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Dr. Anna Cabeca on Optimizing Your Health and Reclaiming Intimacy During Menopause

FASTer Way Podcast

For a better sex life and overall health in menopause, tap into what makes you happy. In this episode, Dr. Anna Cabeca talks about how we can empower our bodies to breeze through this time period of menopause into the second spring of our lives by making some lifestyle changes, including intermittent fasting, no snacking, getting enough protein, and movement. Dr. Anna Cabeca is a triple-board-certified OB-GYN who helps women take charge of their health and wellness by arming them with the information, insights, products, and programs that empower them to live happier, healthier lives.  Throughout her decades-long career, Dr. Anna has worked with thousands of women one-on-one to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones.  She is committed to supporting women so that they can thrive physically, emotionally, sexually, and even spiritually as they go through the natural, inevitable, and beautiful life shift of menopause. "Menopause is mandatory, but suffering is optional." In this episode, you will learn the following: What actually occurs in a woman's body during menopause The role of insulin resistance in hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms Ways to increase oxytocin levels, which can improve menopausal symptoms and overall health. Links and Resources Join FASTer Way at www.fasterwaytofatloss.com Don't forget to check out fasterwayshop.com Connect with Dr. Anna Follow Dr. Anna on Instagram


7 Nov 2022

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TMHS 620: The Truth About Menopause, Andropause, & Optimizing Hormone Health – with Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Model Health Show

Throughout our lives, our hormones are constantly fluctuating. Specifically, as we age, our hormone levels tend to dramatically change. And while these shifts are a natural part of our life cycle, it doesn’t mean we’re destined to live with symptoms like poor mood or decreased energy forever.  On today’s show, you’re going to learn from hormone expert and triple board-certified OBGYN, Dr. Anna Cabeca. In her new book, MenuPause, she shares how to use food as medicine to reduce the symptoms of menopause like weight gain, brain fog, and hot flashes. Dr. Anna takes a well-rounded, holistic approach to healing, and she has helped thousands of folks reach optimal health through improved hormone levels.  No matter what stage of life you’re in, understanding how your hormones work is critical. This episode is full of key insights and actionable steps you can take to balance your hormones and feel your best. You’re going to learn about the relationship between some of our most important hormones, specific foods to eat to support hormone health, and so much more. I hope you enjoy this episode with the amazing Dr. Anna Cabeca!  In this episode you’ll discover: Why our hormones are energetic molecules.  What the hormone hierarchy is and how it works.  The most important hormone in the human body. How oxytocin operates in the body.  The effects stress can have on our hormones.  Dr. Anna’s personal journey of undergoing menopause twice. The relationship between cortisol and our reproductive hormones. Why cortisol impacts oxytocin.  What your urine pH can tell you about your overall health. The connection between nutrient-rich foods, the microbiome, and health. One of the first dietary changes Dr. Anna implements in her patients. The relationship between aging and insulin resistance.  How insulin resistance can contribute to hot flashes.  The problem with replacing testosterone.  Why intermittent fasting is helpful for optimal brain function.  How menopause symptoms can be alleviated with a ketogenic diet. What the side effects of hormone replacement therapy are.  The best foods to support hormone health.  Why alkalinizing the body is the key to optimal health.  What andropause is.  Items mentioned in this episode include: PaleoValley.com/model  -- Use code MODEL at checkout for 15% off! Organifi.com/Model -- Use the coupon code MODEL for 20% off! MenuPause by Dr. Anna Cabeca The Hormone Fix by Dr. Anna Cabeca Keto-Green 16 by Dr. Anna Cabeca  Receive 10% off all Dr. Anna Cabeca's supplements and products right here Connect with Dr. Anna Cabeca Website / Podcast / Instagram / Facebook Join TMHS Facebook community - Model Nation Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes:  Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Soundcloud *Download Transcript

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26 Sep 2022

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Dr. Anna Cabeca- Break Free From An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Optimise Your Body with Martin Silva

