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Creating freedom, being a lifelong learner & using your voice, with Joel Weldon

The Freedom Parents

In this Episode, We Talk About: Being able to find the good, even from bad experiences. The mindset shifts and changes in perspectives we need in our lives. The ingredients to financial success and freedom. Living fully without the need for self-discipline or willpower. Resources + Links: Download our FREE Goal Getter Bundle HERE Follow The Freedom Parents on Instagram | @thefreedomparents Subscribe to the Youtube Channel | The Freedom Parents YOUTUBE Find more resources on our website | thefreedomparents.com Order The Freedom Parents book on Amazon The Freedom Parents by Samantha & Harold Prestenbach Connect with Samantha on Instagram | @samantha_prestenbach Show Notes: Do you want to know the key to living a long, fulfilling life? Today, we are excited to be hosting our first ever interview with our special guest, Joel Weldon, a Hall of Fame professional speaker with over 50 years of experience! He’s here to share his wisdom on how he’s lived a successful life full of challenges, accomplishments, and freedom! How can we find the blessings in disguise? What is the key to financial success? Why is it important to understand the plan? What do you need to know to find freedom for yourself? We’ll be covering all this and even more, so don’t miss out on this episode! 0:00:00 Meet our first ever interview guest, Joel Weldon, life coach and Hall of Fame professional public speaker for over 50 years! 0:03:35 What is special about Joel? 0:06:40 When did your mindset shift? 0:09:55 What discovery did you make about the experiences in your life? 0:14:10 How can you get more involved with your kids? 0:17:35 Changing your perspective to change your life. 0:19:25 What was the turning point in your life? 0:22:05 Learned skills versus natural talent. 0:23:05 After you placed top three in the world, what new opportunities came to you? 0:27:00 How do you look for the good from the bad? 0:30:05 What happens when we believe in the plan? 0:33:10 Why should we surround ourselves with wisdom? 0:35:05 What do we miss out on when we give up? 0:38:40 What are the ingredients to financial freedom? 0:41:20 The importance of becoming irreplaceable. 0:45:00 Who are your coaches and what is the value of learning? 0:47:05 Why is public speaking necessary? 0:51:05 What made you start drinking only water? 0:57:20 What is the effect of eating right on our bodies? 1:03:35 Making radical changes without willpower. 1:08:35 How do you find that epiphany moment? 1:09:35 What final wisdom do you have to share? 1:11:20 How can you become a better speaker?

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29 Mar 2022

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How to Open and Close Any Presentation with Joel Weldon

The Idea Climbing™ Podcast

Idea Climbing® Podcast Episode 45 If you’re an entrepreneur you’re constantly presenting to people. But are you doing it effectively? I recently discussed a component of successful presentations with Joel Weldon, a Hall of Fame professional speaker with over 3,000 paid talks and who has personally coached over 10,000 speakers. Yes, he knows a thing or two about presentations. A presentation is anything that you’re communicating ideas to someone else. This could be an email, a phone call, a video call, an interview and, of course, live and virtual business presentations and many other formats. All of those are the same in the sense that they need to start some place and end some place. According to Joel, to successfully open and close a presentation you need to have a S.Y.S.T.E.M. What is that? “Saves You Stress, Time, Energy, Money”. Think about the last presentation you made. How did it open and close? Were you strategic? The key tip for opening your next presentation is to always make it about your audience. You know it’s about them if you use one three-letter word and get rid of one one-letter word. Those words are “you” and “I”. When you’re presenting it’s not about you its about them. Consider something as simple as an email. Open your email by writing about the other person. Instead of “Hello Chris, I’m writing you because…” consider “Hello Chris, I hope you’ve had a great week so far and all is well with you.” That’s a simple twist and now you have them engaged in the email. In this episode you’ll also learn about: More tips for successfully opening your written presentations. How to open business video presentations. A deeper dive into the S.Y.S.T.E.M approach and an invitation from Joel to set up a 30-minute call to discuss your situation and goals. Why Joel believes that a call to action should never be the closing of your presentations, and what to do instead. The three types of calls to action to include in your presentations, just not at the end. 22 words of advice for successfully presenting your ideas to your audiences. …and more golden nuggets of advice! If you enjoy this episode please rate us and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or your podcasting platform of choice. About The Guest Joel Weldon: At age 18— Joel never stood up in four years of high school and gave an oral report or spoke in front of his class, he was so shy and had no confidence. At age 28— he spoke in front of an audience for the first time. It was part of his job. Afterwards, he was told he was the worst speaker the audience had ever heard. If that happened to you, what would you have done? At age 36— Joel was inducted into the professional speakers Hall of Fame, standing alongside the world famous speaker Zig Ziglar. How is that possible? As of today, Joel has been paid to speak at over 3,000 events and has personally coached well over 10,000 speakers and created an Ultimate Speaking System that works. Plus, he coaches 1 on 1 successful entrepreneurs who are committed to being amazing in their audience’s eyes. You can learn more about Joel here: http://www.UltimateSpeaker.net http://www.SuccessComesInCans.com


