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033 - Tips On Using A Facebook Group To Grow Your Business With Brent Weaver

Secrets To Scale

This week on the show, I have Brent Weaver, the CEO and Founder of UGURUS. Brent is a successful, serial entrepreneur. Brent and I talk about the strategy behind creating a successful Facebook group for your business as well as what not to do. I think you’ll find a lot of value in this episode, so stick around.


11 May 2021

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E200: The wisdom of 200 podcasts with Brent Weaver

The Digital Agency Show | Helping Agency Owners Transform Their Business Mindset to Increase Prices, Work Less, and Grow Profits

Brent Weaver leads the vision for UGURUS and creates educational programs that help agency owners work on their business to drive additional revenues, increase profits, and create freedom in their life. He built his first website at 15, and created his first web-design business at 17. That company grew into a successful, 14-person web agency that was acquired in 2012. Brent has helped thousands of other web professionals master business skills and has made more than $10mm as an entrepreneur. He published the best-selling book, Get Rich In The Deep End, in 2020.Brent is interviewed by his good friend, fellow entrepreneur Marc Gutman.


27 Apr 2021

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Interview with Brent Weaver from uGurus

The Agency Accelerator

In this episode of The Agency Accelerator Podcast, I am joined by the CEO and co-founder of uGurus, Brent Weaver. Brent and I had similar beginnings in the agency world. In this episode, Brent shares his journey and we look at how your agency can adapt and grow in 2021. [03:55] Adaptability, Specialisation, and Authority In times of global challenge, the only way for agencies to thrive and grow is by adapting (and listening to your clients), specialising, and building authority.  Specialise by finding your niche - the more specific, the better, then broaden out over time. To build authority and awareness you should focus on growing your list of subscribers - so when clients are ready to buy, they reach out because you have stayed in touch and continued to provide value. [07:41] The fear of going niche Niching is the best way of separating yourself from the crowd and winning more business. Generalised agencies tend to differentiate by pricing (being cheaper than the competition) and overpromising. This is not a sustainable strategy.  [13:30] Stay Focused It's easy to get distracted by new ways to bring in revenue. These ‘shiny new objects’ will be a distraction from your core services, and if you are not careful you will end up losing income. So get clear on who you are and what you offer and stay focused! [21:17] The Yes Mentality Just because you can do it does not mean you should do it. Think of your business as a system. This system can only continue to run well if it is not interrupted by adding in new services that don’t fit in your agency and you don’t have a system for. It's always best to refer these clients elsewhere rather than to make a mistake that may later cost you the client and lost revenue.   [29:27] Getting agency owners to let go We often find agency owners continue to want to have their hand in every project or be in the know of every detail, but this is not possible if you're going to continue to grow. The only way to let go is by hiring all-star A-players who can do the task better than you!  [34:05] Trends in 2021 The digital ecosystem is here to stay. Post pandemic companies are looking to shift and adapt, and with everything going digital, those who were resisting it before now have no choice but to evolve and grow ….or fail. Rate, Review, & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts “I enjoy listening to The Agency Accelerator Podcast. I always learn something from every episode”<– If that sounds like you, please consider rating and reviewing my show! This helps me support more people — just like you — move towards a Self-Running Agency. Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap to rate with five stars, and select “Write a Review.” Then be sure to let me know what you loved most about the episode! Also, if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the podcast. I’m adding a bunch of bonus episodes to the feed and, if you’re not subscribed, there’s a good chance you’ll miss out. Subscribe now! Useful links mentioned in this episode: ·     uGurus website ·     Cloudways website ·     Brent’s Linkedin profile ·     Brent’s Twitter profile


22 Apr 2021

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Getting Rich and Getting It Right with Digital Marketing | Brent Weaver

