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Secure the bag , the man and protect your lifestyle . ( badman kevo's , Kayla Nicole jones 's and diamond's messy drama )

She Knows

How many of us run our mouth to our friends not knowing we're educating an enemy . in tonight's episode you get to see first hand how there is no girl code , how people will do anything for clout and what happens when you're dating without your shit together . tonight we're taken a deeper look into badman kevo and diamond relationship  and Kayla Nicole jones home wrecking ways. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sheknowsmsbrownstone/message


9 Apr 2022

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The Cheats Movement Podcast

The Cheats Movement education series continues with 9th District School Board member Nicole Jones. Nicole is a dear friend. I've known her and her family for years through community programs like Art 180. Nicole is in her first term on the school board, and we talk about her reasons for running for elected office and the work she is doing to improve education for her district. We talked about the recent fire at Fox Elementary and what that means for RPS. Along with other pressing issues like the budget, collective bargaining, and school construction. Nicole is a true community leader. I hope you enjoy this interview and listen to the others in the public education series. The Cheats Movement is a member of the Family Podcast Network (@familypn). Please subscribe to the Family via our website www.thefamilypn.com.


7 Mar 2022

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Episode 25: Nicole Jones

From Nowhere to Now Here: Incarnate Memories Prevail

Hometown: Stafford, VACurrent Town: Alexandria, VAEmail: nicole@nicolejonescoaching.comPhone: 617-699-6490Family: Married to a math professor/rap artist; mom to an 8.5 year old gentle, giant son. IMP Tapping: I believe Nicole Woodard. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten. Company Bio: Nicole Jones Coaching provides executive, speaker and interview-prep coaching. We work with leaders to move them forward to unlock their true potential and realize their vision.LinkedIn: Nicole P JonesFacebook: Nicole Jones Coaching and Nicole P. Jones Plourde Nicole explains how to show your value during a remote job interview: https://twitter.com/GraniteStateCol/status/1417892262042865667


21 Jan 2022

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Nicole Jones – Inner Life of Creativity

Creative Flow: Thinkers and Change Agents

Our twenty-first episode of the Creative Flow: Thinkers and Change Agents Podcast Series features Nicole Jones, Owner of Artisans Journey, LLC, based in Charlotte, NC. She is a graduate of the Master's program at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY Buffalo State. Her career included working as a Confidential Criminal Investigator for the Erie County District Attorney, a Detective with the Buffalo Police Department for 21 years, and a forensic examiner. Nicole shares how her path to creativity was accelerated by some health challenges she experienced. Using Creative Problem Solving to explore alternative healing modalities helped her solve her problem and find a new world view. She now runs a wellness company where she uses multiple modalities to help her clients heal, and creative problem-solving runs through all processes. Nicole discusses how she was always a clarifier (Foursight Preference https://www.foursightonline.com) in her career as a detective and how her Master's studies illuminated her natural skills in creativity that played a role in her successes throughout her career. One skill that she regularly used in law enforcement was the power of observation, and she tells fascinating stories on how she learned to stop, pause, ask the right question, and hold space for the answer. Now she uses this same skill to ask intuitive questions deliberately. Don't miss this inspiring discussion of using creative problem solving to look within. Nicole discusses how the future of Creativity lies in our ability to attend to the self within and access what is below the surface. If we can free ourselves, we can be as creative as we choose.


3 Jan 2022

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Examining Grief In The Workplace With J. Nicole Jones

Toxic Leadership: Tales of Transformation

Losing a loved one is truly devastating, and it can undoubtedly mess up your work routine. With this personal subject typically handled poorly by many employers, it is high time to start examining grief in the workplace. Joining Dr. Kevin Sansberry II is author and host of The Grief Bully Podcast, J. Nicole Jones. They talk about why bereavement leaves must never be about your closeness with the person who passed but more on the level of grief you are experiencing. J. Nicole explains why making this simply about the number of days kills the humanity and emotions surrounding it. She also emphasizes how people should stand up to their employers and demand better grief support, helping everyone cope with such a challenging situation.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review & share! https://thetoxicleadershippodcast.com/


22 Sep 2021

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BONUS // Change the World Wednesday - Lauren Nicole Jones - Simple Living Expert

the death of a dream.

