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Your Leadership Superpower | Jake Carlson

Beyond Success

Are you caught in the waves of business, being thrown this way and that? Maybe you’ve had a string of ‘failures’ and feel like maybe you’re just not cut out for being an entrepreneur? Remember that this is just proof that you ARE an entrepreneur! Welcome to this episode of the Beyond Success Podcast. This series of conversations with business experts and captains of industry, is here to serve you in your growth as an entrepreneur. No matter what level of success you are at, there are always areas of growth open to us. So please join us in the collective uplift by listening, learning, enjoying and sharing this podcast! This week Daniel has a one-to-one conversation with Business Leader Jake Carlson, offering some key information and points of focus for anyone who is running their own business. Jake Carlson is a business leader, an inspirational speaker, and a 9-5 dropout. After 11 years as a tax attorney, he chose “different”. Jake is on a mission to help Elite Achievers become leaders by mastering the CIA of Influence: Conviction, Irresistibility & Accountability. Dan’s episode of Jake’s podcast: https://jakeacarlson.com/215-qualified-reality-transurfing-expert-daniel-mangena/ Connect with Jake here: Website: jakeacarlson.com Take your superpower test here: jakeacarlson.com/dwd twitter: @jakeacarlson facebook: /speakerjake instagram: /jakeacarlson linkedin: /jakeacarlson To subscribe to my YouTube channel, please go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdAvGk6xa5fptmdULliJrg Want to manifest money now? Play the 'Money Game' to harness the power of micro-shifting to attract abundance immediately. Get your Ebook for $1. Buy NOW. Do you want inevitable & sustainable financial abundance, based on your own unique 'Money DNA'? Watch our brand new webinar Interested in working with Dan 1-2-1? In collaboration with other highly successful experts, he will help you reach financial freedom in 6 months or less: Apply Here *PLEASE RATE US AND SHARE* Join me on: Facebook Instagram Twitter Music Credit: "Freeling", Lauren Duski Timestamps of interest: 01:09 - Meet ‘Top Cat’ Jake Carlson! 08:00 - Being in dialogue 09:03 - Your business problem fits into one of three categories 12:00 - The ‘CIA’ of influence 16:24 - Don’t waste time - look for connections 19:46 - Which business ‘surfer’ are you? 24:58 - Discover your leadership superpower! 27:12 - A parting quote


16 Aug 2021

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1524: Discovering and Amplifying Your Superpower with Jake Carlson Founder and Owner of Lifeplan Legal

The Entrepreneur Way

Jake Carlson is a business coach, host of the Modern Leadership Podcast and founder of LifePlan Legal, a values-based estate planning firm. An avid traveler, Jake took his three kids out of school for the adventure of a lifetime, spending a year living in 12 countries from Bagan, Myanmar to Paris, France, overcoming robbery, redeye flights and Haggis while learning to love the rich cultures of the world. “you have got to get in the game, you have got to go after it, you have got to passionate about it. And if you are not passionate about it you have got to find a different goal, you have got to find a different game to play. You have got to be willing to get up early, you have got to be willing to stay up late, you have got to be willing to get off that couch and turn off the Netflix. You have got to be willing to go that distance and if you’re not my advice is find something else you are passionate about. We live in a world where you can accomplish so many amazing things aligning with your passion don’t keep beating your head against the wall trying to accomplish something that is not your passion”…[Listen for More] Click Here for Show Notes To Listen or to Get the Show Notes go to https://wp.me/p6Tf4b-7rh


5 Apr 2020

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Jake Carlson Launches Elite Achiever Academy

Mission Matters Money with Adam Torres

What happens when an entrepreneur or business owner hits a plateau? Maybe it's time for outside help?  In this episode, Adam Torres and Jake Carlson, Founder and Owner of LifePlan Legal AZ, explore how the Elite Achiever Academy is helping businesses prosper. Follow Adam on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/podcastguest


23 Mar 2020

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Attorney Jake Carlson

Arizona Sunset Podcast

Attorney Jake Carlson discusses Living Wills, Long Term Care Insurance, and how to pass on one's values as well as their assets upon death. He also shares some experiences from those who didn't take the proper steps and it caused much expense and heartache.


