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25: Why is it all on me? with Gemma Hartley

Myth of Motherhood

“If you feel like you’re doing everything, you’re doing too much.” -Gemma Hartley. Have you ever been reading a book and got mad at the protagonist? Because you can’t believe they are tolerating what they are tolerating and not advocating for themselves? I felt that way when I started Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward written by today’s guest Gemma Hartley. It didn’t take long for me to realize I wasn’t mad AT her, I was mad WITH and FOR her. Her writing, her story, is so beyond relatable it feels like you’re reading your own journal. Today we talk about how motherhood is often assumed to be synonymous with martyrdom, the pressure of “motherhood intuition,” and wondering where the hell “fatherly intuition” comes into play. Gemma Hartley is a freelance journalist and the author. She is passionate about creating a more equitable world in which invisible labor is valued and supported by both personal partners and public policy alike. Learn more about Gemma at www.gemmahartley.com and follow her on instagram at @gemmalhartley. More info in the shownotes here. Download your free guide to the 20 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy & Postpartum here. Want to connect with me further? Follow me on instagram and join our private Facebook community Mom's Club.  Want to learn more about what I do and why I do it? Are you looking to elevate your pregnancy and postpartum experience? Visit me www.alissa-alter.com


20 Sep 2021

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What Is Emotional Labour with Gemma Hartley

We As...

Gemma Hartley's 2017 Harper's Bazaar article "Women Aren't Nags, They're Just Fed Up" received 2 BILLION views online and sparked a national debate on Emotional Labour and the role that women play in it and the expectations of men. Join Scott today as he and Gemma discuss Emotional Labour and what it means for Women and how we can adopt better practices in our relationships.-Her book Fed Up: Emotional Labour, Women, and the Way Forward has sold 1000's & 1000's  of copies.-You can find Gemma's book on Amazon: https://read.amazon.ca/kp/embed?asin=B077MBP9XV&preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_r_kb_dp_B49NY36P1SX5ZE9DDEHEor on her website: http://www.gemmahartley.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/gemmalhartley/?hl=en-"Be the best possible version of yourself you can be!"-#podcaster #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women-Support The Show* Become a Patron and  support the amazing guests and conversations we bring you every week! http://www.patreon.com/starttalking* Buy Us A Coffee: A one time donation helps us keep the mics on!  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/starttalking-Want To Start  A Podcast?Using the link below let's Buzzsprout know we sent you, gets you a $20 Amazon gift card if you sign up for a paid plan, and helps support our showhttps://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=303359-Join the conversation at https://weas.ca/ or https://www.flowcode.com/page/we_as_starttalking-Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube:https://www.instagram.com/we_as_starttalking/https://www.facebook.com/WeAsStartTalkinghttps://twitter.com/we_as_https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwtKEIMBrxzrH4lUvHFrFHASupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/starttalking)

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19 Apr 2021

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Emotional Labor with Gemma Hartley

Love Your Life Show

Fed up? Burnt out? Feel like if you don't ask, it will never get done? Sick of doing it all? Oh my warriors, have you ever heard of emotional labor? Listen in to this week's episode as I get to interview Gemma Hartley, the interview of the book: FED UP! Emotional Labor, Women and the Way Forward. Listen in and then tell us what you think on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/smb.wellness or in the Warrior Women Facebook Community at facebook.com/groups/smbwell Show notes for this episode can be found at www.smbwell.com/139 The post Emotional Labor with Gemma Hartley appeared first on Susie Pettit.


7 Apr 2021

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Gemma Hartley, author of "Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward" on the mental load, and how we can move forward


Gemma Hartley is a freelancer writer, wife and mom of 3 who lives in Reno, Nevada. She writes about emotional labor, and wants to create a world in which invisible labor is valued and supported by both partners and public policy alike. What we talked about:Getting married at 20 and being together 16 yearsHaving severe postpartum depression with her 1st child and thinking she couldn't do it againDidn’t get postpartum depression with her 2nd and realized she wanted a 3rdHer article, “Women Aren’t Nags - We’re Just Fed Up” in Harper's Bazaar Talked about her personal experience with emotional labor and wider cultural implications of doing all of the invisible workNever expecting it to go viral What emotional labor is: the intersection of the mental load and the unseen work, as well as emotion management Constantly having to ask, keep track, delegate and monitor to make sure things are getting done, and having to ask in the right way to keep people happy Having huge blow ups about something that seems trivial, but it’s because of built up frustration Couples using her book as a way to start conversationsThe entire process of signing a contract for the book happened within one month of the article coming outPart of the contract was that the had 6 months to write the bookHer book deal coincided with her husband getting laid offShe and her husband struggling with emotional labor while she was writing the book Criticism about her book and pushback because it's a marker of structural inequity It impacts women of color and women who are poor at such a severe levelPeople who work in unappreciated jobs having no safety netSingle moms being treated differently than single dads Men aren’t expected to have to take care of their children Needing to be intentional about our language Thank you to ChildLife Essentials for sponsoring this episode! ChildLife Essentials has been a trusted children supplements brand for over 20 years and they are offering 10% off with the code CHILDLIFE10 at iHerb.com.  ChildLife Essentials can also be found at Whole Foods & Amazon. *Talk to your healthcare provider about what supplements are right for your family. Follow Gemma on Instagram or her website.Follow Mommin’ Podcast on Instagram and FacebookThanks so much for listening and for supporting our podcast! Please rate the show, leave a review if you liked what you heard and make sure to subscribe on Amazon Music, iHeartRADIO,  iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts or TuneIn!


