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RSR295 - Jordan Valeriote - How to Mix Heavy Hardcore Music to Sound Powerful Lush and Loud

Recording Studio Rockstars

My guest today is Jordan Valeriote an independent producer, mixer, and audio educator from Ontario, Canada, specializing in hardcore music. Recently Jordan joined us to talk about how to go from charging $100 to $1000/song as a full-stack producer. If you want to learn more about that go check out that bonus episode. Jordan has worked with many heavy bands like Silverstein, Antimacy, the Dead and Divine, Prophets for the Counterparts, Nick Johnston, Forevermore, Great Lakes, Mandroid Echostar, and Skynet to name a few. And today we are going to focus on mixing and what lessons Jordan has learned about mixing heavy music himself and through his teaching over at Hardcore Music Studio.  I'll see what we can learn about some of the most common struggles you might be having with getting rock music to sound powerful, tight, and in your face when you record and mix. Get access to FREE mixing mini-course: http://MixMasterBundle.com THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! https://www.SoundPorter.com Get your free mastering demo. https://JZmic.com Use coupon ROCKSTARS to get 20% off The Pop Filter https://www.Spectra1964.com http://MacSales.com/Rockstars http://iZotope.com/Rockstars use code ROCK10 for 10% off https://www.Adam-Audio.com/Education https://www.APIaudio.com http://UltimateMixingMasterclass.com Hear guests discography on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7FGuGT0QcSRRLBJ4RxhjiS?si=dxIqL4gBTsGXjLRemKL32A If you love the podcast, then please leave a review: https://RSRockstars.com/Review CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE SHOW NOTES AT: http://RSRockstars.com/295

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30 Apr 2021

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How to Go from Charging $100 to $1000/song as a Full-Stack Producer - Jordan Valeriote [Bonus Episode]

Recording Studio Rockstars

Get Jordan’s Free 3-part video series RSRockstars.com/FullStack This series will hand you the blueprint to becoming a paid professional in the studio.  Jordan Valeriote is a producer, mixer, and engineer specializing in hardcore music who fast-tracked his decade-plus career from assistant working with Usher, Timbaland, Serena Ryder and The Jonas Brothers to a successful major label producer for Silverstein, Antimacy, the Dead and Divine, and Prophets for the Counterparts, Nick Johnston, Forevermore, Great Lakes, Mandroid Echostar, and Skynet. Jordan is also an educator at Hardcore Music Studio helping to transform students around the world from home studio hobbyists to top-tier rock and heavy music producers. He has helped thousands of music producers learn how to produce powerful rock records and build successful careers from their music studios. In this episode, Jordan shows you how to go from charging $100 to $1000/song as a full-stack producer while understanding the 4 key ingredients for how to capture raw tracks in your studio that sound better than most people’s final mixes. Additional bonus content: Beefing up Your Snare Sound with Samples (+ Free Snare Sample) Free single shot snare sample


23 Sep 2020

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Ep76: Music-Preneur Spotlight: Jordan Valeriote

MusicPreneur Mindset Podcast

Jordan Valeriote joins us to discuss his journey from successful producer and studio engineer to uber-successful video course creator, showing other music-preneurs how to do the same.For all links, resources, and free downloads from this episode, visit the full set of show notes here: http://therockstaradvocate.com/ep76THANKS FOR LISTENING!If you liked what you heard, help get this podcast in front of others by subscribing, rating, and leaving a review using your favorite podcast appSpotify | iTunes | Stitcher | RSS Feed See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


22 Jan 2020

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MGT141: Musician? Make Money With An Online Course – Jordan Valeriote

Music Growth Talks: Podcast for Musicpreneurs

Jordan Valeriote talks about the massive opportunity musicians have to supplement their income by selling their own online courses. Learn about the costs involved, how to find out the right niche and to combine your "artist" and "teacher" identities, and a lot more.


11 Dec 2019

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Episode #75 - Math, Magic & Hardcore w/ Jordan Valeriote


Matt talks w/ mix engineer Jordan Valeriote (Counterparts, Silverstein, Neck Deep) of Hardcore Music Studio about creativity, purpose, and how to move the needle on your music career. *Hardcore Music Studio* |eleventyseven| Join The Facebook Group Rad Science:B-Sides - Spotify Store/Merch - Rock Candy Recordings Store Website - eleventyseven Signing up for our Mailing List will ensure that you never miss an eleventymoment. Music for eleventylife provided by The Jellyrox Tweet - Matt Langston, eleventyseven


2 Nov 2018

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EP122 | Hardcore Tracking With Jordan Valeriote

Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

Jordan Valeriote is launching his Hardcore Tracking course this week, and he’s back to fill us in on some of the awesome philosophies behind it. Get things right at the source. We’ve all heard it. It’s obviously great advice. But do you actually know how to implement it? It can be easier said than done. Jordan recognized that a lot ... Read More The post EP122 | Hardcore Tracking With Jordan Valeriote appeared first on Unstoppable Recording Machine.

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1 May 2017

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EP82 | Jordan Valeriote

Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

Jordan Valeriote of Hardcore Music Studio joins us for a discussion about what it takes to be a successful mixer and entrepreneur. Jordan is truly a kindred spirit. If you’re interested in managing your time better, growing your brand, and avoiding the numerous pitfalls that we face as audio professionals, then this episode is for you. “To me, finished is ... Read More The post EP82 | Jordan Valeriote appeared first on Unstoppable Recording Machine.

29 Nov 2016

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RSR060 - Jordan Valeriote - Hard Core Mixing & Silverstein

Recording Studio Rockstars

Free mix training with Lij at MixMasterBundle.com Get Jordan’s Mixing Cheatsheet at RSRockstars.com/CheatSheet My guest today is Jordan Valeriote, an independent producer, mixer, and engineer based out of Ontario, Canada, specializing in hardcore music with blazing guitars and drums. Jordan produced Rescue for the band Silverstein, a leading band on the post-hardcore scene. And Follow up credits include Antimacy by the Dead and Divine, and Prophets for the Counterparts. Other credits include: Nick Johnston, Forevermore, Great Lakes, Mandroid Echostar, and Skynet. Jordan is also an author, teacher, and entrepreneur. He has taken all the knowledge gained from producing, recording, and mixing to create HardCoreMusicStudio.com where Jordan teaches you how to record, edit, and mix powerful hardcore records. He has written a book called Mixing Heavy Music which you can find on Amazon. And he also offers drum sample packs made up of the very same drum samples used on many of his hardcore productions which you can find on his website HarcoreMusicStudio.com.  Get the full shownotes at http://RSRockstars.com/60

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28 Oct 2016

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Internet Entrepreneurship with Jordan Valeriote

The Open Road Podcast

We speak with Jordan all about hardcore music production, app building and how to create online courses. If you've ever been interested in how to actually make money online, this is the episode for you!Behind the scenes look at Jordan's mixing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNw7-WZVglUJordan's Site:www.jval.me/Get in touch with your concerns about this podcast:jeremy@openroadpod.comcalvin@openroadpod.comwww.openroadpod.com


16 Oct 2016