Break Free From An Unhealthy LifestyleWe have Dr. Anna Cabeca as our guest in this episode. Throughout her 20+ year career, Dr. Anna Cabeca has helped over 10,000 women in her private clinic and millions more through her books, online videos, and articles. A sample of credentials are as follows: A Fellow in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Integrative Medicine, Anti-Aging, and Regenerative Medicine who is triple board certified. Specialised certificates in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, sexual health, and functional medicine.  Writer of: USA Today bestseller "The Hormone Fix" - ("It's never too late to thrive. This book is your guide to doing exactly that." Dr. Mark Hyman, New York Times bestselling author "Keto-Green 16 "- (950+ 5 star reviews on Amazon) and "MenuPause" - ("shows how to take charge of our health in midlife." Dr. Izabella Wentz).Martin and Dr. Anna talked about how to get into keto-adaptive physiology, common medications for edema, causes of weight gain, and many more.Continue listening to learn more about Dr. Anna and how to keep your body healthy.“Working with so many clients and focusing on sleep, and recognising that it's not just about the number of hours we sleep, but the quality of that sleep is more important.” – Dr. Anna CabecaTimestamps0:02 – Dr. Anna Cabeca's background.3:26 – What were the biggest challenges of Dr. Anna and how did she overcome it?12:08 – Fasting.10:08 – Dr. Anna looking at the food diaries of women.12:58 – How to get into keto-adaptive physiology.18:43 – What is a six-day keto plan?21:46 – What is the most common medications that women put on for edema.30:01 – Advice Dr. Anna would give to the audience when it comes to sleep.38:59 – What are the main causes of weight gain?Resources or Links Mentioned: (books, events, people mentioned - hyperlinked to the specific site) MenuPause - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/menupause-anna-cabeca-do-obgyn/1139853883?ean=9780593234495 Keto – Green - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/keto-green-16-anna-cabeca-do-obgyn/1135275225?ean=9780593157947 Barnes & Noble - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/ Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/ Connect with Dr. Anna Cabeca: (Social media handles, LinkedIn, Website - hyperlinked) https://www.instagram.com/thegirlfrienddoctor/ https://drannacabeca.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thegirlfrienddoctor https://www.linkedin.com/in/drannacabeca/ Connect with Martin Silva: (Social media handles, LinkedIn, Website - hyperlinked) https://www.instagram.com/martinsilvafitness/ https://www.youtube.com/c/MartinSilvaWBFFPro https://www.facebook.com/Optimiseyourbodycoaching


6 Sep 2022

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Female Hormones: What Disrupts, Detoxes & Balances Them – Anna Cabeca, D.O. : 975

The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof Radio

IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™... you’ll learn about female hormones: what they are, what they do and what disrupts them. You’ll learn about the hormonal shifts that happen at different ages and life stages and get tips on how to balance hormones and make them work for you, not against you.This conversation features Anna Cabeca, D.O., one of the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference keynote speakers. She’ll be on the main stage in Beverly Hills in September. Dr. Anna is a Doctor of Osteopathy who’s triple-board certified in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She has additional certifications in functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She joins this special preview episode to talk about female hormones. It’s her particular area of expertise and one of The Human Upgrade’s all-time Top 10 podcast topics. Today’s hormone discussion includes:How hormone disruptors go beyond stress to mold, and product and environmental toxinsHow estrogen levels change over timeWhat’s going on with progesterone, pregnenolone and DHEA, tooWhat happens to hormones during perimenopause and menopauseWhat’s causing brain fogWhat to know about bioidentical hormonesHow detoxing affects hormonesHow to keep your vaginal microbiome balancedHow “food as medicine” helps balance hormonesHow hormones influence longevityAnd much more!For the past 20 years, Dr. Anna's educated and helped women with their hormones through her private practice, books, online videos and articles. Learn more about her work with women’s hormone health:“MenuPause: Five Unique Eating Plans to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau and Improve Mood, Sleep, and Hot Flashes”“The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat Naturally, Boost Energy, and Stop Hot Flashes the Keto-Green™️ Way”“Keto-Green™️ 16”WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Customized Nootropics for Your Own Neurochemistry: https://nootopia.com/dave, use code DAVE10 to get 10% offTrack Your Blood Glucose to Improve Your Metabolic Health: https://levels.link/ASPREY to learn moreBusiness Growth With SEO: https://www.stephanspencer.com, get a FREE consultationSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


6 Sep 2022

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Making the Most of Menopause | Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Lindsey Elmore Show

