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Financial Elder Abuse and Inheritance Impatience with Luke Wright

ACE - Aged Care Enrichment

For today's episode we're dedicating it to understanding more about financial elder abuse and how to prevent it.We're joined by Luke Wright from the Victorian State Trustees to understand a bit more about the prevalence, causes and many face of financial elder abuse and some warning signs to look out for.As Luke says in the interview, financial abuse is almost the canary in the coal mine of elder abuse - as its presence is a pretty good indicator of other types of abuse.Whatever you're doing in your work this week, we encourage you to have a think about elders around you that might be vulnerable to abuse and what you can do to prevent it - you can visit elderabuseawarenessday.org.au for more information.You can hear Daniella and Maurie’s take and thoughts about these ideas in their show Who Cares? which is released on Friday.The Aged Care Enrichment Podcast is brought to you by SilVR Adventures ⬇️ 𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻, 𝗦𝘂𝗯𝘀𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗯𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗦𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗲 ⬇️🍏 Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ace-aged-care-enrichment/id1528261777🟢 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4wk2d6NjlbHg8Eid35TNB2❤️ iHeartRadio: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/269-ace-aged-care-enrichment-77188643/💙 Listen Online: https://silvradventures.com.au/podcast/SilVR Adventures - Meaningful virtual reality experiences and activities for older adults to improve mental well-being. More details, please contact: 1300 192 552 | sales@silvradventures.com.au | www.silvradventures.com.au#silvradventures #agedcareenrichment #acepodcast #mentalhealth #seniors #qualityoflife #healthcare #opportunity #innovation #olderadults #elders #new #season #podcasts #agedcare


13 Jun 2022

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Chris Tarrant, Luke Wright, Lou Sanders, Chloe Duckworth, Mykki Blanco, Father John Misty, George Egg, Clive Anderson

Loose Ends

Clive Anderson and George Egg are joined by Chris Tarrant, Luke Wright, Lou Sanders and Chloe Duckworth for an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy. With music from Mykki Blanco and Father John Misty.


9 Apr 2022

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The rise, fall and rise again of audio cassettes, poet Luke Wright, film director Shaka King

Front Row

The recent death of Lou Ottens - the inventor of audio cassettes who later went on to work on the development of CD technology - gives us the opportunity to look back at the glory days of cassettes, their subsequent decline and the latest unexpected return to fashion, with music journalists Laura Barton and Jude Rogers.Young British poet Luke Wright describes himself as 'a louche poet (who) loves a bit of bathos'. He has a new collection of work, The Feelgood Movie Of The Year, with poems written over the past few years and right up to Covid lockdown, which brought his full touring diary to an abrupt standstill. How has life changed, and where does a poet find inspiration when their everyday world shrinks overnight?Shaka King is the director of Judas and the Black Messiah, a new film starring Daniel Kaluuya which tells the story of the political life and assassination of Black Panther Fred Hampton at the age of 21 in 1969. King discusses the FBI's determined campaign to disrupt the powerful unifying movement and their infiltration of the Illinois chapter by a counter-intelligence operative.Presenter: Tom SutcliffeProducer: Jerome Weatherald


11 Mar 2021

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Ep. 84 - Luke Wright / Kung Fu

Mr Badger Talks to Utter Scum

Mr Badger is joined by world renowned Kung Fu expert and liar Luke Wright to talk about his year in China, showing his genitals to strangers and why it's ok to defecate in a hospital bin.


27 Feb 2021

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Becoming Disciplined Episode 1 - Luke Wright

Becoming Disciplined

Becoming Disciplined broadcasted our first podcast. Our first guest was Luke Wright, a Marine, educator and motivational speaker. We can’t wait for you to hear his story!!!Please check us out:

1hr 11mins

3 Nov 2020

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Jeanette Winterson, Nigel Slater, Travis Alabanza, Luke Wright, Nadine Shah, Beans on Toast, Emma Freud, Clive Anderson

Loose Ends

Clive Anderson and Emma Freud are joined by Jeanette Winterson, Nigel Slater, Travis Alabanza and Luke Wright for an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy. With music from Nadine Shah and Beans on Toast.Photo: Mark Vessey


