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Ep:119—Author & Speakers Coach, Michael Harris

The Author Factor Podcast

On this episode of The Author Factor Podcast, I am having a conversation with professional speakers coach and author, Michael Harris.Michael is an author, coach, teacher, trainer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Endless Stages, where he helps new and seasoned speakers to powerfully share their message with the world.Michael has also owned (or partnered) in several successful yoga studios and coached studio owners around the world in increasing revenue and profits.He is the author of the #1 bestselling book, “Falling Down Getting Up.”Learn more about Michael by visiting  www.MichaelBHarris.com.


27 Jul 2022

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From Walking with a Cane to Climbing Mountains - Finding Success in Life: Michael Harris

Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

This guest literally went from walking just 10 feet assisted with a cane to climbing mountains.  Meet Michael Harris an entrepreneur with a passion for yoga, helping authors/speakers/entrepreneurs, and a firm believer in taking action with the law of attraction to find success in life. Michael walks us (no pun intended) through some pretty significant health issues which ultimately left him unable to walk more than 10 feet assisted with a cane.  His journey, a hero’s journey really, is incredible and as he shares, you are right there with him! Michael imparted some advice to all of the listeners: -Never give up. -Don’t worry about it. -Forget about it. -Keep moving forward. -Practice the law of attraction and the law of GOYA because they work together. Listen to the podcast to catch the nuggets that are the background of this advice! Grab your free copy of Michael’s book Falling Down Getting UP: www.michaelbharris.com/book Learn more about Michael here: Michaelbharris.com Guest Bio: I’m an author, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Endless Stages.  My first entrepreneurial gig was selling blackberry pies door to door when I was six. Over the years, I’ve dabbled (more like dived) into photography, real estate, options trading, coaching, and yoga.  One of my specialties is helping anyone move from fear of speaking in front of others to powerfully sharing their message in front of any size group or audience.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to take my personal challenges and help others find what inspires them. For years I struggled with health issues, addictions, and low self-esteem.  Then one day I had had enough and became willing to make a change. It wasn’t easy. I had to stop dreaming about what I wanted - and begin to take massive action by applying the Law of GOYA.  Many of my friends and colleagues urged me to use my metamorphosis to inspire others. At one point, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) reminded me that “your mess is your message.”  He went on to join the book launch of my #1 bestselling book, "Falling Down Getting UP.”  I’m blessed to have Rick Frishman and David Hancock (Morgan James Publishing) be my publishers. I've owned (or partnered) in several successful yoga studios - and coached other studio owners worldwide on attracting and enrolling new students - while increasing revenue and profits (over $40 million in sales).  In addition, I’ve helped train and certify about 7,000 yoga teachers to get untwisted and speak in small and large groups. Previously, I hosted my own successful podcast "Falling Up Secrets", which featured guests such as the World Renowned Les Brown, the Legendary Composer & Producer Thomas Bähler, sought-after Pain Specialist Dr. David Clark, and many others. This podcast had about 1,000 views/downloads a day. As a result of coaching, podcasting, speaking, and teaching yoga, I’ve realized how important (especially in today’s world) it is to encourage, nudge and prod others to dive deep within and open up to talk about their experiences to anyone that is willing to listen. I have a saying, “one more open heart in the world, is one more open heart in the world.” ___ Subscribe to this podcast and download your favorite episodes to listen to later: AppleSpotify RSS Feed __ ⚕️ Are you a woman healthcare professional who is struggling to juggle everything in your personal and professional life? 💯 I understand! This is why I created this community of like-minded women to support each other through the ups and downs of our daily lives.   💥 Join us today! It’s free to join and you can connect with other women just like yourself. ⤵️⤵️⤵️ https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenhealthcareprofessionals ____ Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals - Podcast of the Week In need of a new podcast to add to your rotation? Try this one… The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez  https://bit.ly/DramaFreeWorkplace ___ RESOURCES: Looking to start a podcast? Now is a great time to do just that!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to see if starting a podcast is a match for you.  http://bit.ly/podcastinglaunchmasterclass Are you too busy to participate in a facilitated course but still want to get your show started? The Podcast in a Box is for you! You provide the audio for your first 5 five shows to launch with a bang, we do the REST.  http://bit.ly/doneforyoupodcasting Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice! _____


