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From Coping to Healing to Thriving: Time Management and Finding Alignment with Becca Rich

Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says

You can find Becca Rich  on Instagram @theholistictimecoach Youtube-The Holistic Time Coach  and on her  Website www.theholistictimecoach.com As always you can find us on Instagram @dopeshttherapypod  and contact us via email at dopeshttherapypod@gmail.com Logo artwork by Nora Padison: Instagram @bynorajayne ***Disclaimer***Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says Podcast is not a replacement for therapy. The conversations, guests, and tips talked about on the episodes are provided as educational, thought provoking, and to be inspiring and are NOT specific theraputic advice. The views of our guests reflect their own personal experiences and perspectives. Information and tips heard on the episodes are to be used at your own caution and discretion as they are not being given by a therapist that knows you personally. As always please seek out your own individual mental health care to best serve you.


8 Mar 2021

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Time is Your Life with Becca Rich

Exploring the Seasons of Life

We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Guest Introduction:  This is Exploring the Seasons of Life podcast episode 45. I’m Cindy MacMillan and today’s guest is Becca Rich.  Welcome to Exploring the Seasons of Life, a podcast for women with a big heart on a spiritual journey. Each week, join Cindy MacMillan as she interviews coaches, spiritual explorers and celebrants from all walks of life about beginnings, endings and the messy bits in-between. Self-love, well-being, and mindset are at the heart of our conversations because once you change the inside, the outside will begin to change as well.   Welcome back to Exploring the Seasons of Life podcast. Thank you for listening today. You are in for a special treat.   Becca Rich is the Holistic Time Management Coach at theholistictimecoach.com. She helps heart-centered womxn solopreneurs and small business owners leverage their time and energy so they can work less and intentionally reach their business and life goals without exploiting themselves.  Here’s a glimpse of our conversation: 4:22 So really, like the bulk of my business was created in my car at lunch, I would schedule calls with folks, just during the lunch hour. It was just hilarious, like meeting everybody in my car for about a year until I like finally kind of got my wheels turning enough to like, know what I was doing.  10:44 And yet, I stopped myself and went to the beach, I literally basically forced myself because I was like, when I go to the beach, or when I rest or when I do the things that bring me joy. You know, that's when things happen.  13:04 We have 24 hours. And so, one of my, you know, tangible favorite exercises that you can do literally right now is to write down everything. What is everything to you, first and foremost? You know, what would make it..what would finally feel like enough?  17:38 And so the best thing you can do for yourself is to use a calendar.  17:56 So it helps your brain understand time and create meaning to it in your own life. It's not just like appointments and calendars. It is like literally what do you want to spend your time on? And time is your life, right? 18:28 But there is a way to make your calendar intentional, personal, spiritual, like whatever values you're looking for in your calendar, to visually see time - to be intentional with your life.  21:16 You know, as I said, one of the biggest things is to visualize time and create meaning, create your own personal meaning of time. And so I think that that is, has been a huge lesson is allowing time to breathe and to be its own thing and work with it. Thanks for joining us this week on Exploring the Seasons of Life podcast.  Make sure to visit our website, CynthiaMacMillan.com, where you can subscribe to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify so you’ll never miss a show. While you’re at it, if you found value in this show we’d appreciate a rating on iTunes – or if you’d simply tell a friend about the show, that would help us out too.  Until next time live inspired!Resources Mentioned:The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following Your Dream Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. You can find Becca Rich at: Website FacebookIf you enjoyed this conversation with Becca Rich you might also enjoy these other episodes: Connection and Building Friendships with Christy Pennison From Software Engineer to Clinical Hypnotherapist with Lori Burke Anxiety and Wholeness with Jennifer Kremer


8 Feb 2021

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Interview With Holistic Time Management Coach, Becca Rich

Spiritual Business Spotlight

Becca Rich is a Holistic Time Management Coach. You can find her work at https://www.theholistictimecoach.com/We had a fascinating discussion about how time management is important for solopreneurs and Becca shared a lot of tips about how people can make more time to focus on what truly matters to them in their lives.


2 Feb 2021

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31. Holistic Time Management with Becca Rich

Table For 9 Podcast

On this week's episode I got to chat with my friend Becca who is giving meaning to the phrase holistic time management. I love her journey of going from an engineer to her transition as a coach, what the difference is between a busy person and a person who doesn't manage their time, and so much more. CONNECT WITH BECCA www.beccarichwellness.com / instagram.com/beccarichwellness // GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH WITH BETTERHELP! Go to trybetterhelp.com/table / Follow Jackie on Instagram @Fiveftcoach / Follow Table For 9 on Instagram @tablefor9coaching / Visit our website www.tablefor9coaching.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/tablefor9/support


7 Oct 2020

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#2: Ditch The Hustle with Becca Rich

