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Decision Making as a Spiritual Practice (With Sarah Jenks)

Walk with Me

Last week I shared how I felt completely stuck trying to figure out where my family and I should live, and whether we should sell our home (among many other decisions that life is asking me to make without any guidance from our chosen leadership). What I didn’t share last week is that my dear friend Sarah Jenks and her family came to visit us — and while playing in my backyard, she reflected something to me that helped me decide, instantly.  It’s no surprise that Sarah helped me ground and experience both personal and business breakthroughs. It helps that she’s a renowned life coach of 10+ years who’s guided thousands of women through the process of remembering their brilliance and their unique mission in this lifetime through sacred feminine practices... The wisdom and guided visualization Sarah shares in this episode can help you make tough decisions and remember your big dreams, even in these uncertain times. You’ll have an opportunity to go even deeper into the magic of your heart and your power as a woman to recognize where you have a choice that you may not be actively engaging with right now in any area where you are feeling stuck. Make sure you’re on my weekly newsletter list to receive your FREE month of events so you’ll get the experience of being inside my Heartwork Collective Membership? You can also hop on the waitlist for the Heartwork Collective here. Jey​ wants to hear from you, get in touch over on Instagram, DM her (@​Jeannine.Yoder​) ​or ​email ​Jey@Jeannineyoder.com​! Show notes​,​ links for this episode​ and sisterhood with other listeners​​ can be found at http://www.​jeannineyoder​.com

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19 Aug 2020

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EP 156: Your Unapologetic Destiny with Sarah Jenks

The Flowerlounge with Katie Hess

In this episode I speak with Sarah Jenks about being unapologetic and breaking the rules so that we can become who we really are. She shares what prevents us from living life how we really want to -- and how to shift that. She describes the #1 fear that she sees in women on a spiritual path: outgrowing their partners, and talks about what happens when men get invited into the growth experience. She talks about the importance of being vulnerable to find our greatest strength, and how to identify your peak experiences to illuminate your biggest expression in life.


5 Aug 2020

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Close the Chapter Podcast Episode 64 - Loving Yourself for Deeper Relationships with Sarah Jenks

Close the Chapter Podcast with Kristen Boice

In this weeks episode, Kristen talks to Sarah Jenks about her own transformation and years of study in the Sacred Feminine, emotional eating, and life coaching, and how she's guided thousands of women for over 10 years through the process of remembering their brilliance and their unique mission in this lifetime. www.sarahjenks.com Subscribe and Get a free 5-day journal at www.kristendboice.com to begin closing the chapter on what doesn’t serve you and open the the door to the real you. This information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is being provided to you to educate you about ideas on stress management and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not psychotherapy/counseling in any form. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgment.  For my full Disclaimer please to to www.kristendboice.com. For counseling services near Indianapolis, IN, visit www.pathwaystohealingcounseling.com. Pathways to Healing Counseling's vision is to provide warm, caring, compassionate and life-changing counseling services and educational programs to individuals, couples and families in order to create learning, healing and growth.


6 Jul 2020

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Healing Internalized Patriarchy through the Moon, Magic and The Sacred Feminine with Sarah Jenks

Wellness Lately

Why We Love Sarah: As a mother of three, a woman who has struggled with body image and lack of direction, Sarah knows what it’s like to feel flat, overwhelmed, frumpy and exhausted.  Through her own transformation and years of study in the Sacred Feminine, emotional eating and life coaching, she's guided thousands of women for over 10 years through the process of remembering their brilliance and their unique mission in this lifetime.  Sarah is the founder of the online course + community, Whole Woman and the upcoming program, Modern Marriage. On the Pod, We Discuss: The dynamic relationship women have with their bodies and the portal it offers us for healing on a soul level  How we heal our internalized belief systems so that we can have the perfect relationship that WE need with our bodies personally Why looking underneath the hood of what’s going on with you and food is so crucial to healing Seeing dieting as a distraction is a key indicator of something deeper and how that’s actually a deliberate Patriarchal tool to keep women from their power  Why creating space for deep listening through a sacred start is so crucial to opening the lines of communication we really need to be listening to  Why feeling guilty for having a wonderful life and still not being happy is so common for women and why that is Why owning what we want is so important for us and the people around us  Why the Sacred Feminine is such potent medicine, a source of wisdom and why seeing it as a mystery school is an important shift to make Why knowing ourselves is fortification to have the uncomfortable conversations that need to happen in our lives What we’re talking about when we’re talking about Magic  The role of politics, capitalism and quantum physics in modern feminism  If you’re being called to it, how do you actually get weird, feminine and magical Why the moon is a personal development plan in the sky The different cycles of the moon and how they can help us manage our energy and lives  Helpful Links: Visit Sarah's website Follow Sarah on Instagram Learn more about her membership program, Whole Woman Learn more about her upcoming program, Modern Marriage Beth Berry

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25 Jun 2020

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Sarah Jenks | The Journey To A Whole Woman