23 Feb 2021

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Eps 258: Teasing Apart Emotional Labor with Gemma Hartley

Joyful Courage - A Conscious Parenting Podcast

COMMUNITY IS EVERYTHING! Join the Joyful Courage Tribe in our community Facebook groups: Live and Love with Joyful Courage Joyful Courage for Parents of Teens Join the Patreon Community and enjoy livestreams of solo shows, group coaching and a powerful community! www.patreon.com/joyfulcourage :::: My guest today is Gemma Hartley. Gemma is a freelance journalist and the author of Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward. She’s a mom of 3 kids, 5, 7 and 10 Takeaways from the show: Gemma’s journey of being a writer The article that started her career  Not wanting to ask your family to do something, just wanting them to know to do it Teasing apart emotional labor The pressure that lays on moms’ shoulders What are shared standards Acknowledge your standards exist for a reason  Holding resentment when your significant other feels like they should get praise for things you do on a daily basis Being in conversation with our family in a way that supports everyone Make it normal to talk about emotional labor  Vulnerability with your partner is scary but necessary  When going into emotional labor conversations, be clear on your intentions The process of re-evaluating the life you share should include everyone being involved Tools that help make everyone feel supported in emotional labor Asking your kids to “help” you with household chores implies it is your job, which it isn’t Recognize the subtle messaging you’re giving your kids Where to find Gemma: Book | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Women Aren’t Nags Article | Emotional Labor Article What does joyful courage mean to you? I think for me it means doing the scary and vulnerable work that's going to lead to a life with more joy.  See you next week!! :) :::: Parenting for the Brave New World Mini Summit We are all walking into a new year with baggage -  some of it is collective, some of it unique to the individual… . But none of us escaped the radical journey that was 2020. The Parenting for a Brave New World summit is designed to put you IN CHARGE of creating the world and the life that you want. Yes, there are things that are out of our control, and YES we CAN live in an intentional way and change the experiences we are having. I have zeroed in on five areas of focus. Five areas that are the most POTENT areas for growth and relationship. And five guests that deliver the tools all parents need to be in the CREATION of the Brave New World that includes us all: Navigating the changing and challenging school model Adolescent mental health in times of uncertainty Raising the social justice advocates we need Modeling and embracing financial literacy during difficult times Tending to our parenting soul This summit will be releasing February 1st, but you can sign up for the summit right now for an early bird special of just $29!! This includes the 5 interviews and a BONUS course.  I am also offering a NEW feature to the summit, a VIP offer. VIP’s get a swag bag (while supplies last & U.S only), a summit workbook, and post summit live classes with the speakers. Your summit VIP pass will get you access to useful tools to support your learning and opportunities to interact with the expert guests. Head over to joyfulcourage.com/bnw to find out more. :::: SUPER FAM Take that community vibe next level by joining the Joyful Courage Patreon community! For as little as $1, $5, $10/month you can support the podcast, and enjoy biweekly livestreams , monthly group coaching, and Podcast Recap discussions. --> www.patreon.com/joyfulcourage :::: The Book, The Coaching Joyful Courage is so much more than a podcast! I know that you love listening in every week AND I want to encourage you to dig deeper into the learning with me, INVEST in you parenting journey. READ THE BOOK - Joyful Courage, Calming the Drama and Taking Control of Your Parenting Journey is all about how to show up as a Joyful Courage parent so that you have better access to the tools you need in hot parenting moments – tools that are helpful and maintain connection with your child. Available both in book and audio book form → http://www.joyfulcourage.com/book CONSIDER ONE ON ONE COACHING - The most POWERFUL of investments offered by Joyful Courage, one on one coaching allows for parents to really tease apart the current issues they are having with their child, while also developing a clear compass for guiding them in the direction they want to be going in. Coaching happens every other week, and is open for parents with kids 4 years old through the teen years. Go to my coaching page to book a free exploratory call and see if we are the right fit. → http://www.joyfulcourage.com/jccoaching ::::: Be a Subscriber Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Joyful Courage Podcast on Apple Podcast to get the latest shows STRAIGHT to your device!!  AND PLEASE rate and review the Joyful Courage Parenting Podcast to help me spread the show to an ever-larger audience!! CLICK HERE to watch a video that shows up how to subscribe with your iPhone!


