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Episode 449: Lauren Daigle on Fulfillment, Human Capacity, and Creating Things That Bring the World Together

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

What a legit joy to have our fun, beautiful, and creative friend, Lauren Daigle, back in the podcast studio! I always love spending time with her and sharing our conversations with you. Lauren's new single Thank God I Do is out now AND her upcoming self-titled album Lauren Daigle will also be out soon. Y'all aren't READY for how good this album is! . . . .  Go to hereforyoutour.com to get your tickets to our upcoming tour this June! Want to gift a ticket to a friend? Go to anniefdowns.com/events for a printable Here For You gift ticket. . . . . Subscribe to Let's Read the Gospels with Annie F. Downs HERE. Go to https://anniefdowns.com/gospels to purchase your March Reading Plan or Let’s Read the Gospels Guidebook. . . . . Find more fun things on this episode by going to anniefdowns.com/thatsoundsfun. . . . . . Head to anniefdowns.com/books for more information and to sign up for the AFD Book of the Month. . . . . . Sign up to receive the AFD Week In Review email and ask questions to future guests! #thatsoundsfunpodcast . . . . . Thank you to our sponsors! BetterHelp Online Therapy: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at betterhelp.com/THATSOUNDSFUN and get on your way to being your best self. Nutrafol: You can grow thicker, healthier hair AND support our show by going to Nutrafol.com and entering the promo code TSF to save $15 OFF your first month’s subscription, plus FREE shipping on EVERY order -- this is their best offer ANYWHERE and it is only available to US customers for a limited time. . . . . . If you’d like to partner with Annie as a sponsor for the That Sounds Fun podcast, fill out our Advertise With Us form! . . . . . NYTimes bestselling Christian author, speaker, and host of the That Sounds Fun Podcast, Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, entertainers not to miss, and interviews with friends.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


9 Mar 2023

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SBC Expels Saddleback Church, Lauren Daigle Surprises American Idol Contestant, Ohio Train Derailment Spills Toxic Chemicals

The Christian Post Daily

Top headlines for Thursday, February 23, 2023The Southern Baptist Convention has decided to cut ties with Saddleback Church, one of the largest churches in the United States, and four other churches over their decision to elevate women to the office of pastor.Apologist and author Ray Comfort is releasing a new book this month that explains why a healthy fear of the Lord is a key component of prayer."Jesus Revolution" director Jon Erwin and Pastor Greg Laurie reflect on God's divine hand over the film and how its release coincides with a series of revivals happening on college campuses across the United States.More than a week after a train derailment caused a leakage of toxic chemicals in eastern Ohio, questions remain about the air and water safety for millions living in the Ohio River Basin after state and federal authorities claimed the burning of chemicals poses no threat.Subscribe to this Podcast Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Overcast Follow Us on Social Media @ChristianPost on Twitter Christian Post on Facebook @ChristianPostIntl on Instagram Subscribe on YouTube Get the Edifi App Download for iPhone Download for Android Subscribe to Our Newsletter Subscribe to the Freedom Post, delivered every Monday and Thursday Click here to get the top headlines delivered to your inbox every morning! Links to the News SBC expels Saddleback Church over female pastors | Church & Ministries News Saddleback does not want to leave SBC over female pastor debate | Church & Ministries News Man accused of sexually abusing minor in church | U.S. News Ray Comfort: Fear of the Lord is key for God to answer prayers | Living News Lauren Daigle surprises 'American Idol' contestant | Entertainment News 'Jesus Revolution' director on film releasing amid Asbury revival | Entertainment News 4 things to know about the Ohio train derailment, toxic chemicals | U.S. News Trump to visit 'great people who need help' in East Palestine | Politics News


23 Feb 2023

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Bob Goff Taught Lauren Daigle to Dream Big and Laugh About It

