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podcast 291 – From one God to two gods to three “Gods” – John 1 and early Christian theologies


"And the Word was God." Which one? The same mentioned before, or not?


13 Apr 2020

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The Diversity of Christian Theologies - What Straight Old White Guys Don't Tell You - 136

Irenicast - A Progressive Christian Podcast

Despite what many of us from fundamentalist backgrounds have been told, there is a diverse array of Christian theologies.  Liberation, Queer, Womanist and Process theology are some of the lenses we will be looking through on this week’s episode. This week Raj, Bonnie and Casey share their learnings and leanings on the the theologies of Liberation, Queer, Womanist and Process in ways that are moving, inspiring, troubling and down right blasphemous. The co-hosts explore the power and possibility of each theology and connect dots and highlight intersectionality all over the place. Liberation theology posits that God is “on the side of the oppressed.” The co-hosts unpack the economic and social ramifications of an embrace of liberation theology. The team also wonders if “total liberation” is possible and what might be left to do if/when liberation is achieved. Queer theology invites us to look at the Bible and God with a lense that has few, if any, limitations of traditional gender roles, sexual standards, anything - an opportunity to see things anew. Womanist theology says “have a seat at the table” and talk about the deep, dark things and the high and bright things and you will be heard. The best theology is often created at the kitchen table by those who have never been to seminary. Process theology stems from the work of Alfred North Whitehead’s work “Process and Reality.” The nature of God is in radical relationship WITH all of creation not creation a subject of God. In the segment Raj, Bonnie and Casey reveal their “least liked” Christian phrases. Triggers all around! Beware some will cause feelings of nausea, irritability and down-right anger. Conversation on Christian Theologies (00:35) Bottom 3 Segment (49:15) RELEVANT LINKS From Our Conversation on Christian Theologies Liberation Theology (Wiki) Gustavo Gutiérrez (Liberation Theologian - Amazon Affiliate Link) Saul Alinsky (American community organizer and writer) Year of Jubilee Annie Lamott (Progressive political activist, public speaker, and writing teacher - Amazon Affiliate Link) James Cone (American theologian - Amazon Affiliate Link) Conversation on Race – A Kick in the Walls – 134 (Irenicast Episode) Queer Theology (Wiki) The Queerness of Cana (Queerly Faithful blog post by Casey) Womanist Theology (Wiki) Alice Walker (American novelist, short story writer, poet, and activist - Amazon Affiliate Link) Katie G Cannon (American Christian theologian and ethicist associated with womanist theology and black theology) The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology by Katie G. Cannon (Book - Amazon Affiliate Link) Jacquelyn Grant (African-American professor, theologian, author, and one of the founding developers of womanist theology) White Women's Christ and Black Women's Jesus: Feminist Christology and Womanist Response by Jacquelyn Grant (Book - Amazon Affiliate Link) Delores S. Williams (Theologian - Amazon Affiliate Link) Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble (Associate Professor of Ministerial Leadership & Practical Theology) The Cosmic Christ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Wiki) Process and Reality by Alfred North Whitehead (Book - Amazon Affiliate Link) Catherine Keller (Theologian - Amazon Affiliate Link) Monica Coleman (Contemporary theologian associated with process theology - Amazon Affiliate Link) Christina Hutchens Cornel West (American philosopher, political activist, social critic, author, and public intellectual - Amazon Affiliate Link) Surprised by Joy by C. S. Lewis (Book - Amazon Affiliate Link) American Baptist Seminary of the West YOUR SUPPORT Thank you for listening to Irenicast.  If you appreciate the show please consider sharing your appreciation by rating, reviewing and/or subscribing to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or whatever platform you’re listening on. You can also help support the show financially by going to irenicast.com/amazon to do your Amazon shopping.  This will cost you nothing, but Amazon will give a portion of the proceeds to the show. IRENCAST HOSTS Jeff Manildi | producer & co-host | jeff@irenicast.com Jeff is co-founder of Irenicast and loves all things that tell a story: people, movies, tv, music, comics, etc. Follow Jeff (@JeffManildi) on facebook, instagram & twitter.  