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Donald Robertson on Why Your Biggest Ideas Aren’t Big Enough | Leave Your Mark with Aliza Licht

Signal From The Noise: By Podcast Notes

LEAVE YOUR MARK: Read the notes at at podcastnotes.org. Don't forget to subscribe for free to our newsletter, the top 10 ideas of the week, every Monday --------- Donald Robertson, better known as @drawbertson, went from Art School failure to Fashion's favorite artist. Known as the Andy Warhol of Instagram, his impressive career spans decades of roles that anyone would dream of having. In his early Canadian days, he worked on a tiny brand that no one had ever heard of called M.A.C. He spent years as a creative director going through Hearst's revolving door and later on lunching with the big wigs in the infamous Conde Nast cafeteria. Throughout it all, Donald has maintained his childish instincts and willingness to do absolutely anything. And he is not shy about poking harmless fun at some of Fashion's biggest players.  In this episode, you will learn how Donald ideates his big creative ideas, why if you feel good about presenting an idea, it's probably not big enough, and the reason you need to be comfortable selling yourself "lemonade stand" style no matter how successful you get. Donald shares his journey with contagious humor and humility, with lessons that anyone in any industry will learn from.  This episode of Leave Your Mark is brought to you by WW, Weight Watchers reimagined. I've been a die-hard WW follower for over 20 years. I love food, and for me, happiness is having the flexibility to eat my favorite foods without restriction. WW is a scientifically proven program for personalized weight loss and wellness, and now with the new myWW+, it's the most holistic program ever. For me, total wellness is not just about what you eat, but how you feel. Everyday myWW+ gives me the tools to keep track of my food, water intake, sleep, activity, and mindset. I'm excited to share a special WW offer with you. To get started on your own wellness journey today, go to ww.com/leaveyourmark.

24 Feb 2021

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Aliza Licht - Founder & President LEAVE YOUR MARK LLC, Creative Brand Marketing & Digital Strategist, Best-Selling Author

The co-lab career stories

Aliza Licht is the Founder and President of LEAVE YOUR MARK LLC, a creative brand marketing and digital strategy consultancy. Interviewed by Facebook's Site Merchandising Lead and Style Blogger, Sylvie Esmundo, Licht discusses her unlikely route to the fashion world. Although she grew up fashion-obsessed, it wasn't until later in college that she pivoted from pre-med student to Assistant Accessories Editor at Marie Claire Magazine. Licht is most known for her work as the creator and voice behind the award-winning social personality DKNY PR GIRL, and served as DKNY's SVP of Global Communications for 17 years. She is a best-selling author of the popular career development book, Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media., and host of the LEAVE YOUR MARK podcast. Recognized as a pioneer in digital, Licht was one of the first people in the fashion industry to launch a social media personality and is here to share her vast PR and Branding experience, as well as how to break into the fashion industry.


27 Jan 2021

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Aliza Licht: Brand Marketing + Digital Strategy

Kale in my Teeth

In this episode, brand marketing and digital strategist Aliza Licht, who is also the author and host of @leaveyourmarkpodcast, career coach for @forbes and @linkedin, as well as board VP for @americaninfluencercouncil, gives practical and attainable advice on how to set yourself apart, build an online presence, and stay consistent within your brand.  Rivki's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rivkirabinowitz/ Aliza's Instagram: https://instagram.com/alizalichtxo?igshid=1q6j54k1pz578 Aliza's Podcast Instagram: https://instagram.com/leaveyourmarkpodcast?igshid=1ayxze4hbd71g Aliza's Website: https://alizalicht.com/ Link to Aliza's Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4mJdG7u1FnEPQBvyV1mJmZ?si=Q4lyP09gToWHDO98mhlUgA Chapter Markers 1:20 - Introduction 2:40 - Jobs in Fashion 6:01 - Creation of DKNY PR GIRL 10:10 - Engagement Rates & Instagram 15:59 - Content Calendars vs Off the Cuff 20:01 - Demographics and Social Media Platforms 25:45 - Influencer Campaigns & Pricing 37:20 - Building Community 40:18 - Achieving a Work/Life Balance


23 Oct 2020

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Find your Voice with Aliza Licht

Be Impactful by Impact Fashion

Aliza Licht is the founder & president of LEAVE YOUR MARK LLC, a consultancy specializing in creative brand marketing and digital strategy. As a brand storyteller, Licht helps clients build their brand equity by crafting compelling multi-faceted narratives that engage and captivate the audience. Her strategies are focused on developing content made for the medium and delivering the brand's promise at every consumer touchpoint. Licht helps her clients lead with purpose, authenticity, and empathy. Her strategies successfully connect her clients with their desired audience, emphasize shared values, and ultimately deliver service to the consumer. alizalicht.com Leave Your Mark Podcast @alizalichtxo @alizalicht askaliza@alizalicht.com Click here for the most comfortable summer mask Click here to get the secrets your Tailor won't tell you. Click here for a collection of at home fashion activities. To hear more episodes, subscribe and head over to Impactfashionnyc.com/blog/podcast. Be Impactful is presented by Impact Fashion, your destination for all things size inclusive modest fashion


17 Aug 2020

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15: Aliza Licht, Founder and President of LEAVE YOUR MARK LLC

SheLeads with Carly

As the author of the best-selling career advice book, Leave Your Mark, Aliza Licht shares the secrets to planning out your career, getting a job during COVID-19, approaching failure, and so much more! Also, hear about Aliza’s “goal folder” - a trick she’s used throughout her career to keep track of her wins and losses. Enjoy this great episode with Aliza! 