24 Jul 2022

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Ethical Transformation with Michael Harris

The Ethical Evolution Podcast

Michael Harris is the author of the #1 bestselling book, Falling Down Getting UP.  He is a dynamic business coach, lifelong entrepreneur, yoga teacher and co-founder of Endless Stages - a company dedicated to helping motivated authors, speakers and experts get their voice, message and story out to into the world. Over the years, he’s dived into photography, real estate, option trading, coaching and yoga. Michael struggled and healed himself from chronic health conditions and is grateful that he's been able to take his personal challenges and help others find what inspires and motivates them.It was no surprise that Michael and I had so much in common with the adversities we have overcome in our lives, using them as the motivation to aim higher and help others along the way.This podcast is brought to you by Ethical Change Agency.


18 Jun 2022

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Explosive Business Growth with Chris Michael Harris

Business with Beers

This week we’ve got Chris Michael Harris. Chris has founded, bootstrapped and scaled multiple startups to 7+ Figures in his mid-to-late twenties. He is the founder of StartupU which is an online school for business owners helping people leave their jobs to run successful businesses.We talk about practical steps for entrepreneurship for people who are not built for the 9-5. We also talk about understanding your market and how you are serving them. Watch until the end to learn marketing strategies that gets offline businesses so many leads and conversions.Connect with Brian on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or FacebookLinks:www.heycmh.com Book Links:The One Thing by Gary Keller 


6 Jun 2022

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#44 Michael Harris A/ Falling Down Getting Up

The Book of The Week

Welcome to the #1 book review podcast on the planet! Hey y’all in this week episode we have Michael Harris. Michael had a near death experience when he was 12 that resulted later on in his life a life-changing experience. We go into his story and business and a tone of good stuff. Enjoy the show Buy this week’s book here! https://amzn.to/3N2ZKwi Write me a review on APPLE PODCAST I will be eternally grateful! New Ep every Monday! Shoot me an email! EMAIL TheBookofTheWeekPodcast@gmail.com Instagram @jonkalian Tweet me @jonkalian  clubhouse @JonthanPortukalian 

1hr 23mins

9 May 2022

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205: From working at a regular job, now a Founder, CEO, and Host of a mentorship program online. Became the highest quality information to entrepreneurs across the globe and helped 65,000 students pass with over 8 FTEs. (Chris Michael Harris)

Grow A Small Business Podcast

In this episode, I interview Chris Michael Harris, Founder, CEO & Host of StartupU TV and Podcast, based in Austin, Texas, United States. Chris set up his business to help entrepreneurs obtain high-quality information and education in growing a business. From working at a regular job, Jay decided to quit his job and pursue bigger opportunities. StartupU was established in 2021 and has been running for over a year. Became a firm aimed at delivering the highest quality information to entrepreneurs across the globe with over 8 FTEs. Chris has said that growing a business requires patience and faith, so he says, “A true success takes a long time to achieve, so you better prepare yourself to handle the rainstorms in your journey until you achieve the fruit of your hard work.” This Cast Covers: Helping people and entrepreneurs to bring out their unique talent and abilities to find something they can do and like to do. An online business platform focusing on education and vertical integration. Building tools and resources for entrepreneurs. Help build multimillionaire companies with zero outside funding. Integrating online programs with similar growth trajectories. Serving thousands of students all over the world. Passing 65,000 people in just 6 years of growing a business. Helping entrepreneurs enhance their marketing skills. Teaching entrepreneurs how to get their target people. Helping entrepreneurs to focus on impact areas and making sure to get the resources needed. Additional Resources: StartupU The One Thing by Gary Keller Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman ___ Quotes: “Success is a north node, and faith is our compass.” —Chris Michael Harris “If you’re not aligned with God’s purpose for your life, you’re going to create a miserable prison cell for yourself.” —Chris Michael Harris “Don't try to be everything to everyone. Be everything to the people you serve.” —Chris Michael Harris “Marketing practices are your campfire, you have to understand what’s meaningful to your audience.” —Chris Michael Harris “Be proactive, and know that it’s going to take way longer than you think it’s going to cost a lot more than you think.” —Chris Michael Harris ___ Music from https://filmmusic.io “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod https://incompetech.com. License: CC by http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0


2 May 2022

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Michael Harris: A Multipreneur's Journey and the Law of GOYA

