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Ep.25: Bonus - A chat with John Quint at Westside Barbell

control yourself with dr andreo spina

John Quint and I recently visited Tom Barry, Chief Operations Officer of Westside Barbell, and we’ll be co-releasing that episode in the coming weeks. For this podcast, John and I took the opportunity to sit down to discuss John’s history at WSBB and his relationship with Louie Simmons who was a pioneer in developing world, record- breaking strength athletes. We also discuss the present state of strength training and how it has evolved to include training the internal environment. Some of the topics discussed are: The evolution of strength The use of resistance bands in life at WBSS What are the force velocity and force posture curves Internal versus External training What embryology tells us about anatomy Quint’s specialty training for offensive lineman How much strength do you need for sport? And much more. Disclaimer: This podcast does not provide medical advice and it is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. For more information or to seek out an FRS provider in your area, please visit our website. To watch on YouTube, visit Dr Andreo Spina

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27 Oct 2022

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John Quint on Joint Training for Performance and Long-term Health

Wrestling Mindset

John Quint a NeuroMuscular therapist, Functional Range Release and Active Release Technique provider.NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) is comprehensive form of soft tissue treatment which assesses muscular imbalances and restores proper functional relationships to the neuromuscular system.Functional Range Release® technique is a comprehensive system of soft tissue assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation that was designed using the most current scientific knowledge to ensure the highest quality care. FR® does not only function to treat injuries, it is also used to improve the quality of a persons movement, as well as to promote joint health and longevity.Time Stamps:1:00​ Background 3:00​ Always Update your model for training and coaching7:00​ Training hip movements/ Joint Movements Based on Sport. 9:48​ Parent/Coach Addressing a problem area in Joints 13:00​ Recommended age to get evaluated. 17:47​ Best Practices for Young Children getting started into sports. 20:00​ When should specialization occur? 24:15​ Taking care of your body before its too late. 25:30​ Major Problems Wrestlers have. 27:00​ Hip mobility and movements. 30:00​ Mechanical Receptors36:00​ Reverse Hypers. What protects the lumbar spine39:00​ Having a proper training schedule with ratio. 42:00​ Joint work before practice or on off days. 44:00​ How ling should joint work be? 44:40​ Yoga unprovoked as an inefficient suboptimal for joint training for athletes. 47:00​ Find what works for your joints. John Quint Sources:http://johnquintnmt.com/​https://www.gainacces.com/​https://www.instagram.com/jquintnmt/?...​ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 May 2021

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Westside Barbell Podcast #45 - Louie Simmons and John Quint - NFL Injuries

Westside Barbell

In this episode, John Quint joins Louie Simmons and Tom Barry to discuss the injury rate in the NFL. Within the first week of 2019, the NFL lost about half a billion dollars for starters not playing. Some of the topics discussed are: Optimal training Minimizing injuries Training environment And much more! _ For more exclusive interviews, video tutorials, webinars, master class with Louie Simmons, never seen before footage, and much more, visit Westside Barbell’s official education system at www.conjugateclub.com ___ Louie Simmons is widely regarded as the 'Strength Coaches', Strength Coach' and is the founder of the world-renowned gym called Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio. Westside Barbell is an invitation-only training laboratory where only the strongest of mind and body survive. Our goal is simple: “To become the best and push every boundary known to man in doing so.” This gym has produced more world records in powerlifting than any other in the World, and Louie has been regarded as one of the main reasons that the conjugate style of training has been popularized in today's training methods.

1hr 12mins

24 Oct 2020

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Ep. 10: Roundtable with Dr. Mitch Broser, John Quint, and Josh Halbert

control yourself with dr andreo spina

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Spina sits down for a roundtable discussion with FRS instructors Dr. Mitch Broser, John Quint, and Josh Halbert after teaching the first day of a Functional Range Conditioning certification in Chicago, Illinois. The conversation covers a lot of ground with topics including the common misconceptions regarding strength and strength development, the differences between weight lifting and strength training, programming for strength vs hypertrophy, the adaptation limitations of the human system, long term vs short term programming goals, and many more. Of note, there is also an extensive discussion specifically on the management, rehabilitation, and conditioning of the spine. Here they discuss misinterpretations/limitations of ‘neutral spine’ concept, and those of the current research landscape pertaining to the topic. Full of clinical pearls, training tips, and ‘ah-ha’ moments, this episode is packed with useful information for anyone interested in achieving human optimization.

