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James Haskell on Stuart Lancaster, Fighting Eben Etzebeth and being himself on social media

Emirates Dubai 7s - Tales from the Sand

Season Four of Emirates Dubai 7s, Tales from the Sand kicks off with the irrepressible man-mountain James HaskellHaskell played for the British Lions, England and clubs across the world and is now a well-known media personality featuring on I'm a Celeb and hosting Podcasts in Pop Culture and Sport.James chats about his experience in the 2015 RWC and why it didn't work. Why the British Lions tour would have still been a huge amount of fun despite the pandemic and has some fun talking about his passion for DJing and staying true to himself on social media.Tales from the Sand speaks to the biggest names in the world of rugby while celebrating the best rugby 7s tournament in the world, the Emirates Dubai 7s. Join hosts Chris McHardy and Tom Burwell each week as they sit down with the great and the good of the game.


6 Sep 2021

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Stuart Lancaster, Head Coach, Leinster Rugby

Leadership Confessions

Stuart experienced a meteoric rise from PE teacher to Head Coach of England Rugby within 10 years.  He had the honour of leading England Rugby in a World Cup on home soil in 2015 but the team failed to qualify from their group.  In this revealing interview he shares his Leadership values, what he has learnt on his journey, how he bounced back to success at Leinster and what the future holds. Brought to you by Clarity Leadership - Thoughts, ideas and inspiration for businesses: https://www.clarityleadership.co.uk See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Jul 2021

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72 | How to build a high-performance culture, with Stuart Lancaster

Building Better Cultures

If it were up to Stuart Lancaster, he’d make emotional intelligence, communication and leadership core subjects starting early on in school. The nationally recognized rugby coach and high-performance leadership expert shares his experience and insights  -- on and off the field -- in this episode of the Building Better Cultures podcast. Vision and purpose are the starting point for Stuart, whose online master class distills years of learning gleaned from navigating highly competitive environments. He has observed that the most successful leaders take focused time to know themselves and, with that self-awareness, are able to communicate authentically. That vulnerability, says Stuart, is more than anything else what compels and inspires people to give 110% to whatever team effort. But where do leaders come from? How are they made? Based on his own observations as a coach, Stuart believes age and seniority in no way guarantee the ability to empower and drive teams. Organizations depend on clearly articulated goals and a culture of safety in which everyone – from the novice to the veteran – feels respected and heard. Enjoy this lively exchange of ideas and candid look at what it takes to build a healthy team environment in which everyone thrives – whether on the rugby pitch, at the highest echelons of commerce or in everyday life. Learn more about Stuart’s six-module online master class, which includes bonus material and resources, by clicking here. To learn more about the Building Better Cultures podcast and related services, visit www.buildingbettercultures.com Key Takeaways: About Stuart’s formative years on a farm and his eventual move to boarding school and university studies that taught him early leadership lessons. Rugby started as an athletic pursuit for Stuart but, following an injury, wound up putting him on the path to coaching and ultimately becoming a sought-after expert on leadership strategies for high-performance cultures. How Stuart defines and measures for environments that are healthy, diverse and inclusive. The role of psychological safety in workplace cultures and the purpose it serves as far as empowering and inspiring teams. Genuine diversity of opinion and fresh ideas can’t happen without everyone – from top leadership on down – feeling confident that their voice will be respected and heard.  Investing in young people and growing leadership from within is a core value for Stuart that he believes translates across all kinds of organizations. Big personalities will by default become dominant leaders – when in fact the loudest voices don’t necessarily make the best leaders. Seniority doesn’t always equate with visionary leadership. To the contrary! Purpose-driven training and vision are key elements in the development of leaders in any team culture. Before identifying a leader it’s critically important to have a process and understand the nature of the role as well as a candidate’s skill set. Why authenticity is so important to cultivating a successful leadership style. Growth mentality requires curiosity, hunger to learn more and the ability to receive constructive criticism as a gift. High-performance cultures start early, cultivating the basics that Stuart believes are essential (and the sooner the better): emotional intelligence, communication and leadership skills. Vision: Where we’re going. Purpose: Why we’re doing it. Stuart shares thoughts on how to use internal communications to inspire organizations and create aspirational energy. Parting Thought: Inspiring leadership is more important than ever and requires time to get quiet, reflect on values and dig deep for the vulnerability that will resonate with and motivate others.


21 Jun 2021

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Stuart Lancaster: From teacher to professional sport

Inspiring Leadership

Stuart Lancaster is a former teacher and rugby union coach. He was the Head coach of the English national rugby union team from 2011 until he stepped down in 2015 after the rugby world cup. In September 2016 he joined Irish provincial side, Leinster Rugby and has overseen an incredibly successful period in the clubs history. Before becoming a rugby coach, Stuart attended Carnegie College in Leeds to train as a PE Teacher, while continuing his rugby career and began teaching at Kettlethorpe High School. Stuart is an in demand leadership speaker focussing on building high performing teams with the power of authentic leadership. This is a superb conversation exploring leadership with a top performing sports coach. For more information you can visit Stuart's website www.stuartlancaster.com


1 Jun 2021

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Episode 17 - Stuart Lancaster

Hips and Dips

For episode 17 I am joined by Leinster senior coach Stuart Lancaster. We discuss his transition from player to coach, managing player workloads and the differences between rugby management across the Irish sea. Check out @hips_and_dipz on Instagram for more details.

