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What if YouTube shuts down your channel midstream? Listen to Eric Hunley's Story | Intel believes in America | Discord is for sale | VirtualPBX COO, Lon Baker talk about VirtualPBX's advantage, and more. Original Air Date: Week 3/27 - 4/2 2021


Episode 41: “Today on the show we have a story of a famed Podcaster Eric Hunley host of the Unstructured Podcast talk about how he lost his YouTube Channel, Yes YouTube pulled him off the air for talking about Bitcoin, with no explanation and almost cost him his livelihood. We have the prestige Cloud Service provider VirtualPBX COO, Lon Baker on the show for and interview to help explain why his company is the best for cloud services and it about something different then you might expect. We have our Top Stories in the first 5 minutes with a way to make money sharing information, Discord is for sale, and why Intel believes in America. We have a new doohickey called our TechTime Radio – NFT, and of course our Mike’s Mesmerizing moment brought to us by StoriCoffee.We get you the Technology news that people will be talking about in the coming weeks. "Welcome to TechTime Radio with Nathan Mumm, the show that makes you go "Hummmm" Technology news of the week for March 27th - April 2nd.--- [Top Stories in 5 Minutes]: Starts at 8:37Discord, the chatting app that's popular with video gamers, is reportedly for sale for about $10 billion. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is one of the interested acquirersa.        https://tinyurl.com/k8usv6ajHow much is your data worth? A new company MyTiki.com is looking to change the powers buy providing you cash for your dataa.        https://mytiki.com/TechTimeIntel invests $20 billion in two Arizona factories, coming in 2023. a.        https://tinyurl.com/y2hxkch8--- [Technology Insider]: Starts at 20:02Today we are talking with an industry leader from Virtual PBX the private company founded in 1997 in San Jose. We have the Chief Operating Officer Lon Baker on the show and he explains what makes his company better than the other 50 plus companies in this space. You will be surprised at the secret sauce in the company "It is the People" and he explains why.--- [Ask the Expert]: Starts at 31:17What happens when your Streaming Service "YouTube" shuts you down midstream? Eric Hunley, host of the Unstructured Podcast https://unstructuredpod.com/ was intrigued by the idea of always having plenty of people to talk with and releases at least one podcast per week. Eric Hunley the host of the Unstructured podcast and a self-named YouTube channel will explain his story about his banning of his channel while on the air, talking about Bitcoin will make you gasp for air.--- [Mike's Mesmerizing Moment]: Starts at 53:07Technology program to mimic human behavior and makes decisions for us without understanding. --- [Pick of the Day]: Starts at 54:08Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel Whiskey• $59.00 | 80 proof   • Nathan - Thumbs Up • Mike - Thumbs UpStoriCofee with TechTimeRadio StoriCoffee is a proud sponsor of Mike's Mesmerizing moments and of the TTR weekly giveaways. 180-Partners Your Copier Experts Today Want to save money on your copiers instead of paying monthly costs with no oversight ask for help.SMILE BRILLIANT - TEETH WHITENING “Changing the way people view whitening & oral care forever...”Save 15% When You Sign Up On VirtualPBX For less than $13 per user, setup your business line today by visit virtualpbx.com/podcast - today


29 Mar 2021

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Podcasting on Youtube Success with Eric Hunley

The Indie Pod Podcast

[svp]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tfO_R9aLHA[/svp]Eric Hunley of Unstructured Podcast comes onto Indie Pod Daily Show to talk with Super Joe Pardo about adding Youtube to your platform.Join the Super Circle today to turn your podcast into a business! http://superchargeyourpodcast.comGet more podcasting resources at http://www.indiepodcasters.comJoin our community today! http://www.indiepodcasters.com/group