Topics of Discussion - Realistic minimalism - The case for simple - Finding what fits Connect with Lauren https://laurennicolejones.com/ Listen to her Podcast  https://laurennicolejones.com/category/podcast/


25 Aug 2021

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An English Major's Journey in Becoming a Project Manager & Debt-free: Meet Nicole Jones

Journey to Jupiter: Discover the Life You'll Create

Nicole Jones earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Georgia State University. She is a project manager, entrepreneur, the host of motivational podcast Mediocre to Masterful, and the author of the educational book Unlearn: Ditch Failed Money Habits and Discover Financial Freedom in which she shares her personal journey of eliminating $80,000 of debt.  Nicole also owns The PM Suite, a project management consulting company helping entrepreneurs launch their products and events. She is passionate about helping leaders pursue their goals. In this episode, she shares: What the role of a project manager is and how she stumbled into this field Qualities and skillsets that make someone a good project manager How she landed a job within 3 months of graduating college How she discovered financial literacy & eliminated $80,000 of debt Connect with Nicole! Mediocre to Masterful Podcast Website Instagram PM Suite Website Instagram ---------- Sign up for my contact list to be the first to know about new offerings and to receive my monthly note on all things! You can also stay connected with Journey to Jupiter via..... Email: jetaun@jetaundavis.com Website: jetaundavis.com Instagram: @JourneyJupiter Twitter: @JourneyJupiter Facebook: @JourneyJupiter ----- Produced by Ken Inge of Dead End Hip Hop


13 Aug 2021

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Episode QS61: J. Nicole Jones + Allie Rowbottom (August 5, 2021)

The Greenlight Bookstore Podcast

Greenlight neighbor J. Nicole Jones discusses Low Country, her new memoir of her South Carolina family, with Allie Rowbottom, Allie Rowbottom (author of the memoir Jell-O Girls). The two talk about the writing process, the book's grounding in Southern storytelling traditions, and the act of reclaiming stories through the retelling, especially for women. (Recorded April 14, 2021)


5 Aug 2021

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Episode 52 - Executive Assistant & Crohn's Warrior Nicole Jones with son Kyler

Crohn's Veteran Podcast

Jordan is honored to speak to Nicole Jones and her 16-year-old son Kyler. Nicole shares her journey with Crohn's Disease with son Kyler offering his valuable perspective growing up with a mom battling an invisible illness. Support Nicole at her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beigebabe/ Support Kyler on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/highclass_kg/ Check out our website at www.crohnsveteran.com today! Get Official Crohn's Veteran Teespring gear!! Follow us on Instagram!  @official.crohnsveteran @crohnsveteran @papuro @crohns_and_sexxy Subscribe to the Crohn's Veteran YouTube channel to help us spread awareness for Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and IBS. 📈 Support "Chill Ghost" on Twitch and check out our Livestream for IBD every Wednesday at 7 pm EST! Subscribe and become a member of the Crohn's Veteran Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts!🎙️️ Thank you!!! 💜--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/crohns-veteran-podcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/crohns-veteran-podcast/support


7 Jul 2021

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Run Your Race Featuring Nicole Jones

Gin Talk

This week’s episode we focus mental health and we are joined by a special guest owner of gourmet popcorn Company “Pop In Ya Mouth” and owner of Reset Your Life Coaching LLC Nicole Jones. As We have a real raw conversation about mental health. We all share our thoughts and personal Experiences with mental heath. We discuss what are the signs of depression and some of the steps we should take to help us get through it. And why everyone should see a therapist. We also discuss Mental warfare in a toxic relationship. And how to deal with anxiety and ways to build up confidence. Does social media cause mental Heath issues? This episode is filled with great conversations about the major issue of mental illness in the Community. Make you guys check out Nicole gourmet popcorn follow us on IG and Facebook at IG @popitinyamouf and ni_coldworld22 Facebook pop it in ya mouf and Nikki Jones once again we want to thank everyone for listening and Happy Birthday Groovy Drew!!!!

1hr 29mins

23 Jun 2021