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The Goals that Took Lesley Eccles From Co-Founder of FanDuel to Founder of Relish


When I reached out to Lesley Eccels - co-founder of fantasy sports app FanDuel and founder of the relationship health app Relish - it was the height of sheltering at home. Because of that, events coalesced that made me absolutely want to talk to her. I'd found Relish as my husband and I were at each others' throats one day - it was probably about the dishes, if I'm being honest. And shortly after my husband and I started using Relish, he listened to the book Billion Dollar Fantasy by Albert Chen on Audible. The book outlines Lesley's and her husband Nigel Eccels' path to building, scaling and selling FanDuel - and ultimately to Lesley founding Relish. Something that's discussed in the book is a now legally contested deal at the end of Lesley's time at FanDuel, which you can read more about in the Wall Street Journal and let your blood boil with mine. "She's a badass," my husband noted and I composed an email. On this week's episode of #WeGotgoals, you'll hear Lesley talk about building a tech ecosystem in Edinburgh, Scotland, from which FanDuel sprang and now Relish will use that same pool of tech talent. She mentions the unicorns coming out of that city continue to grow. Lesley and I also talked about how she sets goals, and she's a visionary, not only in what she creates, but also how she sets goals. She creates a 10-year vision and then sets daily goals laddering up to that vision. When she set out to build FanDuel, that meant she was fully focused on creating a totally new and disruptive technology. If you followed FanDuel, you know they had to fight to carve out a space for fantasy sports betting known as "games of skill." Going to battle to do something totally unique in a market? That's pretty disruptive. And as she looks at Relish, her sights are set on concepts that are much bigger than just your romantic relationships - it's about all of your relationships and your happiness, she said. But for now, the platform focuses on romantic relationships because Lesley became obsessed with a problem. "Most couples are unhappy for 6 years before they do anything about it," she said. You'll hear more about her, the research she's done and her big, big vision on this week's episode. Resources: Billion Dollar Fantasy by Albert Chen Try Relish in your own romantic relationships If you love this episode as much as we do, subscribe to the #WeGotGoals podcast wherever you like to listen to podcasts, including on Apple and Spotify (and leave us a rating while you’re at it, please).


14 Jul 2021

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Growing in Your Relationship While Building a Business with Lesley Eccles, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Relish

Love Intently Podcast with Sophie Kwok

Lesley Eccles is the founder and CEO of Relish, a relationship app that’s on a mission to improve all relationships. She was also the co-founder and head of marketing for the FanDuel fantasy sports company. In today’s episode of the Love Intently Podcast, Lesley shares with us her love story right from where it started and some tips to maintain a healthy relationship. She also dives deep into entrepreneurship and her journey in this field.Key Topics Discussed -How she fell in love and met her husband -Her entrepreneurship journey -Advice for other couples who are entrepreneurs -What inspired her to start Relish -Advice for Relish App users during the pandemic -Advice to other women in male-dominated industries -What she wishes more people knew about her and her husband For full  Shownotes Find Relish on Instagram Find Lesley on Twitter Download Relish Find Sophie on Instagram Find Love Intently on Instagram Take the Attachment Style Quiz Apply for Relationship Coaching with Sophie Golden Ratio: Use code "LOVEINTENTLY" FOR 15% off your first order! The Adventure Challenge : Use code "LOVEINTENTLY" for 10% off your first order 


8 Jul 2021

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Lesley Eccles - When Founding Another Global Startup was the Only Answer

Don't Stop Us Now! Podcast

Have you ever felt totally blindsided or cheated? That’s exactly what happened to our guest this week who spent more than ten years building a startup into a huge success, only to find the company sold by the other investors without receiving a cent. Just two years later the business was valued at over 11 billion dollars!There’s no doubt that serial Scottish entrepreneur Lesley Eccles has ridden the startup rollercoaster on a grand scale. What we find so incredible and inspiring is how she’s bounced back from the devastating loss of her and her co-founders’ first business hit, FanDuel, to focus on starting a business all over again.Lesley says she felt she had no alternative but to start from scratch again - but this time she’s brought her knowledge of running and scaling a technology business to build the number one relationship and self care app, Relish.As Lesley shares her fascinating journey you’ll learn how:Lesley, her husband and their 3 other co-founders weren’t sure if their start up would be successful until they were 7 years inHow their team, headquartered in Scotland, managed to become successful in the US market of fantasy sports building a team of 500 employees with 6million usersWhat lessons Lesley learnt as a result of the gut-wrenching sale of FanDuelAnd why Relish is all about making the world a happier place.Lesley’s story and lessons really are remarkable so don’t miss this episode with the resilient and gutsy Lesley Eccles. Useful LinksRelish in the Apple App StoreRelish websiteLesley Eccles on LinkedIn Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


