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The Litigation Psychology Podcast - Episode 62 - Frank Ramos, Jr. on Mentoring Attorneys

The Litigation Psychology Podcast

Well-known speaker and author Frank Ramos, Jr., Partner with Clarke Silverglate, joins the podcast to share a bit about his background and his approach to mentoring young, early career attorneys. Frank talks about his recommendations for attorneys to focus on training for both soft and hard skills and his suggestions on marketing and promoting yourself, particularly on social media. He provides his thoughts on the future of attorney training, including how the increase in virtual training will continue and improve over time. Lastly, he offers his perspective on career opportunities, how firms can address the increased turnover of associates and his advice for new law school grads on how to make decisions about offers from different firms. Watch the video version of this episode here: https://www.courtroomsciences.com/r/vht.


22 Mar 2021

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#24: Hiring and Keeping the Best for Your Team with Frank Ramos

Notes To My (Legal) Self

Frank Ramos is the Managing Partner of Clarke Silverglate, where he practices in the areas of commercial litigation, drug and medical device, products liability and catastrophic personal injury. He is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and is listed in Best Lawyers in America for his defense work in product liability matters. Frank has been with Clarke Silverglate for virtually his entire career. He has tried to verdict personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability, and inverse condemnation cases. As a certified mediator, Frank has resolved numerous matters through alternative dispute resolution. Frank is an ambassador for the Firm’s mission of leadership and service. He has been President of the Florida Defense Lawyers Association and the 11th Judicial Historical Society and has served on the boards of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel, Defense Research Institute, Florida International University’s Alumni Association, Florida International University’s Honors College, Parent to Parent of Miami, Miami-Dade Defense Bar Association, Legal Services of Greater Miami, and Florida Christian School. He serves as a mentor to countless young lawyers and law students through his publications, social media posts, presentations, webinars, and his “coffee chats.” Frank has written 20 books for lawyers, edited five books for lawyers, and has written over 400 articles for lawyers and business professionals. In this episode, we discuss how in house counsel can identify the right attorneys to hire and how to keep them. How can a company define the right candidate for their open position? What questions should a company ask to find the right candidate during the interview process? How does a company train new hires?


15 Mar 2021

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15-Time Law Author & Mental Health Advocate | Frank Ramos

Time Out For Mental Health

Frank Ramos is a partner at the Clarke Silvergate Law firm, he is regarded as one of the best lawyers in the country. Ramos has written 15 books for lawyers and serves as a mentor for young lawyers. In 2013, Frank was in a deep depression that consumed all of his relationships, tasks, thoughts, and projects.Frank shares that those 2 years were the darkest of his life. Since then, he has become devoted to helping others. Listen as Frank shares his story.For more, visit www.timkrass.com and be on the lookout for my new book, “You Don’t Have To Swallow Your Gun.”


9 Mar 2021

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How to Make and Maintain Meaningful Connections With Attorney Frank Ramos

