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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josh Barnett. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josh Barnett, often where they are interviewed.

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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Josh Barnett. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Josh Barnett, often where they are interviewed.

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#1503 - Josh Barnett

The Joe Rogan Experience
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Josh Barnett is a mixed martial artist and professional wrestler who competes in the Heavyweight division of Bellator.

Jul 07 2020

3hr 12mins


Reason, Riots and Responsibility, with Josh Barnett MMA

AGITATORS ANONYMOUS the Alan Averill Podcast
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In Episode 9 Alan talks to Josh 'The Warmaster' Barnett heavyweight of MMA Bellator, Mixed Martial Artist, commentator, and fellow metalhead in a long form wide ranging discussion, from the protests, riots and political situation in the USA, to philosophy and stoicism, accepting responsibility, purpose through training, exercise and hard work and what we might be able to do to try and become more positive characters in what seems like a broken world!

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Jun 12 2020

1hr 31mins


EP143 - Josh Barnett

RRBG Podcast
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EP143 is  round 3 with The Warmaster Josh Barnett!

We caught up to talk about the quarantine for Covid-19 and what he's doing to adjust, the cancellation of his event Bloodsport 3, his new bourbon the Warbringer Warmaster Edition, pro wrestling, tv shows and more! Always an awesome guest and I hope you all enjoy! Cheers!

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Intro: "Raven's Flight" by Amon Amarth

Outro: "Outlaw" by Watain

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Apr 13 2020

1hr 46mins


Waiting – Josh Barnett

Russellville Christian Center
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Jan 19 2020


What Do You Have? – Josh Barnett

Expand Podcast
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Welcome to the Expand Audio Podcast! Christian young adults face many challenges today. Expand is designed to help empower these next generation leaders to be people of influence in their families, college campuses and in their places of employment. Now enjoy this podcast episode with Josh Barnett.

Jan 16 2020



Episode 5: Josh Barnett & Priscilla Kelly

The Joshi Pod
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We have two big guests this week. First, we are joined by 'The Warmaster' Josh Barnett who talks about how Japanese women are trained in the dojo system in Japan. He has terrific insight.  Later in the show, we catch up with 'Hell's Favorite Harlot' Priscilla Kelly who chats about her experiences wrestling for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling and the DDT promotion.

Also on the show:

We look at the top 5 headlines of the week, including a surprising  retirement announcement.

The Joshi show of the week is the November 23rd Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling show from Shinkiba 1st Ring.

We look ahead to the calendar for shows this week in Japan.

We see where Joshi wrestlers are performing out side of Japan.

For tickets:

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You can follow Eric Howard on Twitter @ericsandiego and the show @thejoshipod

Music supplied by:

Yume O Yume (Dream your Dream) by reiswerk (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: veezyn

Nov 29 2019



WINCLY Thanksgiving Special Feat. Dave LaGreca, Mega Ran, Haku And Josh Barnett

Wrestling Inc. Podcast
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Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of the WINCLY! 

Today's WINCLY episode is a Thanksgiving special and includes:

  • Wrestling Inc's Michael Wiseman joining Nick to talk about what they are thankful for in pro wrestling this year
  • Nick's interview with Busted Open Radio's Dave LaGreca. Featuring LaGreca discussing signing a multi-year deal with Busted Open Radio, his favorite Busted Open memories, Seth Rollins' heel turn on RAW, Rey Mysterio's latest hot WWE run with Dominick, CM Punk joining WWE Backstage, Mark Henry's reaction to Jim Cornette's controversial NWA Powerrr call, Ring of Honor's recent issues and more
  • Nick's interview with prolific nerdcore rapper Mega Ran. Featuring Mega Ran discussing his new track The Sunset Flip featuring Xavier Woods, how he befriended Woods, collaborating with Woods, writing an alternative theme song for Kofi Kingston, if someone in New Day should turn heel, working with ROH at Madison Square Garden and more
  • Andy Malnoske's interview with Haku
  • Brian Wohl's interview with Josh Barnett