2 Mar 2021

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Lesley Eccles | How to Have a Thriving Relationship | Tips from the Founder of a Top Relationship Coaching App "Relish"

Live Greatly

How can you optimize your marriage or relationship amid Covid-19 and the stress of life?  In this Live Greatly podcast episode Lesley Eccles and Kristel Bauer chat about the keys to having a successful thriving relationship.  They discuss how to navigate being a mother, wife, and having a career.  Learn about the love languages and why communication and understanding how your partner expresses and feels loved is so important! Lesley Eccles is the Founder and CEO of HelloRelish, a relationship coaching company with an award-winning coaching and self-care app called Relish. Relish is the first-ever truly customized relationship training app that gives users unlimited access to a qualified relationship coach combined with an actionable, interactive and scientifically-backed relationship training plan that adapts over time. The app has been recognized as Apple's 'App of the Day' three times and featured in Well + Good, Fast Co., Inc., and more.  Lesley is a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor and was previously co-founder and former head of marketing at FanDuel, the fantasy sports company which she grew into a billion dollar company. Learn more here https://hellorelish.com/  Disclaimer: All information and views shared on the Live Greatly podcast are purely the opinions of the authors, and are not intended to provide medical advice or treatment recommendations. The contents of this podcast are intended for informational and educational purposes only. Always seek the guidance of your physician or other qualified health professional when you have any questions regarding your specific health, changes to diet and exercise, or any medical conditions. Kristel Bauer is a wellness expert, entrepreneur, Integrative Medicine Fellow, Physician Assistant, Reiki Master, and the Founder of Live Greatly. Follow her on Instagram @livegreatly_co https://www.instagram.com/livegreatly_co/?hl=en, facebook @livegreatly.co, and on LinkedIn. To learn more about Live Greatly's online courses for personal development and self-improvement, to discuss collaborations and partnerships,  or to book Kristel as a speaker or consultant visit www.livegreatly.co --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kristel-bauer/support


26 Jan 2021

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Creating FanDuel with Lesley Eccles (Ep. 12)

Game Changers

You may or may not know who Lesley Eccles is, but you surely have heard of the company she helped create, FanDuel. While creating a sports startup was never her dream as a child, it didn't stop her from working tirelessly to create one of the most recognizable names in our industry. So how did a Scot who knew little about American sports help create the game we know and love? Hear directly from the source on the ups and downs of her journey including what being a woman is like in a male-dominated industry.


27 Aug 2020

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Chatting with Lesley Eccles: Founder and CEO of Relish

The Cassandra Podcast

In this week's episode of The Cassandra Daily Podcast our host Nina Rupp is joined by the brilliant Lesley Eccles, the founder and CEO of relationship training app Relish. Lesley and Nina discuss all aspects of the app and why it’s so important to prioritize sustained relationship maintenance, especially right now in the era of Covid-19. Cassandra has further explored this topic in depth in our Relationship & Community Perspective report as part of our Life Interrupted: Cassandra Special Edition series, which covers youth attitudes and behaviors under Covid-19.


21 May 2020

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Success is all about relationships with Lesley Eccles

People at Work

Imagine spending ten years of your life building a $1 billion company with your husband only to be shut out of the company when the laws that govern your industry change.  Now imagine what your next step would be after that roller-coaster of emotion. My guess is that not many of us would immediately dive into another start-up. But that’s exactly what my guest, Lesley Eccles, did. After founding and growing FanDuel for 10 years she realized that what got her through those turbulent times is relationships. It’s also relationships that define success for her. All of this led to Lesley’s new start-up, Relish, which is the world’s first personal trainer for your relationships. Give this episode a listen to hear Lesley’s story and learn more about the power of relationships in the workplace. About our guest: Lesley is a serial entrepreneur and startup advisor. She was previously the co-founder and head of marketing at FanDuel and is currently the Founder and CEO of Relish, the first-ever relationship training app. Connect with her on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/lesleyeccles/, follow her on Twitter @lesleyeccles, or check out her Instagram @hellorelishrelationship


