in 2018. The platform recognizes over 500 insurance-specific data points, including limits, premiums, deductibles, coverages, exclusions, and more. In this episode, Ron shares how he helps leaders make the business case for his AI-driven solutions, breaking down the challenges and opportunities for AI in insurance and in general. Want to discover more AI use cases in insurance? Get Emerj's AI in Insurance Cheat Sheet: emerj.com/ins1


1 Nov 2020

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RHS 063 - Ron Glozman on a Practical Use for AI in Insurance

The Ryan Hanley Show

Ron Glozman, founder and CEO of Chisel AI, joins the podcast for a look into how independent insurance agencies and carriers can use artificial intelligence in a practical way to reduce errors and omissions claims. Get more: https://ryanhanley.com/


13 Sep 2020

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Double your business with your existing workforce, with Ron Glozman

Vertafore Insurance Podcast

If you're unsure of how AI can benefit your insurance business, today's episode is for you! Guest Ron Glozman is an artificial intelligence guru, thought leader, and CEO & Founder of Chisel AI, an AI solution for the global insurance industry. Ron breaks down how AI is changing the insurance industry and how it can help you double your business with your existing workforce.  In this episode Ron guides us through:  The seven types of AI (7:34) AI in insurance: Natural Language Processing - data extraction and classification (18:20) Supporting insurers through change management (24:22) Dispelling the myth of AI taking away jobs in the insurance industry (28:01) Ron simplifies complex information about artificial intelligence and will change the way you look at your business.


23 Jul 2020

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Ep. 173: Ron Glozman: From Dorm Room to Board Room

Spot On Insurance

Apple Podcasts Rate and Review for SpotOn Ron Glozman is the CEO & Founder of Chisel AI, a company that provides AI-based solutions for the global insurance industry. The program makes use of natural language processing and machine learning to read and interpret complex documents instantly. He is passionate about promoting the use of artificial intelligence to streamline every day, mundane tasks, despite the fears of AI taking jobs. Ron is also the co-author of The AI Book, a crowdsourced book on the different uses of AI across financial services. Ron joins us today to describe the future of insurance and AI and how his app can help improve business efficiency and simplify repetitive tasks. He shares his academic background, his interest in logic and mathematics, and the different programming competitions he joined. Ron also explains how his app found sponsors in the insurance industry and what it can do for companies that employ home-based workers. "When you talk, you only repeat what you know. When you listen, you might learn something new." - Ron Glozman Today on Spot On Insurance: The number of countries Ron traveled to by the time he was 13. Ron's experience competing in contests that involve programming. How his first app was received by the public and how it found its way into insurance. Ron's experience working with various insurance companies. Ron's formula for luck based on statistics. How their app's pitch meeting went with Zurich Insurance Group. How insurance companies can use AI systems for repetitive tasks. Why insurance is not a commodity good. What their app can do for those who are working from home. Key Takeaways: Talking is the last thing you want to do when you want to learn something new. Never stop trying until you see the result you want. Resources: Zurich Insurance Group Connect with Ron Glozman: Chisel AI The AI Book Podcast Twitter Facebook LinkedIn This episode was brought to you by….. Insurance Licensing Services of America (ILSA), America’s Premier Insurance Compliance and Licensing experts. To learn more about ILSA and their services, visit ILSAinc.com. Connect, Learn, Share Thank you for joining us on this week’s episode of Spot On Insurance. For more resources and episodes, visit SpotOnInsurance.com. Subscribe so you never miss an episode. Love what you’re learning, Spot Light your review on Apple Podcasts Rate and Review For SpotOn and share your favorite episodes with friends and colleagues!

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14 Jul 2020

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#037 Ron Glozman of Chisel AI - From Dorm Room to Board Room

Insurtech Radio

My guest this week is Ron Glozman, CEO and founder of Chisel AI.We speak about how Ron founded the business in his dorm room at college, how Chisel AI's can instantly read and check complex documents, and why you should educate yourself on artificial intelligence. LINKS FOR THE EPISODEChisel AI websiteRon's podcast, AI WisdomRon on LinkedInChisel AI on LinkedIn


26 May 2020