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#30 - Matteo Charles, Andrew Clark, Keith Craft, Dan + Marshall Sylver and Adrian Morrison

100 Million Academy's Podcast

Welcome to the 100 Million Academy podcast. Every Sunday morning, you will get highlights from our exclusive daily live calls combining the best clips of the top entrepreneurs and business minds in the world. These are world-class individuals who have hit 100 million in sales, advertising spend, or impressions on social media. ---- I'm your host, Dan Fleyshman, and in this week's episode you will learn how to find life-changing opportunities during hardships from renowned artist, Matteo Charles. He has collaborated and painted for global influences such as Tony Robbins, John Travolta, Sir Richard Branson, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Quincy Jones, Mark Wahlberg, and many many more  Then you will learn from ad expert and VP of RXMG, Andrew Clark. Andrew will be teaching from his in depth knowledge around the re-monetization, compliance, and optimization of e-mail marketing for in house web properties as well as 3rd party list management for high quality data sources. Then you will learn from leadership transformationalist Keith Craft. Keith is a world-renown speaker and author and he also hosts CEO Masterminds around the country to help high-level achievers go even higher and find lasting fulfillment. After that you will learn from The Millionaire Maker Marshall Sylver known as #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. He is the author of Passion, Profit, and Power, and through infomercials has sold over a million copies of his personal development programs worldwide. Lastly, you will learn from Adrian Morrison. Adrian is an American television personality, public speaker, best selling author and entrepreneur known for Success TV and Profit Power Hour. Adrian has turned a few bucks from marketing ads on Facebook to a multi-million dollar marketing company with his e-commerce and affiliate marketing ventures and has made up to $21,000 a day in revenue and $420,000 in a single month in online income. Get ready, it’s time to level up! ---- Thank you for watching this episode — What lesson resonated with you the most? Comment below! ---- Learn more and connect with our instructors: 100MillionAcademy.com Every Sunday, join the 100 Million Academy podcast to get highlights from our daily live calls combining the best clips of the top entrepreneurs and business minds in the world. Learn actionable lessons, skills, and strategies from these experts in real estate, marketing, sales, investing, and more that you can apply to your own business. 100 Million Academy is an online educational platform featuring over 20+ entrepreneurs who have sold over $100 million in revenue, spent over $100 million on advertising, or have been seen by over 100 million people. Co-founders Joel Marion, Dan Fleyshman, and Cody Sperber are on a mission to give you access to world-class entrepreneurs.  ---- 📲CONNECT WITH 100 MILLION ACADEMY ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📲 ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE | https://100millionacademy.com/youtube ▶︎ INSTAGRAM  |  https://www.instagram.com/100milliona... ▶︎ FACEBOOK  |  https://www.facebook.com/100millionac... ▶︎ LINKEDIN  | https://www.linkedin.com/company/100m... ▶︎ TWITTER  |  https://twitter.com/100millacademy ▶︎ WEBSITE  |  https://www.100MillionAcademy.coms


28 Oct 2020

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#1 Dan Fleyshman, Cody Sperber, Sean Whalen, Todd Abrams, and Matteo Charles

100 Million Academy's Podcast

In this week's episode, you will learn from the youngest founder of a publicly-traded company in history, Dan Fleyshman, on how he built a high-level network, and how to make your phone book your superpower. Then you will learn real estate insights from Cody Sperber (also known as the Clever Investor). He’s closed over $400 million in deals, a 3-Time Inc. Award Winner. And Entrepreneur Magazine named him the 3rd Top Real Estate Influencer to Follow. Next, you will learn how to identify your purpose in life, and how to overcome information overload from Sean Whalen, CEO of the internationally renowned coaching and consulting company LIONS NOT SHEEP.  His social media videos and posts have been viewed over 900,000,000 times and every day tens of thousands of people across social media view his messages on politics, business, life, fitness, and family.   Next up, you will learn how to evolve your brand and scale your business from Todd Abrams, CEO and co-founder of ICON Meals. He’s a talented results-oriented individual with over 15 years of proven achievement in Management, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Technology, Fundraising and Operations. Finally, you will learn how to find life-changing opportunities during hardships from renowned artist, Matteo Charles. He has collaborated and painted for global influences such as Tony Robbins, John Travolta, Sir Richard Branson, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, Quincy Jones, Mark Wahlberg, and many many more  So get ready to level up. Let’s go!


18 Apr 2020

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MATTEO CHARLES + JACK BLOOMFIELD: Beginnings, Challenges and Learning to Live Beyond your Business

From Thousands To Millions

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sam Bashiry talks beginnings, challenges and learning to live beyond your business with special guests Jack Bloomfield and Matteo Charles.Jack Bloomfield is a 17-year-old serial entrepreneur who started his first business aged 12. Although he can’t officially register for an ABN, he already has years of experience starting and running multiple businesses. He talks about appearance versus reality, taking challenges as they come and learning to play the long game.Matteo Charles is best known for his speed portraits. Hospitalised for a chronic illness, Matteo decided to take his life back into his own hands by starting his practice. Using art as therapy he turned his skills and creativity into a performance, for which he’s renowned globally. He shares his experience and advice for thinking creatively, working hard and staying humble.Listen in to find out how these three deal with both their highs and lows, gain an insight into the reality behind their respective success and note their suggestions for staying balanced and ready for the next challenge.


17 Jan 2020

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September 25th-Matteo Charles Interview

Kris Fade Show Interviews

Matteo Charles the amazing live artist who drew a portrait of Kris Fade joined us at the show.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


25 Sep 2019

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Matteo Charles - The World Needs More... Inspirational Art!

What The World Needs More Of... Podcast

Guest: Matteo Charles Age: 35 years Location: Sydney, Australia  Bio: Matteo Charles is a live inspirational artist who turns a blank canvas into a masterpiece is 10 minutes live at events globally. Matteo has opened for identities such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, John Travolta, he was the official Artist for Bruce Lee’s 75th Anniversary in Hong Kong, performed at the 2018 F1 in Monaco, the Grammys after-party and much more. 13 years ago Matteo Charles was diagnosed with an incurable disease in which today he utilizes his platform of art to share his story The World Needs More:  I have 2 quotes that are important to me that I thought of many years ago “Art heals” & “Without Inspiration, there’s only Desperation” I want to spread healing and inspiration through the platform of art helping people to find their light by being inspired by my story and never give up attitude. WOW Factor: My Wow factor is I turn a blank canvas into a portrait live at events in ten minutes. A few key events that have helped shape who I am today is having the opportunity to open for Sir Richard Branson in which I painted his portrait upside down (the canvas was upside down) and when I flipped the piece to reveal, the crowd roared - This particular piece was painted in 6 minutes. For me a special moment which also cemented my purpose was having the opportunity to perform at the celebration of Bruce Lee’s 75th anniversary in Hong Kong. Being a martial artist myself, sitting at a table next to Bruce Lee’s wife and daughter to then painting Bruce’s portrait live in front of their eyes is something that will forever be in my heART Favorite Color: Orange


20 Sep 2019