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG, is triple-board certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She has special certifications in functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. For the past 20 years, she’s served 10,000+ women in her private practice— and millions more through her books, online videos and articles. When her own health took a troubling turn during menopause, she sought out the wisdom of healers around the world. She learned that modern medicine and time-tested natural remedies are not at odds. Working together, they create indisputable results and true well being. Using delicious, healing foods and simple lifestyle changes, Dr. Anna reclaimed her health and life. Fueled by her belief that every woman deserves to be empowered and in control of their health and life, she developed the Keto-Green lifestyle, which has helped thousands of women opt out of menopause misery and experience a joyful transition to the next stage of their lives. With her methods, you, too, can breeze through menopause into your “second spring”, feeling the best you ever have. Topics covered in this episode: Menopause In Culture 6 Day Plan Adapting Eating During Menopause Review of 6 Day Plan How Eating Patterns Help Heal Hormones Post Traumatic Stress Burnout Cortisol & Oxytocin Drinking During Meals Weight Loss in Menopause Supplements Referenced in the episode: The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 54 | Stop the Menopause Madness | Dr. Kyrin Dunston To learn more about Dr. Anna Cabeca and her work, head over to https://drannacabeca.com/ IG @thegirlfrienddoctor Fall will soon be here! A time of transition, the perfect time to assess your current routines. What is serving you, what isn't, and is there anything that can help aid your health and wellness journey. This is where Sambucol comes in. They help support a healthy immune system so that you can keep moving, helping your daily dose of black elderberry to happen with ease. With a wide variety of products, Sambucol will pump up that immunity so that it can keep you moving. Listeners of Lindsey Elmore can get 15% off of $9.99 or more at www.SambucolUSA.com by using my promo code Lindsey15 at checkout! Ladies, you do not have to accept occasional bladder leakage is just another side effect of menopause and aging. Millions of women experience urinary incontinence every single day. If you are at risk for urinary incontinence, you can be at ease in Speax by Thinx. Absorbent underwear for bladder leak protection. It helps you feel fresh and worry free, it has a breathable moisture barrier that helps to protect from wetness and is eco-friendly allowing you to ditch pantiliners for good and be kinder to yourself and to the planet. Head to www.lindseyelmore.com/thinx and click on the Speax tab to be at ease and not stress about having your urinary leakage change your life. Don’t accept that post menopause means that you must have urinary incontinence and get absorbent underwear for your bladder protection. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Come check us out at www.lindseyelmore.com/podcast.


9 Aug 2022

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Episode 2: Let’s take a meno-PAUSE with Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Aging Project Podcast

Episode 2: Let’s take a meno-PAUSE with Dr. Anna Cabeca Dr. Anna Cabeca is the queen of all things menopause. She’s a triple-board certified Ob-Gyn, and a fellow of gynaecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She’s worked one-on-one with more than ten thousand women to help them thrive through perimenopause and beyond, and millions more through her best-selling books and online presence. She’s the author of ‘The Hormone Fix’ and ‘Keto-Green 16’ - and has just released her latest book, ‘MenuPause’, an easy-to-follow diet plan to help break the often-vicious cycle of menopause symptoms. Dr. Anna combines modern medicine with time-tested natural remedies to offer a holistic and highly effective approach to managing menopause. She’s also been through menopause not once, but TWICE – so it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about it. Join Shelley for episode #2 of Season Two of The Aging Project Podcast, as she chats to Dr. Anna about: How being diagnosed with early menopause and infertility at just 39 took her on ahealing journey around the world and changed her life’s work – and the surprising (andwonderful!) results she experienced How doing less can actually be more when it comes to managing the symptoms of peri-menopause The power of shaking up your diet, and how combining dietary approaches can be somuch more efficient than sticking to just one How to shake the peri-menopausal brain fog Her belief that community and knowledge sharing is imperative to empowering andsupporting all women as they transition to menopause How the hormonal weight gain is not your fault – and how to combat it Her daily routine for boosting oxytocin and decreasing cortisol Here are FIVE key tests Dr. Anna she says all women over forty need to ask their doctor for: Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy  Haemoglobin A1C HSCRP DHEA-S URINE PH  The products she recommends to support a healthy journey to menopauseThe Aging Project is on a mission to discover and share the secrets to aging well, and toempower you to make great choices for your health and wellbeing in your forties and beyond Hosted by Shelley Craft, The Aging Project Podcast will introduce you to the leading minds in the field of aging fabulously. Her insightful interviews will inspire you to take middle age by the horns and make it the best time of your life! A BIT EXTRA!Thank you to Dr. Anna Cabeca for taking the time to chat with us. If you’d like more information about Dr. Anna and her work, you can find it here: https://drannacabeca.com/https://www.instagram.com/thegirlfrienddoctor/?hl=en Want to know more about The Aging Project? Come and visit us here:https://www.theagingproject.com.au/ DID YOU LOVE THIS INTERVIEW?If you found this interview interesting, helpful, entertaining, or inspiring, we need your reviews! Great reviews will enable us to keep creating amazing content to help us all age well – so, if you liked what you heard, we would be so grateful if you took a few seconds to submit a review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. We will read every review, and will feature the best one each week on our socials! READY TO AGE WELL WITH US?If you’re ready to get started on making the rest of your life the best of your life, please join us on our socials! We’ll share challenges and tips so we can all age well together - one small shift at a time. https://www.instagram.com/theagingproject/https://www.facebook.com/theagingprojectWe have a newsletter too – you can subscribe at www.theagingproject.com.au GOT FEEDBACK? WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!If you’ve got feedback or a burning question, please send it to us athello@theagingproject.com.au CREDITS:Host: Shelley CraftProducer: Amanda Attwood, founder of The Aging Project Podcast Studio Team: Poly Studios https://polystudios.com.au