Your Brand Amplified®

Michael’s quick wit, deep insights and a bit of dry humor will have your listeners wanting more.  One of Michael’s many passions is to help as many people as possible get their message, story and voice out to the world.Author of the #1 bestselling book, “Falling Down Getting UP”, foreword by the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.  Jay called Michael’s ability to survive through thick and thin a true example of an entrepreneur using guerrilla type tactics to overcome virtually anything. In addition, Michael is a contributing author with Rick Frishman & Wendy Lipton-Dibner, of the #1 bestselling book. “Experts Success Solutions.”  This book is a compilation of multiple tips and techniques that anyone can apply in their life and business. Michael is “passionately diverse” and will bring compelling stories to your audience of everything from his first entrepreneurial venture at six years old, surviving a near fatal water skiing accident and how nature shows us how to take a quantum leap in any area we want.Learn more at http://endlessstages.com/Endless Stages is a free group for authors, coaches, experts and entrepreneurs that want to get their message to their audience and the world. Members of the group receive free access to "Drop The Mic."  Included in this powerful program are short, entertainment industry frameworks to help anyone develop and enhance their speaking skills.  


28 Apr 2022

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Telling Your Story - Overcome Obstacles - GOYA - Michael Harris

Tech Pro Unicorn Podcast

Michael is “passionately diverse” and has compelling stories about everything from his first entrepreneurial venture at six years old, surviving a near fatal water skiing accident and how nature shows us how to take a quantum leap in any area we want.  Author of the #1 bestselling book, “Falling Down Getting UP”, foreword by the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.  Jay called Michael’s ability to survive through thick and thin a true example of using guerrilla type tactics to overcome virtually anything.  Also contributing author with Rick Frishman & Wendy Lipton-Dibner  of the #1 bestselling book. “Experts Success Solutions.”  This book is a compilation of multiple tips and techniques that anyone can apply in their life.  One of Michael’s many passions is to help as many people as possible get their message, story and voice out to the world. Anytime you get two Michaels together you know it is going to be awesome! We discuss Michaels story of overcoming adversaries and achieving his mission of helping others step forward. Michael shares why telling your story is so important, how to be a great entrepreneur and what does GOYA mean? His book Falling Down Getting Up  tells the story of pure motivation and how to get back up.https://www.endlessstages.com


20 Apr 2022

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Episode 24 - Michael Harris

Local Runners Podcast

Cal, Dave, Katie and Sean speak with a ultra runner who has been setting course records at Yorkshire 3 Peaks and Pennine Bridleway. Michael chats about how he got into running, why he isn't the biggest fan of the food stations and why salt butties are his new mid race fuelling option. Other areas include being a futsal referee, how he get through the long lonely miles, his best bit of kit as well as if he would lay a marathon time down.The team discuss Katie's injury update, Dave's summer racing plans, Sean's solid few marathon training weeks, Cal's telling off from Gav Browne as well as how long to leave between runs on a double run day.

1hr 19mins

25 Feb 2022

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Ep 35: Chris Michael Harris and Mario - Conspiracy Theories

Highly Offended

What really happened to JFK and why does the official story in the Warren Commission Report (the government report) not seem to make a lot of sense? Why was the clean up of the entire landscape of Building 7 so rushed after it collapsed? What evidence are they preventing us from seeing? What are the implications of the Patriot Act? And despite there being so many sociopaths and psychopaths in politics who are trying to control and manipulate us, what is it that we can do concretely so that we don't feel manipulated? We talked about all these and more in a 2-hour interview that went by so fast in my episode with Chris Michael Harris and Mario. Use the timestamps below to easily jump between topics 👇 00:00 Introduction 04:23 What really happened to JFK? 39:54 Collapse of Building 7 54:49 Patriot Act and it's implications 59:23 Sociopaths and psychopaths in Politics 1:07:30 Big Pharma and Covid Vaccines 1:12:51 Government "monitoring" the information we post on social media 1:19:50 So what can we do about it? 1:28:03 Making people feel docile towards the government but aggressive towards each other 1:29:57 It all comes down to banking 1:42:00 Chris' two different theories on who's at the top of the pyramid 1:51:40 What can be done constructively for people that may be wondering if we're in doom and gloom?

2hr 7mins

14 Feb 2022