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IZZE Sparkling Juice Grapefruit with Cynthia Bangert

Poppin' Bottles

Talented adventurist, Cynthia Bangert (Clued In, Hitch*Cocktails ) shares how IZZE Grapefruit started as a college fave and became the beverage of her dreams. She resolves to keep it cozy and crafty in 2020 then introduces us to a new cute critter!#NotRob finds secret buttholes and Josh shares a viral video. Rate us on Apple Podcasts and give us your money! Cyzzie Fizzy.5 oz Malort1 oz Limoncello1.5 oz VodkaFill with IZZE Sparkling Juice Grapefruit

1hr 13mins

16 Jan 2020

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166: Cynthia Bangert and Ryan Ben


CYNTHIA BANGERT and RYAN BEN and  bear witness to Sammy’s week of hell on the newest PopFury! The fantastic couple also talks about who won Christmas, a romantic date of overindulgence, getting suckered into adopting 2 cats and Cynthia's sisters! Note: For those of you who want just Cynthia & Ryan, simply jump to 39:00 of the podcast! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:05 Ryan, the “owner” of the PopFury podcast gives his Owner’s Statement 3:00 Sammy’s Hell Week Part One: The Catheter (AKA Ryan's quest to pick up Sammy) 16:45 Sammy’s Hell Week Part Two: The Nose Tampon (AKA Ryan critiques Sammy’s pick up technique) “One of the thoughts I had on my way back to the hospital...because I was really for sure convinced I was gonna die was--’Was I good in the last show I did?’” 28:35 Sammy’s Hell Week Part Three: Food Poisoning (AKA Grossed-out Cynthia says “StopFury”)  Sammy also recounts all the times he’s gotten stitches in his head. 39:00 Ryan won Christmas over Cynthia with his superior gifting. “Ryan’s my little ball of sugar…” 46:20 Ryan and Cynthia got into tiff about her oversharing. They way overindulged for their romantic Christmas dinner. 52:20 They got suckered into adopting 2 cats. Cynthia gives Julie Pearson a shout out. 59:00 Sammy finds out what Cynthia had planned with family instead doing the podcast. Cynthia and Ryan are doing a “25 workouts in December” challenge. 1:04:25 Sammy grills Cynthia about her sisters and their forced foursomes of sister activities that are “fun” and they “enjoy” “This could be thing we look back on and go, ‘That’s why we’re not together anymore…’” 1:12:05 Cynthia and Ryan each try to describe Cynthia’s sisters in 1 word.  Buckle in, y’all. 1:21:35 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen to PopFury on Google Play Music!

1hr 25mins

29 Dec 2016

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130: Cynthia Bangert and Ryan Ben


CYNTHIA BANGERT and RYAN BEN (@ryanjoeben) leave Sammy gasping for breath as they keep him laughing when they talk about Cynthia's digital habits, traveling to Japan, lugging a heavy bookcase, and the Internet-named research ship, "Boaty McBoatface" SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:00 Ryan presents his “Owner’s” Statement and offers to donate 1 penny per listen to from now until his year-in-review episode at the end of the year to a charity of Sammy's choice.“Cynthia Bangert blames her inability to answer e-mails...on smartphones. That’s on the record.”4:45 Cynthia didn’t respond to Sammy’s pre-show e-mail--but Ryan responded on her behalf. Sammy gets to the root of Cynthia’s unresponsiveness and learns way too much about her Solitaire habits. 14:15 Ryan’s parents celebrated their 30th anniversary last week and Ryan has his 30th birthday in May...Sammy does the math. 17:00 They are visiting Japan in the Fall. Ryan plugs Emirates Airlines. 25:00 Cynthia made Ryan carry a "too-heavy" bookcase. Ryan plugs Nadeau Furniture. Sammy learns of Cynthia’s craftiness. Ryan plugs Twix.“I can’t tell you how many things get kissed in our bed that aren’t me.”30:50 They are training for their second triathlon. Sammy wonders why they would do that...again. 37:15 Please listen to our podcast pals at Rabbit Hole and Remake! 38:30 The internet chose the name for multi-million dollar polar research vessel: Boaty McBoatface. Cynthia doesn’t understand how boats work.“You have been gifted the miracle of time travel, you're going to see yourself ten years ago...and your suggestion [to yourself] is simply going to be 'Wash more'?!? ”42:45 Both Ryan and Cynthia are turning 30 this year. They share the advice they would give their 19-year-old selves. 55:55 Outro Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher!


21 Mar 2016

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Episode 74 - MBSing with Cynthia Bangert - Children's Books

The Nerdologues Present: MBSing

Cynthia is the sweetest gal on the block, so it was no surprise she wanted to chat about fun children's books with me. From her days as an actual child to her daytime nanny gig, she's run the gamut of being into good stories and good characters and good fun in books for kids. We talk about her favorite book as a child, some of her favorite working authors of children's books, A Visitor For Bear, and, of course, the obligatory Dr. Seuss worshiping. I loved getting into what kinds of things she thinks are important for kids to get out of books and what kinds of stories she loves. Pop a squat and open up this audio book, listeners!

1hr 28mins

5 Nov 2014

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