25 Jan 2021

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227 Women's Invisible Workload with Gemma Hartley

The Well Woman Show

On the Well Woman Show this week, we discuss why women are fed up, according to Gemma Hartley, author and speaker whose book Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward brings much-needed awareness to the invisible work shouldered by women. Her viral Harper’s Bazaar article Women Aren’t Nags - We’re Just Fed Up sparked an international conversation about emotional labor inequality, and was shared and read by millions of readers.We discuss:- Woman’s workload during the pandemic.- How we can build a culture of awareness, and bring men into the conversation,- and finally, why it is so important for us to abandon the need for perfectionism.All the information shared today can be found at the show notes at wellwomanlife.com/radioThe book Gemma recommended were:Nobody Will Tell You This But Me: A True (as Told to Me) Story by Bess KalbYou can also continue the conversation in the Well Woman Life community group at wellwomanlife.com/facebook.The Well Woman Show is thankful for the support from The Well Woman Academy™ and High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque.


11 Nov 2020

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Ep 35: Author Gemma Hartley on Women and Emotional Labour

This Mom Loves

Gemma Hartley, author of the book Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women and the Way Forward is here to delve in to this fascinating subject and offer some advice!For more information or to purchase: Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Woman and the Way Forward by Gemma HartleyYou can find Gemma on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.Also in this episode:12 Indigenous Picture Books To Add To Your CollectionOwn Your Anxiety: 99 Simple Ways To Channel Your Secret Edge by Julian BrassThe Braid by Laetitia Colombani6 Rules I Break (By a Big Rule-Follower)


25 Sep 2019

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Authors Out Loud: Gemma Hartley – Fed Up

Cook Memorial Public Library Podcast

Writer, reporter, and author Gemma Hartley talks with Nate and Erica about her book Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward. Hartley discusses why women often take on such a large share of the unseen and undervalued work in the home and offers practical advice on how partners can begin establishing more equality. SHOW NOTES Check out Fed Up from the library – Print | eAudiobook (hoopla) Read Gemma Hartley’s original 2017 Harper’s Bazaar article Women Aren’t Nags – We’re Just Fed Up Recommended Podcasts Zen Parenting Dear Sugars Recommended Books The Testaments by Margaret Atwood Three Women by Lisa Taddeo http://traffic.libsyn.com/cooklib/Authours_Out_Loud__Gemma_Hartley.mp3

24 Sep 2019

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Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward by Gemma Hartley

Go Help Yourself: A Comedy Self-Help Podcast to Make Life Suck Less

This week, Misty and Lisa are losing their minds because AUTHOR Gemma Hartley joins GHY as a special guest to discuss her book Fed Up: Emotional Labor, Women, and the Way Forward! Gemma Hartley is a writer, reporter, and author of the viral Harper's Bazaar article Women Aren't Nags -- We're Just Fed Up. She specializes in the subject areas of feminism, pop-culture, health & wellness, finance, budgeting, and mindfulness writing. Her work has been featured in outlets including Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Health, Glamour, The Washington Post, CNBC, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue, and The Huffington Post. Her other regular clients include sites such as Ravishly, Headspace, Big City Moms, Romper, and SheKnows. She lives with her husband, three young children, a wonderful dog and a terrible cat in Reno, Nevada.  Check out Gemma's website here! That's also where you can purchase this amazing book, or buy it here! You can also follow Gemma on instagram at @GemmaLHartley Here's Gemma's episodes of Zen Parenting Radio and Dear Sugars if you'd like to listen to it with your partners, as she suggests! Please write to us at gohelpyourselfpodcast@gmail.com and let us know what you thought of this very special episode! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review Go Help Yourself!Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

1hr 8mins

2 Aug 2019

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The Mental Load: Women Aren't Nags - We're Just Fed Up by Gemma Hartley

Go Help Yourself: A Comedy Self-Help Podcast to Make Life Suck Less

Misty and Lisa cover the viral Harper's Bazaar article Women Aren't Nags - We're Just Fed Up: Emotional Labor Is the Unpaid Job Men Still Don't Understand by Gemma Hartley.  The article was published in Harpers Bazaar on September 27, 2017. You can read the full mental load article here.  If you'd like to see the graphics from the bureau of labor statistics representing the average amount of time per day men and women spend on household activities, you can do so here.  For other articles on the mental load, check out this brilliant comic from The Guardian and this article from a heteronormative man's perspective.  Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


24 May 2019