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The Knowledge Management Series: Cal Newport | The Link Between Attention, Elite Performance and Happiness

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Along with the many useful and constructive benefits of technology, we need to be mindful of the vices that come with it. Having access to a cyber-universe at our fingertips can be severely detrimental to our focus, squashing our productivity into a shadow of what it once was. The result? A weakened sense of well-being, accomplishment and purpose. Cal Newport, author of Digital Minimalism, joins us to explain the nature of this network and what we can do to avoid falling victim to the everlasting cycle of distraction. Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes https://plus.acast.com/s/the-unmistakable-creative-podcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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23 Oct 2022

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The Knowledge Management Series: Cal Newport | A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

In the age of computers, our communication channel is almost always open to anyone who wants to reach us. For knowledge workers, this means their inbox becomes inundated with emails, leaving them mentally tired and unable to work efficiently. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and Don't Follow Your Passion, has written a new book called A World Without Email. Cal claims that our current approach to knowledge work is broken and that he has a the blueprint to fix it. Subscribe for ad-free interviews and bonus episodes https://plus.acast.com/s/the-unmistakable-creative-podcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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20 Oct 2022

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Episode 432 - The Deep Art... (Deep Work by Cal Newport + The War of Art by Steven Pressfield)

Insights & Perspectives


16 Aug 2022

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Cal Newport on why we need to break up with email

This Working Life

Does your inbox make you miserable? Cal Newport walks us through why our relationship with email is dysfunctional and what a world without email looks like. Cal's book: A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in the Age of OverloadProducer: Maria Tickle


24 Jul 2022

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Here's How to *Actually* Cut Back on Screen Time w/ Cal Newport

Food Heaven Podcast

Today we’re re-airing one of our favorite episodes with Cal Newport and we’re SO EXCITED because his book totally changed our relationship to social media. Cal is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. In addition to researching cutting­ edge technology, he also writes about the impact of these innovations on our culture. Newport is the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller, Digital Minimalism, which argues that we should be much more selective about the technologies we adopt in our personal lives, and Deep Work, which argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the modern workplace. In This Episode We’ll Cover: What digital minimalism looks like in real life  The ways in which excessive screen time can be harmful  Creating values that are not tied up in productivity or social media  Practical ways to disconnect and tap into your life values & MORE!  3 Ways You Can Support This Podcast: Rate Review Support our sponsors using our unique ‘HOOKUP’ codes below HOOKUP CODES: Head to SproutLiving.com and use code FOODHEAVEN for 20% off your order Sign up for Thrive Market to receive 25% off your first order and a free 30-day membership by visiting ThriveMarket.com/foodheaven For our resources and shownotes, visit foodheavenmadeeasy.com/podcast. Produced by Dear Media


20 Jul 2022

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Extraordinary Stories: Cal Newport

The Create Your Own Life Show

About This Episode: Cal Newport is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, who specializes in the theory of distributed algorithms. He previously earned his Ph.D. from MIT in 2009 and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004. In addition to his academic work, Newport is a writer who focuses on contrarian, evidence-based advice for building a successful and fulfilling life in school and after graduation. His most recent book, 'So Good They Can’t Ignore You', argues that “following your passion” is a bad advice. Since its publication, it has been selected for several best business books of the year lists, including those by Inc. Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and 800-CEO-Read. Newport’s New York Times op-ed on the book became the paper’s most e-mailed article for over a week. Newport is also the author of three books of unconventional advice for students: 'How to Be a High School Superstar', 'How to Become a Straight-A Student', and 'How to Win at College'. The 'How To Student' series has sold over 125,000 copies since its inception, and Newport has been invited to speak on these topics at some of the country’s top universities, including Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth and Duke. Unremarkable to Extraordinary: Ignite Your Passion to Go From Passive Observer to Creator of Your Own Life: https://getextraordinarybook.com/ Find out more about Cal at: Cal's Website: https://www.calnewport.com/ Check out our YouTube Channel: Jeremyryanslatebiz See the Show Notes: www.jeremyryanslate.com/1004 Sponsors: Gusto: This episode is sponsored by Gusto. Run your payroll the easy way, the same way we do at Command Your Brand. You'll get a. $100 Amazon Gift Card just for running your first payroll! http://www.jeremyryanslate.com/gusto MyPillow: Use the promo code: CYOL to get up to 60% off https://www.mypillow.com/ Audible: Get a free 30 day free trial and 1 free audiobook from thousands of available books. Right now I'm reading "Washington: A Life" by Ron Chernow www.jeremyryanslate.com/book


