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Joe Rogan, Babe Ruth, Preacher Lawson & VHS Felons!


In this episode Jon & Sebastian talk about the movie “Nobody” starring Bob Odenkirk on Amazon Prime. Then they play "Meme Me (or Caption This)” with some photos of a White Pontiac Firebird convertible that crashed through a display window at the adult store "Night Secrets" in Hickory. Next it’s time for "Best Trends” as the boys talk about JOE ROGAN getting criticism after comments he made about young people getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Also, it’s BABE RUTH Day so we briefly celebrate the great one. After that it’s time for "How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” as callers try to guess the amount of one episode of EASTBOUND AND DOWN on HBO. Then it’s time for "Who’s Zoomin Who" as comedian PREACHER LAWSON joins the show from the parking lot at a Chipotle. And finally in "Small Town News” a Texas woman faces felony charges for not returning a VHS tape from over 20 years ago. This episode knocks it outta the park and into a sex shop. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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30 Apr 2021

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Preacher Lawson - Takis Destroy Your Booty

Dumb People Town

This week Preacher Lawson comes to town to hang with Daniel, Jason and Randy. The first story is about a sure fire way to get a BMW. The second story is the ultimate test of a couples relationship. The final story is the tale of how a new alcohol blood level record was achieved. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


6 Apr 2021

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Preacher Lawson

The Koy Pond with Jo Koy

Jo and Dre are joined by the very TALENTED Preacher Lawson! They discuss Preacher's time on AGT, his big move and Mother's help. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 38mins

22 Feb 2021

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Ep 29: Comedic Relief with Preacher Lawson

The Disclosure Podcast

Today's episode is something a little different. I'm hugely honoured to share with you a pre-pandemic conversation between myself and Preacher Lawson.A passionate vegan, Preacher Lawson has the wonderful gift of not only being able to bring laughter to so many people, but the vegan message as well. We look back on our experiences as steak-loving non-vegans, and discuss comedy, street interviews and vegan cheese.✺ To support the show & get access to exclusive monthly podcast episodes: http://www.patreon.com/earthlinged✺ Find out more about what I do & join my mailing list: http://www.earthlinged.org✺ Download my free 122 page e-book: http://www.earthlinged.org/ebook✺ Take a 22 day free vegan challenge: http://switchtovegan.co.uk✺ Become a supporter of my activism (thank you!): http://www.earthlinged.org/support 

1hr 7mins

11 Feb 2021

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Preacher Lawson on Episode 18 of NAH DOOD!

Obligatory Network

A special guest pops in to pay us a visit, long time friend of the network and personally we're happy to have on Preacher Lawson! Always a super fun person to be around and amazing energy to boot. - In this episode we dive into being a vegan and call out some of the good hot spots in town plus why vegan cheese doesn't melt like real cheese does. - Living in Atlanta and traveling back to L.A. - Celebrity signings in the wild - Impressions! and a whole lot more PLUS another special drop in by Justin Lawson! Another fun show to watch on episode 18 of Nah Dood!!!!

1hr 2mins

22 Jan 2021

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Ep. 626: Preacher Lawson

The Fighter & The Kid

Comedian Preacher Lawson joins the show and the guys talk "clean" comedy, doing stand-up at church, Preacher's time on America's Got Talent and goal to do a charity fight vs a social media influencer, Dave Chappelle getting Netflix to remove Chappelle's Show from Netflix and much more!Earnest - https://earnest.com/fighterSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 54mins

26 Nov 2020

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S3, Ep 2: Preacher Lawson

The ChickPeeps Vegan Podcast

This season of The ChickPeeps is brought to you by our friends at Vivo Life! Use our code 'chickpeeps10' to get 10% off your order at Vivo Life. Welcome to our first guest episode of the new season, featuring the brilliant comedian and vegan advocate, Preacher Lawson! This week, Preacher shares his unique perspective on activism and how, like many of us, he had his 'angry vegan' phase, shortly after giving up animal products. Also on this episode... Which person Preacher would most like to see go vegan. Why it’s really not that much of an achievement if you make him laugh. The activists who inspire Preacher most. What caused Preacher to go vegan and why he thinks it is harder than some of us admit. How he incorporates vegan jokes in his comedy and how his peers react to his lifestyle. Preacher shares his advice on how to handle situations when someone accidentally gives you non-vegan food. An insight into tour-life as a vegan and Preacher contemplates whether he should be more of a vegan diva. We chat about his new "pandemic comedy", Connecting on NBC. Links:  Follow Preacher on Instagram and Youtube! Catch Preacher's live comedy shows! Check out Preacher’s new show on NBC, Connecting! Social Media Twitter:@ChickPeepsPod Instagram:@ChickPeepsPod Facebook:@ChickPeepsPodcast Momoko Hill:@oh_momoko Robbie Jarvis:@robbjarvis Tylor Starr:@tylorstarr Evanna Lynch:@msevylynch


4 Nov 2020

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E9 All Things Talent Shows with Preacher Lawson

All Things Vanderpump

Preacher Lawson, best known for his stand-up on America's Got Talent, and working alongside Lisa on World's Most Amazing Dog, stops by to catch up! From digging into his dating history, to what he has on tap next, there was no shortage of laughs. Do you have a burning question for Lisa or a topic you want to know about? Email her for a chance at your question being read on the next episode! LVP@kastmedia.com.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


3 Nov 2020

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Jailhouse Radio

Preacher Lawson, who came into his own on the America's Got Talent television program, brings his crazy style of comedy to Jailhouse Radio. Going back some years, it's the musical talent of Mr. Robert Goulet. What memories. Grady will give you a smile with stories of fighting a fire and many others.   Enjoy


15 Oct 2020

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Standup comedian Preacher Lawson Hates Pajamas, experience on America's Got Talent, & growing up in Memphis

Not Serial

Standup comedian Preacher Lawson, joins Sudu Upadhyay and Colin Cody, to talk about his childhood in Memphis, being a finalist on America’s Got Talent, his favorite vegan recipe, and achieving success.


30 Apr 2020