Nov 28 2019

1hr 18mins


Episode #76 Josh Barnett on discovering your true potential

Next Level Guy
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Today’s guest is Josh ‘The War Master’ Barnett, who is a former MMA fighter, professional wrestler, coach, commentator, brand organiser and so much more.  He was trained under fight legends, he captured the UFC Heavyweight title by TKO over Randy Couture at the age of 24 becoming the youngest UFC Champion in History, he defeated 2-time King of Pancrase Yuki Kondo in 2003 to become the 10th King of Pancrase of which he currently holds the title. He has now trained many top level professional fighters over the years and is a former New Japan Pro Wrestler Josh has fought in PRIDE, UFC, K-1, DREAM, Pancrase and Superbrawl and currently an active fighter in Inoki Genome Federation and Strikeforce. 

In this interview, we discuss masculinity, competing, strength in character, how to develop mental toughness, why the need to challenge yourself should be top of your goals, and so much more. 



In this interview, we discuss gems like:

  •  Who he is 
  • How his childhood inspired who he became 
  • How his interest and passion for MMA began
  • The importance of a ritual to enter manhood
  • How masculinity shows itself in modern men compared to other generations
  • Where are modern men go wrong? 
  • Do they all need to undertake a combat or physical sport to tap into their masculinity?
  • How does competing at such a high level in martial arts change him as a person? 
  • His attitude towards skill progression and development
  • How to control emotions in seriously challenging experiences
  • What he considers a weak action by men
  • The draw of professional wrestling and what he hopes to achieve with his fabulous Blood Sport brand
  • The motivations he has for coaching and developing fighters of the future
  • How you can transition from mediocre to great in areas of your life
  • His taste in whiskey
  • What does he want people to take from the interview
  • How can you follow him and keep up to date with his latest projects


In this interview, a lot of jewels of self-improvement are discussed. Some of these and their associated thoughts include:

  •  Whatever you do, you put part of yourself into it. The quality of work you do reflects on you. Take pride in your work.
  • Josh created the life that he wanted to make for himself, he was not afraid to be the ‘Lone Wolf’ as he needed. Just because a path is well worn, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Become a Wolf like Josh and go and find what you want from life.
  • Josh lived his life on his own terms, he stopped caring what others thought and went to forge his own destiny using his own hands. What could you do if you stopped judging yourself against others and went out to do what you loved and left you fulfilled … rather than how many likes etc someone else got on social media or sitting in the pub with people who bore you but it feels the safe option. 
  • Look for the common thread in the events in your life – what could be the meaning, what could it be telling you?
  • To truly evolve, you need to challenge yourself, to partake in an event that has an element of danger, threat and a challenge. 
  • Seek out men who you can look to as a mentor in aspects of life. Could you mentor a younger man in helping their development into manhood. It is not a weakness to seek out help, it is a sign of strength, to look for others to help and information to improve and develop yourself.
  • A life of value is one that you do things that are right, not that are the easy option.Be like Josh, do not stop at a level above the masses, hone your craft, develop your craft and push daily to get to a point where you continually challenge yourself, to grow and look for deeper and more challenging situations, push yourself to become a better version of yourself
  •  Josh has accepted his dark side. He has welcomed it and used it to help him achieve the things he wants from life. Do not shy away from your dark side, make peace with it, fully embrace who you are and use all of you to achieve your goals. 
  • Don’t leave anything on the table, live life while you can so you don’t look back with regret


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Oct 30 2019

1hr 41mins


Josh Barnett vs Yuki Kondo

Midnight fight watch
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Tonight I watched josh Barnett vs Yuki Kondo for the first time. I thought it was a great fight and a great showing of technique as well. Even with the size difference


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Oct 14 2019



EP114 - Josh Barnett

RRBG Podcast
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EP114 is with  The Warmaster, Josh Barnett. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world is BACK! I went to his house to discuss his upcoming PPV Bloodsport 2, future plans in Bellator, music, anime, video games, viking culture and much more! Cheers!

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Intro: "The IVth Crusade" by Bolt Thrower

Outro: "Nuclear Alchemy" by Watain

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Sep 10 2019

2hr 23mins