Daigle Bites

In this episode, Lauren sits down with one of the biggest influences in her life: New York Times Bestselling author of Love Does, Bob Goff. Bob is on a mission to help people recapture the version of their lives they dreamed about before fear started calling the shots. Lauren reveals how his teachings were instrumental in finding her purpose.Season 2 of Daigle Bites is available exclusively on Amazon Music. Follow the show on the Amazon Music app to listen to new episodes every Wednesday: amazon.com/DaigleBites.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


20 Jul 2022

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#428: “Still Rolling Stones” by Lauren Daigle

More Than a Song - Discovering the Truth of Scripture Hidden in Today's Popular Christian Music

What constitutes a miracle to you? How about raising a dead man to life? Of course! Did you know that miracle is available to us as well? That's what Lauren Daigle sings about in her song, "Still Rolling Stones." We learn straight from the words of Jesus in this episode. Explore a familiar story with me in John 11. In this week’s episode, I discuss: Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture - this week's Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include: Repetition Read in a variety of translations Write in your Bible Reading the account of Christ's resurrection in all four gospels Choosing the rolling stone incident in John 11 - John 11:39 Why I use the English Standard Version to study - Bonus article by Wayne Grudem Letting things "rise to the surface" by reading repetitively Doing the work of interacting with God's Word to get results Focusing on what we DO understand before getting thrown off by what we don't understand in a text Exploring some "so" and "so that"s in the text Lazarus' illness was for God's glory SO THAT the Son of God may be glorified - John 11:4 Jesus loved the sisters and Lazarus, so he waited to go meet them in their grief - John 11:5 Jesus was glad he wasn't there so that they would believe - John 11:14-15 Recognizing that we don't always know God's motive and big-picture plan (even though we often ascribe motive to Him anyway) Exploring exactly what Jesus wanted us to "believe" since he said it six of the nine times it was mentioned in this chapter - John 11:25-26 Stepping out in faith to believe Jesus so that we too can be called from death to eternal life Recognizing that there were people who witnessed this miraculous event and still chose not to believe It's REALLY, REALLY important to Jesus that you believe in Him. THAT is what leads to eternal life. He want to roll the stone away from your life.   More Than a Song Playlist Additional Resources Lyrics and chords - Essential Worship The Advantages of the English Standard Version (ESV) Translation - by Wayne Grudem (on the translation team of the ESV Bible) - online article Weekly Challenge Read John 11. Read John 11 several times and in several translations. Mark in your Bible, or print out a version you feel comfortable marking up and highlight the areas where the word "believe" is used. That is the theme I don't want you to miss. Explore the conjunction "so" and ponder the reason and explanation clauses surrounding it.


16 May 2022

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The Death of Streaming, Black or White College, Adele vs Lauren Daigle: 4/23/22


1hr 42mins

25 Apr 2022

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Amazon Music Presents New Podcast - Daigle Bites with Lauren Daigle

The Freddie & Alyssa Show

Sneak Peek of new podcast, Daigle Bites, brought to you by Amazon Music. On today’s inaugural Season two episode, Lauren is inviting on psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Lori Gottlieb! The two dive in right away as Lauren asks Lori if she always envisioned being a counselor and how to create incredible connection with others through storytelling and music. The pair also chat about: what Lori believes drives the narrative of isolation, Lauren’s personal story with counseling and mental health, how to identify what ‘wise compassion’ is, the difference between productive anxiety vs unproductive anxiety and exactly where to start to breed more compassion. If you’re ready to understand a little more about yourself, and those around you, to ultimately cultivate deeper relationships - this episode is for you. In addition to her clinical practice, Lori writes The Atlantic’s weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column and is co-host of the popular “Dear Therapists” podcast produced by Katie Couric.Listen here: wondery.fm/FandA_DaigleBites

3 Feb 2022

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Lauren Daigle, Trey's opinion on Christian Rap, Our Testimonies | Ep. 1

