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Role of Body Image and Feminism in Yoga with Melanie Klein

Let's Talk Yoga

Growing up in India, I noticed a culture of body shaming, an obsession with thinness, & fair skin being the ideal standard to be considered beautiful. While my own household luckily never endorsed any of this. Body image hit me like a rock when I became a professional Bollywood dancer at the Shiamak Dance company. Often if not always we were shamed, bullied, insulted, ridiculed & threatened with consequences if we didn’t remain or become thin. It is then as a young woman, I developed an unhealthy relationship with my own body image. It was also a big reason why a practice like yoga resonated with me SO STRONGLY. On the podcast today, I chat with Melanie Klein about body image, feminism & yoga. I can’t think of a better expert to have this conversation with. She’s a professor of sociology, & women’s study. A thought leader, an empowerment coach, author & co-founder of Yoga & Body Image coalitionTune in if you’ve been keen to understand this topic more! Tune in if you’re a yoga teacher who gets questions about weight loss often. Tune in if you think you need to be thin to do yoga. Tune in so you can have a healthier relationship with yourself & more…Some episode highlights…How Melanie became such a thought leader in the yoga worldHow Melanie’s body image evolved and enhanced over time with her yoga practiceResisting the system of oppression and educating ourselvesHow do we as women take control of our own narrative?Where are we today in the yoga world in terms of representation of body imageTokenism for POC yoga teachersHow Melanie interprets yogaWhat does it mean to be a feminist in the yoga world today?How do men & male yoga teachers get involved in the conversation about feminism?Melanie shares the first time she heard the term yoga bodyThe woman who have impacted Melanie’s lifeYou can find all the resources mentioned in this episode in the show notes at https://letstalk.yoga/Connect with us on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/arundhati_baitmangalkar/Join our exclusive Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/letstalkyogaJoin our mailing list: https://www.aham.yoga/instagram-2021 for all episodes.

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20 Apr 2021

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Episode 12 Yoga and Body Image with Melanie Klein

Two Black Girls Talk About Everything

In this episode we talk to Melanie Klein, co-founder of the Yoga and Body Coalition. Listen as we discuss how things have changed for body positivity and inclusivity in the last six years. From our panel at a Yoga Journal conference in 2015 to today.


29 Mar 2021

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58 - Deconstructing Yoga Sequencing and More with Trina Altman

Yoga Talk


4 Dec 2020

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Annika Hirdman Künstlicher om Melanie Klein


Anna Krantz samtalar med Annika Hirdman Künstlicher om Melanie Klein, en pionjär inom psykoanalysen, som somliga anser kompletterar Sigmund Freuds teori om psyket och dess utveckling.


21 Nov 2020

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6: How to Handle Stress Through Yoga and Movement with Melanie Klein, M.A.

Handle Everything


3 Aug 2020

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Psico No Cast #02 O Ser Mulher, O lugar de luta, de fala e de poder. De Melanie Klein, Nise da Silveira a Simone de Beauvoir.

Psico No Cast

No segundo episódio do Psico No Cast, conversei com Mickaella Bulhões, sobre a desigualdade de gênero, o lugar do Ser Mulher no mundo, e da importância no incentivo da politização feminina.Passando entre Melanie Klein, a Alagoana Nise da Silveira, Hannah Arendt a Simone de Beauvoir.


21 Jun 2020

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Ep. 224: Melanie Klein: Empowering Yourself to Chase Your Dreams

Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.