Law in the Time of Coronavirus

We’ve all seen the way that technology has affected law practices throughout this pandemic, introducing everything from remote workplaces to video conference hearings. How can you use online tools to maintain interpersonal connections and important relationships as the ways we interact with one another shift?No matter your practice area or the size of your firm, this past year has made it clear that it’s time to rethink the way we connect with clients, colleagues, and employees.In this episode, host Robert Ingalls talks with lawyer, author, speaker, and professional mentor Frank Ramos about the importance of keeping relationships front and center in both business and life. Frank explains why these connections are more important now than ever. He shares how lawyers can harness the power of platforms like LinkedIn for networking and marketing, and he offers advice for building a habit that will never leave you at a loss for fresh content.Even with the power of online tools to kickstart new connections, Frank says that ultimately the best relationships are built offline. “Maybe you send more personal letters and emails or make more phone calls,” says Frank. “But you really have to rethink how you're going to stay in touch with people because you want to stay front of mind.”👉 Featured Lawyer 👈Name: Frank RamosWhat he does: Frank is the Managing Partner of Clarke Silverglate in Miami, where he practices in commercial litigation, drug and medical device, products liability, and catastrophic personal injury. He has written and edited more than 20 books for lawyers and published more than 400 articles. Frank offers free training videos, resources, and coffee chats at MiamiMentor.com.Company: Clarke SilverglateWords of wisdom: “For people who are thinking long term about how they want to develop their practice, they have to perceive the world through the prism of technology, and how we interact with each other now.”Where to find Frank: LinkedIn | MiamiMentor.com💡 Key Ideas 💡Lessons learned on running your law practice from a distanceMake a habit of mining your expertise — Meet the ever-present demand for fresh online content by digging into what you know best — your practice areas and client conversations.Be intentional with your relationships — What’s the commonality between business networking, workplace wellness, and personal bonds? They help foster meaningful connections between people. Make the effort to maintain these relationships through one-on-one phone calls, texts, and social Zooms. Rethink your practice with technology in the mix — The shift toward remote meetings and online marketing is going to stick around. The key to successful long-term development will be seeing your business through this fresh lens of technology.🔆 Episode Highlights 🔆 [03:26] Beyond the hardware: Frank shares the commitments that eased his firm’s move to remote operations, as well as the real focus for maintaining remote teams — keeping your people connected on a personal level.[06:16] Recalibrating relationships: Frank discusses the ways that marketing and networking have pivoted away from face-to-face meetings and toward online forms of staying in touch.[09:12] Something to say: Frank and Robert dive into the ways to harness LinkedIn as a marketing engine and offer actionable advice for creating a content-posting habit that will build your business. Frank points to Texas-based family lawyer Hannah Hembree Bell and her robust video library as a great example of using common client questions to generate fresh content.[15:19] Linking up on LinkedIn: Frank explains that while LinkedIn is a great place to create connections, it’s the relationships you take offline that ultimately flourish.[17:19] Making the effort for mental health: Frank suggests that proactively maintaining your close relationships, along with eating well and exercising, is key to looking out for your mental health.[20:23] Free advice: Frank offers his support as a virtual mentor via MiamiMentor.com, where lawyers can find tons of free resources and a form to connect with Frank one-on-one during a virtual coffee chat.[21:59] Rethinking the post-pandemic law practice: Frank reflects on the enduring impact of COVID-19 and the new ways firms will have to view their businesses through the lens of technology.🎙️ Learn more about Lawpods 🎙️ To launch your law podcast or learn more, visit the Lawpods website.Engage with us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Instagram.Do you know someone who’s staying on top that should be a guest on the show? Submit their name to letspodcast@lawpods.com.Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay profitable.


15 Feb 2021

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EP 81 - Frank Ramos - How To Take Your LinkedIn Conversations Offline

Legal Mastermind Podcast

Frank Ramos is the Managing Partner at Clarke Silverglate in Miami, Florida. There are about ten attorneys at the firm who do a mix of litigation, commercial products, and employment. Feel free to connect with Frank on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/frankramosylt. If you scroll down to the bottom of his profile and find publications, he has several free books mostly geared towards lawyers regarding leadership, marketing, and other topics as well. If you have not been on LinkedIn, get on LinkedIn. Once you are on, try it for a month. Give it a shot, it’s not for everybody, but you may find that you enjoy it and that it creates another avenue to market your company and creates another revenue stream by gaining referral sources. However, if you are going to be on a platform, you need to use it properly. Each platform has its own way of working and its own expectations of what appropriate content is. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Reaching Out to Connections You Want to Create a Relationship With• Producing Content on LinkedIn and Engaging in Others’ Content• The End-Goal with Networking


23 Nov 2020

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Frank Ramos- Bioaccumulation and Water Contamination

Save The Water™ Podcast

For our very first episode, Kylie interviews the founder and president of Save The Water™, Frank Ramos. They discuss bioaccumulation, water quality,  and what led Frank to start the non-profit. Listen for a quick, interesting water fact at the end provided by the education team.   This podcast is brought to you by Save The Water™. Visit savethewater.org to learn more. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/savethewater/support