The Cole & Cole Show

For the first episode of The Cole & Cole Show Cole and Trey lay the foundation of the show. What will you hear when you tune in, why are Cole and Trey starting a new podcast, and what is the goal? The Cole & Cole show will bring Biblical advice on Biblical topics through the Word of God while also using personal experiences.   First, Cole and Trey bring some hot takes on Lauren Daigle, Lecrae, and Peace 107. Should Christian artists use the name of Jesus at least once in their songs or is it ok for Christian artists to try and downplay this aspect of the lyrics so that the listener can decide who they are singing about? Has Lecrae gone overboard on his attempt to be accepted by the culture and does he still qualify as a Christian rapper? Is Peace 107 (if you are in College Station) even worth listening to if it only plays the same Lauren Daigle and Mandisa songs over and over? Let us know your thoughts below!   Then, Cole and Trey share their testimonies. How did they come to know Christ? What has God done in their lives? Why have they chosen to give their life to Christ? After accepting Christ, how have their lives changed on both the inside and outside? There is not one person that deserves to know Christ, but we all have that opportunity. Every testimony is powerful because ever testimony is the miracle of someone going from death to life through Jesus Christ. What is your testimony? How has God worked in your life?  Want to find us on other platforms? Links below:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coleandcole/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecoleandacoleshow   Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/08IsnWeRTO8hc2sTEZpo3E  Personal Links: Cole— https://www.instagram.com/cole3harris/ Trey— https://www.instagram.com/treycole1/--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecolecoleshow/support


6 Oct 2021

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LOVE SOMEONE with Delilah

My podcast is all about having heart-to-heart conversations with people who are changing the world... and none could exemplify that more than today's episode with Lauren Daigle. She's young, talented, beautiful, full of wisdom and grace, and 100% authentic! Lauren endears herself even closer to my heart today with the sharing of some deeply personal thoughts and feelings. and I know you'll all feel the same way! Join us! ~ Delilah Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Aug 2021

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#384: "Hold On To Me " by Lauren Daigle

More Than a Song - Discovering the Truth of Scripture Hidden in Today's Popular Christian Music

What if you could have that ONE relationship where, no matter how bad you mess things up, the other One won't let go? Our Heavenly Father offers us that stability and consistency we desperately want. When Lauren Daigle sings "Hold On To Me," I think of the many times in Scripture where God promises to do just that. Let's learn more about our Father, who holds us close. In this episode, I discuss: Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture - this week's Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include: Consult an overview Read in context Start with God Compare and contrast Make a list Meditate on Scripture The 30 Day Music Challenge A trusted overview of Isaiah - BibleProject.com How God not only holds us, but carries us - Isaiah 40:11 How God holds us, has the power to keep us, and has our good at heart - Isaiah 41:10 Staying faithful to study God's Word no matter the stage of experience you are in Starting with God when you approach Scripture Using questions to spur on additional study or leaving them unanswered while you meditate on the parts you do understand An article on "recompense" - GotQuestions.org Correcting any wrong thinking that may say we are hidden from God's sight or that He is indifferent - Isaiah 40:27-31 Additional Resources Lyrics - NewReleaseToday.com Chords - Essential Worship The Story Behind the Song "Hold On To Me" by Lauren Daigle - YouTube Video Commentary on Isaiah - BibleStudyTools.com This Week's Challenge Read Isaiah 40 and 41 and note the characteristics, conduct, and concerns of our mighty Creator. Figure out how these chapters of Isaiah fit into the whole by watching the overview videos over at BibleProject.com. Make a list, compare and contrast, and meditate on all that God has revealed Himself to be. Then turn in trust despite your current circumstances knowing that He's holding on to you.


12 Jul 2021

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Lauren Daigle Wants Real Connection

Your Day Brighter®

I adore Lauren Daigle!  Her voice and her heart- authentic and tender. Join me for this rich conversation with Lauren about gifts of grace she received during the pandemic and the longing for real connection. 3:55-How God transformed Lauren during the pandemic 13:00- Engaging social media in a healthy way


28 Apr 2021