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Ivan Illan & Dr. Sandra Morgan, 6-5-22

The Bruce Cook Conversation

Are we facing an economic hurricane?  Ivan IIlan on inflation, gas prices, rising interest rates and a look down the money road. Also, Dr. Sandra Morgan on her new book “Ending Human Trafficking”, and how our nation’s churches need to step up.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bruce-cook/message


6 Jun 2022

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5-1-22 Dr. Michael Brandt-Zawadski & Ivan Illan

The Bruce Cook Conversation

Internationally recognized Radiologist and Neurologist Dr. Michael Brant-Zawadski on media, trust and masking.  Wealth management counselor Ivan Illan from Align Wealth on inflation, the Fed and the changing norms shaking up market traditions.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bruce-cook/message


2 May 2022

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Ivan Illan & Dr. Eli Joseph, 2-20-2022

The Bruce Cook Conversation

Money talk on inflation with financial counselor Ivan Illan.  Will the price of gas do us all in?  And, learning from failure with Dr. Eli Joseph.  When you fail, talk about it, don’t hide.  Fail forward, not backward.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bruce-cook/message


21 Feb 2022

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Ivan Illan & David Rundell

The Bruce Cook Conversation

Bruce talks with wealth management expert Ivan Illan on your money in inflationary times.  Then, Bruce talks with Middle East foreign service diplomat and consultant David Rundell on the world oil situation and the influence of Saudi Arabia on American gas prices and futures.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bruce-cook/message


24 Jan 2022

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104|Investing During the Coronavirus ft. Ivan Illan with Srivatsan Prakash

Market Champions

Mr. Illan has been in the investment game since he was 12, and brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Here he shares why the coronavirus lockdown may have  REALLY happened, as well as his response to the volatility in March 2020. A very informative podcast for investors and laymen alike! He also shares the way he build investment portfolios, and researches investment theses. 

1hr 6mins

4 May 2020

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Ep. 258: Ivan Illan

The Gifters: Your Story is a Gift to the World

Bought my first stock (in 1987) at age 13, and found my life’s passion. Since 1996, I have raised and managed over $1Billion AUM, in both senior portfolio manager and institutional sales roles with Fortune 100 companies. From 2005, I have served as Founder/CIO at a nationally recognized, Los Angeles-based boutique wealth advisory firm with over $350Million AUM/AUA. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivanillan/


8 Apr 2020

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Investment Banking and Success as a Financial Advisor for Dummies | Ivan Illan

More Than Money

Ivan Illan has paved his way in the Financial Services industry since beginning investing with his college fund at a young age. With a family background that included a grandfather who was the Undersecretary to the Treasury during the Castro Revolutionary Government in Cuba, Illan has continued the path in the financial industry becoming a sought after financial advisor, author and much more. The best selling author of Success and a Financial Advisor for Dummies, Illan is also the founder and CIO of a wealth management company based out of Los Angeles. Connect with Ivan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ivan_m_illan?lang=en Buy the book: https://www.amazon.com/Success-Financial-Advisor-Business-Personal/dp/1119504104


7 Nov 2019

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078|Understanding Stocks and Economics ft. Ivan Illan with Srivatsan Prakash

Market Champions

Had Ivan Illan, CFS, AIS on my podcast! We talked a lot about what minimum wage laws, legal healthcare and socialism could cause to the economy

1hr 2mins

19 Jul 2019

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054|Capitalism & Economics ft. Ivan Illan With Srivatsan Prakash|The Elite Investing Show

Market Champions

Today, I had an absolutely out of the world interview with Certified Fund Specialist, Financial Advisor and Economic Philosopher Ivan Illan!

1hr 4mins

17 May 2019