2 Jul 2022

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522: Women’s Hormonal Health with Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Lucas Rockwood Show

At what age should we consider hormone replacement therapy? Why is PCOS so common? Why is it that women often struggle with ketogenic diets more than men? Our hormones play such an important role in how we look and feel, but most of us are unsure how to optimize them or what ‘normal’ hormonal balance feels like. Medical doctor Anna Cabeca is our guest on this week’s podcast to help us make sense of the endocrine system and understand our hormones better.   Listen and learn: How to support rather than suppress menopause Why coffee can jack up your blood sugar levels How women should approach ketogenic diets What urine PH can tell you about your diet and stress levels Links Dr. Anna’s Site ABOUT OUR GUEST Dr. Anna Cabeca is a menopause and sexual health expert and speaker. She is a triple board-certified OB-GYN, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine doctor. Her books include: The Hormone Fix, Keto-Green 16, and MenuPause. Nutritional Tip of the Week Reactive hypoglycemia Like the Show? Leave us a Review on iTunes


29 Jun 2022

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All About Hormones with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Plan Simple with Mia Moran

Dr. Anna tells us exactly what's happening in our bodies after kids, and different ways we can respond and feel our best. Take good notes!This episode is taken from  Camp, a program we led in Summer of 2021 — the purpose was to pause and learn some new ideas and tools as women who are 40+. Day 1 was all about the body. We ate good food, moved in gentle ways, and learned about our hormones (and other under discussed topics).I am so excited for you to listen to this conversation with Dr. Anna Cabeca!!! What she shares will help you feel in balance in your body, but can also help make sense of relationships!Let’s all focus on one doable change this week.Plan for YOUR body. What would happen if you planned your week in service to your body? Would you sleep differently? Eat differently? Drink differently? What if you ditched what you are supposed to do? What if you treated your body like your best friend? What does she need right now in this phase?About Dr. AnnaBest-selling author, Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG, is known nationally as The Girlfriend Doctor and is host of The Girlfriend Doctor show, where she welcomes experts and guests to the show to share their insights on how women can truly thrive in body, mind and spirit. Dr. Anna is triple-board certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She holds special certifications in functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She lectures frequently on these topics throughout the world to large audiences.Her first two highly acclaimed books, The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green 16 are best-sellers. In addition, Dr. Anna is the creator of several popular virtual transformation programs – The Keto-Green Way to Breeze through Menopause, Sexual CPR, and Magic Menopause. She offers Keto-Green nutrition plans to online subscribers, is the founder of her Girlfriend Doctor Club, and the host of the vast Keto-Green community on Facebook.A passionate health advocate for both women and men. Dr. Anna has appeared on numerous television shows and has been interviewed by ABC, CBS, and NBC. Sought after by various other media, Dr. Anna has been featured as a women’s health, nutrition, weight loss, and hormone expert in Shape Magazine, Woman’s World, First Magazine, InStyle, Huff Post,Mindbodygreen, and others. Forbes Magazine reported on her success in creating and building a successful business around her flagship product Julva - an all-natural, over-the-counter cream that she developed to treat vaginal dryness and discomfort. Dr. Anna is also the creator ofother top-selling health products such as Mighty Maca Plus. Dr. Anna lives in Dallas, Texas with her daughters, horses, and dogs.