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23 Jul 2020

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Ep. 3. Zoomcast with John Quint of Westside Barbell and IFBB Pro Seth Shaw

control yourself with dr andreo spina

In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Spina speaks with professional Bodybuilding experts Seth Shaw, and John Quint. Seth is the Mens Bodybuilding overall winner at the 2017 IFBB North American Championships and is an active competing professional bodybuilder in the IFBB.  John is a former bodybuilder, a Neuromuscular Therapist, Manual medicine consultant for Westside Barbell, and an Instructor for Dr. Spina’s Functional Range Systems. Discussed is a variety of topics on current bodybuilding science including exercise selection, the force-velocity relationship, competition nutrition, the incorporation Functional Range Conditioning & Kinstretch into professional bodybuilding, tissue growth and adaptation, muscle physiology, increasing muscle mass, the Conjugate methodology, and many more. Visit  www.westside-barbell.com , and use the Promo Code: DRE10  to receive: 10% off any Merchandise, Books, Bands, Clothing, and all educational materials One use per customer Active from today, no expiration. Follow: Dr. Andreo Spina @drandreospina John Quint @jquintmnt Seth Shaw @sethshaw_ifbbpro  For more information on upcoming seminars, visit us at www.functionalanatomyseminars.com

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4 Jun 2020

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O VOCALISTA - John Quint

Quem faz Música

Bem vindo ao Quem faz Música! O convidado de hoje é John Quint. Cantor,  professor de canto e um dos diretores do IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix). Ele tem um canal no Youtube onde ensina a cantar e usar a voz. As redes sociais do John são: Youtube.com/user/johnontheside Instagram.com/johnquint/ Facebook.com/johnquintmusic https://johnquintmusic.com/ =============== Se você tiver alguma dúvida, comentário, sugestão ou simplesmente quiser entrar em contato comigo é só enviar um email para quemfazmusica@gmail.com ou me enviar uma mensagem pelo Instagram.   Minhas redes sociais: Instagram.com/Alexandre_piazza Facebook.com/AlexandreAriPiazza www.alexandrepiazza.wordpress.com

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25 May 2020

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71. 5 Star Reviews: It's All About Communication | John Quint

The Wealthy Contractor

For more FREE Wealthy Contractor resources go to www.TheWealthyContractor.com.On today’s episode of The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, we’re talking with John Quint of Quint-Pro Siding & Windows, LLC in Plano TX.The topic of this podcast is reviews, reviews, reviews, and John has mastered the art of earning them and collecting them. And in today’s competitive marketplace, this has become key to not only getting great reviews but also referrals and repeat business. If you want to enjoy this level of 5-star success with your business, listen carefully and take notes as John reveals his secrets.

1 Jul 2019

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Episode 61 John Quint

Coaches Corner

In Episode 61 we have on John Quint who is a Neuromuscular Therapist and an FRC practitioner. He works out of Westside Barbell and has worked on countless strength athletes and some of the best professional athletes in the world. We go over what is FRC and how it can be beneficial to everyone, how they continue to grow it and learn new things, the importance of taking things to their end ranges under load, and a lot more that you as an athlete will find extremely valuable.Subscribe on Itunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher at beyond the Platform. If you like the episode please go to iTunes and leave a review and a 5-star rating.

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6 Mar 2019

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GEARD Up Episode 141 – John Quint

Geard UP: Raw Unfiltered Bodybuilding

This time we talk to John Quint. John is a Certified Neuromuscular Therepist & an Active Release Practitioner. Among other things, John discusses working with some of the best athletes in the world, using bands for tendon and ligament strength, benefits of isoholds and soft tissue work, and the biggest injury prevention mistakes

19 Jul 2016

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#34 - Our Guest Big John Quint

Functional Fundamentals

THIS EPISODE: Mr. John Quint is a neuromuscular therapist and active release technique provider. Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is comprehensive form of soft tissue treatment which assesses muscular imbalances and restores proper functional relationships to the neuromuscular system. Active release technique (ART) is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. John combines both of these forms of soft tissue treatment to treat clients and patients who have myoskeletal misalignment, myofascial pain and dysfunction. This podcast had some get discussions and the knowledge that John brings to the table is impressive to say the least. We were honored he could us for this episode and give us an insight to what he does and what he believes in. Great episode, one that I learned a lot from, which I know you will too. You can find John at: www.johnquintnmt.com Enjoy the show!About Us: www.purefunctionalmovements.comfunctionalfundamentals@gmail.com Pure Functional Movements, is a strength and conditioning theory that strives to get the most out of every human by pushing them out of their comfort zone in a safe, and efficient way. We do this by breaking down the human body and rebuilding it by increasing the mobility, and reteaching how to move powerful. Functional Fundamentals, is our voice; which we discuss, mobility, strength and conditioning, combat athletes, nutrition, and everything else that deals with health and fitness. Each week we have a new topic and bring guest on the show to give their insight in the health and fitness

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15 Feb 2016