You can also listen to Jeff’s other podcast Divine Cinema. Rev. Allen Marshall O’Brien | co-host | allen@irenicast.com Allen is the pastor of a UCC church in Northern California, resident chaplain at an area hospital, and co-founder of Irenicast. He believes in the importance of education, peace, and ecology and writes for multiple platforms. You can follow Allen (@RevAllenOB) on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, & Good Reads.  Also if you are in the Sacramento, CA area check out Allen’s brick and mortar version of this podcast called Intersections. Rev. Bonnie Rambob | co-host | bonnie@irenicast.com Bonnie is the co-pastor at Parkside Community Church. Bonnie has also served the Congregational Church of San Mateo as Transitional Minister for Intergenerational Education.  As a graduate of Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, she offers expertise in multi-faith leadership, the spirituality of children, process theology and church organizational structure.  Drawing from her fundamentalist Christian background, she co-leads several outreach ministries to those spiritual travelers who are migrating out of fundamentalist Christianity. Rev. Raj Rambob | co-host | raj@irenicast.com Rajeev Rambob (Raj) is spouse, of 26 years, to Bonnie Rambob. Both Bonnie and Raj are ordained ministers in the United Church of Christ. They have two adult children who are intelligent, creative, hilarious and kind. Raj has been a K-12 educator and principal.  Raj transitioned from K-12 leadership to executive leadership in the nonprofit sector. Raj's non-profit experience is largely in homelessness. Currently Raj is Executive Director of Amador Tuolumne Community Action Agency (ATCAA). ATCAA is a multi-service, anti-poverty, agency that serves two counties.  Raj loves thoughtful and irreverent conversation over food and drink with family and trusted friends. You can follow Raj on Facebook and at www.christianprocess.blogspot.com Pastor Casey Tinnin | co-host | casey@irenicast.com Casey is the pastor of Loomis Basin Congregational Church in Loomis California.  He is one of the co-creators of Intersections which is a support group that meets once a month to deconstruct their evangelical past. Casey also created a non-religious LGBT teen group, The Landing Spot, that meets once a month. When Casey isn’t preaching, protesting, or providing pastoral care he enjoys spending his time reading comic books, talking about theology, politics and sex, baking, cooking, kayaking and spending time with his partner Jose of six years and walking their dog Kole. You can follow Casey on Twitter and Facebook, or you can check out his blog The Queerly Faithful Pastor or Gutter Theology ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE CONVERSATION Join our progressive Christian conversations on faith and culture by interacting with us through the following links: Read Us on our blog Irenicon Email Us at podcast@irenicast.com Follow Us on Twitter and Google+ Like Us on Facebook Listen & Subscribe to Us on iTunes, Google Play, Android, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, Spreaker and SoundCloud Speak to Us on our Feedback Page and the Post Evangelical Facebook Group See Us on Instagram Support Us on Amazon Love Us? CREDITS Intro and Outro music created by Mike Golin. This post may contain affiliate links.  An Irenicon is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com


19 Feb 2019

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Many Faiths Session 2 - Christian Theologies Of Religions

Mount Olivet

The second week of Many Faiths with Pastor Joel.


16 Mar 2017

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Mood, Emotion, and Affect in Hindu and Christian Theologies

American Academy of Religion

What can study of the beliefs and practices of one tradition bring to bear on another? Michelle Voss Roberts, associate professor of theology at Wake Forest University's divinity school, discusses how ethnographic study of Indian and South Asian Hindu rituals and aesthetics can bring new theological space to explore Christian practice. Using the Indian framework of "rasa," loosely defined as emotion or taste, Roberts suggests that Christian scholars, theologians, and practitioners can reexamine and experience the Divine through mood and affect.Robert's 2014 book, "Tastes of the Divine: Hindu and Christian Theologies of Emotion" (Fordham University Press), won the American Academy of Religion's 2015 Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion for constructive-reflective studies.


8 Jul 2016

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