27 Aug 2019

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Jake Carlson Attorney & Founder of LifePlan Legal and host of the Modern Leadership Podcast

Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres

 Jake Carlson Attorney & Founder of LifePlan Legal and host of the Modern Leadership Podcast is interviewed in this episode.  Follow Adam on Instagram at Ask Adam Torres for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.  Apply to become a featured co-author in one of Adam's upcoming books: https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/coauthor --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/moneymatters/support


14 Aug 2019

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Episode #20: What's Your SuperPower? Find out with Jake Carlson!

Gruler Nation Podcast

Jake Carlson is a business leader, podcaster, inspirational speaker, and founder of LifePlan Legal. After 11 years as a tax attorney, he took his three kids out of school for the adventure of a lifetime, spending a year living abroad from Bagan, Myanmar to Paris, France, overcoming robbery, redeye flights, and Haggis. Now, he splits his time between hockey practice, dance recitals, and running LifePlan Legal, an East Valley Arizona law firm focused on family legacy planning, strategies to pass your values and your valuables to the next generation. In Episode #20, Jake talks about his life journey, how he got to where he is today, and how he plans to use his life coaching lessons to continue to help others. Jake refers to himself as a leadership junkie and developed these passions since he discovered and became a mentee of the late Zig Ziglar at the age of 8.  To learn more about Jake Carlson's law firm you can visit his website at lifeplanlegalaz.com especially if you are looking for Estate Planning help or Elder Care Services. Also check out jakeacarlson.com/gnp to take a quick and easy Leadership SuperPower Assessment made especially for Gruler Nation listeners!  #grulernation #podcast #business #inspirationalspeaker #founder #LifePlanLegal #attorney #arizona #values #generations #IRS #planning #influence #conviction #irresistibly #accountability #leadership #SuperPower #adapt #accountability #confidence  The Gruler Nation Podcast is a show that focuses on conversations with interesting "Level 10" people passionate about changing the world with their work, relationships and ideas. The show is hosted by Robert Gruler, an attorney and founding partner of the R&R Law Group, a criminal defense law firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona focused on helping good people charged with crimes move forward with their lives.    Interested in being on the show? Email Robert directly at robert@rrlawaz.com or visit www.robgruler.com for more information.   Support the show (https://www.ericshouse.org/donate/)


10 Jul 2019

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084 Jake Carlson

Stories that Empower

Jake shares a lesson in gratitude. As a tax attorney in corporate America, he felt he wasn't there for his kids. Jake decided that the quality of his time with his family was important to him. He took his kids out of school and his family spent the next year living in 12 countries. Through this journey, Jake learned that we tend to focus more on quantity (e.g. we collect a lot of stuff) than on quality. Visiting a WW2 concentration camp, a trip highlight, was a humbling experience. Jake shares these powerful nuggets of life wisdom: - when life kicks you, keep the perspective - take inventory of what you already have - be grateful for the blessings and the opportunities that you have - be clear on what you want - continue persevering through the challenges https://jakeacarlson.com To take Jake's free leader super power assessment:  https://familybeforefortune.lpages.co/stories-that-empower-podcast-guest-page/ tags: Jake, Carlson, jakeacarlson.com, modern, leader, leadership, superpower, podcaster, speaker, writer, mentor, entrepreneur, family before fortune, storiesthatempower.com, stories that empower, empowering stories, empowerment stories, stories of empowerment, stories of empowering others, self empowerment stories, stories empower, inspire, inspiring, inspiration, uplift, uplifting, upliftment, hope, light, Sean


22 Apr 2019

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141: Going from an elite achiever to an elite leader in business with Jake Carlson

The Home Service Business Owner Podcast

Jake Carlson is a business leader, an inspirational speaker, and a 9-5 dropout.  After 11 years as a tax attorney, he chose different. Taking his three kids out of school for the adventure of a lifetime, the family spent a year living in 12 countries from Bagan, Myanmar to Paris, France, overcoming robbery, redeye flights and Haggis while learning to love the rich cultures of the world. All of which he expected. What he didnt expect was the journey of Leadership this decision would create. From the high-rises of London to the nipa huts of Malaysia, the need for strong leadership is everywhere. But where are the leaders? Jake is on a mission to help Elite Achievers become leaders by mastering the CIA of Influence - Conviction, Irresistibility & Accountability. In my conversation with Jake, we learn about why he decided to leave the "comfortable" job that he had held for over 10 years to do something unthinkable...quit and travel the world. We also dig into the importance of anyone in a leadership role to actually become a LEADER. There are plenty of managers but very few leaders.


