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Ep 83 - -Friendship Interview With Kristen Duke

Sincerely Satisfied

My interview is with Kristen Duke, of @kristendukechats, capturing-joy.com, and "Beyond Good Intentions Podcast" and "The Fist Bump Podcast" We talk about her experiences with friendship.


17 Dec 2019

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Ep. 72. Essential Tips and Tricks For Taking Amazing Family Pictures - Guest Kristen Duke

Family Looking Up

One thing I could be much better at is taking family pictures more often.  Either the hassle, the money, or the 20 pounds I’d like to lose always seems to get in the way.   This weeks’ podcast interview with Kristen Duke @capturingjoy was enlightening to me and I think it will be for you as well.  She talked with us about all the essential tips and tricks for taking amazing family pictures. She hit topics like how to choose clothes (what clothes are the most flattering on camera), how to choose a color combination for your pictures, what time of day is the best for pictures, how to choose a location that will stand out, what things you should consider when taking pictures at home, what you can expect a session to cost and so much more!  


12 Mar 2019

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#041 Kristen Duke // Advice for my Kids

Beyond Good Intentions with Kristen Duke

In this episode I share the 10 things I REALLY want my kids to know I'm passionate about. On my 40th bucket list I wanted to make a Legacy Video with things I hope my kids will know...do...and since I haven't made that yet, I thought this episode would do the trick until I do. Why wait until our death bed to share what is most important to us as their parents? I mean, I talk about these things now, too, but these are the 10 things I really want to STICK! Help me build this community and share your ADVICE TO KIDS in the comments at @CatpuringJoy.KristenDuke on Instagram. You know I also LOVE REVIEWS (and need them) on iTunes!!!


24 Oct 2018

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Episode 04- What I Learned in High School with Kristen Duke

Supergirls Podcast

Kristen as a senior in high school.   In this episode I am talking with Kristen from Capturing Joy With Kristen Duke and the podcast Beyond Good Intentions. Kristen recently turned 40 and leading up to her birthday she reflected on things she has learned in her life and shared them on Instagram. As she shared her experiences from childhood and high school I knew I wanted to interview her so you could all learn from her too.  As I have followed Kristen online the last few years I have always been so impressed with her happy outlook on life. Kristen is a huge advocate for teens and wants to help you all see that you are supergirls! You can listen here, on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay Music, TuneIn, or Pocketcasts


10 Sep 2018

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Kristen Duke from KristenDuke.com discusses joy and powerful parenting

Help Me Understand The Book of Mormon

How do we better teach teenagers the gospel? How do we make scripture learning a part of our life as kids get older? Kristen Duke gives some thoughts. Check her blog, podcast, and other fun projects at https://www.kristendukephotography.com/ Make sure you are following me on Instragram at https://www.instagram.com/helpmeunderstandthebom/


31 Aug 2018

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Episode 42: Kristen Duke with Kristen Duke Photography

The Women with Fire

-Kristen talks about her passion of having a close family, and using photography in your home to bring your family closer together. She talks about the importance of staying true to yourself on social media, instead of being what others want you to be.-She discusses the importance of opening up the discussion about social media with teenagers.-Kristen talks about how there can be good things on social media, but maybe they're not always the best things for us.-Kristen gives her tips for up and coming bloggers, "form a tribe" and what that means.talks about renavigating her business and life, and how she's made decisions to accept or turn down different opportunities.Quotes:"There are no boring stories . . . everybody has something to offer." -Kristen Duke


13 Feb 2018