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24 Jul 2020

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PES 174: Eric Hunley

The Podcast Engineering Show

My guest is Eric Hunley - host and producer of Unstructured (podcast), and YouTube livestreamer! We discussed tons, including: Shure SM7b (He also has the following mics: EV RE27ND, Sennheiser E835, Shure SM58, ATR2100, Samson Q2U, Shure EV88, Heil PR40) RODE boom arm Standing desk Cloudlifter Rodecaster Pro (He previously used a Focusrite Scarlett Solo) Zoom H6 and Zoom H1 2012 iMac Adobe Audition (previously used Audacity) Izotope RX7 Advanced - de-reverb, mouthclicks, EQ, Auphonic He also own Logic Pro, Reaper, Hindenburg Journalist Pro, and Ferrite (for the iPad Pro). Descript (for de-umming) Kid3 to tag his MP3's Podbean Blubrry Thanks for being a great guest, Eric! DID YOU KNOW........We exist for the purpose of helping you, so please comment below with any questions or remarks. We appreciate you listening. Want to Start a Business or Have a Career as a Podcast Producer/Engineer? Listen and Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, Android, RSS, Email

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19 Mar 2020

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Let's Chat About Podcasting, Politics, & Self Censorship with Eric Hunley

Get an Adaatude Podcast

In today's episode, I'm chatting with Eric Hunley of the Unstructure Podcast all about podcasting, politics, and self-censorship. Press play and deep with us into more raw and real topics.


19 Mar 2020

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Eric Hunley and Chase Hughes Livestream


This is my first ever livestream with the great Chase Hughes. Chase is a behavioral expert and the author of "Ellipsis Behavior." He has made a deep study and practice of the techniques involved in mind control. These include persuasion, body language reading, hypnosis, negotiation, interrogation, and more.I am excited to share this livestream with you and I intend to do more of them weekly and they are a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions directly of Unstructured guests.  I don't intend to publish any more of them in the podcast feed as there may be visual elements and I would love for you to discover them and participate. Please go to YouTube and subscribe to my channel and hit the bell so you can be notified when each one is published. https://www.youtube.com/user/erichunley?sub_confirmation=1 See you there!


2 Feb 2020

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Larry Yatch | The SEAL Mindset with Eric Hunley

Readily Random with Larry Roberts

First off, I have to give tremendous thanks to Eric Hunley of the Unstructured Podcast for guest hosting this episode of the show.  Along with the other guest hosts we’ve seen over the past few weeks, Eric went out of his way to help with the show while I continued to nurse my voice.  That said, I honestly believe he was an even better host and interviewer than I would have been for this particular guest. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Larry Yatch is truly one of the most unique individuals on the planet!  As a 10 year commissioned officer in the Navy as an operator and leader in SEAL Team 3, Larry is a battle tested leader that has earned the respect of his peers as well as others that have had the honor  of working with him.Larry’s leadership did not end with his departure from the Teams.  He has also developed innovative team optimization strategies for executives and managers coupled with years of coaching high performing CEO’s.Larry is an exceptional speaker on a number of high performance related topics and the creator of Plan Sight Leadership & High Performing Team Software.  Some of the topics he covers are: The Navy SEAL System for Tactical Planning How to Increase Your Team’s Performance How to Modify & Influence Team Behavior SEAL Perseverance & Leadership Lessons for Business & Life Using the Secrets of the SEALs for Higher Producing Sales Teams You can learn more about Larry via social media on LinkedIn and Facebook and all of his corporate offerings can be found on his website at https://www.sealteamleadersbootcamp.com/


28 Jan 2020

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208 Eric Hunley - Honoring and Respecting Your Guests

Podcast Junkies

01:25 – This episode is sponsored by Focusrite 2i207:08 – We learn how Eric got involved in the podcast industry22:33 – What is Eric shares his unique approach to finding and attracting guests to his podcast26:40 – The biggest fears Eric had overcame as a podcast host27:25 – How Eric prepares for his guest and other secret tactics he utilizes29:29 – Eric walks us through a typical interview flow34:15 – Why researching your guest is so critical as a podcast host43:50 – The important of building relationships with your audience and guests45:14 – Eric’s motivation to continue his podcast and how he’s grown as a host52:18 – Eric talks about his second podcast, Portmanteau1:07:38 – How listeners can connect with EricTWEETABLES“I finally got motivated enough [to start a podcast] because I got annoyed with somebody.” (19:28)“I almost was ok if he [Jordan Harbinger] never came on because just the fact that he was going to come on gave me the confidence, gave me the courage to go after other people.” (26:05)“A lot of it is I have a hook, ya know. I’m trying to find a way to get to the guest. And by that I mean not to irritate them necessarily, but if I can get them to either laugh, startle them, confuse them, or do something I will have engagement.” (31:45)“While I want to ask a probing question or a difficult question, it is always in the service of the overall interview.” (44:09)“I would like this [podcasting] to become my actual gig. I love it that much. I love the communication. Every interview is a dance. Every interview is also uncomfortable. But that’s good.” (45:33)“Ironically, I enjoy talking to somebody in a pub equally as much as an interview.” (48:39)THANK YOU SPONSORS!Focusrite - Makers of my go-to sound card, the Scarlett 2i2Aweber - Hosts of the Beyond the Podcast SummitLINKS MENTIONEDFocusrite WebsiteEric’s Instagram – @hunleyericEric’s LinkedInEric’s Twitter – @hunleyericEric’s Unstructured PodcastEric’s Portmanteau PodcastPodfest WebsitePodcast Movement WebsiteBOOKS MENTIONEDNever Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It