1 Nov 2020

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42. Frank Ramos Jr. — Side Hustles, LinkedIn & Attorney Mentorship

The Rankings Podcast with Chris Dreyer

Frank Ramos Jr. has got more Linked In connections than you! A prolific writer who has authored over 15 books for attorneys, Frank's posts reach 50,000 people every day. The only college graduate in his family, Frank is now managing partner at Clarke Silvergate, Miami, Florida. He's a mentor, a mediator, and was listed in Best Lawyers in America for his product liability defense work. So what's his secret sauce?What’s in This Episode: Who is Frank Ramos? The real secret to building a following on LinkedIn The link between employee retention and side-hustles Where you can still build an organic following online, and how to do it! How to address the huge mentorship chasm in law firms Why you're never too old to retrain Why Frank Ramos gives away his secrets for free!


15 Oct 2020

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Episode 19-The Associate's Whisperer Featuring Frank Ramos, Esq.

Attorneys are Human Too, a Podcast

Come join Host Attorney Steven Wallace and Co-Host Celena Muzic as they are joined by Frank Ramos, managing partner of Clark Silvergate in Miami.Topics Include:Advice for Young LawyersMental Health in the Legal ProfessionHow to Generate Business Using Social MediaHow to Maximize LinkedInLawyering in the Age of COVID-19How to be a Legal RainmakerUse of Technology in the Legal IndustryPop Culture BanterLightning Round


30 Sep 2020

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Networking and Building Relationships, with Frank Ramos

Grow Your Law Firm

Frank Ramos is the Managing Partner of Clarke Silverglate, P.A. where he practices in the areas of commercial litigation, drug & medical device, products and catastrophic personal injury. He is AV Rated and is listed in Best Lawyers in America for his defense work in product liability matters. What you’ll learn about in this episode: Why Frank believes that building and nurturing trusted relationships is the key to getting referrals Why pre-pandemic, Frank’s favorite relationship-building strategy was to meet for morning coffee at a local coffee shop How Frank’s favored relationship platform is LinkedIn, and how he believes in helping others to strengthen connections How Zoom has become a necessary networking tool in our current social-distancing reality, allowing us to maintain connections even remotely How volunteering your time and helping the organizations you belong to put on a virtual event can be a powerful way to network Why you should keep a spreadsheet of the contacts you have made and information you have learned about them Why handwritten letters are a favorite marketing tactic Frank uses, and how they can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors Why you should always make the effort to thank your referral sources any time they send you a referral Why getting involved in organizations and causes that you enjoy and have a passion for can help you form authentic relationships Why creating a vibrant presence online through social media and then regularly engaging with others can help you during social distancing Resources: Website: www.cspalaw.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/frankramosylt/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Clarke-Silverglate-PA-1561490547425137/ Additional Resources:   3 Barriers to Law Firm Growth and How to Overcome Them: https://pilmma.kartra.com/page/3-barriers-on-demand-registration PILMMA’s free Coronavirus Survival Kit: www.pilmma.org/free-resources/ Strategic Attorney Coach: https://www.pilmma.org/strategic-attorney-coach/ PILMMA Join Page: www.pilmma.org/marketing-lawyers-law-firm-management/


28 Aug 2020

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How to influence others with Frank Ramos

Fit to Practice with Angela Han

A lot of you may be familiar with Frank Ramos, who is an authority on all things related to being fit to practice, even if you may not be a lawyer. Almost every day he posts about how to survive and thrive as a law student or a lawyer. One notable thing about Frank is that he just continues to give and give. If you were ever wondering what “no strings attached” really means, this is it. He makes time for fellow legal professionals who are trying to find their path to a fulfilling career, and he offers his time and wisdom with zero expectations because he simply empathizes with where they are coming from. If you are wondering what your next steps are or are frustrated with what’s going on in the world right now and you’re trying to find your footing during these times, this may offer some hope. Tune in to hear what Frank has to say about pursuing your passion, being happy, and being great at what you do. Show notes: Follow Frank on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/frankramosylt/ Connect with Frank on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/frank.ramos.503092


2 Jun 2020