8 May 2018

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188 Jake Carlson Influential Leader, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur

Stop Riding the Pine

  Jake Carlson Jake Carlson left his 9-5 job for self-discovery and entrepreneurship. He traveled the world to discover the need for great leadership and what it takes to become a great leader in business and in life. “The CIA of influence is what gives people the ability to take a message and create action.… The post 188 Jake Carlson Influential Leader, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur appeared first on Bottleneck Distant Assistants.


31 Jan 2018

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Seeing Church Leadership in 12 Different Countries | An Interview with Jake Carlson

Leading Saints Podcast

Jake Carlson, MBA/JD, is a leadership development expert and host of the Modern Leadership Podcast. He created the Elite Achiever Academy to encourage leadership through the CIA of Influence (Conviction, Irresistibility & Accountability). He holds a JD in taxation from California Western School of Law, an MBA in Finance from San Diego State University and a BA from Brigham Young University. Additionally, he is the former Chief Operating Officer of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Area Council, BSA and Associate Regional Director of the National BSA Foundation. Jake has been a Young Men leader, a Sunday School teacher, and Sunday School president. His passion is leadership, influence, and helping others discover their zone of genius. After a year abroad, Jake, Kari, and their three children settled (for the time being) in Gilbert, Arizona.Recently, Jake and his family returned from spending nearly a year traveling to twelve countries around the world experiencing the cultures and how the church functions. The Carlson family began their journey in the Philippines, where Brother Carlson served his mission, before traveling to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Czech republic, Italy, Scotland, England, France, and Wells before returning home to the United States. In the podcast episode, Brother Carlson shares his experiences about the uniqueness of the church in different parts of the world and lessons that he learned as he had opportunities to serve far from home.Enter Jake...In the last year, as a family, we traveled through 12 countries in Asia and Europe, attending 11 different wards, eight branches, one group, and even worshipping in Mandalay, Myanmar, where the Church doesn’t have a presence (yet). Every Sunday provided unique experiences, new friends, and even a few universals (who is teaching Elder’s Quorum this week… anyone?) The Church is awesome wherever you travel; regardless of culture, language, or the poverty within the local geography.We learned a lot, grew closer as a family and saw things our journals will memorialize for generations. We love the Church and found a warm, welcoming church family in every house of worship we attended. The Lord knows the experiences we need and continues to provide opportunities for us to learn. One opportunity in particular changed my understanding of leadership as we passed through Prague, Czech Republic. What started as a two-week stop to see the world-famous Christmas markets turned into 75 days of fun, fellowship, and service. It was there that I learned, really learned, about Sunday School lesson preparation.It happened when a Sunday School teacher asked if I could fill in for her by preparing a Gospel Principles lesson on the Creation for the following week. I agreed. The Czech Republic ocated in Central Europe, east of Germany and north of Austria and has a population over 10 million,  2,500 of which are church members. Formed following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the people have endured many difficult years, including German occupation during World War II and subsequently becoming a one-party communist state. The Church likewise struggled, but the Saints grew strong. For over 40 years, public activity of the Church was prohibited, but members quietly kept their faith, at times sneaking copies of The Book of Mormon into the country with false covers to avoid confiscation. Finally, in 1990, through the efforts of President Monson, the church was granted recognition; there were 345 members. In 2016, President Uchtdorf organized the first stake in the Czech Republic, headquartered in the capital city, Prague. Leadership in the Prague Ward is incredible and missionary work is gathering momentum.Each Sunday, about one quarter of the Prague ward attendance consists of visitors. Sacrament meeting is in Czech, but guests can borrow headphones to listen while the full-time missionaries translate.


8 Oct 2017