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Ep. 94 - How to Find the Aligned Life - with Lo Roxburgh

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Lo Roxburgh is so aligned with everything we believe at Elevate The Globe. She’s an international author, speaker, educator, and corporate speaker who fully embodies the mind/body/spirit connection with everything she does and who she is. It’s incredibly inspiring to see, and living proof of just how important this inner work can be.She talks about how the body and our fascia are all connected to our chakras, as well as what foam rolling and moving the body does to awaken things inside of us and align us. What she talks about is very physical, but as you work through it, it becomes emotional, and mental, and spiritual. She drops a ton of wisdom and inspiration that you will benefit from. These are the tools you need to really start elevating your life.We chat about…Lo’s four pillarsWhat fascia is and how important it isReframing the idea of painGetting into alignment with your bodyImproving your immune systemSupporting your fascia and lymphatic systemsWhere you can get started with healingTo learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: elevatetheglobe.comResources:Learn more: laurenroxburgh.comInstagram: @loroxburghFacebook Group: Taller, Slimmer, Younger Transformation ProgramRead: "The Power Source"Buy: Lo Rox Body SphereAligned Life Studio 7-Day TrialImmUNITY Boosting ProgramThis episode is sponsored by Organifi. Their products are 100% USDA certified organic and full of superfoods that are low in sugar and super addictive. Their Organifi Gold blend is filled with medicinal mushrooms and herbs for inducing the best deep sleep instant. It helps you wake up feeling refreshed and waking up with a lot of energy. Visit organifi.com/ETG and get 20% off with our discount code ETG20.This episode is also sponsored by Osea Malibu, the original plant-based, results-driven skincare line that we love. Osea puts your health and the health of the planet first with potent skincare and bodycare solutions that are pure, safe, and really effective. Their products are entirely made of plant-derived and non-toxic ingredients. Osea can really help reveal your natural radiance, whether you’re looking for hydration, oil balancing, anti-aging, or blemish solutions. Visit oseamalibu.com/elevate50 for $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more! This offer expires December 31, 2020. You also get free shipping for US orders of $75+, and free samples with every order.We all love a challenge. Join us on a free 3-day challenge to manifest your quantum upgrade for your life and the globe. This is all about awakening your kundalini energy, unleashing your bliss, and working with the quantum upgrades that are there for us. We don’t have time to sit in this energy of worrying and stress. Join us October 13-15th at elevatetheglobe.com/chakrachallenge.The Elevator is a production of Crate Media

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12 Oct 2020