27 Jun 2020

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Luke Wright - Mud Transformed into Love

Practicing The Art Of Faithful Presence

The Practicing the Art of Faithful Presence podcast, hosted by Dr. David Wright, president of Indiana Wesleyan University, features conversations on ways in which people of faith are actively making the world a better place.  In this episode, Dr. Wright has a conversation with IWU alumnus Luke Wright.  Luke is the founder and owner of Mud Love, a pottery business in partnership with Water for Good, an organization that provides clean water for the Central African Republic.  Luke believes that God called him to deny himself and start this business, and he has seen much fruit as he has developed his craft, sought to love people well, and grown in his faith through navigating the financial sacrifices required by his business model. Luke never planned to become an entrepreneur, but the seeds of his business were laid from his youth when he developed a love for art.  As a high school student living a comfortable, middle class life in a Christian family, Luke lost track of his artistic inclinations, and in general lost his way as he chose a path of rebellion.  At the time when he started college, Luke really did not know himself well, and he lacked purpose and fulfillment.  It took him until his junior year of college to recall his love for art, which in turn began a rebirth of his faith.  In fact, his life turned a corner when he changed his major to ceramics; having his hands anointed also contributed to the sense of purpose he developed.  However, he continued to have one foot in his new life and one foot in the old until he reached a rock bottom moment his senior year at IWU.  At that point, he turned his life around, begged God to save him from himself, and sought solace in the mentorship of his ceramics professor and working in the ceramics studio. Thus the connection between art and faith was deeply forged for Luke, as was his conviction that God can and does use people who are “blemished,” working in his own good timing.  Luke finds that his past allows him to relate with people who are struggling; his experience in business has also added to this ability, giving him a whole new form of struggle to navigate.  Luke has had to learn the ropes of running a business, figuring out how to strengthen sales and systems while managing setbacks and mistakes.  At the same time, Luke has been able to grow a sweet partnership with Water for Good, which allows him to participate in a loving cause that is bigger than himself.  He contributes to Water for Good with every sale he makes, donates a percentage of profits, and works to raise awareness for the cause.  While giving of himself comes with a cost, Luke finds that stepping out in faith to love other people ministers to him.  His concluding advice to any struggling listeners is to accept that life is a journey, not get sidetracked by a destination, and pursue loving people. Links: Learn more about Luke’s business at mudlove.com. Connect with Luke at luke@mudlove.com. Learn about Water for Good. Learn about Indiana Wesleyan University and its president, Dr. David Wright.


2 Jun 2020

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Turning to God. With Luke Wright

The SōL Podcast

Thanks for tuning in! Connect with Luke: Instagram: @lukewrightmain TikTok: @lukewrightmain lukewrightmain@gmail.com Connect with me: Instagram: @cromano_ TikTok: @cromano_ actionforjesus.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/actionforjesus/message


4 May 2020

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Sara Pascoe and Luke Wright

The Stay at Home Festival

Join us live every day at 10am for chat, conversation, comedy, music and more. Hosts Robin Ince and Josie Long welcome a huge range of big name guests to their own couches in their own homes. Today’s guests are Sara Pascoe and Luke Wright. While The Stay at Home Festival is free to watch please do consider dropping a tip in the bucket at cosmicshambles.com/stayathome All profits will go to supporting acts, artists and venues who have lost all income during this pandemic. If you’d like to directly support what we do at the Cosmic Shambles Network visit patreon.com/bookshambles

1hr 5mins

29 Apr 2020

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Episode 1 - Lembit Opik, Gina Yashere, Rob Deering, Angela Barnes, Marek Larwood, Luke Wright, and Jeremy Swift

James Acaster's Stay Home Special Series

In this episode of James Acaster’s Stay Home Special, James played iPod on Shuffle with Lembit Öpik, Gina Yashere, Rob Deering, Angela Barnes, Marek Larwood, Luke Wright, and Jeremy Swift.


24 Apr 2020