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Episode 302: Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño, Sara Vaughn – Motherhood and Running Panel for the Donna Foundation

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño and Sara Vaughn joined me for the fearless mother runner panel to support the Donna Foundation last month and I’m airing it on I’ll Have Another podcast today!!  This conversation is heavily focused on motherhood and running and I hope you enjoy it! If you want to learn more about my guests for this panel- they’ve all been on the show before on their own episodes you can listen to – Alysia Montaño episode 40. Steph Bruce episodes 130, 159, 207 and 229. and Sara Vaughn, episode 283. BIG THANK YOU to anyone who has supported the Donna Foundation which help those with breast cancer- through donating, running the Michelob Mile, running the Donna Marathon Weekend and helping spread the work about this great organization! Support the Donna Foundation – Register for the Mother’s Day your Way Event! Use code “Lindsey5” when you register! What we talked about: 9:25- Introduction to Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño and Sara Vaughn 11:20- How each of their goals and perspectives have changed since becoming a mother 18:30- The biggest messages that they have for new mothers 27:00- Balancing chasing their career and running goals while dealing with mom guilt 36:30- Their thoughts on being a mother runner and being a mother and runner at the same time 41:15- A season in their running career that they have been fearless 51:00- Their thoughts on not defining their career based on specific measures and what they think it can show their kids 57:35: Alysia’s organization &Mother  1:02:05- Their messages to the world Connect with Lindsey:  Lindsey on Instagram Lindsey on Twitter Lindsey on Facebook  Join the I’ll Have Another Facebook Group Support the I’ll Have Another Podcast on Patreon Donate to my Donna Foundation Fundraiser Sponsors: Previnex Use code “another” for 15% off your order SandyBoy Productions Shows:  Why is Everyone Yelling? The Up and Running Podcast The Illuminate Podcast The post Episode 302: Steph Bruce, Alysia Montaño, Sara Vaughn – Motherhood and Running Panel for the Donna Foundation appeared first on Lindsey Hein.

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19 Feb 2021