19 Jul 2022

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#121 - Cal Newport books


In this episode, we review a series of Cal Newport's books and discuss each of these books topics with the guests, and people who already read the book(s). Guests Slimane Akalie Diaa Alhak El Fallous Mohammed Daoudi Notes 0:00:00 - Introduction and welcoming 0:03:50 - Intro about the author: Call Newport and Books 0:07:00 - So good they can't ignore you 0:29:15 - Deep Work 0:54:51 - Digital minimalism 1:19:30 - A world Without Emails 1:33:00 - Geeksblabla Picks 1:45:00 - Conclusion Links Cal Newport: Deep Work, Focus, Productivity, Email, and Social Media) So Good They Can’t Ignore You Highlights from A world without email Highlights from Digital minimalism The Outer Limits of Reason Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It Logseq TickTick Prepared and Presented by Meriem Zaid

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29 Jun 2022

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Deep Work, Digital Minimalism and Becoming So Good They Can’t Ignore You with Cal Newport

All the Hacks

#63: New York Times bestselling author and professor, Cal Newport, joins Chris to discuss building and living what he calls a “deep life.” We also delve into strategies that increase efficiency and quality of output, why constant email and messages are making you less productive (and what to do about it) and how to implement “high-quality leisure” into your life.Cal Newport is a professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and the award-winning author of seven books that have been published in over 40 languages, including “Deep Work”, “Digital Minimalism”, and most recently, “A World Without Email.”Full show notes at: https://www.allthehacks.com/deep-life-cal-newport Partner DealsTruebill: Easily cancel your unused subscriptionsInside Tracker: 20% off personalized wellness & nutrition plans backed by science Selected Links From The EpisodeConnect with Cal Newport: Newsletter | Podcast: Deep Questions with Cal NewportCal’s Books:Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy WorldSo Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You LoveDeep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted WorldA World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication OverloadAll the Hacks Podcast: The Power of Regret, Motivation and Good Timing with Daniel PinkStudy Hacks Blog: Work Less to Work Better: My Experiments with Shutdown RoutinesResources Mentioned: Paul Jarvis: Company Of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for BusinessSebastian JungerSimon WinchesterSteve Martin: Born Standing Up: A Comic's LifeSteve Martin Quote: Charlie Rose Interview with Steve Martin (52:14)TEDTalk: Why You Should Quit Social MediaMouse BooksPersonalizing Your Productivity:The Time-Block PlannerDavid Allen43 Folders | Time, Attention, and Creative WorkCal’s Takoma Park Recommendations: Republic | Takoma Bev Co Full Show Notes:The meaning of the term ‘deep life’ [1:22]Categories to radically change when searching for a deep life [03:05]The five Cs, Cal’s focus on community, and ways to foster deeper relationships [05:44]Data that supports the benefits of making radical lifestyle changes [9:26]Lifestyle-centric planning: working backward to make your dream a reality [12:03]Pursuing the goal of being passionate about your life [15:50]The Steve Martin quote that resonates with Cal Newport [18:53]Chris and Cal explain how the term ‘hack’ incorporates both little tricks and tips, as well as massive fundamental mindset shifts [22:05]Discussion of Cal’s book “Deep Work”, the importance of avoiding cognitive context shifts, and ways to develop that skill [26:02] Learning to time-block and train to avoid distractions, and advice about overcoming the initial feelings of discomfort [30:06] Slow productivity: categorizing your daily activities to increase efficiency and quality of output [35:26]Implementing office hours as a way to focus back and forth interactions [38:53]Escaping the existential void of ‘boredom scrolling’ by building up attractive alternatives to have more high-quality leisure time [44:01]Three categories of high-quality, meaningful, and challenging leisure activities [46:20]Cal’s digital minimalism philosophy [51:13]Avoiding numbing behavior by choosing intellectual activities during moments of boredom [55:03]Making a clear distinction between your workday and non-workday through the use of a shutdown routine and healthy ways to come back to second-shift work [57:29]Maintaining the balance between family and work with structure and clarity of your time [1:02:35]Cal’s Takoma Park recommendations [1:05:35]Find out what Cal is reading, writing, producing, and talking about [1:07:18] SponsorsTruebillTruebill is the new app that helps you identify and stop paying for subscriptions you don’t need, want, or simply forgot about. You can see all your unwanted subscriptions in one place, keep the ones you want and cancel the ones you don’t – right from the app. Your Truebill concierge is there to cancel your subscriptions, so you don't have to. No talking to humans. No difficult conversations.Join over 2 million users who've used TrueBill to save over $100 million and start cancelling your unused subscriptions today, by going to  allthehacks.com/truebill InsideTrackerInsideTracker provides a personalized plan to improve your metabolism, reduce stress, improve sleep, and optimize your health for the long haul. It's created by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometrics. They analyze your blood, DNA, and fitness tracking data to identify where you’re optimized—and where you’re not. With Inside Tracker you’ll get a daily Action Plan with personalized guidance on the right exercise, nutrition, and supplementation for your body.For a limited time, you can get 20% off at allthehacks.com/insidetracker Connect with All the HacksAll the Hacks: Newsletter | Website | Facebook | EmailChris Hutchins: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn

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29 Jun 2022

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#152 A World Without Email with Cal Newport

The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

You can download The Doctor’s Kitchen app for free here.Modern work is defined by a relentless barrage of incoming messages and back-and-forth digital conversations. What this creates is a state of constant, anxious chatter in which nobody can disconnect.In addition to this inability to unplug, is a squeezing of our cognitive bandwidth to perform substantive work. The type of work that really matters. We have become so used to an inbox-driven workday that it’s hard to imagine alternatives.And that’s why I’m speaking with computer science professor Cal Newport today who makes the case that our current approach to work is broken and why digital minimalism is so important.Cal is a NY Times bestselling author of several books, including, most recently, A World Without Email, Digital Minimalism, and Deep Work. Many of his articles from his column in the New Yorker and his weekly newsletter have inspired me to create a better working environment for me, my staff with the goal of promoting mental wellbeing and happiness which is why it was such a pleasure to have him on the show today.His latest book, A World Without Email provides a bold vision for liberating workers from the tyranny of the inbox, and unleashing a new era of productivity.You can download The Doctor’s Kitchen app for free to get access to all of our recipes, with specific suggestions tailored to your health needs and new recipes added every month. We’ve had some amazing feedback so far and we have new features being added all the time - check it out with a 14 day free trial too.Do check out this week’s “Eat, Listen, Read” newsletter, that you can subscribe to on our website - where I send you a recipe to cook as well as some mindfully curated media to help you have a healthier, happier week.We would love to get your feedback on the subject matter of these episodes - please do let me know on our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) what you think,and give us a 5* rating on your podcast player if you enjoyed today’s episode.Check out the recipes and app here: https://apple.co/3G0zC0ZJoin the newsletter and 7 day meal plan here: https://thedoctorskitchen.com/newsletter/Check out the socials here: https://www.instagram.com/doctors_kitchen/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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1 Jun 2022

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Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism (from 2019)

The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry

Technology is an extension of your capacity to accomplish your will. So, it gives you a “longer lever” when you want to move big rocks. However, we are finding that technology is encroaching upon us in ways we couldn’t have anticipated ten years ago. It’s more difficult to find the space necessary to do the important, creative work we’re tasked with.Today’s guest is Cal Newport. His 2019 book Digital Minimalism challenged all of us with tips for dealing with technological encroachment. Mentioned in this episode:50Pros.com50Pros.com is the newest & fastest-growing platform that connects agencies with top companies, many from the Fortune 500 - like Amazon, Spotify, and 3M. Curated, vetted, and a no-noise directory of the only the top 50 firms within 50 categories. Visit 50Pros.com.Sponsored by Nordpass BusinessWith the NordPass Business password manager, you will save time and energy – allowing your team to focus on what matters most. See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial at nordpass.com/accidental with code ACCIDENTAL.


30 May 2022