All In with Rick Jordan

Press Play for: Finding your Audience and Ideal Customer What to do if your Team doesn't Jive with your Customer Why you don't want to go after ‘Everybody’ in your Marketing How to ‘Dial In’ your Sales The Thing that Woke Up Business Owners to Digital Marketing The 3 Things you Need in a Market We Meet: Brent Weaver - Founder & CEO of UGurus  Episode References:  Get Rich in the Deep End - https://www.amazon.com/Get-Rich-Deep-End-Audaciously OwnYourMarket.com Phrase - There's Riches in the Niches - Pat Flynn Dirty Jobs - Mike Rowe - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Rowe Documentary Happy - https://www.amazon.com/Happy-Dalai-Lama Connect: Connect with Rick: https://linktr.ee/mrrickjordan Connect with Guest: https://ugurus.com/ Subscribe and Review to ALL IN with Rick Jordan on iTunes Subscribe and Comment on CastBox Subscribe on Google Podcasts or Google Play Follow on Spotify Subscribe and Review on Stitcher About Guest: During one of the most disruptive times in our entire history, people are floundering when it comes to where to use their buying power. Whether you’re a digital agency owner concerned about how to stay essential, or anyone else running a client-based business, Brent Weaver has the solution. From a bank balance of three dollars, Brent grew his digital agency to seven figures a year while managing more than 300 active clients, including Dish, Anheuser-Busch, InBev, and Adobe. As the Founder & CEO of UGURUS, he creates educational programs that help digital agency owners get more leads, secure more deals, drive additional revenue, increase profits, and achieve freedom in business and life. When readers follow the principles in his newest book, Get Rich In The Deep End, they’ll identify their ideal target audience, build awareness of their business, use stories and frameworks to attract the right customers, establish their authority, and build a marketing engine that will help them acquire a solid, growing client base. Whether you’re just starting out in business or you’re an industry veteran who can’t seem to get the recognition you deserve, Brent shows entrepreneurs and business owners all over the country how to own their market to become an invaluable expert for their chosen industry and build the stable, successful business they’ve always dreamed of.


9 Feb 2021

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Building 7 Figure Businesses with Brent Weaver

Entrepreneur Adventure Amazon Wholesale Online Business Podcast

Are you a skilled technician with little know-how on running a business? Brent Weaver feels your pain. After making some costly mistakes in his first business, Brent created something that would have saved his younger self. Founder of uGurus, a training service that specializes in helping digital agencies run their business, Brent is here to remind us why it’s important to think like a tech wiz and a CEO if you want real entrepreneurial freedom. Show Notes and Transcript: https://entrepreneuradventure.com/60


4 Feb 2021

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E82 Brent Weaver: Get Rich in the Deep End With Brent Weaver

Operation Agency Freedom - The #1 Podcast for Digital Agency Owners in North America

In this episode, Brent Weaver discusses the similarities between BMX and business, emphasizing the importance of being willing to keep trying and failing in order to learn and succeed in business and in life. He speaks on the significance of a service mindset, connecting with your clients often and focusing on what’s working well for them, specifically for agency owners during the era of covid-19. Brent also shares with us his favorite elements of his new book and offers powerful advice on the most constructive way to deal with rejection and failure in your career. Don’t forget to subscribe to Operation Agency Freedom podcast to stay up-to-date about the best ways to own your agency: https://dudeagency.io/category/podcast/


14 Jan 2021

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Brent Weaver - Cloudways - Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Simplified - Agency Success GPS Podcast - Lee Goff - Episode 25

