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Roasting Profiles and Cleaning Routines with Tim Wendelboe

Sovda Coffee Roasting Podcast

On this podcast, we had the honor of interviewing Tim Wendelboe, founder of the roastery and espresso bar, Tim Wendelboe, in Oslo, Norway. We talked to Tim about his roast profile and why his roastery only uses one for all of his coffees. We also talk to Tim about his refined cleaning routines, how the color sorter has improved his coffee quality, and how to deal with bottlenecks in the production line.This is our second interview with Tim Wendelboe. Our first interview was about roastery efficiency.


11 May 2022

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Coffee Science methodology Episode 10: Tim Wendelboe's feedback

Coffee Science for CoffeePreneurs by CoffeeMind

Today I had the pleasure to talk to Tim about the Coffee Science methodology podcast series. I have known Tim since 2004 and we have met often over many years at different events and coffee projects and the integrity of his mind and the drived business is a continous inspiration from a coffee quality, business, project/vision management and scientific perspective. Hopefully you find inspiration in how we talk about current state of affairs in the business, education systems and scientific approaches to coffee and how we see this into the future.If you want to learn more about Tim I think his Podcast is a great way to go:https://timwendelboe.podbean.com/And obviously his website: https://timwendelboe.no/And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timwendelboe/

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8 Apr 2022

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DPC083 - A magyar Tim Wendelboe

Daráló Podcast

Tóth Sanyival beszélgetünk arról mi történt az elmúlt egy évben a Bányai farmon. Vigyázat mélyvíz! Az adás oltványokat, genetikai bankokat, fermentációs kísérletek és helyi élesztőkultúrát tartalmaz!

1hr 34mins

20 Feb 2022

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Tim Wendelboe on biological coffee farming and chasing great taste from seed to cup

Nordic FoodTech

Tim Wendelboe runs his own roastery and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway where he imports, roasts and serves high quality coffees. Tim has won multiple international barista competitions and is known for his ability to create great taste. In this episode, we trace Tim's career starting as a barista, moving into coffee roasting, and then starting his own Farm, Finca el Suelo, in Columbia where he practices biological coffee farming. We also discuss how Tim works closely and transparently with farmers to improve their coffee quality.  8:30 Positively influencing great taste in coffee 15:30 The Tim Wendelboe coffee shop experience 18:00 How Tim works with farmers around the world  27:30 Adventures in biological coffee farming in Columbia 43:20 Sustainability and transparency  If you like this episode, check out this podcast with the Coffee Collective where we further explore what creates great taste, transparency, and sustainability from another Nordic point of view. For more conversations, join our community on Instagram or check out other episodes on www.nordicfoodtech.io.


5 Sep 2021

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Tim Wendelboe


World Aeropress Champion and coffee roaster Tim Wendelboe returns to the show for an update on the coffee business, life in Oslo, Norway and what's next for his company? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


9 Jun 2021

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Coffee Cravings with Tim Wendelboe

Closet Conversations

The smell of fresh coffee wafting through the house, aromas of nostalgia; it's all so comforting. So why not grab your favourite and lets dive straight into this week's episode.  I had the privilege of chatting with World Barista Champion and World Cup Tasters Champion, Tim Wendelboe. He has a his very own micro roastery, coffee training centre and espresso bar in Oslo, Norway.  We get into the details of bean to cup, and everything in-between, plus answer some of your questions... If you want to know more about your coffee, learn some skills and understand the process then this is the episode for you! Seriously nice guy and one of my favourite conversations so far; definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. Check out Tim and expand your knowledge:www.timwendelboe.no @timwendelboe Tim Wendelboe coffee (YouTube) Can't wait to hear your thoughts and answer more questions: closetconversations@outlook.com @closet.conversations @mary.marshall89 Host, Producer, Editor, Music: MazEd (me)


26 Feb 2021

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Growing an icon - a conversation with Tim Wendelboe

5THWAVE - The Business of Coffee

Jeffrey Young speaks with Tim Wendelboe,  founder of the Oslo-based roastery that exemplifies the Nordic specialty coffee movement. In this conversation Tim discusses the business principles he used to build the iconic roastery and explores the challenges coffee growers face in building financially sustainable businesses. Tim is a shining example of a successful business leader guided by principles, ethics, and transparency. We featured Tim in our Careers in Coffee episode but were only able to include a handful of the many insights he offered, so today we are releasing that conversation in full.Get in touch and tell us what topics you'd like to hear by visiting www.worldcoffeeportal.com/5THWAVE/Podcast 


8 Jan 2021

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Realizing Roastery Efficiency with Tim Wendelboe

Sovda Coffee Roasting Podcast

Tim Wendelboe, founder of Tim Wendelboe Espresso Bar and Roastery in Oslo, Norway, talks about how and why it's important to not only design an efficient roastery but to create efficient roasting systems.


7 Jan 2021

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Tim Wendelboe - Coffee with COVID-19 Podcast - Episode 2

Coffee With April

Welcome to the Coffee with COVID-19 Podcast. A continuous series investigating the impact of COVID-19 on various different levels of the coffee industry- Our second episode is a conversation with Tim Wendelboe, founder and owner of the Oslo-based roastery and coffee shop Tim Wendelboe. Alongside his work in roasting and brewing, Tim also grows coffee in Colombia on his coffee farm, Finca el Suelo. Tim won the World Barista Championship in 2004, following up on this achievement by winning the World Cup Tasters Championship in 2005. You can find timestamps to each question covered in this episode below: 1:54 - What was your initial reaction to COVID-19? 10:16 - What has improved since the beginning of the pandemic? 12:57 - What changes have you made to your buying and forecasting? 17:51 - How has COVID-19 affected e-commerce and private sales? 22:27 - Can digital communication replace annual origin travel? 26:08 - What have been the biggest challenges and reflections? 30:43 - What are your predictions for the near future? 42:26 - Conclusions and closing discussion If you enjoyed this content, make sure to check out our Patreon as we have several different ways that you can join and support our community: https://www.patreon.com/patrikrolf Patreon enables us to work on projects such as this one, and we're very appreciative of your support which ensures that we can continue producing sponsor free media content. You can contact us or our collaborators using any of the channels below: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aprilcoffeecph Webshop: https://aprilcoffeeroasters.com/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlsOYZ8ZEam57EUCf3DKjg? Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/coffee-with-april Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/patrikrolf Email: patrikrolf@aprilcoffeeroastery.com / josephfisher@aprilcoffeeroastery.com


15 Oct 2020

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Specialty coffee origins | Talking with Tim Wendelboe

The No Niche Show

In today's episode we are talking with one of the specialty coffee pioneers Tim Wendelboe. This was an inspiring conversation where we discussed lots of topics around roasting, coffee  and purpose. We went live on our Instagram channel @coffee.fixation but you can now rewatch it as this is an unmissable interview.   To catch our next episodes live go to: https://www.instagram.com/coffee.fixa...   Check My Website: https://www.socialfixation.com.au/ FOLLOW ME ON : Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirko_bonma... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mirkobonmassar Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirkobonmassar


11 May 2020