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8 Dec 2019

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Eric Hunley – Unstructured – PCI-160

Podcast Insider

Our guest today is Eric Hunley (@hunleyeric) of Unstructured, whose authentic, well researched interviews deliver more insight and understanding than structured shows allow. Hunley cuts to the quick in his interviews to explore why his guests dared to go on their life changing journeys -- and today we'll learn more about his.Mike is mostly flying solo, as Lena and MacKenzie are attending She Podcasts Live in Atlanta.We talk about WNYC's new podcast called Dolly Parton's America, Podchaser's 3 million credits, and its claim that it's the "IMDB of podcasting." Also on today's episode with-mostly-Mike, we talk about the impending return of The Audacity to Podcast with @TheDanielJLewis; the release of PowerPress 8 and what it means for you; and our new full-time support person. Help us welcome Dave!If you would like to be interviewed on Podcast Insider about your podcast, contact Mike, MacKenzie or Todd (our emails are below) to get on our schedule. We have some very good ones coming up as well as today's great interview.Interview: Eric Hunley - UnstructuredNews: Dolly Parton’s America Podcast Podchaser has 3 million credits in their system now. Daniel J. Lewis plans to restart posting Audacity to Podcast episodes on the 22nd of October. Best Practice:   Subscribe to your own show!Blubrry news: PowerPress 8.0 is out MacKenzie and Lena at She Podcasts Live! In Atlanta. New Full-time support person!   (Dave Clements)Support: Meet Dave! Expanded hours on the phone support coming soon Write down info about your podcast! (We talked about this last week.) Feed address How do you generate a feed? Email address used to login to Blubrry (or another service) Web hosting company ALL PASSWORDS TITLE of the showPromo code INSIDER for a free month at Blubrry.comContact Us:todd@blubrry.commike@blubrry.commackenzie@blubrry.com


10 Oct 2019

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079 The Power of Unstructured Conversations w/ Podcaster Eric Hunley

Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™

This is a great episode, with a great guy Eric Hunley, a fellow podcaster and host of Unstructured. He shares his learnings and insights from his guests—whose backgrounds range from FBI, military and law enforcement to entrepreneurs, authors, and thinkers.   The Unstructured PodcastEric Hunley hosts the podcast Unstructured. Although he is well-known for his unstructured-style interview, he admits that he does a lot of research beforehand. Further, he leads the guest to a path by asking triggering questions. “By triggering, it's not to get them upset per se. I wanna know what their passion is, what makes them tick, why they do certain things, I want them to be excited.” - Eric HunleyCrime and Investigation Podcast GuestsEric shares some very interesting (and disturbing for some) stories about his guests with a background in military and law enforcement. In particular, his upcoming guest is an ex-FBI agent. He used to handle bombs but then crossed over into the behavioral analysis unit, with a focus on sex crimes.“He’s gone into a bit about repressed memories and how things can be planted, and things of that sort and cognitive biases and persuasion and influence and things like that, that fits my interests.” - Eric Hunley on his guest at UnstructuredEric and Christopher shared their common interests with crime and investigation stories. Moreover, they agreed that people have a lurid fascination with monsters—whether fictional or real-life psychopath and serial killers.“There’s a Southern Californian Daycare, where 300 children were all molested inside tunnels under the schools. Its part of a satanic worship group.” Eric Hunley, as he recounts one of his guest’s stories in his podcast, UnstructuredDealing with Authors and EntrepreneursEric shares his experiences conversing with authors and entrepreneurs. He admits he has a hard time closing conversations, especially when the guest has a very interesting story.  Christopher shares in response to Eric, that there is a natural arc of conversations, even the sh*tty ones.“Sh*tty conversations are probably when one or both sides have an agenda. Were not into talking points. I am probably, ironically, a little more interviewing than you are, but still conversational.” -Eric HunleyBoth also exchanged their preparation in dealing with authors and entrepreneurs, which is actually reading their books. When you actually read the book, you can get an insight into their personality or the message, that is deeper. A lot of times they get blown away by insightful questions. If I can, I do get that stuff out early. When the guest knows you care or give a shit about then, then it becomes a conversation. -Eric HunleyTo hear more about unstructured conversations and more relevant information from Eric, download and listen to the episode.BIO:“Eric Hunley is forging his path in unstructured interview-style podcasts, as the host of the Unstructured Podcast.It is no surprise that fellow podcasters follow this formula in podcasting.The unstructured podcast sources a gambit of unique podcast guests, who are based all around the globe.Eric Hunley has created well over a hundred interview styled podcasts in less than nine months.His unrelenting professionalism, detail orientated research, and smooth delivery as a host serves as an inspiration to many.New podcasters and seasoned professionals often seek out his knowledge and advice when it comes to the business of podcasting.Eric’s previous experience as an instructor at the University of Arizona has helped cement his reputation as an educator.His position opened many doors for him and has begun to lead to further speaking opportunities. He often draws on his many years of experience as an athlete, marathon runner, coach, and university lecturer.Eric Hunley is predominantly self-taught and he understands that his students have the ability to absorb any skill with the right kind of guidance.

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15 Jul 2019

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513: Unstructured Podcast with Eric Hunley

Podcasting Experiments

In this episode, we speak with Eric Hunley, the host of the Unstructured Podcast. He starts out by discussing the inspiration behind his podcast and the reasoning for his unique podcasting approach. Eric explains why he often brings in other people to assist him with interviewing guests and how he does not realize he is learning during each show. Then, Eric explains why he hates show notes and how he does not have time for everything because of his full-time job. Eric Hunley is forging his path in interview style podcasts as the host of the Unstructured Podcast. Not surprisingly, it is a formula that is now being followed by many other podcasters. Eric has created over 100 interview style podcasts in less than nine months, with a gambit of podcast guests sourced from all corners of the globe. New podcasters and seasoned professionals often seek out his knowledge and have begun following his unstructured direction. Eric started out by being an expert listener. He listened to some expert podcasters like Joe Rogan and Adam Carolla but ended up getting bored. It took Eric over ten years to start a podcast by the time he decided he would begin one because he could not decide what topic would keep him interested. His idea was to create an idea pub; the requirement for guests were people who are really cool or who do something really cool. Eric goes against all the rules of podcasting and does not niche down. Initially, when Eric started out the show, it was all about his guests. He came to learn over time that it is not all about the guests, it is all about the audience. Eric can better serve the audience by bringing in experts. For instance, he brought in a third level black belt and invited his friend who is also a UFC fan to help with the interview. Another guest Eric had on the show is a medical intuitive, someone who is told by a spirit how to heal a patient. Being a skeptic, Eric brought in someone who grew up with alternative medicine and another person who is a hypnotist. Between all of these people, the conversation was informative and open-minded. In a recent interview, Eric talked with Super Joe Pardo, a well-known podcaster who charges his guests to be on the show. Also, he interviewed Christopher Lochhead, another podcaster who is against the idea of guests being charged. Eric facilitated a discussion about whether or not podcasters should be charging their guests or not. Eric is always learning and is not very disciplined on the takeaways from his show. He has not taken an active role in studying the content from his show, but he does learn material from his guests. The best interviews are when you can connect with the other person and make it feel more like a conversation rather than a formal interview. LINKS MENTIONED: Unstructured Podcast Super Joe Pardo Legends and Losers John Lee Dumas Dr. Tyson Franklin Jordan Harbinger Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen


14 May 2019