I’m excited to introduce you to a new friend that I met at a conference last October. If your life feels out of balance and out of whack, then this is the show for you. You’ll learn how to take action steps to become a more empowered and grounded person no matter what obstacles you face. Melanie C. Klein, M.A., is a sought-after empowerment coach and respected thought leader in the areas of authentic empowerment, visibility, and body confidence. She is also a successful writer, speaker, and Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies. With over two decades of professional and personal work, Melanie integrates her background in mindfulness and embodied wisdom with her academic expertise and advocacy work. In this way, she offers a holistic and unique pathway to personal freedom and prosperity, one that is customized to each individual. How to thriveHow do you meet new challenges? Melanie explains that mindset and a sense of self are two keys to thriving during a challenging time like going through a global pandemic. We know from this point forward, our new normal will become normal. To be empowered, we have to be deeply rooted in ourselves and discerning about helpful conversations and decisions, along with being conscious of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The biggest, brightest expressions of ourselves aren’t dependent on external circumstances. The key question to ask is, “How am I approaching this?” It all comes down to mindset, so try to view each obstacle as a new opportunity.TWEET: Try to view each obstacle as a new opportunity. @melmelklein #chasingdreamsMaking your own choicesAre you honest with yourself? Times like these give us time and space to consider things we’ve overlooked in the past. When we’re forced into a slow-down mode, we have time to rest deeply and make informed decisions. We have to decide when to lean out and when to lean in. It’s essential to pay attention to your inner compass and become comfortable with yourself in this “dance of existence.” Melanie explains how to know when to flow and when to create more of a container for yourself.TWEET: Slow-down mode gives us time to rest deeply and make informed decisions. @melmelklein #chasingdreamsThe two M’s: meditation and mindfulnessWhat was your explosive moment? Melanie recalls the eye-opening experience of a class she took years ago that allowed her to understand more fully the systems and structures in the world. It helped her decide what her life’s work would be in what she calls “an explosive and liberating moment.” Soon after, she discovered yoga--way before yoga was cool. Pairing yoga with meditation has helped her develop a critical consciousness in the world, which has been fortified by her mindfulness practices. After more than 20 years of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, Melanie still turns to these practices daily to find balance in her life. TWEET: Melanie discovered yoga way before yoga was cool @melmelklein #chasingdreamsGuest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Get honest with yourself. Take ownership and accountability for what you do, and be completely real about what you want.”OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE:[2:10] A return to what kind of normal?[8:57] Melanie’s advice about handling challenges[15:35] Don’t conform to the standards of others[19:19] Getting comfortable with your own choices[24:52] Is now the time?[26:21] The value of meditation and mindfulness[33:12] Limiting social media and notifications[38:35] ONE action for a dream chaserRESOURCES MENTIONED:Melanie’s FacebookMelanie’s InstagramMelanie’s WebsitePurchase or Preview Yoga Rising!Purchase or Preview Yoga and Body Image!Yoga & Body Image CoalitionWatch the Episode on YouTubeTWEETS YOU CAN USE:A lot of people in our culture aren’t comfortable with any kind of pause or downtime. @melmelklein #chasingdreamsYou have to learn when to lean in and when to lean out in your dance of existence. @melmelklein #chasingdreamsAcknowledge where you are in this moment and discern what you need right now.Look at each obstacle as a new opportunity. @melmelklein #chasingdreamshttps://youtu.be/oHy--UZQxbc


10 Jun 2020

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Doing The Work Deeply With Melanie Klein

Feel Amazing Naked

We are flooded with inspiration memes and clever hashtags every single day of our lives.  I hear women often say I immerse myself in positivity, but I still don’t feel different. In this episode, my guest Melanie Klein, dives deeper into doing the deep work in our lives to cultivate real change. She provides insight into self awareness and personal empowerment that will help you feel how you really want to feel. For More Info Go To: https://feelamazingnaked.com/episode082


19 May 2020

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Mess O'Shambhala: Responding to Scandal with Melanie Klein

A State of Mind

Here is the re-publishing of the original podcast featuring an in-depth conversation with the director of the Boulder Shambhala Center and the efforts she and this local center have been making to respond to the scandals that have rocked the Shambhala...--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/a-state-of-mind/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/a-state-of-mind/support

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6 Jan 2020

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#55 Melanie Klein

The Epic Comeback Podcast

Melanie Klein—sociology and women's studies professor, empowerment coach, speaker, author, and consciousness raiser—shares that the best way to get to the other side of a life-shattering experience is to take a wide perspective on the phrase "you are not alone." Know that the trauma you’re experiencing is part of a larger matrix, and individual healing is an opportunity to have an impact on the collective: when we heal ourselves, we heal everyone. Melanie learned this lesson while enduring several traumatic experiences, including disordered eating, sexual harassment and violence, an abusive relationship, low self-esteem, and compulsive exercise. Find Melanie on Instagram: @melmelklein.


20 Dec 2019