Agency Success GPS Podcast - Featuring Lee Goff - Your Marketing Agency Coach

Cloudways - Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Simplified. A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Where Teams Can Build, Deploy, Scale & Manage Phenomenal Web ApplicationsIn Today’s Episode, I Am Talking With Brent Weaver, A Brand Evangelist For Cloudways, A Cloud Based Hosting Program That Helps You Manage More Efficiently And Can Cut Your Hosting Costs Up To 70%.Brent Weaver Is On A Mission To Help 10,000 Digital Agency Owners Achieve Freedom In Business And Life By Helping Them Own Their Market. We Are Talking About Simplifying Hosting Experiences Because We Believe In Empowering Individuals, Teams And Businesses.Takeaways From This Episode:Hear Lee And Brent’s  Hosting War Stories.Cut Your Hosting Up To 70%Getting Hit By A Bus Idea!What's An Ideal Recurring Revenue-Based Business Model For An Agency?How Do You Get Peace Of Mind In Your Agency?Cloudways has set high standards of performance, committed to complete freedom of choice coupled with simplicity and agility in every process. Backed by an innovative approach, their platform is built on best-of-breed technologies and industry-leading infrastructure providers that create smooth managed cloud hosting experiences. And, they do this by investing in the right talent and by organizing the perfect teams, diversifying revenue streams by adding (and building on) solid recurring revenue. Why agencies need to abstract the technical layer if they're going to offer hosting.Brent talks about being in a situation where they had the keys to the client's infrastructure, emails, websites, e-commerce, processing millions of dollars in orders a year. And he had the thought if one of them gets hit by a bus like the client is kind of screwed, and so they decided, they needed to move their infrastructure. So, if they end up getting hit by a bus, there's still an infrastructure component. Boom - Cloudways. Cloudways does beautifully, it gives you access to that cloud hosting layer, but also provides that management layer on top of it so that you don't have to have any sysadmin people. Brent explains that in a little more detail.It's really hard to replace a person who's in two very distinct seats - Like a lead developer, and sysadmin all in one. And replacing that person who's like an amazing developer. It's kind of a unicorn person. It can be expensive and also hard to find. So, Brent always tells people, anytime you have that team member that basically has become a unicorn in your business, It’s best to try to separate that.Cloudways has what they call their agency partner program. They took some of the advice from the Mavericks and they went in and did customer development, user experience research with agency owners and said, “Hey, what do you guys actually need from a managed hosting provider?” They came back with three main things: Jerry Maguire moment, ”Show me the money, right?” They want to have better pricing because they feel like one agency is bringing 50 sites or 10 servers or whatever, not just bringing one server at a time. So we should get a better deal. The second big thing is support. Having a team, depending on what level, you have a different additional layer of support. Then having exclusive access to some other resources. Someone helping them to grow their business and solve problems outside of just the hosting bucketBrent would love for more agencies to explore Cloudways as a managed hosting provider. Whether you're on WordPress or using another system that is hosted, looking at them to provide that infrastructure would be probably a smart move. Their team has been an absolute joy to work with and I can highly recommend them. www.marketingagencycoach.com


11 Jan 2021

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EP 84: Ensuring Stability for Digital Agencies, with Brent Weaver

THRIVE: Your Agency Resource

The post EP 84: Ensuring Stability for Digital Agencies, with Brent Weaver appeared first on Kelly Campbell.


11 Nov 2020

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From garage band to concert hall for creatives: Brent Weaver on freelancing in the Deep End

Clients From Hell Podcast

The difference between playing in the garage and playing in an arena is one of finding your audience. Sure, you can stay in your garage and have your mom tell you you're great, or you can get out in front of a crowd and find out what they like.  On today's episode, Brent Weaver of uGurus.com explains how a creative freelancer can apply this insight to freelancing, by getting out there and finding the right clients for you, sharing the same strategies that have helped hundreds of consultants get ahead with with host Kyle Carpenter. Check it out! Today's links:  https://ugurus.com https://ownyourmarket.com email brent@ugurus.com for the Field Guide! Theme song by topmen.bandcamp.com! Want to support the show? Think you'd be a great fit for the show? Let me know at twitter.com/KCarCFH Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or recommend us to a friend. It helps immensely.


5 Nov 2020

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#290 - Own your market (and how to find it) - Brent Weaver

Agency Trailblazer Podcast - The web design podcast

With times changing so significantly in 2020 and beyond, how can you build a business that owns its market? How do you discover the right market? How can you stand out and become an authority in your industry? These are all questions our wonderful returning guest, Brent Weaver tackles as we discuss us brand-new book "Get rich in the deep end". Full show notes: https://agencytrailblazer.com/own-your-market-and-how-to-find-it/


29 Oct 2020