4 May 2020

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Forget Self Care, What About "Us" Care? w/ Lesley Eccles (Founder of Relish, Co-Founder of FanDuel)

The Look Up! Podcast with Marc Weinstein

The Most Important ThingCheck out Lesley’s new company, Relish, which has built a high quality relationship coach in your pocket! Episode Overview:In this episode, Lesley and I discuss the incredible story of her time at Fanduel, the first startup company she co-founded (with her husband Nigal). Fanduel was a massive success raising billions in capital, but in the end the founding team walked away with nothing. An important lesson to start-up founders everywhere. We dig deep on what it means to be a startup founder while also taking care of a family. Lesley offers great advice for young founders who find themselves raising capital today.  We also discuss why your self care practice need not be meditation, but can be something much simpler or less obvious. We discuss relationship styles, therapy, and communication and Lesley’s passion for improving the relationships of all Relish users. It’s been said that a thorn of experience is worth a wilderness of warning. Lesley has a ton of great insights to share from 25 years of marriage, nearly as many years parenting, and over a decade starting and building a multi-billion dollar business.About LesleyLesley Eccles is the Founder and CEO of Relish, the first-ever relationship training app making it easier to build happy, healthy, more connected relationships. A serial entrepreneur and startup advisor, Lesley was previously co-founder and former head of marketing at FanDuel, the fantasy sports company which she grew into a billion dollar company. In her spare time, Lesley mentors a number of female entrepreneurs via the AllRaise program, and serves as a board member of multiple charities in the UK. Lesley graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with a degree in Modern Languages. She is based in New York.My Favorite Quotes / Highlights:“When you’re doing a startup, it puts pressure on your relationship even if you’re both not in it together, because it is startups are all consuming. If I wasn’t in it with Nigal, the amount of stress that we were under in that business, I’m pretty sure we would have separated.” “If you’re a team at home, you’re a team in the workplace” “Life’s too short to be in a relationship that’s not as good as it can be.”Episode Breakdown:02:00 – Lesley’s experience at Fanduel 10:00 – Starting a business with her husband 13:00 – Jumping to Good Conclusions 16:00 – Fanduel’s battle with Draft Kings, US Regulators, and KKR 22:30 – Lesley’s advice to young founders 26:30 – On being both a mother and a founder31:25 – Your startup is not your child 33:30 – Lesley’s self-improvement practices38:30 – What she’s most proud of  40:00 – Leaving Fanduel 46:00 – Starting Relish 50:00 – Relationship Attachment styles & Love Languages             54:00 – the importance of communication in relationships56:00 – “Us Care”Episode Links:Lesley’s New Company RelishLesley’s TwitterLesley on Thrive GlobalFanduelBillion Dollar Fantasy, book that includes Lesley’s experience at FanDuelSupport this show http://supporter.acast.com/the-look-up-podcast-with-marc-weinstein. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

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20 Mar 2020

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Relish: Lesley Eccles, Founder and CEO

Hitting The Mark

To kick off 2020 I have an entrepreneur on Hitting The Mark who knows a thing or two about how to build a brand. From co-founding fantasy sports unicorn startup Fanduel to being left with nothing after their company's $465M acquisition. Today we will dive into Lesley Eccles' brand experiences while chatting about her new startup Relish. It is a fascinating story with - as you may imagine - plenty of branding insights along the way. This conversation with Lesley was both an honor and a delight, as you will be able to tell since it feels much more like a chat rather than an interview. We talk about how to build culture and instill values; about the emotional journey of running a startup; not to blindly trust data as you craft your brand; why every CEO should dedicate time to customer service calls; how to make it through the highest highs and lowest lows of entrepreneurship; how authenticity and sales should be the backbone of every successful startup, …and much more! Learn more about RelishSupport the show and get on monthly brand advisory calls with Fabian


3 Jan 2020

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Lesley Eccles: Co-Founder of FanDuel and Founder of Relish | #ThePlaybook 173

The Playbook With David Meltzer

On this episode of #ThePlaybook, Lesley Eccles, co-founder of FanDuel and founder of Relish shares her thoughts on: [4:07] How she was able to infuse her passion into the fantasy sports business, despite not being a fan of sports [6:05] The biggest challenge in building a business from the ground up, and some of the specific legal battles that FanDuel faced [9:01] Why her new venture, Relish, has many similarities to FanDuel, despite being in a completely different industry [12:58] How she’s leveraged her situational knowledge in order to find the right investors for Relish. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


24 Dec 2019