Unbecoming with Phoebe Mroczek

Are you a parent, family member or partner who has put everything and everyone before yourself? Have you let your boundaries slide or allowed your own self-care to sit at the bottom of the priority list? If yes, you're not alone - and this episode is for you. Sarah Jenks (https://sarahjenks.com), a mom of three, life coach, emotional eating expert, and sacred space holder, has helped thousands of women find their true self and gain the courage they need to face challenges. In this episode, Sarah reveals how this season of her life has led her to a greater understanding of her self and her mission. Through years of personal development and business success, it wasn't until she fully understood and found her own unique path that she was able to feel like a whole woman, and celebrate each other’s successes. LINKS MENTIONED Want to learn more about Sarah's monthly membership? Check out Whole Woman https://wholewoman.me/.  Please leave a review: www.unbecomingpodcast.com/itunes   Connect with Phoebe on Instagram: www.instagram.com/phoebemroczek

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10 Sep 2019

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149: Discovering the Magic of Your Most Authentic Self (with Sarah Jenks)

Vibrant Happy Women

How to Subscribe to Vibrant Happy Women: Apple Podcasts · Android · Overcast · Castbox · Radio Public About this Episode: How do you come back to your soul’s directions instead of listening to society, family or your partners’ suggestions? Why is it critical that we sometimes let go of the one-size-fits-all solution to happiness and allow ourselves to be “more wolf than woman”? Learn all about it in this episode! What You'll Learn:  About the emotions of weight and eating How you can come back to your soul’s directions instead of cultural directions, family directions or a partner’s directions. Why it’s often beneficial to let go of the rules and be more WOLF than WOMAN. The importance of including more earth-focused rituals into your life so you can be more connected to the different energies that accompany the various seasons and cycles of our planet Differences between feminine and masculine energy A history of the experiences Western European and early American women faced in the past couple thousand years and how those experiences shaped female thinking and behavior today How to “call in” the things you want and are meant to have and experience in life And much more Links From This Episode: Vibrant Happy Women Club www.sarahjenks.com Whole Woman (Your Life is Yours) Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill 13 Moon Mystery School Catina Marcadante Dr. Leslie Shore - High School Therapist The Spiral Dance by Starhawk Kate Northrup Dr. Christiane Northrup (Author of: Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause and more) Follow Sarah on Twitter Follow Sarah on Facebook Jen on Instagram Jen on Facebook Lola - enter code happywomen to 40% off all subscriptions! Learn More About the Vibrant Happy Women Club: Learn more at vibranthappywomenclub.com   Subscribe to the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast: Apple Podcasts · Android · Overcast · Castbox · Radio Public How to Leave a Review: Give us a Rating & Review · How to Leave a Review Ask Jen a Question: Have a comment or question for me? Email me at support@jenriday.com. I'd love to hear from you!

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28 Jan 2019

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Changemakers Playground Podcast - Episode 3 - Sarah Jenks

Changemakers Playground

For years (and years and years!), Sarah Jenks struggled with her body. Her weight. Her appearance. Having gone through her own transformation, Sarah now helps women around the world come home to themselves. Listen in to learn all about Sarah, her journey, and about how you too can come home to yourself! 


7 Jan 2019

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Being the Whole Woman with Sarah Jenks

The Amanda Sophia Podcast

Sarah Jenks is the founder of Whole Woman, a monthly online membership for women seeking the answers to “Who am I? And why am I here?” and Live More Weigh Less™, the most popular online emotional eating program. Between her online programs and as proprietress of Hawthorn Farm, her 23-acre retreat center in Medfield, Massachusetts, Sarah holds sacred space to empower women and support them in finding their magic and rediscovering their most authentic selves. Since 2009, Sarah’s community of women seeking a fuller, more meaningful life has grown to almost 100K members.


25 Dec 2018

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Sarah Jenks on The Priestess in Business (E89)

The Priestess Podcast

When you are called to walk through life as a priestess how does that path show up if you are also a business owner? Is it possible to mirror the sacred magick of the priestess path with being an entrepreneur and needing to juggle a hundred balls at one time and also make decisions in what can feel like a sometimes competitive and challenging space? My incredibly soulful and successful guest on The Priestess Podcast today Sarah Jenks is a living example of how you absolutely can.  Sarah is a powerful priestess who presides over a modern temple that services thousands of women every year. She does so with grace, support and calling in the guidance of the Great Mother in everything she does. Sarah’s path and story will inspire you on how you can use priestess skills and magick to bring your business and even career further to life.


14 Nov 2018

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801: Sarah Jenks, Founder of Live More Weigh Less™

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight … you may have thought to yourself, "My life would be better if I was just thinner." Or, "Life is just 20 lbs away."Today, I’m interviewing Sarah Jenks, She is an entrepreneur, Nutrition and Life coach, and the founder of Whole Woman, a monthly online membership for women seeking the answers to “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” She’s also the creator behind Live More Weigh Less™, the most popular online emotional eating program. After struggling with her own body issues her entire life, she decided to create a program to help other women overcome those same challenges. Sarah’s community is made up of over 100,000 women.The similar triggers for overeating and overspending.Sarah lives on a 23 acre farm. How the decision to move here after living an urban life was a bit of fate.The triumphs and challenges of being the female breadwinner in her marriage.To learn more about Sarah Jenks, please visit www.SarahJenks.com. Her newest program is available now: WholeWoman.me. She’s also on Instagram @SarahJenks and Twitter @SarahEJenks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


29 Oct 2018