Women's Empowerment Junkie’s

Today I speak to Holistic Time Management Coach Becca Rich. Becca helps high achievers and entrepreneurs ditch the hustle and have all the time in the world. Becca reflects on how she saw her parents hustling and working with no time for anything, especially themselves. Becca followed suite, as we all do, in the hustle to only realize after being hospitalized she was still hustling. Embarking on a self journey of healing through yoga she spent the last 7 years getting to know who she was. Working in Engineering she spent her lunches networking From Her Car! From there she created the Holistic Time Management coaching. Becca tells you to Celebrate who we are and to bring up the energies of what is important to you. Make the to do list and prioritize what you want to spend your time on. We are all onions and we need to “open” the onion of ourselves. Self development healing will never end, so don’t stress, Play, get clear, take a moment to breathe and working with Becca will get that time back to serve the works in your business, feel deeply fulfilled and relax as a whole! She will help your limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset. There is energy in listening to ourselves. If you would like to work with Becca, please reach out to Becca rich wellness.com. I am creating my daily to do list tonight!! More information on Becca: www,beccarichwellness.com www.instagram.com/beccarichwellness https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxyFN-m6wbgf4tRjxNG-JXQ


29 Sep 2020

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Episode 22: Interview with Becca Rich (Part of the Transformation Project Series)

I used to be a Therapist

This Conversation with Becca Rich is the 11th episode in “The Transformation Project Series.” Becca is a Wholistic Time Management Coach, Reiki healer, and yoga instructor!  and she is married to her sweet husband Brandon. She is also a trained Petroleum Engineer! In the interview Becca talks about living in New Orleans and working as a Petroleum Engineer for the Department of interior. Since the time of the interview, however, the both she and her husband have quit their 9-5 jobs and moved “off the grid” to a little place  in Idaho. She is building her business now and loves working with her one on one clients!! I talked to her this week and she is loving it! Another thing that has taken her time lately is studying and researching ways to be more involved with social justice. She wants to know where her time and money would be best used to serve the disenfranchised folks all around us and all over the world. I know you will love hearing her story. She has so much wisdom to share… don’t miss it. Contact Becca: Facebook: Becca Rich Wellness Website: http://beccarichwellness.com/ Becca’s Book Suggestion: “Untamed” ~ by Glennon Doyle ~~~~~ Support this podcast: by the support button right here, or JOIN MY PATREON MEMBERSHIP Thanks for joining this episode. Here are some links to check out: Follow me on social: Instagram:  @essentiallybetterlife Facebook: www.facebook.com/theessentiallybetterlife Check out my website www.essentiallybetterlife.comfor all kinds of information on: * Business and Personal Coaching * My Book: “Essentially Better: essential oils for people with feelings” * And even some great stuff on Essential Oils.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wendy-bruton/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wendy-bruton/support


13 Sep 2020

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How to cut your email marketing writing time in HALF with Becca Rich

Email Marketing Simplified with Ashley DeLuca

Hey friends, today I have Becca Rich from here on the podcast to chat about how to manage your time efficiently when it comes to email marketing! We are covering... Why it takes so long to write an email Planning out how long writing an email can take you/make the process more efficient How many emails you can actually send to be consistent for your personal life and time management skills And SO much more. Click play on this episode to hear this amazing guest interview!


1 Jun 2020

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True productivity with Becca Rich and how to make the most of your time

The Introvert That Could

Becca Rich is a time management coach as well as a yoga and meditation teacher in New Orleans, LA. She’s known for helping entrepreneurs get their work done faster with more balance and intention, so they can reach their goals and have more free time. Find her on Instagram as @beccarichwellness Or http://beccarichwellness.com/ and download her freebie, "Plan your most productive week ever...in 10 minutes or less" here Enjoy!


30 Mar 2020

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Chair Yoga Flow Office Break with Yoga Instructor Becca Rich

The Fit Fifteen

Need a mental break today, but can't get to the gym? Yoga instructor and yoga coach Becca Rich is here to help! Today's episode isn't an interview, but an awesome yoga flow you can do at your desk. This is one for all my listeners even the least flexible entrepreneurs, authors, and office workers. That's right, you don't need a yoga mat for this yoga flow. Becca created it with overwhelmed office workers so it's more of a chair yoga session. Set up "do not disturb" on your phone and power down your computer to enjoy this time for yourself. For more from Becca check out her website (in the show notes) and these past conversational podcast episodes: Ep 205: What Type of Yoga Is Best for You with Yoga Teacher Becca RichEp 204: Should You Try Yoga If You Aren't Flexible? Yoga Instructor Becca Rich Answers Show notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 216


16 Jan 2020

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What Type of Yoga Is Best for You with Yoga Teacher Becca Rich

The Fit Fifteen

What type of yoga is best for you? If you look at the list of classes at a yoga studio it can be hard to figure out which style to try first. Hatha yoga? Yin yoga? Kundalini yoga? Even if the yoga classes have descriptions, you could still feel lost. Yoga teacher Becca Rich comes back to continue the conversation we started yesterday to help you get started with yoga and enjoy your yoga practice more fully. Today, she shares why a "Beginner's Yoga" class might not be the one you should attempt first.  Becca also discusses the real goal of mediation and yoga and how the type of yoga you need might not be the same from day to day. Whether you're a veteran yogi, considering trying yoga for the first time, or looking for a confidence boost to get back on the mat, you'll enjoy this episode. Show notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 204 Ep 204 | Should You Try Yoga Even If You Aren't Flexible


15 Nov 2019