23 Mar 2022

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Speaking Excellence into Customer Service with Joel Weldon

Standing On Service Podcast

Joel Weldon, professional speaker, joins this episode of the podcast to talk about how speaking can help all of us with customer service. He shares his own story of how he got into speaking professionally, and how he has been able to use this to create customer service. For business leaders, they talk about how you can create standards across several businesses, and how you can help foster excellent speaking and customer service in your own companies. Key Takeaways: Joel's exposure to the business world was as a customer. Speaking wasn’t something that was natural for him, but after his first sales presentation, he got life-changing feedback that shaped the course of his professional speaking career of over 46 years. No matter what business you’re in, you are a speaker. There are three keys that tie speaking to customer service: 1. Speaking is a learned skill 2. Being an excellent communicator is being yourself 3. It’s always about what’s going to be best for the customer; they are the lifeblood of your business. Joel and Troy talk about how to standardize communication across different branches or locations. The words that you teach the people on your team are important for creating consistent customer service, not only to foster positive experiences but also to mitigate situations where customers may be upset. If you don’t have the right people, you aren’t going to get the right results. An employee’s attitude is going to determine the results you get out of them. When you find the right fit, amazing customer service can happen. One of the best customer service models is Walt Disney — his philosophy is shaped around doing what you do so well that people will want you to do it again, and will bring other people with them to experience it. As a leader or owner of a business, it is your ability and responsibility to spot potential in your employees. Creating good customer service is about finding good people and making them great, by teaching them the right words and procedures, and rewarding them for their effort. External Links: Maintenance-one.com Joel’s Website Email Joel at joelweldonspeaker@gmail.com


16 Apr 2021

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The Biggest problem the successful man faces - Solved! Joel Weldon & Robbie Stahl

The Ultimate You Show

Joel Weldon & Robbie Stahl- share some tips and tricks that are going to be extremely helpful for getting you immediate, actionable results that will allow you to have more time, improve your fitness, communicate better with your clients, and in the process make more money!‍Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Joel Weldon and Robbie Stahl in this episode: When you are invited to give a presentation are you offered unlimited time to talk? So how in the world are you going to cram everything you know in 15 minutes??? Joel will tell you in this episode ;)The first 20 minutes of your workout will give you the biggest results!67% of the people who exercise get injured from exercise!! Excuse me???How do you address the needs of the people you're talking to in relation to what you're talking about? Joel will tell you.How can you in one day - Spend time with your family - Workout - Work & Enjoy yourself? Is that even possible? Of course it is! 


27 Mar 2021

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How Effective Is Your Message? with Joel Weldon

Path to Mastery

As a former construction worker who turned down a four-year college scholarship because he thought he wasn't "smart enough" to go to college, Joel Weldon is living proof that human potential can be tapped, and your entire life transformed when even one good idea is presented, accepted and acted upon. Today he's one of the most highly respected and sought-after corporate speakers in North America and has been an Idea Consultant and Sales Trainer to many of the world's leading organizations and businesses for over three decades. His unique corporate logo is known worldwide. It's a heavy 8-ounce can with a label that says: "Success Comes in CANS, Not in Cannots!" The Can of Success sits on the desks of over half a million people as a reminder that whether you think you can or you can't, you're right! Specialties: Public speaking skills, sales training, leadership concepts, leadership skills, teamwork, creativity, motivation and thriving in a climate of change  Connect with Joel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joelweldon/ https://www.facebook.com/JoelWeldonUltimateSpeaker Connect with David: Website- http://www.davidihill.com/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/davidihill/ YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/hillteam17 LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidihill Book: https://www.amazon.com/Sales-Playbook-Simple-Strategies-Close/dp/1628652861 Free Gift: https://callreluctance.davidihill.com/ Free 30-minute Coaching Call https://www.trycoaching.net Monthly Training with David- https://35callchallenge.com/ David’s Monthly Article – http://www.davidihill.com/5mistakes/ FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Please follow and join my Group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/ptmastery/ OUR LEAD PROVIDER SPONSORS VULCAN7 https://www.vulcan7.com/pathtomastery/


15 Mar 2021

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Learning How To Speak Publicly with Joel Weldon