1hr 8mins

8 Jun 2022

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FFP 419 | Managing Perimenopause With Diet | MenuPause | Dr. Anna Cabeca

Fertility Friday Radio | Fertility Awareness for Pregnancy and Hormone-free birth control

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG, is triple-board certified and a fellow of gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She has special certifications in functional medicine, sexual health, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. When her own health took a troubling turn during menopause, she sought out the wisdom of healers around the world. She learned that modern medicine and time-tested natural remedies are not at odds. Working together, they create indisputable results and true well being. Using delicious, healing foods and simple lifestyle changes, Dr. Anna reclaimed her health and life. Fuelled by her belief that every woman deserves to be empowered and in control of their health and life, she developed the Keto-Green lifestyle, which has helped thousands of women opt out of menopause misery and experience a joyful transition to the next stage of their lives. Today’s episode is sponsored by the Fertility Awareness Mastery Online Self-Study Course.  The most in-depth and comprehensive online fertility awareness self-study program available. Click here to join now! Today’s episode is sponsored by the Fertility Awareness Mastery Charting Workbook.  The first fully customizable paper charting workbook of its kind, available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius editions. Click here to grab your copy today! Topics discussed in today’s episode: What inspired Dr. Anna to focus on the demographics she works with What challenges did Anna face with her specific focus area Dr. Anna’s personal experience around menopause What changes hormonally during menopause How our body changes and is effected by menopause What is the Keto Green way and why its important for specific stages in life How stress can effect early menopause Connect with Dr. Anna Cabeca: You can connect with Dr. Cabeca on her Facebook, Twitter, and on her website. Resources mentioned: The Hormone Fix Conceiving with Fertility Awareness Program The Fifth Vital Sign: Master Your Cycles & Optimize Your Fertility (Book) | Lisa Hendrickson-Jack Fertility Awareness Mastery Charting Workbook Fertility Awareness Mastery Online Self-Study Program Related podcasts & blog posts: FFP 280 | Hormones, Menopause, and Using the Keto Diet to Manage Symptoms | Dr. Anna Cabeca FFP 364 | Hormone Repair Manual | Managing Premenopause, Menopause & Beyond | Lara Briden, ND FFP 333 | The Wisdom of Menopause | Empowerment During Perimenopause and Beyond | Alexandra Pope FFP 281 | Intermittent Fasting, Keto Diets, and Why Women Should Approach it Differently | Shawn Mynar Join the community! Follow Fertility Friday on Instagram! Subscribe to the Fertility Friday Podcast in Apple Podcasts! Music Credit: Intro/Outro music Produced by J-Gantic A Special Thank You to Our Show Sponsors: Fertility Friday | Fertility Awareness Programs This episode is sponsored by my Fertility Awareness Programs! Master Fertility Awareness and take a deep dive into your cycles and how they relate to your overall health! Click here to apply now! Fertility Awareness Mastery Mentorship Program (FAMM) This episode is sponsored by FAMM! Are you a women’s health practitioner looking for a solid way to incorporate comprehensive fertility awareness chart analysis into your practice? If yes, FAMM is the program you’ve been waiting for. Click here to apply now!


3 Jun 2022

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#371: Eating Right for Menopause with Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Keto Diet Podcast

Preparing for menopause is something all women need to be thinking of. With the right tweaks here and there (nothing crazy!) we can setup our bodies for success through this life transition. And, if you’re nearing menopause, or already experienced it, our guest shares helpful tips to getting your body; and hormones, supported. RESOURCES Today’s guide: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/learn/ Keto question? Need help? Send me a message: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/contact/ Women and Health Research: Ethical and Legal Issues of Including Women in Clinical Studies: Volume I: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK236538/ Systems Biology, Toxins, Obesity, and Functional Medicine: https://drhyman.com/downloads/Toxins-and-Obesity.pdf Understanding the carb up: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/carbup/ Get a copy of Menupause: https://amzn.to/3NuO8mF PARTNERS Use the code KETODIET for 20% off Eaton Hemp: https://eatonhemp.com/ketodiet Paleovalley non-binge protein bars + whole food vitamin C + apple cider vinegar get 15% off your first order with code KETO: http://paleovalley.com/


31 May 2022