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#1 Mark Kelton - The beautiful Journey Through Self

Inside Mentors Minds

Hello and welcome to the first episode of Inside Mentors Minds is a podcast where we take a deeper look into Leaders in health, business, sports, and entrepreneurship as they share the principles of their success mindset.  Today we have a dear friend of mine and heart-centered brother   Mark Kelton:   He is originally from California and is now based in Austin Texas. He has gone through leaps and bounds in the internal world from being a college partier to being a monk, to running his own consulting business to surfing the world, and now is hunting turkeys! With his biggest passion creating music that helps heal people's souls, mark is truly someone to gain great wisdom from and I couldn't think of anyone better to be the first guest on Inside Mentors Minds Podcast!  I’ll tell you this… You’re going to be riveted!  Mark has had such an amazing journey through self and he actually articulates the journey that I've been through better than I can....  Which I appreciate :)  In this wide-ranging interview, Mark and I get into a detailed explanation of the vibrational energy we use to create perceptions that guide us in the world, how we can shift our world.   Mark and I get real about how he deals with the negativity AND how you can block out the noise and find success NO MATTER WHAT!   You're going to love this one!


10 May 2021

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Walking Upright & Right Through Your Doors, a Conversation on Insider Threat with Guest Mark Kelton

To The Point - Cybersecurity

Former senior executive of the Central Intelligence Agency Mark Kelton, joins the podcast this week to discuss the evolving challenges that organizations face in addressing insider threats. For links and resources discussed in this episode, please visit our show notes at https://www.forcepoint.com/govpodcast/e32


21 May 2019

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The Evolution of Cybersecurity from 1980 to Today w/ Former CIA Executive Mark Kelton - E015

To The Point - Cybersecurity

Since the early beginnings of the internet in the 1980's, viruses and malware attacks have become far more aggressive. As a result, cybersecurity has had to greatly (and quickly) evolve to keep up with new and emerging threats. This week former CIA Executive Mark Kelton joins the podcast to discuss the differences between the 1980s-1990s and today as it relates to espionage, cyber, the adversaries, etc.


15 Jan 2019

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#11 - Mark Kelton

Thinking with David

Mark Kelton (@markaustinkelton) is a musician and former urban yogi/monk/scholar. In this mind-bending episode, Mark details his inner-transformation in which he re-learned everything by means of seclusion, deep studies, manipulating diet and breath, practicing yoga and meditation, all in search of the answer to the question... what is reality? We also delve into the meaning of dreams, morality, the Absolute Truth, information vs. knowledge, freeing ourselves from distraction, and maximal daily growth. Mark is an endless wellspring of information and experienced wisdom. I highly recommend listening to this episode and Mark’s recommended reading list in the show notes. Stick around for the very end when Mark performs an original song for us. It’s easy to grow tired of telling one’s story, but I’m grateful Mark graciously and excitedly walked me through this saga for the benefit of many. So, without further adieu, please open your minds, surrender your dogmas and find your Knowledge alongside the Beingness of my good friend, Mark Kelton! Love,David Show Notes: Follow Mark on Instagram Add Mark on Facebook Books Mentioned: Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now Sivananda Companion to Yoga Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Twilight of the Idols, The Birth of Tragedy, Beyond Good and Evil Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous (Student of Gurdjieff) Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions Access Early Podcast/Blog Content: Subscribe to Patreon: bit.ly/twdpatreon Subscribe to the Blog: bit.ly/twdblogsubscribe Connect with David: Blog: thinkingwithdavid.com/blog Instagram: @stay.in.alive

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23 May 2018

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Episode 21 (Part 2) - Mark Kelton on The American Way of Spying

The Security Studies Podcast

In Part Two of this episode featuring Professor Mark Kelton we discuss Counterintelligence in the Age of Terror and focus on the practice of counterintelligence against non-state adversaries like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. We also discuss the challenges and opportunities arise against a less structured enemy. We then cover non-state actors that are not terrorist organizations, such as Wikileaks, and the very real challenges the US government faces in countering them. Along those same lines, we talked about whistleblowing protections in the context of Snowden and Manning leaks.The Security Studies Podcast is produced by Jeffrey Palmer. 
Music: www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


27 Mar 2018

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Episode 21 (Part 1) - Mark Kelton on The American Way of Spying

The Security Studies Podcast

In Part One of this two-part episode featuring Professor Mark Kelton, we discuss counterintelligence or “CI”, the role it plays in the intelligence community, and the difference between offensive and defensive CI. Prof. Kelton then outlines a historical case of a famous American CI failure: the successful Soviet penetration of The Manhattan Project, dubbed “ Operation Enormous.” We then discussed American spies and leakers - from Hanssen to Manning - and how those cases have evolved over time.The Security Studies Podcast is produced by Jeffrey Palmer. 
Music: www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


12 Mar 2018

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Target USA -- Episode 101 | 'Thrilling and terrifying': Part 2 of interview with former CIA officer Mark Kelton

Target USA Podcast by WTOP

This is a continuation of what we started in episode 100 of Target USA. In a rare interview, retired CIA officer Mark Kelton reveals details about his days behind the Iron Curtain and why Russia is a foe that is just as dangerous today as it was at the height of the Cold War. In this episode, Kelton tells us about his work helping Pakistan track down Osama bin Laden and how he contracted a mysterious, yet-to-be-explained illness during that process. He also issues a warning to U.S. officials leading the fight against terrorists today.

25 Jan 2018

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Spy vs. Spy: Mark Kelton on Cold War intrigue and treason

Intelligence Matters

Former CIA Counterintelligence Chief Mark Kelton talks to Michael Morell about his years working in Cold War outposts, how the U.S.-Russia adversarial relationship has evolved and what double agents Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen have in common with Edward Snowden.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


14 Nov 2017