The Melting Pot with Dominic Monkhouse

How is it possible that somebody who (in his own words) literally couldn’t lead a silent prayer, become a Hall of Fame speaker and a speech coach to Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up and Rockefeller Habits?In today’s episode we speak with Joel Weldon about how and why he became Verne’s speaking coach, because Verne has been public speaking for decades, so why would he now need someone to help him with speaking publicly? But that’s a story he saves until the end of the podcast. Plus, the episode isn’t about Verne, it’s about Joel, a man who brings life to the phrase: find a job you love and never work another day in your life.Joel is 80 and still working full time. He shares some of his backstory: how he thought he would never be the kid that would go on to speak in public. He didn't go to college, he didn't think he was smart enough. He was a former construction worker who was too shy to speak in public and too shy to sell, until he had his transformational awakening.This is a really fantastic conversation, much of which you can put to work today or tomorrow or whenever you listen to this podcast. There are so many takeaways that can change your business in big and small ways. As Joel so succinctly said: “Let me give you 22 words. If you had to take everything that I've learned about communicating, speaking, and put it in one sentence, here it is - speak to your audience about what they need, in an organised way they can follow and get yourself out of the way.”For more gems like this, download and listen to this week’s episode. On today’s podcast:How Joel got into public speakingSpeaking is a learned skillThe ‘you’ factorHow Joel tweaked Verne HarnishThe importance of CTAKnow your audience Love Joel's work?  He has been kind enough to offer subscribers a fantastic 50% discount on his Ultimate Speaking System! To take advantage of this brilliant offer, subscribe to The Melting Pot and get the discount code here on our website. Links:Toastmasters International


16 Feb 2021

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Public Speaking Skills to Standout and Thrive with Joel Weldon

18 Summers: Podcast for Parents

Joel Weldon is a highly sought after communication coach and founder of Joe Weldon’s Ultimate Speaking System, a company through which he advises thousands of entrepreneurs on how to use public speaking to grow their careers. Joel has worked with us personally and was one of the major sources of inspiration behind 18 Summers. Join us this week as we talk about the inception of 18 Summers, how to be a better communicator, how to stand out in today’s world, and the art of pursuing what you love. Look more into Joel’s company at: www.ultimatespeaker.net


8 Feb 2021

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Becoming An Impactful Speaker! | Joel Weldon & Tim Shurr

How To Be Mesmerizing With Tim Shurr!

In this episode, we have one of the all-time legends of the speaking industry, Joel Weldon. Joel is one of the original founders of the National Speakers Association. He has coached over 10,000 speakers, and the best of the bests when it comes to growing your business from the stage. As you listen in, you will know some of the common mistakes speakers make and pick up brilliant strategies on how to make your great message fabulous. You will also learn about Joel’s Ultimate Speaking System and how to position yourself as an expert and let your results set you apart. Make sure to tune in now and learn from one of the best in the world!   Quotes: “To be an effective communicator or speaker is to be yourself.” - Joel Weldon “There’s only one person in the audience and the name is You.” - Joel Weldon “What makes a great speaker is results.” - Joel Weldon “Speak to your audience about what they need in an organized way they can follow and get yourself out the way.” - Joel Weldon Mentions: https://www.facebook.com/TimShurr https://mesmerizingleadership.com/ https://www.survivingtothriving.me/ https://www.legendsummit.com/ https://www.ultimatespeaker.com/ joelweldonspeaker@gmail.com Show Notes: [00:35] Greetings and introduction of Joel Weldon  [01:33] What differentiates you is being yourself [04:28] What makes a great speaker               [05:54] The power of being you [10:47] Don’t take yourself too personal [11:57] The You factor [15:26] The You factor is singular [16:49] What should go before telling a story [21:53] The message and the ideas need to be relevant to the audience [25:37] The NFV Formula [29:40] Never close on a Call To Action [31:29] Special rate for the podcast listeners  [34:06] You care enough to prepare enough [38:47] Taking the great and making it fabulous [46:49] What your closing should be   Make Your Day Mesmerizing!


15 Jan 2021

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#4: Secrets To A Happy 57+ Year Marriage, Water Skiing At Age 79, And Delivering 3,000+ Paid Speeches w/ Speaking LEGEND Joel Weldon

7-Figure Millennials

Joel Weldon is a Hall of Fame professional speaker, with 3,000+ paid talks and has personally coached and critiqued well 10,000+ speakers and the creator of the Ultimate Speaking System. Not only that, but he lives a BEAUTIFUL, happy, and healthy life... which is yet another reason why Joel is on the show today.In this episode, you’ll discover...- How Joel went from being mocked for being “the world’s worst speaker” to 3,000 paid speeches, coaching 10,000 people, and becoming a hall of fame speaking legend- The secret to having boundless energy and being healthy enough to water ski at age 79- How Joel became friends with the legend Earl Nightingale... and the 3 words that will help you determine how much you’ll make for the rest of your life... and much more.Enjoy!

1hr 19mins

17 Nov 2020

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Speak Up! with Joel Weldon

Rainmaker Evolution


14 Nov 2020