1hr 2mins

5 Mar 2021

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A Conversation with Stuart Lancaster on the 15th of May 2020

The Game of Teams

Introduction: Stuart Lancaster oozes passion for his sport-Rugby. For those who do not know Stuart he is a Rugby Union coach and he is currently coaching the Leinster Rugby Team in Dublin Ireland. He was former head coach of the England Rugby Team between the 2011-2015. Podcast episode summary:  In this episode Stuart illuminates the work of Team Coaching and how so much of what we know in Corporate teams is played out on the rugby pitch. . Stuart is passionate about the sport of Rugby, bringing out the best in others and pushing himself to always be improving.  His humility, courage and passion comes across so ably in his conversation.  We spoke about handling pressure, he shared the loss the England team suffered in the World Cup in 2015 that cost him his job, resilience and what got him back and of course team leadership and his current love of the work at Leinster where he is excited to return. Of course,  we are in Lockdown so that is not to come for a while. Covid-19 featured as a discussion point through this conversation and  Stuart shared how he and the team are managing  through this period. Points made through the episode: Stuart was brought up on a farm in Cumbria. His father and ethics around hard work played a significant role in Stuarts approach to work and life. His schooling at St. Bees in Cumbria taught him a lot about resilience He took every opportunity and often stuck his head above the parapet to go for opportunities that perhaps we wasn’t ready for He attributes getting his Level in 5 in coaching and his time at Ashridge College as being critical to support his leadership and coaching His time as a PE teacher was also informative helping him understand how to conduct planning/do/review sessions Always driven Only have one shot-at life-“be the best I can be” Fear is lessened by competence and confidence Shared what happened at the World Cup and the job he lost as Head Coach in 2015 His first reaction was to go home- to the farm. Stuart reflected by walking the mountains, running, reading and thinking and by travelling across to New Zealand and to South Africa where he spoke to several coaches who had experienced similar losses He found his new purpose. He met Jim Collins the author of Good to Great and was inspired to “pick himself up off the canvas” He joined Leinster and they have enjoyed 3 trophy wins and 19/19 games Self-Awareness is very important to Stuart. He uses psychometrics with himself and the team, feedback and deliberate thinking sessions for reflection His huge drive means he is constantly looking at ways he can improve and improve the lot of others too Important that team learn and give feedback but do not drag mistakes around for a week or more. He shared his classic 100 days approach with a new team which is then followed by a call to arms speech where he paints a picture of what the future can look like for the team-this engenders self-belief. Culture- is about alignment, with a Values based approach. Leinster work with 3 values Brothers-Humility and Ruthlessness Stuart shared his definition of what culture means which he summarised in a metaphor. Culture is an invisible thread between coach/team members and between each other that thickens as the relations build. Identify is important. Leinster enjoy and incredible identity where 96% of the players come from some part of Leinster and they play for Dublin Leadership is about being even keeled although sometimes it is important to how you feel about something. He employs a breath of style to support what is needed. Inclusiveness is paramount for team dynamic. Failure is part of the dance. Covid-19 has put the team in a holding pattern and he and the team are keen to re-group and pick up the game. Important to stay in the present. Stuart has communicated with the team by using his voice. He has made small videos where he overlays his voice on the recording. Important for players to have his voice in their heads Players are appreciating regular but small communication bursts. “What is means for your Son to be playing for England” was an exercise in culture building that supported the team build connection The secret sauce to coaching a team like Leinster is for Stuart “pretty simple really” Make sure the team is connected/train intensively together/have cohesion/a combination of variety and repetition in training methodologies is important for habit building and engagement Resources: the following include the resources we alluded to over the course of our conversation Stuart shared his own LinkedIN profile which offers an amount of articles and posts sharing insights on Leadership - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-lancaster-20a549143/?originalSubdomain=uk Jim Collins: Good to Great


1 Sep 2020

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016 Stuart Lancaster pt 3/3

Leaders not Captains

In this episode: - the importance of getting your recruitment right -why you need to surround yourself with people that will challenge you - good leaders ask great questions - leaders have a huge desire to constantly learn - authenticity as a leader- stay true to your values & beliefs - you have to believe in the messenger to believe in the message (power of conviction) - the importance of honesty to build credibility - Stuart: ‘take a photo of your bookshelf’


26 Jun 2020

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015 Stuart Lancaster pt 2/3

Leaders not Captains

In this episode Stuart talks about: - all leaders will fail at some stage - self-reflection - how hard it is to sacrifice for your own personal achievements, sometimes at the expense of your family - juggling 3 balls: life, work and health - building Emotional Capital through investing in relationships - get the culture right first- then the High Performance will come - when you have a good culture- people want to join your organisation - why you need to be regularly referencing your values - you have to believe in your values and sell it to the rest of the team - you need good talent - you can’t be High Performance Team without a strong culture, strong ID, great leadership that is inspirational, alignment, vision and values combined with talent - the importance of developing talent from within - for us, High Performance means being the best- best in the world!


1 Jun 2020

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014 Stuart Lancaster pt 1/3

Leaders not Captains

In this episode we discuss: - leader creates culture - culture creates behaviour - behaviour produce results - why High Performance Team starts with the leaders and their leadership - the difference between managing and coaching - the importance of learning as a leader - help your leaders to develop and grow - why you need to invest time in developing your next generation of leaders - get your culture right, then your identity and higher purpose, then your behaviours and standards, then ownership, then the leadership. It all has to be driven from within - poor leadership can destroy a team or organisation - leadership can be learned and developed - empowering your leaders - putting trust in your leaders - why you need a vision, its purpose - give your people a “WHY” - aiming to create history and go where no one else has gone, striving for that and how that increases motivation - the difference between leaders, coach and manager - learning from your experiences, good and bad - importance of passing on knowledge


25 May 2020

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Ep. 1 – Stuart Lancaster

Golden Nuggets

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7 May 2020