30 Jul 2020

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Market Yourself: Aliza Licht of Leave Your Mark

Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

According to Aliza Licht, she wasn’t born with the ability to command a room. Growing up, the author, founder and president of Leave Your Mark, LLC, struggled to speak anytime she was thrust into the spotlight. It wasn’t until she was in college that she felt comfortable speaking before a group of people. Working in PR for Donna Karan, it was Aliza’s Gossip Girl-inspired tactics that made the anonymous Twitter account, @dknyprgirl, one of the first popular fashion accounts on the platform. Now the president of a successful branding and digital strategy firm, Aliza is regularly booked for public speaking engagements, coaching entrepreneurs in leadership and encouraging their success. Thanks for listening! We love our listeners! Drop us a line or give us guest suggestions here, or visit https://anchor.fm/superwomen/messages on your desktop or phone to leave us a voice memo! Follow Superwomen on Instagram. Big Ideas The creative process and how that can be fueled by openness to new ideas. [06:49] Keeping a “lead sheet” to keep track of contacts and future opportunities. [10:07] The immense value in media training. [22:13] Links Leave Your Mark Book Leave Your Mark Podcast Forbes Article – How You Know You’re Not Meant To Be An Entrepreneur Own The Room Training--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/superwomen/support


31 Mar 2020

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Aliza Licht’s PR Tricks and Tips

Social PR Secrets: public relations podcast for entrepreneurs by Lisa Buyer

Do you want to thrive in the social media world? Tune in to learn Aliza Licht’s expert advice on how to be a social media rockstar.  Lisa Buyer sat down with girlboss Aliza Licht on all things PR and social media. During the time of this interview, Aliza was working with Alice + Olivia and shared her secret tips and tricks for successful business branding. Currently, she is an author, creative brand marketer, digital strategist, and founder and president of Leave Your Mark LLC.  Aliza Licht was also the creator and voice of award-winning social personality DKNY PR girl for almost seventeen years. Even though she has moved on from that chapter of her life, she learned the ins and outs of ruling the social media and public relations world.  In this segment, Aliza dishes on all her secrets to success in digital marketing, branding, and much more. She sheds some light on how to handle your business Instagram, personal branding, and why having a voice is so important. Can’t get enough of Aliza’s lessons? Click the links below to learn more from Aliza and check out her podcast! “If you post once a week or once a day, it's like dropping a needle in a forest, the more you post the most you grow” - Aliza Licht Some topics discussed in this episode include: Measuring Instagram Instagram tips and tricks Editorial calendars from a business brand standpoint  #Hashtags Personal branding  Portfolio advice Visuals and having a voice Appropriate posting The balancing act Contact Aliza  Aliza’s Twitter Aliza’s Website Aliza’s Instagram Aliza’s LinkedIn Aliza’s Facebook More from Aliza Book Leave Your Mark Podcast Leave Your Mark References and Links Mentioned Instagram DashHudson Subscribe to & Review Social PR Secrets Podcast Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of the Social PR Secrets podcast by Lisa Buyer.  If the information in this show’s interview inspired you in your business or life journey, feel free to head over to iTunes, subscribe to the show, and leave us an honest review. Your feedback helps us continue to not only deliver actionable, relevant, helpful content, it will also help us reach even more amazing entrepreneurs, disruptors, and rockstars just like you!


25 Feb 2020

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73. Aliza Licht, Turning a Private Health Experience into an Empowering Breast Cancer PSA

Made Visible

When Aliza Licht was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she didn’t tell anyone but close family. That changed in 2019, when she agreed to share her story in a TV segment for abc7NY. Only today’s episode, Aliza and I talk about why, after keeping her story to herself for so long, she decided she wanted people to know the facts of her diagnosis. We also chat about how life has changed for her since cancer happened, and why she thinks everyone has a responsibility to take the initiative in their health.  Learn more about Aliza and check out the show notes here. Follow Made Visible on Instagram. We want to learn more about you! Tell us about you and what got you listening to Made Visible here. 


25 Feb 2020

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How to Leave Your Mark in any industry. Listen to Aliza Licht who wrote the book!

The Style That Binds Us

We are thrilled to interview Aliza Licht, Founder & President of Leave Your Mark LLC. She has had an incredible career starting out in editorial at Marie Claire before moving to the flip-side working in PR (public relations) at Donna Karan, where she created DKNY PR Girl, & alice + olivia. We would highly recommend reading her book & listening to her podcast, all of which are called, Leave Your Mark!!  https://alizalicht.com/

1hr 14mins

13 Feb 2020

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Ep 19. Aliza Licht: Creative Brand Marketing + Digital Consultant, Author + Host Of Leave Your Mark

Story + Rain Talks

Roll Up Your Sleeves. On this episode of Conversations With Creatives, we talk to Aliza Licht. Aliza is a Creative Brand Marketing and Digital Consultant, long time Fashion PR Executive, the author and host of Leave Your Mark, and one-time social media personality @dknyprgirl. Since it’s the five year anniversary of the launch of Aliza's book, the best how-to book for killing it in a career of fashion---and beyond, on this podcast, we revisit the manual that provides mentorship, doing a deep dive into some of Tamara's favorite key points. You'll hear stories only fashion veterans can tell. We discuss finding one’s passion, Aliza’s life as life as @dknyprgirl on Twitter, and so much more, including her favorite accounts to follow on social media. We're covering all things career, all things fashion industry.

1hr 11mins

12 Dec 2019